Cucumber water benefits for our health and beauty

Cucumber waterCucumber is widely used by women in homemade beauty remedies. But unfortunately not everyone knows about cucumber water and its benefits. Cucumber water became especially popular lately among people loving healthy lifestyle. This drink is not only incredible alternative to carbonated beverages full of sugar and calories but it is also miraculous source of vitamins and minerals. It is proven that if you choose glass of cucumber water instead of glass of soda you are consuming approximately 130 calories less. This drink is helping to lose 6-7 kilograms a year.

Cucumber water has plenty useful benefits for our body. Here we will investigate what advantages we can find in this drink and how to prepare cucumber water in order to get maximum from it.


Cucumber water recipe


  • Cucumber water1-2 fresh cucumbers.
  • Ice cubes (3-10 cubes).
  • Water (better not carbonated) 1.5 liters.
  • Peppermint (2-3 leaves).
  • Lemon juice (according to your taste).

Put water into the jar. Using something hard press peppermint in order to feel its smell and add it into the jar. Squeeze half of lemon and add as much of lemon juice as you like. Wash and cut your cucumbers in slices and add to the jar without skins. We want to prepare healthy drink so we will not need skins which contain all the chemicals which cucumber absorbed while was growing. Take some ice cubes and add them as well. Mix everything and enjoy your healthy and refreshing drink.


The first benefit: Weight loss

Weight lossWhy women are into salads when they are trying to lose weight? That is because vegetables contain less calories. Among best vegetables for losing weight is cucumber. Cucumber is very healthy diuretic. Consume cucumber water and you will naturally lose excess fat and water from your body. In addition to low amount of calories in cucumbers it also is a great source of vitamin C. Cucumber consists of 95-98% of water. For this reason even after frequent urination your body will not suffer from dehydration.

Cucumbers contain minimum of calories that is why it is the most popular ingredient for dietary food recipes. This vegetable contain not only water but also valuable alkaline salts. These salts can slow the aging process and the formation of stones in kidneys. Such simple drink as cucumber water can reduce risks of different health problems as well as help to get rid of excess fat in most problematic areas: hips and abdomen. Due to its ability to cleanse body cucumber water will eliminate an old fat which was accumulated for very long time.

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Interesting: Cucumbers contain tartronic acid. This acid prevents the creation of fats from eaten carbohydrates.


The second benefit: Hydration

HydrationOur body needs proper hydration. Water is necessary for all the vital processes in our body. Water is used for such processes as digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients. It is not that complicated to maintain water balance in our body. However every third person doesn’t consume enough of water. Basically you need to follow few simple rules and you will be healthy.

How to maintain water balance

  1. Drink enough of liquid during the day. Average amount per day should be 2.5 liters of water. This amount consumed daily plus water which we get from food is needed for keeping our body hydrated.
  2. Begin every morning with glass of water. It will start all the processes in the body and help you to recover after water loss during the sleep.
  3. Take a shower or bath regularly. Ideally you should start and finish your day with shower. At least once a week take a bath. If you do not have bath at home you can visit swimming pool once a week.
  4. From all sports prefer swimming. Swimming is healthy and helps our body to stay hydrated through the pores.
  5. Always increase your water consumption during summer as we lose a lot of fluid while sweating.
  6. During hot season choose healthy drinks instead of carbonated sweet beverages. The best drink for people who have problems with drinking daily amount of water is cucumber water.

As mentioned above cucumber water is great healthy choice when you are thinking what to drink. This simple drink will taste good and provide proper hydration and nutrition to your body. Huge benefit of cucumber water is that it contains no sugar. All the commercially available beverages are full of sugar. After drinking such sweet beverage you feel thirstier than before drinking it.

Interesting: With proper hydration you will notice that you are full of energy and are ready to work more than usual.


The third benefit: Detox

DetoxLately it became very fashionable and popular to cleanse body. Seems like everyone is trying to sell something what will miraculously clean your body from toxins and harmful results of our everyday life. If we will think about it we will definitely agree that cleansing is absolutely necessary. The environment of our cities is far from healthy. Detox will not only help you to get rid of toxins but also you will be able to lose few kilograms which you accumulated last winter. However the best detox result you will achieve if instead of buying chemical pharmaceutical detox drinks you will prepare cucumber water and drink it every day.

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Many of us think that cucumber consists only from water. Some even think that this vegetable is useless. In fact this green vegetable contains a unique liquid. This liquid is called structured water. This water is identical to water in our body. Consuming cucumber water we can dissolve if not all than almost all poison accumulated in our cells during our life.

Interesting: Cucumber fiber stimulates digestion and food is moving quicker through the gastrointestinal tract. Cucumber fiber adsorbs and excretes from the body toxins, waste products and excess salt. Thus consuming this drink will also help to get rid of swelling.


The fourth benefit: Healthy skin

Healthy skinAs we already discussed cucumber is providing great hydration for our body. If you have dry skin you should definitely start drinking cucumber water and you will notice that skin looks much better very quickly. However cucumber is able to solve plenty of imperfections of our skin. Reason of such impressive impact on skin is enormous amount of nutrients in this vegetable. And these nutrition is in particular beneficial for skin.

Cucumber nutrients

  • Vitamins B1 and B2 are excellent against skin aging. These vitamins are providing healthy and fresh look to the face.
  • Ascorbic acid.This acid is responsible for the regeneration of our skin and elimination of toxins from the body. This is how cucumber water helps skin to stay longer fresh and young.
  • This mineral is very important for skin health as it is responsible not only for elasticity of skin but also for cell hydration. Deficiency of this mineral leads to aging of skin and unhealthy looking skin.
  • This mineral can be called a beauty formula. It is involved in the production of collagen.
  • Lack of this element leads to dry and tired skin.

All these elements are also often included in cosmetics. However skin benefits more from organic and natural remedies than from pharmaceutical products. Cucumber water will provide all these elements and skin will very quickly improve its appearance.

Interesting: You can also use cucumber slices for beauty skin routine. Every time when you prepare cucumber water put two slices on your eyes and you will notice that skin around eyes will look better.


The fifth benefit: Healthy gums

Healthy gumsCucumber water is also revitalizing and refreshing gums, especially it is beneficial if you have inflamed gums. Due to cucumber phytochemicals such drink as cucumber water makes your breath fresh. How great that bad breath problem can be solved so easily. This is great reason to drink cucumber water regularly.

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Additionally you can chew few slices of cucumber. It will provide good massage for gums and will clean teeth. In addition when we consume vegetables they stimulate salivation. When we have constantly enough of saliva we reduce amount of germs and bacteria in the mouth.

Interesting: Consuming cucumber water improves condition of teeth and gums. Drink it as prevention measure of dental diseases.


The sixth benefit: Regulate blood pressure

blood pressureCucumber juice contains a hormone which cells of pancreas are using for insulin production. This is not the only incredible cucumber quality. Studies show that sterols which are in cucumber help to reduce blood cholesterol level. Fiber, potassium and magnesium effectively regulate blood pressure. Interesting fact is that cucumber water can regulate both high and low blood pressure. This will prevent further problems with kidneys, heart and vision. Too high blood pressure can lead to these problems.

Cucumber water is perfect for maintaining blood pressure at optimal level. Thanks to potassium this drink will in few days stabilize your blood pressure.

Interesting: Another benefit from this drink is that it prevents development of atherosclerosis.


The seventh benefit: Improves hair and nails

HairHeath of our hair and nails depends on our diet. Include salads with cucumber and cucumber water into your diet if you want to improve quality of your hair and nails. Cucumber contains microelements which helps to stimulate hair grows and nails strengthening.

Silicon is important for connective tissue. Consuming cucumbers in big amount leads to the growth and strengthening of hair, maintains healthy bones, joints and nails. If you will include cucumber water in your everyday life you will forget about constantly brittle nails. Also nails will grow faster and become stronger.

Interesting: Cucumbers unfortunately may contain huge amount of nitrates. If you are not sure about origin and quality of vegetable better use it without skins. Biggest amount of harmful substances is accumulated in skins and ends of cucumber.



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