How to get rid of warts on hands quickly and effectively.

warts on handsProbably each person, not depending on the age or social status, has at least once faced the problems with warts and didn’t know how to get rid of warts on hands. Indeed everyone can be infected with so unpleasant disease with bumpy skin manifestations. It is believed that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus.

At the same time having got to the tissues of the human body, this insidious virus is able to start its active development only under the influence of certain precipitating factors.

Most often, such provocative virus aggression factors include:

  1. The sharp weakening of the immune system.
  2. Some stressful situations.
  3. Long and too close direct contact with an infected person.
  4. Lack of hygiene with the use of previously infected (human carrier of the virus) items.
  5. Visiting the swimming pool or the sauna.
  6. And even wearing too tight shoes of not high quality.

We say that warts are usually some unpleasant skin growths that are completely different in appearance. Additionally, the disease is characterized by the fact that the described growths can be quite literally formed on any part of the human body. Warts are often found on the face, both legs and hands, sometimes on the head, and quite often on the genitals by the representatives of different sexes. This article concentrates on how to get rid of warts on hands.

But what is it? So, wart is mostly a benign neoplasm on the skin. As we have noted, it is often having a viral etiology, presented in the form of nodules or small dermal papilla. We must understand that warts are caused by various types of human papillomavirus.


Ways of transmission of the virus

What are the ways of transmission of the virus which causes the appearance of warts:

  1. Through the direct contact with a sick person,
  2. Through any personal hygiene items, which a sick person had previously used.

Important: factors which can be predisposing to the development of disease may be: psychological trauma, reduced immunological activity, the vegetative neurosis and in addition an excessive sweating of the skin on the hands.


What kinds of warts do the doctors distinguish?


What kinds of warts do the doctors distinguish:

  1. common warts,
  2. flat warts,
  3. plantar or senile warts
  4. genital warts.

Important: The incubation period of warts usually continues from two to five months.

Today we are going to find out which methods can be effective fighting with the common warts as this type of warts can appear on the fingers of your hands.


Size, color and shape of the common warts on hands

warts Sometimes the warts may be small, but sometimes they are also able to reach huge sizes (from a simple grain of millet to a large pea, bean, and even more). Note that from the merger of several large warts on the skin fairly large tumors may start forming. They may have the following shapes:

  1. conical shape
  2. hemispherical shape

Some of them may have a wide base. It is important to know that over some period of time, the resulting hue of warts can significantly modify. For example, the original color of the warts can be the same color of your skin but through time they can be become even black and brown.

Important: Such coloring the warts may get from the ordinary dirt, which is incredibly easy to stick and hammer into a rough surface of the warts.

Note that the ordinary, or as they are called, youthful warts may appear more often directly at the fingers on the hands or on the fingers of feet too. Rarely but also possible to see these warts placed directly on the face. You may have this type of warts for a very long time, (i.e. for weeks, months, or even years) and don’t know as they may exist without causing any discomfort.


What are the effective ways of getting rid of warts on hands?

It should be noted that sometimes the warts can disappear completely independently, without any medication or popular treatment. Modern medical science describes cases with 100% successful treatment of warts with usual hypnotic suggestion. However, this method is not for everyone. And here we will talk about more realistic methods which are available for everyone suffering from warts on hands. According to some reports sometimes such dermal growths may disappear from the inner treatment with arsenic products.

However, most often (and most importantly with the greatest success) physicians external treatment for the treatment of warts apply. In some cases, immediately after the removal of a wart other skin bumps can disappear by themselves, without any additional treatment.

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The first method: Medication drugs

medication drugsModern medicine uses a variety of preparations which aim is to help you in removing warts on hands.

There are the following drugs:

  1. Salicylic acid
  2. Ferezol,
  3. Trichloroacetic acid.

Basic medication methods of treatment of warts are believed to be an idealized treatment of various virus-induced warts that may include the use of certain antiviral medicinal drugs or even immunization of a papilloma virus.

Such treatment may include the so-called destructive chemotherapy. This is a treatment that involves the use of drugs which contain acid.

All preparations that have been already mentioned above: Ferezol, Trichloroacetic acid, Salicylic acid, 5-fluorouracil may be used both in the form of various ointments and appliques in the form of creams. Such treatment may include an external use of retinoic acid, which ultimately leads to the disappearance of unpleasant warts.

Important: These drugs may easily be purchased at any pharmacy. Naturally, you should understand that it is very important to use any type of these drugs following the instructions.

The second method: Immunotherapy

 immunotherapyIn some cases, doctors recommend the use of injections of antigens of such microorganisms as candida or trichophytin USP. Most modern therapeutic options like the use of low molecular weight derivatives such as the substances, which are potent inducers of cytokines (in particular, an inducer of such substance as interferon) can cope with the problem of warts on hands.

Important: Strong immunity helps you to fight the virus which may cause the appearance of warts which are only an external manifestation of your health problems.

The third method: The main surgical methods of treatment of warts

surgicalRemoving warts with nitrogen is considered to be quick and effective. Modern physicians recommend to get rid of ordinary, senile, peaked or flat warts with the help of completely destroying them using liquid nitrogen freezing.

Sometimes with the same purpose you may use:

  1. chlorine ethane,
  2. di-methyl ether,
  3. a mixture of di-methyl ether.

Some doctors use propane or “dry ice” for the destruction of the warts. Some practitioners recommend to get rid of warts using full electrocoagulation, galvanic current, or D’Arsonval current.

But it is important to emphasize that multiple warts are recommended to treat in complex – while applying some medication and surgical techniques that remove warts themselves, and methods of using those or other drugs (antiviral, immune-boosting, etc.).

According to the latest data of national statistics, most reliable and most effective ways to treat warts can be considered certain medical technique involves the complete removal of existing growths.

It can be:

  1. Full laser – when removing warts occur with the help of modern laser equipment.
  2. The so-called cryodestruction – when the burning of a build-up is carried out with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Electrocoagulation – a technique in which the removal of warts is done using the powerful current of the discharge directed strictly to the affected tissue.

Techniques for high-grade surgical intervention are a full and unconditional excision of existing warts.

It is important to note that virtually all of these methods of removing skin growths, which are carried out using the most modern medical equipment, can have a number of distinct advantages.

Among these advantages:

  1. virtually complete painless,
  2. bloodless and quick,
  3. safety of healthy tissues that surround these warts.

Also undoubted advantage of such methods is the absence of unpleasant scars after surgical action, the subsequent rapid healing, and strictly mandatory study (of course the nature of histologic) remote buildup.

Important: In addition to medical facilities often after initial removal of warts powerful immunotherapy can be used. It is directed at strengthening of the immune system (strengthening of protective functions of the human body). This, among other things, prevents the re-emergence of old skin growths.

Today there are many different techniques and folk recipes that can quickly and easily solve the problem of skin growths as warts. Not less frequently in patients questions arise as to how to derive wart growths using easier and less expensive folk remedies and techniques.


The fourth method: Herbal remedies

Herbal remediesDelphinium, as a means of getting rid of warts
If you prefer more natural ways of treating warts, then the folk medicine will suit you as they are based on natural products which are always at hand.

So, let’s look at the popular methods that had been tested not medically but have a lot of positive reviews of real people who had the same problems and managed to get rid of warts on hands using the following methods. Check if they work for you!

This plant, the delphinium is also considered to be a folk remedy against warts. In this case the plant should be grinded into the powder, which further will be rubbed on the skin into the affected area. This procedure is performed each day until the wart disappears.

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To get rid of the unpleasant growths on the skin in the form of warts you should try the methods offered by the folk medicine.

These substances include:

  1. juice of celandine
  2. juice of the spring buttercup,
  3. grass of hairy spurge.

Juice of celandine is excellent help from warts. Especially useful is the juice from the root, wherein orange. Immediately it is necessary to lubricate the affected area of the body with the juice both morning and evening.

Sometimes to get rid of warts traditional healers can use:

  1. lance-leaved thistle,
  2. onion,
  3. duckweed small,
  4. herbs of wormwood,
  5. the seeds of blue cornflower

If you haven’t found the mentioned herbs then you can look for the recipes using the fruit of mountain ash with arborvitae leaf (usually western), with essential oils in particular with the use of linseed and tea tree oil.

Here we offer you the recipe made on the basis of the tea tree oil.

Recipe number 1: Tea tree oil medicationTea tree oil

  1. Take table salt and tea tree oil
  2. Dissolve these ingredients in warm water: five liters of water – two drops of oil and a teaspoon of salt.

Every day before going to bed, do baths for hands for ten or fifteen minutes. The recommended duration of the procedure is from five to ten days.

Important: Apply a few drops of oil on the wart in the morning and in the evening. Keep up to their complete disappearance.

Recipe number 2: Castor oil for treating warts

  1. Rub the castor oil into the wart so that it permeates the skin lesions to the base.
  2. You can optionally apply a bandage.
  3. Dissolve baking soda in castor oil to the consistency of thick gruel.

Important: This mixture should be applied to the wart on a daily basis to be effective.

VinegarRecipe number 3: folk remedies on the basis of Vinegar

Getting rid of warts with the help of vinegar is possible due to its cauterizing action.

  1. Mix two tablespoons of onion juice with one tablespoon of vinegar.
  2. Pour into a small enamel bowl,
  3. Cover and put on low heat for ten minutes.
  4. Cool it

Use this remedy twice a day.

Important: Use these recipes carefully not to provoke a burn of the surrounding healthy tissues. Protect the skin using some fat cream, zinc ointment or petroleum jelly.

There are some other recipes using Vinegar:

  1. Dilute one part of fine salt to four parts of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Treat the wart and tie a bandage.
  3. You can also prepare dough using vinegar and wheat flour.
  4. Hold your wart in hot water with baking soda.
  5. Then cut off the chapped skin of its surface.
  6. Put a piece of acetic test defect, after hiding the surrounding skin.
  7. Cover with foil and seal the plaster.

Every day change the compress, cutting off the softened surface of the warts every time. When the root goes away and at its place you can see a hole, watch its safe healing.

Important: Drip an acetic acid onto the wart before the bedtime every day.

Onion peelRecipe number 4: Onion

The best effective remedy for long and large warts is raw onion, soaked in vinegar.

  1. Choose a raw onion
  2. Soak it in vinegar
  3. Tie it to a defect in the night
  4. After a few days the wart will come out together with the roots.

Pre-cooked mush from the most ordinary onions which are available in every house will be a good solution to the problem of warts on hands. You can also cook a special ointment to apply directly to the wart. For the preparation of this onion ointment one teaspoon of freshly onion juice should be taken, where the May honey should be added – in the amount of half a teaspoon. When using this medication, it is desirable to apply it the skin around the existing wart pre-treated with Vaseline in order to avoid burns to healthy tissue.

Important: You can use these folk remedies for warts on hands and feet. Application of vinegar to treat defects on the face, neck or chest is not recommended.

The fifth method: Garlic in the treatment of warts

Garlic has long established itself in the treatment of many diseases of viral origin. It has antibacterial, antiviral and cauterizing action. Therefore, garlic fights against warts effectively.

There are some remedies for treating warts on the basis of garlic:

Recipe 1:

  1. Crush the garlic clove
  2. Apply it to the wart.
  3. Fasten plaster.

Garlic mush should be changed twice a day.

Recipe 2:

  1. Mix the crushed garlic with butter or lard.
  2. Apply gruel on the wart
  3. Secure it with plaster.

Recipe 3:

  1. Rub a clove of crushed garlic with a teaspoon of vinegar.
  2. Add the flour to the dough-like consistency.
  3. Attach a piece of “medicine” to the wart by covering healthy skin around the plaster.
  4. The dough should be also fixed with a plaster.
  5. Remove it in three days.
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Typically, the wart goes away with the dough after the first procedure

Recipe 4:

Specially prepared garlic cream or rubbing the wart with the clove of garlic. To prepare a garlic ointment it is recommended to take:

  1. maximum a few cloves of garlic (to get one teaspoon of the mixture),
  2. add it to pre-melted lard (five is about one teaspoon).
  3. In the stirred mixture you should add vinegar (at least four teaspoons).
  4. The resulting garlic ointment should be applied to warts on the night.


Important: You should follow the instruction because folk remedies don’t mean an unserious attitude to the methods as any wrong applying may also cause harm instead of benefit.

However, we cannot say that before the application of a national prescription sick (everybody without exception), it isn’t recommended to consult a doctor. It is necessary to subsequently avoid even the slightest negative reactions after such an independent national treatment.

Warts are a skin disease. They resemble small formations similar to the tumor. Basically, they are benign. It is easy to become infected anywhere, but for their appearance you should have the reduced immunity, while there is the integrity of the skin. In other words, if a person has any wound, a weak immune system and the presence of the virus, there is a possibility that in the future at this point there wart.

Many people who are faced with this problem, often think about how to get rid of warts on the hands, face, legs at home. In reality, there are many wide variety of options, each of which will successfully help you to get rid of this skin disease.


The sixth method: Potatoes

Compress of grated potatoesIf you don’t know how to get rid of warts on hands easily, then this method will seem to you the simplest one as you will need ordinary potatoes which are at every house. So, what should you do with them?

  1. First of all, take one peeled raw potato,
  2. Rub it on a grater.
  3. In order to most effectively to deal with this skin disease, it is necessary to use the top layer of potatoes.
  4. The resulting mass is applied to a specific material capable of retain moisture, for example, compressor paper or plastic film.

Important: You should apply this mass on a daily basis until you see a result. Don’t miss a day as it can be not effective in this case.

The seventh method: Silk thread for getting rid of warts on hands.

Silk threadYes, everything is correct, the most ordinary silk thread by means of which it is necessary to tighten the existing warts at the root.

How to get rid of warts using silk thread:

  1. It is desirable to have an assistant in this procedure.
  2. Find a bundle on the thread,
  3. Pull the wart away from the skin,
  4. Tighten the knot which fits tightly.

Important: Through this approach, the blood ceases to flow to the warts, which is why they will begin to dry up. After some time, they simply disappear.

The eighth method: Using bandage

warts on handSome people manage to get rid of warts successfully by using a very easy and simple method of using the usual bandage. How does it work?

It will be effective of you follow the rules:

  1. You just need to tightly wrap each wart,
  2. Removing the bandage is allowed only when it is dirty and changing it again is necessary till you see the result.
  3. The warts should be under the bandage 24 hours a day.
  4. Be patient! In this procedure, the warts begin to disappear no sooner than 3-4 weeks.
  5. For best results, before applying the bandage, it is recommended to lubricate the wart with the homemade ointment.
  6. A small amount of baking soda mix with few drops of castor oil to form a thick mixture.

Important: The bandage should be changed more often because you need to handle warts at least twice per day.

As warts on hands and other parts of body is a very common problem, there is a great number of methods in the modern world how to get rid of warts on hands. Hope this article was useful for you and will choose the method you consider to be the most suitable in your case. Remember that it is always better to prevent some problem than to treat it. That’s why you should take care of your health and have good immunity not to get virus which causes the appearance of warts.



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