Top-5 Steps to beautiful smooth skin after the weight loss

smooth skinHard work associated with the weight loss should not be in vain. That is why in the end of this procedure it is important to tighten the skin competently. Then the face will become fresh and attractive, and the body – slim and light. Vulnerable to slackness in places are the abdomen, arms, neck, inner thighs, buttocks and chest. There are many ways to tighten the skin, which for each age category have their own characteristics; for instance, having a liposuction treatment such as tumescent liposuction and body contouring like body contouring in Bay Harbor Islands, FL. Tightening the skin after losing weight is a completely solvable task. But it requires persistence and discipline in the process of implementing all the recommendations.


  • Step number 1: Do massage to tighten skin
  • Step number 2: Have water procedures
  • Step number 3: Use special cosmetics
  • Step number 4: Do physical exercises
  • Step number 5: Eat healthy food
  • Rules of skin tightening depending on your age
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Step number 1: Do massage to tighten skin

anti-cellulite massageMassage solves the problem of skin flabbiness. However, it should be understood that this procedure should be of a regular nature. It does not take as long as the use of cosmetics. There are several types of massage that improve the skin condition:

  • Anti-cellulite massage,
  • Vacuum massage,
  • Massage made with hands,
  • Massage with the use of honey.

Many experts consider massage as an alternative to physical stress, as it actively promotes the improvement of blood circulation. Nutrients are supplied to the skin along with the blood, and it is restored more quickly, acquiring elasticity.

Tips on how to do massage at home

You can do a skin massage of the abdomen, which is very effective:

  • You need to lie on your back and relax.
  • Raise your skin slightly on your stomach, as if pinching yourself. So you need to move clockwise.
  • With each round, the skin should be pinched more intensively, so that it slightly blushes to the end of the procedure.
  • Next, the stomach should be stroked clockwise using a moisturizing and firming cream.

Advice: If you don’t know what kind of massage to try, then do the honey massage as in addition to tightening the skin after losing weight, it will help to drawing unnecessary substances from the body through the pores. As a result, the skin will become fresh and smooth.

Step number 2: Have water procedures

showerNot everyone knows that proper showering gives a very strong healing effect. To get it, you should develop a useful habit of taking a cold shower at least once a day. It is better to have it in the morning. Cold water procedures have a positive impact not only on health. Cold water is an excellent tonic for the skin and blood vessels.

To accelerate the effect, you need to buy a hard sponge from natural bristles (sisal, loofah) and the massage shower head. Under the beating water jets, the skin should be thoroughly rubbed with a washcloth. Daily grindings under a cold shower give a quick and stunning effect. The result will appear after about two weeks: the skin will look taut. When this wonderful procedure becomes a habit, it will no longer seem complicated and will become natural as usual washing.

Contrast shower and bath

Another very effective water treatment is a contrast shower. It tightens and tones the skin, helps to cheer up. With it, the blood circulation improves in the subcutaneous cover. Thanks to this, the skin is smoothed. The process is very simple:

  • stand under the hot shower for a few minutes,
  • then make the water as cold as possible (ideally the water should be icy) and stand for 30-40 seconds,
  • repeat the cycle two or three times.
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Advice: The struggle for beautiful, smooth skin should include hot baths. It is useful to add sea salt to the water, which cleans the skin of dead cells. Bath with chamomile accelerates the regeneration of skin cells.

Step number 3: Use special cosmetics

scrubIt is not difficult to use special tightening creams for the body. They quickly restore the skin of the abdomen, thighs, chest, waist, forearms. With the help of these products, the skin is smoothed, softened and toned, the epithelium is renewed. Any cream for these purposes makes the skin supple, soft, silky and supple. Today you are offered a wide range of special products for specific

problem areas, for example, a cream to restore the skin of the chin, shoulders, waist, chest, hips. To enhance the effect of the smoothing cream, it is useful to add a mummy (the ratio of mummy to cream 1: 4). In this natural product, there are many nutrients, vitamins and other useful elements that will help to tighten the skin more quickly.

A good effect on the skin is provided by scrubs based on:

  • coffee spirits,
  • oat flakes,
  • sugar,
  • sea salt.

Peeling should be done up to twice a week. As a result, the debris and old dead cells are removed from the skin. The grains of scrub irritate the surface layer of the skin, which causes blood circulation in these tissues to be accelerated.

Avoid sulphates and exfoliating soap as sulfates are used in many cosmetics such as shampoo, body lotions, soap, because it is an excellent cheap cleanser. These remedies irritate the skin, depriving it of the vital moisturizing. As a result, it can lose elasticity. If you are trying to restore its elasticity and get rid of the effect of “stiffness”, forget about exfoliating agents.

Advice: To prepare a scrub at home, add a shower gel to the coffee grounds or sugar. You should use the scrub from the bottom up, starting to massage your feet. Going to the stomach, you need to move to a circular motion clockwise.

Step number 4: Do physical exercises

Happy girl running alone on the beachFitness trainers and coaches in aerobics, stretching, shaping, etc., developed hundreds of complexes designed to return the skin tone. Of course, efficiency will manifest exclusively in conjunction with normalizing nutrition and improving the quality of life.

Physical activity is very important for the skin tightening. As long as you are busy, physical exercises should be provided in your busy schedule. One cannot limit oneself to one-time classes. From the constant physical activity of the muscles becomes more energetic, and automatically the skin begins to tighten. For this purpose it is useful to engage in regular power exercises on:

  • abdomen,
  • arms,
  • legs.

Also such sports as aerobics or dancing are suitable for this aim. You can choose any kind of sports, which is characterized by rapid and diverse movements.

Recommended exercises for tightening the abdomen:

  • Plank. The most simple and effective. It is necessary to lay a rug on the floor and lie down, having turned on it with elbows and socks of legs. In this position, you must stay at least 20 seconds. With each time try to extend the time. Make 3 repetitions;
  • Abdomen: If you go to the gym, be sure to pump the lower body in the vise. If not – just lift your torso and perform a “bend”. This is an exercise that combines simultaneous lifting of the legs and upper body. To succeed, you need to do at least 20 times for 3 times;
  • Jumping on the rope. This is a fun and very powerful cardio load. It speeds up the heartbeat, lifts the mood, strengthens the muscles of the legs and removes cellulite on the hips and sides. In addition, “makes” pull the stretched waist and stomach line. The advantage of the method is the absence of contraindications. Unlike the press, you can jump on a rope even a month after pregnancy;
  • Strength exercises. Such tightening methods are suitable only for flabbiness of the skin after losing weight. Constant slopes, high loads will help tighten the skin on the back and legs and strengthen the muscles.
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Advice: Physical loads should be systematic. In principle, any type of activity is suitable, especially swimming, running and even ordinary walking (assuming regularity).

Step number 5: Eat healthy food

dietYou cannot neglect the state of the intestinal microflora. The process of improving the diet presupposes the mandatory use of prebiotics – curdled milk, biocheffee, yogurt. These products contribute to the fullest assimilation of protein. The right amount of amino acids is the building material for connective tissue, literally “pulling” the skin in place.

Recommendations on your eating habits:

  • Eat fish: pink salmon, trout, salmon. These varieties contain a large amount of biologically available collagen. The consumption of 3-4 servings of this fish per week is vital not only for tightening the skin, but also giving it a fresh, radiant appearance.
  • Also, one should not lose sight of the sources of zinc – quail eggs and seafood.
  • Nutritionists recommend eating 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, because they give us the necessary nutrients and vitamins. But did you know that these five servings will help tighten sagging skin? In general, adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet has only positive effects, so go ahead! And the reason why they will help you pull it up is that most fruits and vegetables have a lot of water.
  • It is still very important to comply with the drinking regime. Water provides a normal metabolism in the body. On average, it is useful to drink up to two liters per day.

Advice: Coke, tea and coffee are not recommended. Only simple drinking water without gas can restore elasticity to the skin.

Rules of skin tightening depending on your age

skinAge group: up to 25 years old

When you are young (up to 25), usually there are no problems with flabby skin even after intensive weight loss. Unpleasant consequences for the skin begin after 25 years (this figure is averaged, someone in 40 years can easily cope with the problem). The rules of skin tightening are different for different age categories, because the epidermis becomes less elastic with age. Caring for the skin when you are 25 years old are the following:

  • The most important rule is daily skin care.
  • After showering, apply milk or body cream with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients to the skin. Add any vegetable oil to the cream. This prevents dehydration and premature aging of the skin.
  • Use a body scrub twice a week.
  • Do wraps tightening the skin up to twice a year. They can be done at home using laminaria, white clay, chocolate.
  • Physical activity in any form preserves the tone of the body: yoga, swimming, running.
  • For the area of the hips and waist, prone to cellulite, it is useful to use lipolytic gels or serum, which accelerates the burning of fat. In these means against cellulite must be included extracts of hawthorn and chestnut, vitamins C, E, A, trace elements.
  • In the cosmetic salon it is possible to make electromyostimulation, which gives an excellent effect of pulling.

Age group: 30-45 years old

The rules of tightening the skin after losing weight in this age range are as follows:

  • Before you go on a diet (for two months), the traditional moisturizing cream should be replaced with an anti-aging cream with a tightening effect. And in its composition should be elastin and collagen.
  • When you are forty years old the use of anti-aging cream for the skin should be permanent.
  • At least once a week you need to visit the bath. If the skin is dry and sensitive, then the sauna is suitable. For normal skin the Finnish bath will suit. Everyone may benefit from the Russian bath with a stay in the steam room for no longer than 5-10 minutes, which depends on the state of health. Bath provides a wonderful effect of tightening the skin.
  • The bath effect can be enhanced with a massage. Honey massage is especially good. On the steamed body, honey is applied and vigorous slaps massage problem spots for 10-15 minutes. Then the sweetness is washed off with water.
  • Any anti-cellulite procedures well tighten the skin.
  • Physical exercises are required. Many women consider yoga to be the best way to fight saggy skin.
  • If the described methods do not work, and the skin is still going to fold, then you can use the BDR technique in the beauty salon. This is a hardware procedure performed after applying fruit concentrates to the skin, through active and deep tissue regeneration. But this procedure should be repeated, that is, its cost is quite high.
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Age group: older than 45

In this age group, the following actions contribute to skin tightening:

  • Before you go to diet, you should consult a doctor. At this age, the body is difficult to adapt to food restrictions, and they can adversely affect health.
  • The applied creams should be only anti-aging, having a strong lifting effect. Use them after a shower.
  • An excellent effect is given by classes in the water (in particular, in the pool). They quickly return the youth to fading skin, activate metabolic processes.
  • If there are no contraindications, a very remarkable pull-up effect is given by a weekly visit to the sauna.
  • Do anti-cellulite massage with special pull-up creams.
  • For massage directly in the shower it is good to use special gels, mittens and rollers, tightening the skin. These products warm up the skin, strengthening lymphatic drainage, which provides the effect of combating its flabbiness.
  • In the absence of contraindications (vascular and venous disease), a good result can be got if you do a vacuum massage. To do it at home, you need to buy a special jar in the pharmacy. Problem areas are lubricated with oil, a jar is attached, which should be led along the surface of the skin in circular motions. The duration of the procedure is no more than 10 minutes.

NOTE: In the age range of 48-50 years it is unrealistic to get rid of the folds even in the beauty salon. Here cardinal measures are required, carried out by plastic surgery. An experienced cosmetologist is able to tighten the skin 30-40% through procedures like BodyTite skin tightening.

Effectively and quickly bring your skin into tone is possible only with a combination of 2-3 methods: they are all perfectly combined with each other in an arbitrary order. And do not forget about a healthy diet. And, having achieved success, it’s better not to gain weight again, control your weight so that you do not have to look for answers to the question “How to tighten the skin?” After all, with every year of life, it becomes more difficult to answer it.



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