8 simple and affordable recipes of homemade electrolyte drink.

electrolyte drink.What is exactly electrolyte drink? The question frankly is a bit complicated but we have an answer: today this term means drink (drink in ready to consume form or concentrate made for dilution) which is able to maintain optimal fluid balance in the body and the best way to compensate electrolytes.

Using specific concentrates or even products from your fridge which contain mineral salts, carbohydrates and vitamins you can make your own unique homemade electrolyte drink. However when we prepare such drink we should follow certain rules which will help us to avoid the risks and any negative consequences. The most important rule is: the concentration of carbohydrates in any case should not exceed 4.4 – 4.6%. Let’s investigate what types of homemade electrolyte drinks we can make and how we will benefit from such drinks.,

The first recipe: Fruit energetic drink

Fruit energetic drinkIsotonic or electrolyte drink can be easily made at home from familiar and everyday ingredients using only natural products. In particular fruit electrolyte drinks prepared at home are quite popular. However, it should be understood that even such drink made at home is not meant to be consumed for any occasion. Such drinks should be consumed when we have specific purpose (for recovery after exercise and so on). The main idea is that we should not drink them instead of water or in such amount as we consume water.

Electrolytes are involved in the maintenance of water and electrolyte balance in our body which occurs through the transmission of nerve impulses and contraction of muscle tissue. Sodium and potassium are elements most frequently added to sports drinks. Knowing the minimum requirements for isotonic drinks we can prepare them at home without even visiting the pharmacy.

Fruit drink recipe

  • We will need: 100 ml of natural fruit syrup, 400 ml of clear water and 1 pinch of salt.
  • Take a bowl and mix the syrup with water.
  • Add a pinch of salt and make sure everything dissolved completely.
  • Such electrolyte drink will provide us with the same amount of sodium as the isotonic drink from the shop.
  • This recipe will be much cheaper and contain less calories than similar from the shop.
  • Fruit electrolyte drink has just 58 calories compared to 140 calories in “store” option.

Basically when we have any sport activity we should restore moisture and salt balance in our body. On the internet we can find plenty of recipes which will advise to use some chemicals or some pharmacy products in order to prepare electrolyte drink. Such recipes might cause even problems with health if they are wrongly prepared or dosage is not proper. It is always better to risk less and use only natural and organic ingredients when we prepare drinks for our sport routine.

Important: Homemade fruit drink cannot be stored forever. Try to prepare and consume the drink at the same day when you made it. In such a way you will get more benefits from it.


The second recipe: Grapefruit isotonic drink

Grapefruit isotonic drinkWhen our physical activity is lasting less than an hour we are secreting sweat containing 99% water and only 1% of the salts so there is no need to worry about maintaining electrolyte balance in the body. In such situation it is enough to drink water and we will feel ourselves good and refreshed. If the physical activity is longer than 1 hour we should consider adding electrolyte drink as we need to take care about water-salt balance in our body.

If you are fan of sports drinks (from the stores) you should always remember that they are very high in calories. If you are ready to try something new you should prepare grapefruit homemade electrolyte drink and you will see how your body will positively react to such a healthy step.

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Grapefruit drink preparation

  • In order to prepare the isotonic drink we will need: grapefruit, honey or sugar, water and iodized salt.
  • Take a bottle (500 ml) and mix in the bottle 400 ml of warm mineral water without gas with 1 pinch of iodized salt.
  • Add 20 grams of honey or sugar (use honey only if you are sure you do not have allergy) and mix the drink properly so that honey will dissolve.
  • Squeeze 30 ml of fresh grapefruit juice and add it to the drink.
  • Make sure you mixed everything and enjoy your drink!

If you are preparing for a long training or to participate in a very long race the well-organized fluid intake during competition plays an important role. Do not forget to prepare the drink and take a lot of water when you are planning to do some sports.

Important: During hot and humid weather it is preferably to consume cold drink as they are absorbed into the walls of the intestine faster than warm. But not drinks from fridge!


The third recipe: Citrus homemade drink

Citrus drinkIsotonic drink or electrolyte drink is a liquid providing you with water, carbohydrates (energy) and electrolytes that actively leave your body while sweating. Homemade drinks are popular among sportsman who are into everything healthy and organic. Some people prefer to buy some powder-looking substance and dissolve it in the bottle. The others will never consume some suspicious substance especially when they try to become healthy. Orange or lemon are both great source of vitamins and minerals so it is obvious these fruits will be also good for the water-salt and mineral balance of our body.

In order to prepare simplest isotonic drink we will need freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. It is better to use juice which is fresh and never to use juice from the pack. We need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar and pinch of salt in 50 ml of fresh juice and 50 ml of clear water. When everything is dissolved add 350 ml clear water and keep the drink in thermos.

Important: In order to keep the drink within low level of calories substitute sugar with honey or stevia when you prepare your homemade electrolyte drinks.


The fourth recipe: Vegetable drink

Vegetable drinkVegetables are very healthy and highly recommended to be included in the diet of each and every one. However many of us do not consume enough vegetables and even we forget to consume vegetable juices or vegetable drinks at all. Unfortunately most of us usually prefer to grab a sandwich or bottle of coke. Let’s pay more attention to the vegetables benefits and start consuming them more and even use them for the preparation of electrolyte drink.

Simple rules to follow when you exercise actively

  • Always make sure that you drink is in your bag when you are going to the gym.
  • 30 minutes before workout drink a bit of isotonic which you prepared or bought.
  • During an intense workout do 2-3 sips after regular time intervals.
  • Take few sips even if you do not have desire to drink at all and the reason for that is that we are aiming to supply the body with electrolytes.
  • Leave the last portion of the beverage and drink it immediately after the workout.

Vegetable isotonic is basically as simple as fruit one. Vegetable drink sometimes is even more refreshing and tasty than any fruit one. In order to prepare one portion of vegetable drink we will need 1 cup of any vegetable juice (prepare juices from few vegetables at once in order to get more vitamins) mixed with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of orange juice. Always add a pinch of iodine or sea salt.

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Important: Make sure you do not use vegetable juice from the supermarket as they always contain salt.


The fifth recipe: Protein energy drink

Protein energy drinkElectrolyte drinks were invented not that long time ago and theoretically their composition is quite simple. Typically they contain water as a base and additionally have glucose and salts which are so-called electrolytes. Such drinks are considered as a special drink for people who is having increased physical activity. The mechanism of action of these beverages is as follows: when the body is heavily sweating through our skin we are losing not just toxins or harmful chemicals but also through the sweat we are losing many useful salts, vitamins and minerals. Such situation is appearing for example when we are running, training on a stationary bike or bodybuilding. It is very important is to recover the energy level during and after the training in order to feel better and healthier.

Simple drink for energy recovery

  • In order to prepare quick and simple drink we will need to buy few ingredients: protein powder, banana, honey and our favorite fruit juice.
  • It is easier to prepare the beverage in the bowl and then transfer it into your favorite bottle for the gym.
  • Mix cup of water with half a liter of fruit juice add 1 banana, 3 tablespoons of honey (use sugar if you are out of honey or you cannot consume it), 2-3 tablespoons of protein powder and pinch of salt.
  • Mix everything in the blender until the drink will become smooth.
  • Prepare such drink immediately before your trip to the gym (or to the stadium, swimming pool) and consume it the same day.

Protein cannot harm our health. The only way it can influence our diet is if you choose to consume protein drink instead of good piece of meat for lunch. In such a way there will be no harm and no use from the drink. But if you will consume such drink after a good training immediately when you finish the training you will definitely benefit from this cocktail. Your muscles will immediately receive a “loading dose” of a protein and will continue to grow and please your eyes.

Important: Do not replace one or all of your meals with protein shakes. Consume them only after training.


The sixth recipe: Apple recovery drink

Apple recovery drinkUsually composition of homemade electrolyte drink is so simple that you can change it upon your taste or prepare your favorite one as soon as you will understand main principles of the drink preparation. The taste of the drink can be chosen by you. Let’s suggest that you love apples, apple juices and apple taste. If you are fond of this healthy and beneficial fruit you should definitely prepare at home drink which will recover you during and after the training.

The best possible way is to prepare the drink on the base of apple fresh juice but if you do not have time or conditions to prepare fresh we can also make quite healthy drink on the base of apple juice (from the supermarket). For the preparation we will need: apple juice, honey (or sugar), cinnamon and water. In the bottle mix cup of apple juice, 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey, pinch of iodine salt and two cups of water. The drink is ready as soon as you will mix all the ingredients. It is better to prepare new one than to drink yesterday’s drink.

Important: You may find apple electrolyte drinks in the stores but before buying read the description and ingredients. Such drinks are full of preservatives and colorants. This fact should stop everyone who is caring about his health and who is propagating healthy lifestyle.


The seventh recipe: Tea based drink

Tea based drinkSome people are fans of tea. Tea is consumed in every house and even often used in some homemade remedies and beauty treatments. However not everyone knows that tea can be also used when we are preparing homemade electrolyte drink. Another argument for homemade recipes and against those which are in stores is that we can regulate concentration of salt and sugar in the beverage. After a while you will feel your body and understand which recipe and amount of ingredients is perfect for you.

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Black tea based drink

  • For this drink we will need: 3 teabags of black tea, bottled water (half liter) and 20 pills of vitamin C.
  • Tea is poured with boiling water and infused for 10 minutes.
  • In 10 minutes tea is mixed with 20 pills of vitamin C.
  • In order to mix everything easily you can smash the pills before adding them into the tea.
  • You can also add 10 grams of glucose or a spoon of honey (this is up to you).
  • When the drink is prepared it should be stored in freezer.
  • This drink is definitely the energy recovery drink as is has enough of caffeine.
  • With this drink our body will recover as will regain both energy and liquid.

Runners can prepare the same drink but instead of usual water they should use mineral water. Some of the drinks from the shops contain carcinogenic ingredients and they are very dangerous for our health. Sometimes drinks from the shop can cause problems with digestion and you will just spend the time in the toilet instead of having healthy training in the gym.

Important: Even though we are using tea bags we should always pay attention to the quality of the tea. Try to buy black tea without additives and added smells.


The eights recipe: Energy recovery berries

Energy recovery berriesProfessional athletes regularly give their body the intense training. The weakness which appears after the training is happening because our body is losing vitamins and huge amount of nutrients. Simple water can help us a bit. In order to recover our body we should quickly get energy and be able to stay awake until the end of any workout. Electrolyte drink will definitely help us to stay strong and succeed with workout. It is better to drink in small sips during the training as well as after the workout.

Berry based isotonic

  • Ingredients: 600 ml of water, 80 grams of sugar, 1 teaspoon of iodine salt and 150 grams of any fresh or frozen berries. Preferable use cranberry (use any other berry in case you do not have this one).
  • Berries should be washed, dried and if needed cleaned from the bones. Berries should be smashed in the container with the help of tool you use for the preparation of smashed potatoes.
  • From the resulting puree it is necessary to squeeze the juice through cloth (gauze) into a glass.
  • You should not use juicer as we need not just juice but also the skins.
  • Take the skins, pour with the water and boil them for 2 minutes.
  • The cooled broth we should drain and season with salt and sugar.
  • Add the squeezed berry juice and sports drink is ready for use!

This recipe is not only for professional athletes. This homemade drink will be useful for anyone who is performing regular long-time physical activity. This recipe is perfect if you are training outside during summer heat or if you are on the strict protein diet.

Important: Even homemade electrolyte drink should not be consumed late in the evening. High concentration of energy recovering ingredients (for example caffeine) can cause insomnia or cause sleep problems.



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