How to grow your hair faster: different ways of getting gorgeous hair

long hairHair is one of the most noticeable parts of our head and face. It also plays role in making up an opinion about you: its color, condition, neatness and length can tell about you more than you can imagine. That’s why a lot of women use wigs and hair extensions to change up their looks every so often. 

Many people (especially women) dreamed about changing their hairstyle. Individuals who want to change their hairstyle may visit their local hair salon. Length of the hair can turn you to a different person. That’s why the problem of hair growth is a burning issue. A natural speed of hair growth is about 1-1,5 centimeters per month.

Not so many people have enough patience, especially if they didn’t want to lose their hair’s usual length. We mean illnesses, unsuccessful haircuts and other common circumstances. Our hair in modern conditions (we mean not clean air, sedentary life, drinking alcohol, and smoking) can suffer many problems.

Hair problem and the methods of making its growth faster have appeared in ancient times. In many cultures, for example, long and well-groomed hair told, that a person is rich and influential, so he or she would be a good spouse in future. To cut a long story short, even nowadays many people want to grow their hair faster and make them beautiful. We have gathered the most useful tips and advices about hair growth.


Method number one. Medical solution.

How to grow your hair faster fotoAsking a good dermatologist of a cosmetician for help is the most reliable way of making your hair grow faster. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of procedures and medicines. A professional can make your hair grow under your very eyes. After the procedures you may be sure in the further results. However, no methods and tips have only pros.

The cons are obvious:

  • The service of cosmeticians and dermatologists may be rather expensive, especially if a skilled professional gets down to business.
  • Cheap services usually mean their very poor quality, so sometimes there is no reason to save money.
  • Depending on your problems and wishes the procedures may take a lot of time, which is not comfortable for busy people.

Anyway, remember to ask a professional about treatments they provide and licenses.


Method number two. Professional medicine.

How to grow your hair faster fotoNowadays there are a lot of remedies, medicines and cosmetics of different power and effects that will make your hair grow faster. You may find them in every drugstore or supermarket.

We advise you to read the contents carefully: the majority of such medicines or cosmetics may contain parpabens or other chemicals that may harm your skin.

You will also have to follow the instructions; otherwise you may harm your skin or hair. It is always better to consult a doctor before buying and applying any medicine or cosmetic substance. This method is not good for those who want to save their money: the most effective and fast remedies usually are very expensive.

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Method number three. Massage.

It is a rather good method for several reasons. You can go to the massage parlour or massage your head by yourself. A good massage will stimulate your skin’s bloodstream make your hair grow faster. However, here are some unpleasant moments: a professional massage requires big money, massaging must be regular (not so many people can follow this regularity), some safety rules must be followed, and massage stimulates not only hair growth, but excretion of sebum, so you will have to wash your head more frequently.

Here are some trusted head massage techniques that may stimulate your hair to grow.

  1. How to grow your hair faster fotoBegin the massage with the slight rubbing of your forehead and temples with round moves. Then begun stroking your hair-coat. You have to stroke the whole head downward in the direction of hair growth. During the procedure fingers have to be pressed tightly to the skin, but they must not press it too strongly. After stroking other massaging movements can be given go-ahead: round rubbing, pressings, nips and slaps. When you perform the movements, do not apply excessive force, all movements have to be palpable, but slight. You have to finish the massage in the same way that you have begun it: with slight rubbing of your forehead and temples. This action must take you about ten minutes.
  2. Tilt your head down and begun to rub the back part of your neck, where hair begins to grow. Little by little you have to move through the whole head. This variant of massage has to take you from five to seven minutes.
  3. The next variant of a hair growth massage is pressing. Clasp your right hand to the right side of your head and simultaneously put pressure on your hand, and on your head with your hand. Then repeat the procedure with the left hand and left side of the head. After that you have to put pressure on your forehead and back of the head. Do from seven to ten pressings for every side of the head for about ten seconds for every pressing.
  4. Another good variant of the head massage is massaging the partings of hair. Begin from the parting in the middle, rubbing the skin with slight round movements. Then make another parting one centimeter away from the first one and repeat the procedure.
  5. A good way of massage is combing. It is also a good ending of every procedure mentioned above. Keep your head tilted down and comb your hair fifty or better one hundred times. Then raise your head and comb your hair another fifty or hundred times. You can also, for example, change combing for a slight pulling of your hair. Take small locks of your hair near their base and slightly pull them for five or ten times. Process the whole head in such way. These actions must not cause pain or other unpleasant feelings.

As it was mentioned above, the main thing in the massage is its regularity. You have to perform it one hour before washing your hair. After the massage you have to feel a pleasant heat in the skin of the head. If you don’t, maybe you should increase the power of the massage for a little bit. For increasing the effectiveness of the massage you may use different natural oils (for example, castor or burdock oils), different potions, lotions, decoctions or balms.

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Method number four. Healthy nutrition.

How to grow your hair faster fotoYes, one of the most common reasons of hair problems is the wrong diet. Such vitamins and microelements as A, B, C, D, E, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and selenium are very important for your hair growth. The vitamins of B complex affect the growth of hair directly.

For fulfilling these substances you have to eat many fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, yogurt, different kinds of meat and fish (chicken, salmon, and beef), whole grains and nuts and drink fresh juices.

However, you must pick your diet wisely: you must not overeat and not avoid deficiencies of microelements. If you do not know how to make up your diet, consult a dietitian, who will pick the diet according to your age and lifestyle.


Method number five. Applying different oils.

How to grow your hair faster fotoAs we all know, essential oils of different plants can affect our body in a good way. Some of them are useful for your hair and the skin of your sculp. If you watch TV set, you might notice that nowadays any advertisement about shampoos mention different oils not without reason. Oils of mankett nut (castor oil) and burdock are considered to be the best in stimulating hair growth.

Here is a simple recipe of the hair mask made of these oils:

  • Take about three or four teaspoons of castor or burdock oils and mix them with an equal amount of coconut, almond or olive oil. It is needed to dissolve them and make them less viscid.
  • Rub the oil into the skin of your head and leave it for about forty or fifty minutes.
  • Then wash your hair with shampoo.


Method number six. A simple egg mask.

How to grow your hair faster fotoEggs are rich in proteins and different microelements mentioned above, so they are widely used to stimulate the hair growth. Here we will post simple instructions about hair masks containing eggs and essential oils. They are easy-to-do and you can apply them whenever you want.

The first recipe: whisk one egg; add four tablespoons of grapeseed oil and some lavender oil. Rub this mixture into your hair and head and leave in for about half an hour. Wash it off when the time comes.

The second one: whisk an egg, add one cup of milk, juice from a half of lemon and about two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Then apply it for twenty five minutes and wash your hair with shampoo.

The third one is very similar to previous recipe. Just change an egg for two egg yolks and exclude milk. The time of applying is also twenty five minutes.


Method number seven. Herbs.

How to grow your hair faster fotoHerbs, just like essential oils, are believed to support our beauty. From ancient times they were used for different purposes. Hair growth was not an exception. Such herbs and plants as catnip, rosemary, horsetail, nettle and sage stimulate hair growth by affecting the hair follicles and hairs. If problems with your hair are caused by different skin disorders, they can also be solved with herbs, thanks for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

There are several different ways to use them: you can make infusions by boiling herbs in water for about thirty minutes and using them like conditioners; you can add the infusions to your cosmetics and shampoos; you can simply drink infusions making herbal tea. Remember that you may have an allergy to some herbs, so it is necessary to consult a professional if you are not sure about it.

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Method number eight. Avoid stresses.

Everybody has heard about a myth that your hair can turn grey if you are scared of something very much. This myth is not without truth. Stresses harm our organism and it tries to recover at the cost of losing its beauty, for example, hair. The cycle of hair growth is usually broken, the hormones lead the hairs to face the telogen (so called fall-out phase). If you want to avoid stresses, you can practice yoga, meditations, breath exercises and other techniques. Some individuals Buy Magic Mushrooms Online and incorporate into their routines to further alleviate stress and uplift mood. Don’t forget about sleep pattern, as it is one of the most strong brick in our wall of protection.


Method number nine. Vitamins.

How to grow your hair faster fotoThere are lots of food additives in the stores containing different vitamins and minerals, which are needed for the proper hair growth. It is the best variant for those who cannot change their diet.

However, there are some statements we want you to remember:

  • Choose only trusted trademarks. It is better to consult a professional before buying and using any medicines and food additives.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. The improper consumption of such additives may cause different problems.
  • Be insured that a chosen additive has no harmful aftereffects for you.


Method number ten. Get rid of disorders that may disrupt your hair growth.

Usually the failure of hair growth and problems with hair in general are the symptoms of other diseases. Infections, chronic illnesses or hormonal disorders often affect your hair. In this case nothing from mentioned above will help you to solve your problem if you will not pass the tests beforehand. If you were trying other techniques and noticed no results, it is a good reason to visit a doctor.


Method number eleven. Time is the best remedy.

How to grow your hair faster fotoFor some reasons our hair can grow very slowly. It can be closely associated with your genetics, seasons, weather etc. We mean that sometimes there are problems that cannot be solved in a simple way and they do not depend on our tries at all.

However, it does not mean that we advice you stop trying. For example, massage or regular washing your hair with infusions is good for hair in general. So the main thing is to keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy. We are sure that these actions will be at least not harmful.

Here are the most trusted and easy-to-do remedies of making your hair grow faster. We are sure that one or some of them will do well for you. Keep your hair treated and tidy and you will see positive results very soon.




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