How to Make Your Body Perfect: 4 Natural Methods to Get Rid of Striae!

Body stretch marks do not cause discomfort, do not cause unpleasant sensations and do not cause pain. The main harm that striae causes is aesthetic changes in the appearance of the skin. The appearance of stretch marks can be a real tragedy for women, who treat their body with special care. After all, female beauty always strives for perfection. In this case, the removal of stretch marks requires a lot of patience and the use of special procedures.

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How to Get Rid of Pigment Spots: Effective Cosmetic Methods + 7 Natural Mask Recipes

9f7be442c20da5f1632032e9d11d9169[1]Before you choose the suitable method of removing pigment spots from your face, try to understand the essence of the process of their appearance. Because the pigment spots on the face may have different causes, including the violation of metabolic processes in the body. That’s why it’s a good idea to start a check-up in the clinic: it’s possible that your pigmentation spots on the face are treated rather than just removed. Healthy and well-groomed skin of the face always attracts attention and gives self-confidence. However, to have healthy skin without pigment spots you need to take care of it daily. The most effective and safe way to get beautiful skin is to entrust its care to the natural homemade creams and masks able to help you get rid of pigment spots.
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100% Natural Fruit Cosmetic Recipes for Face, Body and Hair

Fruit-Facial-for-Glowing-Skin[1]There was a time when only wealthy women could afford buying luxury cosmetics, while the rest were taking care of their skin and hair with the help of fruit. Women and girls made fruit cosmetics: face and hair masks, body peeling, skin lotions. But in our modern world, girls also do not refuse to use natural cosmetics. Even experienced cosmetologists suggest using, for example, a crushed apple with skin pigmentation or strawberries from swelling under the eyes.
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How to Get Rid of Flabby Skin without Plastic Surgery in 6 Effective Steps?

Flabby SkinFlabby skin is a common problem for those who are already over thirty. But sometimes signs of flabby skin can occur at a young age. This happens because of various reasons.

The causes of flabby skin very often depend on the location of its localization. So, if the skin has become flabby on the abdomen or on the chest, then most often this is the consequence of childbirth and pregnancy, which in general is normal. Flabby skin on the buttocks, on the neck, hands or feet, on the eyelids, on the chin, on the hips, under the eyes, on the knees, between the legs and the rest of the body becomes a consequence of too fast and abnormal weight loss. Continue reading →

Top-6 Effective Methods to Get Rid of Papillomas Successfully

PapillomasPapillomas are small benign tumors measuring 0.2-10 millimeters in body color. Most often, they form on the skin, but sometimes occur on mucous membranes. The most common papillomas affect the skin of the neck, hands, face, armpits and intimate places, less likely to appear on other parts of the body. The cause for the development of growths on the body is the virus of the papilloma, the carrier of which is considered about 80% of the world’s population, but not all people having the virus have papillomas on the skin. On their own papillomas grow very slowly but with weakened immunity the amount of papillomas and their size can increase dramatically.
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How to Use Beebread to stay healthy and beautiful?

BeebreadBeebread is a unique product of beekeeping. Everybody knows about honey and propolis but beebread is no less valuable for human health. This is pollen collected by bees from flowers, and then canned and packed into honeycomb. Insects themselves use it as food. Useful and nutritious beebread has found its own application in various areas and this is not surprising. There are 250 compounds that contribute to the proper functioning of biological processes; 60 active substances, restoring the disturbed work of organs and systems. Another amazing property of beebread is that it is absorbed by the human body completely. Continue reading →

Top-4 Effective Methods to Get Rid of Scars Forever

face scarsScars can occur as a result of any skin trauma – a burn, a cut, an operation and even a pimple. Scars are formations of connective tissue that are formed as a result of restoring the integrity of injured tissues. The cause of scar appearance is severe skin lesions. This can happen because of punctures, injuries, skin burns, and also due to surgery. Scars are a defective tissue, which consists of collagen fibers. It is formed on the site of the damaged dermis.
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How to prepare a face cream at home: collection of 100% natural cream recipes

face creamHomemade face creams may be better than those you can purchase as 100% natural ingredients are used for their preparation. It is important only to select all the components of the cream for your skin type and your personal needs. There are simple recipes for home creams that are easy and quick to prepare, and there are also more complex ones, for which preparation you will need to find different ingredients and spend some period of time but the result is worth your efforts. Homemade creams have many advantages as they do not contain harmful preservatives and other toxic substances. And besides, homemade creams do not cause addiction. One more benefit is that they do not contain hormones, which cannot be said about expensive cosmetic products.
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Top-10 Recipes of Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizerIf you are on the journey and have nowhere to wash your hands, the hand sanitizer can be a savior. A commercial hand sanitizer can be expensive, and the smell may be not very pleasant. Make a hand sanitizer at home is not difficult and the composition can be selected according to your personal preferences. In the summer, disinfectants for the hands are particularly in demand – they can be found in any supermarket. However, such products most often contain a huge amount of alcohol and triclosan, which are unsafe for humans and the environment. According to the study of microbial resistance to drugs with the regular use of triclosan, not only harmful but also beneficial microorganisms perish on the skin. As a result, the skin is deprived of its natural protection – a specific natural barrier becomes easily vulnerable without the constant use of disinfectants.
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Top-5 Steps to beautiful smooth skin after the weight loss

smooth skinHard work associated with the weight loss should not be in vain. That is why in the end of this procedure it is important to tighten the skin competently. Then the face will become fresh and attractive, and the body – slim and light. Vulnerable to slackness in places are the abdomen, arms, neck, inner thighs, buttocks and chest. There are many ways to tighten the skin, which for each age category have their own characteristics. Tightening the skin after losing weight is a completely solvable task. But it requires persistence and discipline in the process of implementing all the recommendations.
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