How to lose weight and not to die from hunger

hungerWe all are already experienced in losing weight. Everyone at least once tried some diet or decided to calculate calories or even started together diet with gym but nothing works and in few weeks we get back our kilograms and feel sorry for every tiny piece of food we eat. It seems like kilograms are coming back much quicker than we are losing them. After every next attempt there we are again facing the same question: How to lose weight? In fact men as well as women struggle with this question. At least men may be able to take Ligandrol to help build up muscle while working out.

Everyone is unique and our body sometimes can gather water or weight when we forget about ourselves. Being fat is not what we want but we can even gain kilos without doing something wrong. Weight and concerns about it are not all about beauty it is also the issue of health. Stress and lack of sleep can lead to getting extra kilograms. Unhealthy diet and lack of activity can lead not only to getting extra kilos but also to having diseases and serious problems with heart and stomach.

Every single body is a masterpiece of nature; it has its own life routine and reacts individually to your manipulations with changing diet or day schedule. Try one or few of these methods at once and you will definitely get results soon. You may also consider trying cosmetic procedures like using fat dissolvers or semaglutide injections to help you achieve your weight and body goals. Look into a semaglutide weight loss program to learn more about the potential benefits of using semaglutide to lose weight. If you want to tone your body after weight loss, you can also look into procedures such as Emsculpt.


Method number one: Write down everything you eat

You will need:

  1. Notebook or mobile phone application
  2. Reminder to write everything

NotebookGet yourself nice textbook and have it somewhere with you always during the day. If you are more used to the phone these days you can use mobile phone or one of the applications in the phone for that. Now you can find plenty of applications which will help you to do that.

As soon as you had a meal or snack immediately write down what was that and approximate amount in grams. In the internet you can find exact amount of calories you got with food. In the very beginning you can sometimes forget to white that one or few days but still continue and you will get you results soon. Scientists say that using this method you eventually subconsciously stop yourself from overeating and you can reduce up to 15 percent amount of food you eat every day without any diet. Try to use this method at least few months and you will get visible results. No need to do any additional manipulations, just write everything, every single piece.

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Important: Do not torture yourself with skipping meals and be honest with yourself. Do not be upset if some day you will eat too much. We all have such days. But next day get back to your normal amount.


Method number two: Drink as much water as your body need

You will need:

  1. Water
  2. Bottle to drink on your way

waterEvery one of us heard and not once that water helps to lose weight. Is it true? The short answer is yes. Our body needs water. Without substantial amount of water you will notice dryness of skin, changes in metabolism and even it can lead to diseases. How to know if you drink enough? You can see that from the color of your urine, in case you are healthy and not taking any antibiotics your urine should be light yellow color. As soon as it gets darker you should know that it is a sign and you should enlarge your portion of water a day. Very useful is to have a bottle to go, so you will be having enough of water even if you are stuck in traffic jam.

You can use permanent marker and mark scale on your bottle. In such a way you can set for yourself what amount you should drink for example from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Having a lot of water will help you to feel not hungry only if you have your meals along with drinking water. Water itself is not making you feel full. Try this method and you will see first changes in two-three weeks. Scientists say that 8 glasses of clean cold water a day is enough for average person. The amount can be slightly changed individually in case you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables or you are losing a lot of water in the gym. Common mistake is to think that water is staying in our body and on the contrary to what is said above is making our attempts to lose weight hopeless. It can only happen if you consume too much of salt. Reduce the amount of salt and enjoy loosing weight with this healthy and easy method.

Important: Do not choose juices or soda or sweet drinks instead of water. These drinks all contain sugar which will only make it worse. You will not lose weight but can even gain it.


Method number three: Enlarge amount of dietary fibers in your meals

You will need:

  1. Whole grains
  2. Substantial amount of fruits
  3. As much as possible fresh or cooked vegetables

 vegetablesConsuming food rich with dietary fibers is much recommended. You may not know but depending on age and sex doctors say you should eat approximately from 21 to 32 grams of fibers a day. Most of us do not consume even half of this amount. Fruits and vegetables are rich with dietary fibers. But if our goal is losing weight we should better enlarge amount of vegetables than fruits. Fruits contain a lot of sugar and we do not need this. Vegetables on the contrary almost do not contain sugar. You do not need to push yourself into eating something you do not like; everyone will find vegetables and fruits for his own taste.

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Here is the list of most dietary fiber containing products:


  • cucumbers,
  • cauliflower,
  • green pepper,
  • tomatoes,
  • mushrooms etc.


  • apples,
  • oranges,
  • pears,
  • grapes,
  • pears,
  • watermelon,
  • pineapple etc.

As soon as you will start to eat more fibers a day you will immediately notice how thankful is your body. First of all you will notice that your metabolism is changing. You will feel better in general and you will notice that even you skin will react to this method. The secret is that when you are consuming bigger amount of dietary fibers your body is capable of dealing with toxic and unhealthy leftovers of food you consumed before. Soon you will notice that you are losing weight just by having the same amount of food but with more fibers in portions.

Important: Do not switch to just consuming fibers. Your body needs to get proportionally all vitamins and minerals, proteins, fat and carbohydrate.


Method number four: Start cooking

You will need:

  1. Time
  2. Inspiration
  3. Cooking book or Internet

cookingAs we are often in a hurry we can without even noticing eat a snack or fast food or buy half-prepared food in the supermarket. We want to safe our time and sometimes switch to eating out. Prepared food contains plenty of sugar and salt. And even worse this food can cause addiction. You may think that it is all the same for your body if you eat for example 2000 Calories a day of meat and vegetables cooked at home and the same amount of 2000 Calories of half-prepared food, snacks and fast-food. It is definitely not! This amount of fast-food or half-prepared food from the supermarket will keep you feel thirsty, hungry, angry and unhealthy; you will have slow metabolism and bad skin.

On the opposite if you will start to cook on your own you will notice how better you feel, more fresh and your body is thankful for this. In case you are having full-time job you may think that you can eat lunch at fast-food and other meals at home. Change your diet now! Do not do this method partially. Prepare big bowl of food, take it with you at work. You will have enough for few days. In case you forgot a meal at home – just grab a yogurt and some fruits and stay away from sandwiches and pizzas.

Even ketchup or mayo can be made at home and you will be surprised how easy it is and how much tastier it is. Get inspired. Subscribe to some YouTube channel of professional cook. Find one who inspires you. Cook and practice in cooking for your friends and relatives and they will applaud your meals.

Important: Do not give up just because you have never done that. Sometimes we think that it is very complicated, especially if we never cooked before. But there were times when we didn’t know how to walk and we learned that and now we are walking without thinking about every next step.


Method number five: Increasing level of your physical activity

You will need:

  1. Outfit for running or walking
  2. Reminders or stickers

physical activityVery good decision is to start to go to the gym. In case you can afford a personal trainer – you will have perfect results and actually can lose weight very soon. But let’s face reality and agree that not everyone can afford that and plenty of us can have enough money for that but we can just do not have time. Such situation is not hopeless. You can increase level of physical activity without going to gym. Consider the option of buying new cross trainers to elevate your fitness level conveniently at home.

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For example use stairs instead of using elevator. As soon as you will start you will notice that they are there for you almost everywhere:

  • At work
  • At home
  • At shopping mall
  • At hospital
  •  At friends or relatives house

Soon you will notice that you improved and do not feel tired after using very long stairs. You will start losing weight and as additional bonus you will get good-looking legs. In case you are forgetting to do this you can use sticker and put it on your front door. Than you will face the sticker every time you exit home and remember to use stairs. You can also walk instead of using car or transport. Scientists say that 45 minutes a day of walking will help you to lose weight and normalize your metabolism. You can also find inspiring YouTube channel and practice some physical activities, yoga or even dancing at home while you have some free time. Even having two-three trainings a week is enough.

Important: You may feel upset as you will not notice incredible results immediately. But let’s be honest you didn’t get your kilos in one day so do not expect to lose them in one day. Do not check your weight every morning it will only make you upset. In fact give your weight scale as a present to your enemy. You will notice your first results on your clothes: when you will see that your pants or belt is too big for you.

Create your own program according to your routine and body by using these simple rules:

  1. Try to avoid sweets, candies, sugar and other sugar containing products for a month and you will notice if this method is working for you or not.
  2. Try to increase your physical activity together with switching to homemade meals. Your life style will not change at all but your body and health will improve immediately.
  3. Stop comparing your results to your friends and colleagues. Everybody is unique. You will never get the same results as any other person.
  4. Ask your family to support you. Talk to your partner and suggest you both to switch to new lifestyle. As soon as they will get inspired by you they will join you and together you will succeed and definitely lose weight together with obtaining healthy and beautiful body.




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