Top-6 Effective Methods to Get Rid of Papillomas Successfully

PapillomasPapillomas are small benign tumors measuring 0.2-10 millimeters in body color. Most often, they form on the skin, but sometimes occur on mucous membranes. The most common papillomas affect the skin of the neck, hands, face, armpits and intimate places, less likely to appear on other parts of the body. The cause for the development of growths on the body is the virus of the papilloma, the carrier of which is considered about 80% of the world’s population, but not all people having the virus have papillomas on the skin. On their own papillomas grow very slowly but with weakened immunity the amount of papillomas and their size can increase dramatically.

If you do not remove the papilloma on time, it may lead to serious consequences. Increasing, the infection will fall on other parts of the skin. This can seriously damage your health. It is also established that papillomas in women can cause cancer. Their oncogenic properties affect the rectum and cervix of the uterus. You cannot cut off papillomas as they will start to expand and can be reborn into cancer. Also, it is not necessary to treat new growths on mucous areas – in the throat, nose, eye or mouth on your own.


Method number 1: Natural homemade remedies

Celandine juiceIf you have noticed papillomas on your body, you can try to get rid of them using natural remedies first. They act fast enough and are safe even during pregnancy, when immunity is weakened. The appearance of papillomas is most often provoked by the weakening of immunity, so to get rid of papillomas for a long time, it is necessary to fight with the focus of the disease – to improve health. Especially it is necessary to remove papillomas in children, as many of them are simply afraid to receive other procedures. Here you will find a collection of the most effective natural remedies able to help you remove papillomas effectively:

Kerosene and walnuts

Papillomas are well removed with the help of ointments from kerosene and walnuts:

  • Young green walnuts are ground in a meat grinder.
  • The resulting mush should be placed in a jar and poured with pure kerosene in a proportion of 2: 1.
  • Leave the mixture infused for 3 weeks.
  • Strain the obtained tincture and squeeze out “cake”.
  • Keep the ointment in darkness and coolness. Appearing growths should be lubricated 1-2 times a day.

Celandine juice

Treatment of papillomas with celandine is effective due to the acid in the juice of the plant. You can use both fresh leaves and squeezed juice or infusion, bought at the pharmacy. Before the procedure, it is recommended to steam out the skin and lubricate areas around the papillomas with a fat cream or oil to avoid acid entering the healthy epidermis. Then the celandine juice is applied to neoplasms. The procedure is repeated every 2 days for a week, after which dried out growths, including flat papillomas (children’s warts) disappear.

You can also make a tincture of leaves (juice) celandine and tickseed. The finished mixture is poured into ice molds and frozen. Every day 3 times an ice cube is put into the papilloma corner and held for three minutes. The procedure is repeated when all the growths fall off.

Tincture of celandine on alcohol is also very effective:

  • cut the celandine and place three tablespoons in a glass container,
  • pour half a glass of water and half a glass of vodka,
  • place the tincture in the refrigerator for about five days.

Do not forget during this time to periodically shake the infusion. Then it can be filtered, but, in principle, this procedure is not necessary. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, it is recommended to apply compresses – moisten a piece of cotton in the infusion, attach to the papilloma, cover with plastic wrap and fix: you can use a bandage, you can use a band-aid. The duration of the compress is 15 minutes.

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Then rinse the papillomas with cool water, let the skin dry and lubricate with the usual baby cream. Treatment should last during three weeks. The only disadvantage of this treatment is that the alcohol dries the skin very much. And if it is already very sensitive, it is better to abandon this method of treatment.

Chicken egg

Chicken egg helps to get rid of even numerous papillomas. But it can only be used by people who are not prone to allergic reactions. External application can

provoke an allergy even if you eat these eggs without any problems. If you have doubts concerning the possible allergic reaction, then make a test – on a small area of the skin in the area of the ulnar fold, apply the selected remedy and leave for 10 minutes. If an allergic reaction is not observed, you can safely use the egg powder:

  • Take a shell of two eggs, a band-aid and medical cotton wool,
  • heat the oven to 250 degrees, lay it on a baking sheet and place it in the oven for about 30 minutes.
  • then, when the egg shell has cooled, grind it as thoroughly as possible – ideally with a coffee grinder to a powdery state.

Each papilloma is abundantly sprinkled with egg powder, put cotton wool and fix with adhesive plaster. It is necessary to wear such a structure for about two to three weeks, changing once in three days.

Walnuts with honey

Sometimes it happens that the papillomas tend to be inflamed. In this case, it is best to try to get rid of them with honey and walnuts. By the way, honey is used very often when treating various diseases. But, unfortunately, very many people completely forget about the fact that honey can cause an extremely strong allergic reaction. Therefore, if you are not sure that this trouble will not happen to you, be sure to check your body’s reaction to honey.

The preparation:

  • Remove the shell from 5 large walnuts,
  • crush them thoroughly,
  • add a small amount of any natural honey – you should get a lot of creamy consistency.

Every morning and every evening, lubricate the papillomas with a thick layer of the mixture. Cover them with a plastic wrap to enhance the effect. For convenience, you can fix a compress – adhesive plaster or bandage. It should be on the papilloma for at least an hour. The course of treatment itself is quite long – about one month.

Note: If after a month of intensive treatment you understand that the papillomas categorically refuse to leave your body, stop fighting against them on your own and consult a specialist who will choose the most appropriate method taking into account the contraindications if there are any.

Method number 2: Radiosurgery

RadiosurgeryIncreasingly, this method is used, since with its help the papillomas are removed quickly and painlessly. During the procedure, the doctor cuts the neoplasm with a special radio knife and performs a histological analysis to determine the diagnosis. The radio frequency knife (another name for radio wave surgery) is best for removing small papillomas.

Advantages of radiosurgery:

  • Due to the high accuracy of the radio wave scalpel, the skin areas in the area of the papilloma are practically not injured;
  • There are no traces after the operation.
  • In addition, after using radio wave surgery, the re-formation of papillomas at the same site is excluded.

This method is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it doesn’t have any disadvantages.

A more trivial method is surgical removal with a scalpel, for this the patient is given a local anesthetic and after removing the tumor, a pressure bandage is applied to the skin – this method is effective for removing vulgar papillomas.

Note: Malignant formations are not removed by this method. Before using it, always consult the appropriate specialist.

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Method number 3: Cryodestruction

CryodestructionCryotherapy, or cryodestruction, is freezing the papilloma with liquid nitrogen. A special applicator, moistened in liquid nitrogen, is applied to the papilloma, after which it darkens, hardens and then separates from the skin. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is carried out in 3 stages:

  • Preliminary stage: If the patient has a low pain threshold, there is an anesthetization. In other cases, you can go directly to freezing;
  • Freezing stage: The duration of the application does not exceed 120 sec. During the procedure, tingling may be felt;
  • Final stage: Treatment with disinfectant solution.

Advantages of cryodestruction:

  • Versatility (suitable for papillomas of every type and any part of the body);
  • Painless;
  • Non-traumatism (passes without bleeding, as capillary work is blocked);
  • There is no need for anesthesia;
  • There is no possibility of relapse;
  • Does not promote malignancy of cells;
  • Does not require training and specific rehabilitation;
  • Short duration.

The disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of controlling the depth of influence on the tissue. If the exposure is too deep, a small burn is possible (later – a scar), with insufficient deep exposure the papilloma can be removed incompletely and it will be necessary to repeat the procedure. Also, a repeat procedure may be required with a significant amount of papillomas.

It is noteworthy that cryodestruction is not accompanied by side effects in the form of local reactions – hematoma, hyperpigmentation, does not require punctures and cuts, etc. This is important when removing papillomas on the face. During the rehabilitation period (1 week after removal of the papilloma), the contact of the treatment site with water and cosmetics should not be allowed. After epithelialization, it is necessary to protect the newly formed skin from UV rays.

Note: With the help of cryotherapy, benign and flat papillomas are removed, and this method is widely used to remove tumors from the mucous membranes of organs.

Method number 4: Electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation papillomasDuring the electrocoagulation, special equipment with alternating and direct current is used. This procedure allows you to control the depth of exposure to the papilloma, DC leads to protein folding at a temperature of 20-80 degrees, without causing pain and preventing possible infection of skin areas. However, to remove large papillomas anesthesia of the affected area is required. There may also be traces after the procedure. This depends on both the size of the papilloma and the qualification of the doctor.

Advantages of electrocoagulation:

  • Safety and effectiveness of the method, the ability to remove small lesions or papillomas on the foot in one session, the duration of which is 5 to 10 minutes;
  • Used for any age and type of skin;
  • The ability to regulate the therapeutic effect of electric current on the strength and frequency, depending on the size, location and type of neoplasm – accuracy of settings and constant visual control;
  • Prevents the likelihood of infection (attachment pathogenic microflora) and bleeding;
  • The possibility of carrying out histological examinations of a distant neoplasm (in contrast to cryodestruction, laser removal and radio wave surgery) in order to predict possible recurrence of papillomatosis and confirm the high quality of education;
  • Relatively cheap method, compared with other techniques (laser removal, radio wave).

In the first time (several hours or days) after electrocoagulation in the wound area, there may be a slight discomfort or soreness, but this should not cause concern –discomfort will pass independently and doesn’t require treatment. The crust and the area around it must be treated 3 times a day with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (5% solution of potassium permanganate) or another antiseptic – this is not only the prevention of secondary infection, but also the possibility of avoiding the appearance of a scar. Also at this time, it is not possible to apply various cosmetics to this place and to avoid water ingress (any moisture contributes to the dehydration of the crust, which creates favorable conditions for the propagation of pathogenic flora and infection of the wound).

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  • Individual intolerance to electrocautery or allergy to pain medications;
  • Hereditary or acquired bleeding disorder (increased bleeding);
  • Acute infectious or somatic diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of an electrocardiostimulator;
  • Malignant neoplasm;
  • Herpes in the active phase or other inflammatory diseases of the skin;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Note: The method is used to remove all species of papillomas. Duration of healing up to 10 days, which significantly exceeds the recovery period after removal of the papilloma by laser (5-7 days) or radio wave method (2-3 days), which is the only disadvantage if the method is performed by a good specialist.

Method number 5: Laser therapy

Laser therapy papillomasBefore the operation begins you will need to undergo a medical examination. This is necessary in order to determine the presence of blood diseases or intolerance to the organism of similar operations. In addition, local anesthesia is used during the session. Most of the success depends not on the equipment on which the operation is performed but on the experience of the doctor. The specialist selects the desired depth of rays, depending on the needs and type of skin. A laser beam is a directed beam of rays, most often a model with a CO2 laser is used. The high temperature completely burns out harmful cells, while not damaging the healthy ones.

Advantages of laser therapy:

  • Performing removal of papillomas with laser is completely safe if doing this in a professional aesthetic clinic or beauty center.
  • A special advantage is that the laser can clog the blood vessels, which prevents bleeding. This is very convenient and lowers the risks of an undesirable outcome after the session (bruises or bursted blood vessels).


  • Do not use the method during pregnancy because of the high hormonal background, a keloid scar may occur at the site of exposure;
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct a procedure in case a patient has oncology;
  • It is not recommended to do laser cleaning and removal of papillomas to girls under 18 and women after 45.

Note: Proper care is required and this is a very important part of the session. If you improperly care for the site of removal of the papilloma, then in a short time there may be inflammation or even suppuration.

Method number 6: Cauterization by chemical means

Cauterization by chemical meansThis method is the most elementary for the removal of formations on the skin. To remove papillomas chemicals that cauterize the papilloma are used, which leads to tissue necrosis or papilloma prolapse. In its place a crust is formed, which is not recommended to be scratched, as this will lead to inflammation and scar formation.

Advantages of cauterization by chemical means:

  • It is affordable to everyone.
  • The procedure is very simple.

Cauterization of papillomas with chemical preparations can be unsafe if it is performed by an unexperienced specialist as the chemical method of removing papillomas can seriously injure the skin. This method can provoke the development of atypical cells in tissues.

After the procedure, after a week, the crust itself disappears and in its place the skin is formed. It is important that the procedure carried out by an experienced specialist, as he can qualitatively remove the formation of the skin without any unwanted consequences.

Note: In the event that the cutaneous manifestations of papillomavirus infection are difficult to treat, an antiviral drug is injected directly into the neoplasm.



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