Six best and quickest methods how to get rid of a wart

 a wartWarts may appear and stay on the skin for a very and very long time, they may stay for months and in some cases even years. Although they are not at all dangerous for our health their appearance can bring great inconvenience. For example a wart on our hands makes writing not comfortable, wart on the feet stops us from enjoying sports.

Well if brown nasty pimples have covered the open parts of our body or even a face in this case it is a challenge to stay calm and avoid serious psychological discomfort. Furthermore warts help immune reactivity. Removing warts is an affordable and simple procedure that can be performed at home or in clinics and will restore health and beauty of the skin. Modern methods of diagnostics of wart formations as well as their treatment allow us to forget about the discomfort that is associated with warts. Nowadays everyone can afford such procedures.


The first method: Home remedy with salt

SaltThis folk medicine method is suitable for those who are always searching for natural methods getting rid of the warts on the hands. We will need the whole bag of simple salt. We need to put our hand inside the bag and for 5 minutes rub the hand with the salt. After this treatment hands should not be washed. This remedy should be repeated twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Eventually you will start noticing that after such scrubbing the top layer of the skin is destroying and together with it we are getting rid of wart. Hands are usually reacting very well to this remedy.

Usually we need to know how quickly we can achieve the desired result. Result when we use homemade remedy with salt depends on the size and deepness of the area affected by the virus. If desired result is not achieved we can always try some more radical methods.

Salt, plum and vinegar compress:

  • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of the salt in the half glass of warm water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and pulp of one plum.
  • Plum should stay in the salty water with vinegar for around two hours.
  • Take the plum pulp out of the liquid and implement it on the spot.
  • The plum pulp should be fixated with the textile or gauze.
  • Leave it on the spot (usually hand) for the night.

In order to see the results of this home remedy it should be repeated every day. This method is old and used for centuries all over the planet Earth.

Warning: Before implementing salt on the hands check that you do not have any scratches, burns or open wounds. Salt will cause huge irritation and pain if you will implement it on the open wound.


The second method: Electrocoagulation

ElectrocoagulationElectrocoagulation method in the warts curing is cauterization neoplasms with high frequency current. Those who are afraid of pain should still consider this method as it is performed under the local antiseptic. This method not only helps to get rid of the aesthetic defect on the skin but also kill the virus which is the cause of the problem. With electrocoagulation problem is removed quickly and most effectively. But, despite the high effectiveness of this method it is used rarely because after the cauterization on the skin may remain a scar.

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Electrocoagulation procedure:

  • The procedure of electrocoagulation always takes place under local anesthesia.
  • The skin is pre-treated with antiseptic.
  • Loop coagulator is applied to the wart and electric current is applied locally.
  • There is happening a thermal damage of warts tissues which leads to the death of the damaged skin cells.
  • Due to the high temperature (800 C) cauterization is also happening to blood vessels, so there is no bleeding.
  • After the procedure you will be left with the firm crust.
  • Beneath this crust is happening a process of tissue healing and then this crust disappears.

The treatment is happening with the usage of high voltage. It is not dangerous because it is always performed by professionals and after consultation with the specialist. The main purpose of electrocoagulation is to close the access of papilloma virus (the cause of our problem) to healthy skin tissues.

Benefits of electrocoagulation:

  • Rapid implementation.
  • No pain.
  • No bleeding.
  • A short recovery period.
  • Low cost.
  • Prevention of recurrences.

The method is basically the process of heating of the infected skin area to the high temperature, which leads to tissue destruction and natural burning of the virus.

Warning: At the time of coagulation procedure it is absolutely necessary to remove all metal jewelry, otherwise it can cause burns due to electrical effects on the body.


The third method: Cryotherapy

CryotherapyCryotherapy method becomes every day more and more popular. The reason is that this method is painless and most gentle in comparison to surgical removal and more efficient with respect to other methods. Beneficial characteristics of liquid nitrogen or as it is called artificial cold is used and known for a long time. Since ancient times simple ice was used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. And nowadays we use some special sprays with liquid nitrogen. The main idea of using cold is that the blood vessels are narrowed by the action of low temperatures and this leads to a decrease in metabolism and slower flow.

Liquid nitrogen implementation:

  • Nitrogen is cooled to a very low temperature.
  • The incredible benefit of this method is that patient during the procedure does not feel any pain or any inconvenient feelings. The reason for that are painkillers applied on the problematic area.
  • The spot will become white after the procedure.
  • On the spot where you used to have a wart appears blister.
  • The blister will transform into the dry crust and disappear in 7-10 days leaving no scar on the skin.
  • The actual problem with this method is that it is impossible to determine how strong will be reaction of skin to the cold. Little impact will mean that we need to repeat the procedure (at least one more time) and very deep will form a scar on the skin.
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Cryotherapy is today available in every city and every country all over the world if you want to get rid of warts. This procedure is killing the infected skin cells. Often the entire process of cryotherapy takes not more than 15 minutes and is painless. Very rarely patients are experiencing slight unpleasant feeling or pain. This method is even used for small children. When removing warts with this method on the face or on the skin of young children liquid nitrogen can be sprayed and applied to the problem area of the skin using a cotton swab.

However, those who decided to use this method should not only know how much such procedure will cost but also find a clinic where it is possible to remove a wart with the help of an experienced professional. After all, the correct implementation of all actions depends on how quickly the problem will disappear. Sometimes the high price or other factors stop you from choosing this method. In such case you should check with your doctor whether you can use some other methods for your case.

Warning: Cryotherapy is often not recommended for kids because for them this procedure might seem quite painful. In addition during the whole process of procedure (around 15 minutes) patient should sit or lie still and this is very difficult for kids.


The fourth method: Laser removal

Laser removalThis procedure sounds familiar but is a bit scary for some people who do not know how it is happening. It is known as quite efficient and painless treatments. Typically in any clinic you can learn the detailed information about the types and cases of warts which can be removed by laser. The cost of removal can wary depending on the politics of each particular clinic. Those who are not worrying about price should consider laser removal as there are no contraindications and absolutely no significant side effects occurring during or after this procedure.

Laser removal procedure:

  • The best thing is that the laser only acts on the area of infection.
  • The approximate length of the procedure is only few minutes.
  • The result of laser removal is basically a burn.
  • In place of the removed wart is a small deep line which rapidly grows back.
  • Cauterization is performed very quickly and after the procedure the skin condition is normalized after a month.
  • Laser wart removal is carried out even for kids.

After such laser removal procedure you can get a small blister on the skin which will become a small wound later. But that wound will heal and you will not even have any scar afterwards. The specialist carrying out the procedure will explain how the wound treatment is carried out in order to avoid reoccurring in the future. If the laser removal caused a swollen finger or other body part such swelling will disappear completely after a few hours.

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Warning: The use of laser is not recommended for implementation on the face as it can cause scarring in the place of radiation.


The fifth method: Surgical resection

doctorWart removal by surgery is recommended if they are spread over a larger area. The procedure is carried out only in the hospital or clinics and by very experienced professionals. Before the procedure you should obligatory visit the dermatologist in order to distinguish if it is possible to solve your particular problem with the help of surgical resection.

Surgical excision procedure

  • The actual procedure means the excision with the scalpel along with the local anesthesia.
  • After the procedure the place of excision is sewed with stiches.
  • You will receive from the doctor recommendations and instructions how to look after stitches.
  • Stiches are removed after about a week.
  • Usually you do not need to visit clinics again if the procedure went well and there is no complains.

Surgical resection is rarely performed. Mostly surgical resection is implemented in case of deep plantar warts. Unfortunately after surgical intervention almost always remains quite a visible scar. Sometimes surgery is performed by a radio wave surgery.

Warning: After the implementation of this method exists is the risk of new warts reappearing at the same place or nearby. This can happen in case during the cut the body of the virus is not completely removed or there happened contact of healthy tissues with virus.


The sixth method: Creams from pharmacy

CreamsToday you can find a huge diversity of creams against warts in the pharmacy. The main idea of the cream is to kill the virus which is causing the problem. Any creams against warts should be applied directly on the wart several times a day. All details and recommendations are always written in the instruction. You should not decide upon using this or that cream on your own. Always visit dermatologist and listen to his recommendations.  Action of the cream is not as tough as action of caustic liquid agents. After treatment your wart with cream (from two weeks to one and a half or two months) you will have marks left on the skin. Some creams can be even used to get rid of warts on the face.

Removal of plantar warts (the most hard-to-exposed) using pharmacy creams will take happen more quickly and effectively if they are previously steamed in a warm bath.

Warning: Please carefully read the instruction before implementing the cream on the skin.



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