How to get rid of bruises?

how to get rid of bruises fotoFrom time to time everyone of us bumps into something or someone hits us. This is when a bruise occurs. A lot of people are interested in the methods of getting rid of bruises as quickly as possible especially during a summer period when a lot of us prefer to wear short clothes that attract attention to our beautiful bodies.

A bruise can turn out to be an unwanted defect that will frustrate a lot of our plans. So how to make bruises disappear? Let’s find out what happens inside our body when a bruise appears and discuss the ways of getting rid of these unpleasant spots on our skin.


Method 1. Apply cold

how to get rid of bruises fotoOnce you were hit or traumatized, apply cold to the place where a bruise can appear. This can be an ice cube wrapped into some tissue or any cold thing that you will find in your freezer. This action will not let blood go out of vessels. The procedure should last for about 10-15 minutes.

Be careful! Do not apply ice or snow directly to your skin. You may get frostbitten during these 10-15 minutes.


Method 2. Apply warmth

Once traumatic swelling starts diminishing, it is time to apply something warm to the place where your bruise has appeared. This will activate blood circulation and white blood cells inflow.

Be careful! In case a bump is right under the eye, it is prohibited to put warm things on the place of the bruise due to the fact that it can lead to hypostasis.


Method 3. Consume vitamins

Another way to get rid of a bruise more quickly is to help a regenerative process. The best vitamins for these are the ones of C and K groups.

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Do not forget! Fruit of red color will also speed up the process of healing.


Method 4. Use creams and ointments

how to get rid of bruises fotoThe majority of people prefer buying creams and ointments when they want to get rid of bruises. Pharmaceutics will help you choose the ones that are suitable for your case.

Be careful! Do not forget to read the instruction before you start applying the concrete medicine. Different medical drugs require different frequency of application.

How to get rid of bruises: Try natural ingredients

How to forget about bruises using natural ingredients? Here are some recommendations:


Method 5. Olive oil

One of the natural ingredients that will help you forget about bruises is olive oil. It can be also substituted with castor or coconut oil. Gently rub the oil in the skin, this will make swelling smaller.


Method 6. Parsley

Parsley is another gift of nature in the process of bruises healing. Fresh parsley is squeezed and crushed, after that it is applied to the bruise. Do not forget to fasten an elastic bandage to the very place where you applied the herb. You can also try radish gruel.


Method 7. Arnica

how to get rid of bruises fotoArnica is another medical drug that is often used when healing bruises. An ordinary norm of it is one dose per every four hours. Usually it is recommended to consume up to four doses on the first day and then diminish the dosage. Arnica is usually sold as pills, ointments, gels or balms.

How to get rid of bruises: Choose some folk methods

Earlier, when medicine was not as developed as it is today, our ancestors used plenty of different methods to cure diseases. And of course there are different methods to get rid of bruises as well. We want to share some of them with you:


Method 8. Marigold compress

A great method to forget about a hematoma on your legs is marigold infusion. It is applied to the area with the bruise and 1 centimeter beyond the trauma.

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Method 9. Farfara or burdock compress

There are some good compresses that are also very useful once you bumped into something and a bruise is inevitable: roll and crush the leaves of farfara or burdock, then apply to the place of trauma. If you want, you can damp some cotton in the herb tea of these vulnerary plants and then stupe the compress to the injured place.


Method 10. Vodka compress

To make a compress with vodka you will need to moisten a gauze fabric in vodka and apply it to the part of your body that you have traumatized. Then do not forget to wrap the area with polyethylene. This sort of a compress is usually used during the night.


Method 11. Onion and sodium chloride compress

how to get rid of bruises fotoMake gruel from onion and add sodium chloride. This will speed up the process of healing.

Why is it a good idea to add salt? Salt is a good abluent, it helps eliminate dead cells from the skin and provides hematoma resolution. Such a compress is applied 2-3 times a day during 5-8 days.

Be careful! It is better not to stupe a compress on your face due to the fact that the smell can cause sense of discomfort.

Method 12. Beetroot and honey compress

Other popular compresses can be made of beetroot and honey.

Scientists claim that honey is a bactericidal agent and it helps bruises resolution. Add 1 table spoon of honey to beet juice. Apply this mixture to the hurt place and fasten it with bandage or gauze. The terms of application of this compress are as follows: apply every day during 2 or three hours.


Method 13. Wormwood compress

how to get rid of bruises fotoThe next compress can be made of wormwood. This is a universal compress as it suits both for application on your face and body. In order to make it cut the plant into small pieces and apply to the injured place with the help of a bandage.

Do not forget! The given compress can dry out very quickly so there are two ways for you to take all advantage of it: either change it quite often or moisten the rag from time to time. Do not let the bandage become dry. If you want to enhance the effect, add some honey.

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Method 14. Wrap with vinegar and iodine

Add two or three tea spoons of salt into half a liter of apple vinegar and put the mixture in some vessel or tableware, then deepen it into a pan with hot water. At the end one should add four or five drops of iodine so that the compress can be finished. Apply it during 10-15 minutes and then take it off.


Method 15. Home-made onion ointment

how to get rid of bruises fotoIf you do not want to buy ointments and balms in drugstores but you anyway intend to get rid of bruises, try to make an ointment yourself in home conditions. To do this take an onion and add 100 ml of oil.

Take a plate or some vessel and make sure that oil covers the onion. Heat the oil slowly. Once the onion becomes black, cool it, crush and squeeze into vegetable oil. Then add 100 grams of melted wax and a table spoon of rubbed household soap. Mix all this, cool it and put to the fridge until it freezes. Apply two or three times a day.

Do not forget! Keep the mixture in the fridge.

We hope that all these recommendations will help you easily get rid of bruises and will let you look beautiful every day.




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