Simple and working home remedies for bronchitis will help you to cure your body quickly

bronchitisReasons of bronchitis are hundreds nowadays. Among them are viruses, bacteria, parasites and others. Sometimes bronchitis can appear after breathing toxic gases and allergens. This can happen with people working in dangerous conditions. Often adults are getting this disease because of smoking. Simple flu can progress into bronchitis. Very common mistake is not to start curing your body as soon as symptoms appear. Bronchitis is a disease coming with the following symptoms: cough, discomfort in chest and mucus (color of the mucus can be from light white, yellow to light green and green even sometimes with blood).

As soon as you realize that you got the bronchitis you should immediately start curing your body. In case you are experiencing bronchitis with more serious symptoms as problems with sleep and you get temperature 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) with the blood appearing on your tissue when you cough you better run to the doctor. After diagnosis you will get list of medicines and scheme how you should take them.

You should be careful with medicines and listen carefully to recommendations and especially careful read description to every medicine. Taking medicines will not just cure your body, along with help medicines are bringing possibility of getting side effect or even more serious diseases. Almost every doctor will recommend you home remedies along with medicines. And in some life situations it is just impossible to visit a doctor immediately. In such a case you should not waste your time and use natural and organic home remedies for bronchitis.


Method number 1: Inhalations

Basic ingredients which can be used for inhalations:

  1. InhalationsBoil garlic or onions in the water. Oils which are in these plants are very good helpers in fighting with bronchitis. This is also a reason to increase amount of onions and garlic you consume during your sick leave.
  2. In 1 liter of boiling water put 1 spoon of salt and 7-8 drops of iodine. This is one of the best recipes for inhalations.
  3. During the winter you can take some branches with leaves of raspberry also you can add some leaves of peppermint and boil them in the water and leave them for 5 hours to stay. This liquid, full of vitamins can be warmed up and used for inhalations as a home remedy for bronchitis.

How to prepare the inhalation at home:

  1. Take bowl of medium size (better to take one which has a bit thicker walls to save heat) and put it on the fire.
  2. Mix in the boiling water ingredients which you decided to use for inhalations.
  3. Put prepared hot bowl with inhalation substance on the table. Sit at the table and cover your head with the towel over the bowl. Make sure towel is big enough and you do not loose hot steam.
  4. Inhale and exhale hot steam first with mouth and then with your nose.
  5. Try to come closer to the warm steam. But be careful in order not to burn you.
  6. The only restriction for inhalations is hot temperature of your body. Check your body temperature before using this method.
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Inhalations are used in general 3-4 times a day during 4 days in a row. Adults can have inhalations during 7-10 minutes and children approximately 5 minutes. After first inhalation you will immediately feel that breathing is much easier. The point of making inhalation is that they help your body to clean up your bronchus. Thus they bring easiness of breathing. Here are shown the easiest recipes and even thou they are easy they are working the best.


  • Be very careful when you are making inhalation. To prevent your face or skin from burning do not go too close to the bowl.
  • You better use boiling water and start inhalation immediately instead of waiting till water will get colder and you need come closer and closer to the water.


Method number 2: Сhange slightly your diet

Healthy food you should include into your meals:

  1. bronchitisBuy on the market black radish and honey. Take one black radish and cut it on the top. Make with the knife cut in a way like you took slice with spoon. Put tea spoon of the honey on the spot. After some time black reddish is giving its juice and this juice should be eaten three times a day by one tea spoon each time.
  2. Garlic, dill and butter. These ingredients are together the best combination of energy and health. Take 5 cloves of garlic and squeeze them with squeezer. You will have approximately one tea spoon of squeezed garlic. Add 100 grams of butter and 1 tea spoon of dill cut into tiny pieces. Mix everything together with the spoon and use this paste on the top of the bread to make a sandwich. Have three such sandwiches a day.
  3. Wine is widely used to fight bronchitis. Warm up dry wine (wine can be even homemade in case sugar was not added into wine) and drink ¼ of the glass two times a day. Dry wine helps unpleasant mucus to come out.
    We know that healthy food is good for our health, but sometimes we forget that all vitamins and minerals we are searching in the pharmacy are there for us in our fridge. As soon as you realize you got bronchitis you need to help your body to get better and fight the disease. This food is turning on your immune system and makes our body full of needed elements to fight the infection, bacteria or virus which brought bronchitis.
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You will be surprised but juices therapy is one of the therapy methods in medicine. Vegetable juices come to help us to fight bronchitis.

Juices you should drink when you have bronchitis:

  1. Juice from beetroot is effective method to clear your blood from toxic. It is helping in normalizing blood elements. The only issue with this juice that it is forbidden to drink it immediately. You should get the juice and let it stay for 3-4 hours in the fridge before drinking it.
  2. Juice from the carrots. Together with juice from beetroot you can consume carrots juice which is full of vitamins. It is not recommended to drink more than 100 gram of these juices a day. You can mix them and get a good portion of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Juice from the cabbage. It is not the tastiest juice in the world, but you can add a bit of sugar and juice is immediately getting better. It is effective method to get rid of unpleasant colorful mucus. Also this juice is known as an option to heal stomach diseases.


  • You should be sure that you are not allergic to ingredients. This is very important to know before consuming honey or any other ingredient.
  • In order to avoid smell after eating garlic you should chew 1 coffee bean or eat few nuts. Smell will disappear.


Method number 3: Hot compress

Make night compress with vodka:

  1. compressTake a piece of textile and make it all wet from the vodka.
  2. Put the textile with vodka on the chest.
  3. Cover the textile with parchment paper.
  4. Cover parchment paper with cotton and using bandage make it stay together on the chest.
  5. Stay immovable in the bed under warm cover for 20-25 minutes with this compress.
  6. Use this compress every evening before sleep.
  7. The best is to go immediately to sleep as soon as you remove compress.

Prepare compress from potatoes:

  1. Boil few big potatoes in skins.
  2. Put boiled potatoes in skins into the plastic bag.
  3. Break a bit the skins of every vegetable.
  4. Cover the plastic bag into the warm textile and protect it from falling from it.
  5. With the help of bandage fix everything on your chest.
  6. Stay under warm cover in the bed.
  7. This method works even better if you will drink a shot of vodka with honey (mix 1 tea spoon of honey in the 50 grams of vodka). You should drink a shot and immediately put compress.
  8. This compress you can leave for the whole night. You will need to repeat this procedure just for 3-4 days and you will get better.

Cough is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of bronchitis. Sometimes people have problems with sleep and even can have sleepless nights when they experience bronchitis. These methods will help body to succeed in healing bronchus and get rid of cough.

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Compresses can be used only in case you do not have high temperature of the body.


Method number 4: Home remedies

Gargling which can be used every morning:

  1. GarglingTake glass of clean and a bit warm water (the best is room temperature).
  2. Mix in the glass 1 tea spoon of sea salt and 1 tea spoon of soda bicarbonate.
  3. As soon as you wake up you should prepare this liquid and use it for gargling.
  4. Try to swallow in the end just one or two mouthfuls.

Inhale sea salt to cure your bronchitis:

  1. Buy sea salt and break it into small pieces in the bowl.
  2. Warm up sea salt on the frying pan.
  3. Quickly put hot sea salt into the plate and immediately put your face above the salt.
  4. Start to inhale and exhale warm sea salt steams.
  5. Use tea spoon to mix sea salt while you are having this dry inhalation.
  6. This method will heal you in few days. It can be also helpful with simple cough.

Prepare salty bath for your feet:

  1. Take five-seven liters of hot water (warn water for about 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit) in some big bowl in which your feet can fit and put 5 table spoons of sea salt.
  2. Put your feet into the hot salty water and keep them there till water will get colder.
  3. Wipe your feet till they will be completely dry.
  4. Wear warmest socks you have or two pair of socks at the same time.
  5. You can even add some sea salt into the socks.
  6. Make this bath every evening in case you got sick before going to bed.

In case you know about own lungs and bronchus that they are weak in general and you know that your body is easy to get sick and to catch flu you should remember these simple options and as soon as you feel weakness and hear yourself coughing immediately start using them.


Unfortunately unpleasant symptoms of bronchitis are not letting us work. When you got bronchitis you should stay on the sick leave. No way you are trying to work from home or go to work with bronchitis. First of all it will cause prolongation of the duration of the disease and second of all it can cause disease to become chronic.




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