What if acne never exists? How to prevent acne and do not worry in future

How to prevent acneA smooth and clean skin has not been an indicator of beauty and the indicator of health. The lack of vitamins, microelements, excess of toxins and every change in our organism are always reflected on our skin at first. Usually this reflection turns into acne and pimples.

What do you have to do to prevent or minimize this unpleasant disorder? Usually acne affects teenagers during puberty, women before their periods, and people with tender skin.

Sometimes acne accompanies some disorders of digestion or endocrine systems. Actually, acne has many origins. Here we will tell you about them and how to prevent these black spots. We can divide the origins and reasons for acne appearing into two main parts for convenience: inner and outer reasons. Inner reasons include harmonic and other disorders and presence of toxins in your organism. Outer reasons often mean dirty or damaged skin.

According to statistics, about 70% of acne cases are consequences of problems and disorders inside your body. If you care about your health and your skin and do not want to have acne at all, it is wise to visit your dermatologist. A good specialist knows how to prevent further acne and can help you find out any problem in your organism that can lead to acne. So, the first simple rule about preventing acne is to pass medical tests at least once a year.

Nowadays modern medicine can discover almost every disorder in your organism at an early stage. Admit that it is very difficult to find out a harmonic disorder without assistance. However, we can give you some good advice about getting your organism healthy and prevent acne.


Method number one: Diet

A healthy organism is a full up organism. We mean that you have to supply your organism with all necessary vitamins, microelements and other substances every day.

Here is a list of healthy substances for the beauty of your skin:

  • How to prevent acne fotoSelenium. This microelement is an antioxidant, it takes heavy metals out of your organism, protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and skin cancer. Wheat, tuna, mushrooms, green onions and spirulina contain much selenium.
  • Vitamin C takes part in collagen production, in other words, it helps our skin to stay young. Lack of this vitamin leads to peeling of the skin and chaps on it. In order to satisfy your needs in vitamin C you have to eat many fresh fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, oranges, lemons, kiwi, coconuts, pineapples etc.
  • Vitamin A is responsible for skin regeneration. It fights acne and acne scars directly. This vitamin is contained in fowl, carrots, oysters, sunflower seeds and melons. Remember to consume these meals with some oils for better vitamin A consumption as it purely dissolves in water.
  • Zinc is another microelement that is necessary for people suffering from acne. It controls work of sebiferous glands and amount of sebum in our skin. Different cereals, nuts and seeds are rich for zinc, so don’t forget to include them to your meals.
  • Fatty acids are important for skin renovation, as they take part in cell membranes building. Our organism cannot produce them itself, so be sure that you eat enough salmon, tuna, nuts, soya beans and sesame.
  • Vitamin E, like Vitamin C, helps our skin to stay young. It also saves water in skin cells, protects skin from harmful influence of sun rays, and stimulates skin cells renewal. It is called a vitamin of beauty not without reason. Be sure to eat many nuts, sesame, vegetables, cereals, vegetable oil if you do not want your skin to be red, peeled and old.

These are the most useful substances for our skin, but we cannot forget about products and substances that harm our skin. The bitterest enemies of our skin are refinements. They contain too many unsaturated fats, which disturb blood supply and metabolism in our skin. So, avoid any snacks and try to consume fried meat as little as possible. Try to give up frequent drinking of alcohol and soda, as they also bring imbalance to our metabolism and make our skin looking older. Try not to abuse sweets; they are reason of collagen production malfunction.

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Remember, excessive consuming of some vitamins (especially B6 and B12) can produce acne as well as their lack. That’s why you have to eat or take any dietary supplements intelligently. Don’t forget about water. You have to drink at least 7 glasses of pure water a day, as it helps you to get rid of toxins and purify your digestion system.

Warning: Please consult your dietitian before performing any kind of diets. They may be dangerous as somehow you cut off some nutrients for your organism. Do not try to build your own diet without consulting a professional. Please be sure that you do not have any disorders that do not allow you performing diets at all.


Method number two: Sports

1As soon as you turn your diet to normal, think about some physical exercise or sports. Yes, minimum 45 minutes of daily exercises can help you to prevent acne and gain much health. A sedentary life-style promotes accumulation of fats and toxins in your organism. As you already know, they are a reason of acne appearing and metabolism disharmonies.

So, try to run or do some shaping. Remember, sweating is another way to get rid from excessive toxins and fats. Don’t forget to take a shower after trainings, because sweat can stop up your pores turning going in for sports to another way to catch acne.

Warning: Do any exercises carefully. It is better to consult a professional before starting going if for sports. Check if you do not have any illnesses that may cause problems in addition with hard physical activity.


Method number three: Avoid stresses

First and foremost, stresses mean a great imbalance in our harmonic system. The reaction of our skin to stresses varies from person to person. It may take acne some time to appear or it can happen immediately. There are a lot of calming practices, for example, yoga. Let’s don’t forget about sufficient sleep (from 6 to 8 hours).

Warning: We do not advice you to take any anti-stress medicines without consulting your doctor. They may be dangerous for you if taken improperly.


Method number four: Keep you immune system working for 100%

How to prevent acne fotoSupport your immune system with physical exercises, healthy meals and medicine (if necessary). Normally there a lot of bacteria on the skin, but our immune system successfully suppresses them. However, a weak immunity cannot kill all bacteria properly, so they begin to multiply on your skin and to cause acne.

Warning: Please consult your doctor to know about the methods of immune system maintenance that can do better for you.

Undoubtedly, taking care of your skin is the best way to prevent acne. Here we have collected some useful tips about skin and probable acne origins. Follow them and your skin will always be smooth, shiny, pure and beautiful.


Method number five: Proper cosmetics

Exclude all cosmetics, which provoke acne appearing. Such cosmetic substances contain fats, oils, alcohols, coloring and flavoring agents and preservatives. Nowadays you can find an anti-acne substitution for all your lipsticks, eye shadows and liquid make-ups. Nourishing creams are also undesirable; however it is better to consult your dermatologist concerning them.

How to prevent acne fotoIf you have a fat type of skin, do not try to get rid of greasy luster with aggressive cosmetics containing alcohols. Alcohol breaks the membranes of skin cells and provokes sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

You must newer wear cosmetics more that several hours, do not fall asleep with cosmetics on your face. It is a great option to stop up your pores. Shampoos and other cosmetics for hair are also concerned in this advice. Keep your instruments for cosmetics (brushes, sponges) clean and do not be lazy to wash them at least every two weeks.

Warning: It is necessary to use only approved and certified cosmetics. Check yourself for a probable allergy to the components.

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Method number six: Keep your face clean

How to prevent acne fotoOf course, you have to keep your face clean if you want to prevent acne. Do not try to wash your face every hour, 2 or 3 times a day will be enough. Regular soap will not do well for people with tender skin, so they have to get modern specialized cleansers. Do not rub your skin with sponges or towels. They can harm your skin, provoke sebum producing and be a reason of acne.

Try to wash your face or apply cosmetics with your hands or specialized soft sponges. If you need to get rid from old skin, use specialized or natural scrubs. You must not rub your face with towel, but tenderly press it to your skin and let the towel absorb water itself.

Warning: Clean your face tenderly and do not be aggressive to avoid cuts and injuries.


Method number seven: Do not go to sauna

Some experts advice to stop frequent visits to saunas. Steamed out skin produces more sebum.

Warning: We recommend you to ask a doctor about your special sauna regimes, if you need it.


Method number eight: Keep your face untouched

Simply do not touch your face. Teach yourself not to touch your face when it is unnecessary. It will reduce the risk to catch harmful bacteria or dirt.

Warning: Please be sure to clean you face sometimes, we do not mean you have to forget about touching your face forever.


Method number nine: Do your bed

How to prevent acne fotoChange your bedding frequently. Dead skin cells are always accumulated on your bedding, so it has to be changed at least once a week.

You can also search for anti-acne pillowcases or buy good softener in order to reduce rubbing. Pay attention to your soap powder as it can contain aggressive chemicals that can harm your skin.

Warning: Please use only approved and certified chemicals. Make yourself 100% sure that you do not have any allergies.


Method number ten: Healthy skin

Try to moisten and scrub your skin regularly. Try to use moisturizers right after using regular cosmetics and scrub your skin once a week with tender or natural scrubs.

Warning: use only approved cosmetics or pure water if you are going to follow this method.


Method number eleven: Visit a cosmetologist

Sometimes it is useful to visit a skin care shop and pass some cosmetological manipulations in order to prevent acne. A cosmetologist like the ones at a medspa in Hendersonville, TN will prescribe you a number and a kind of procedures needed depending on your skin type.

How to prevent acne fotoWarning: Please visit only those skin care shops that have license for their activity.

Summer is a season of joy, leisure and fresh fruits; however a risk to catch acne rises as temperature does. High temperatures, salt water, frequent sweating and dust provoke acne.

What you have to do? Go out only after sunset? No. Unfortunately, nobody can avoid every risk of getting acne, but when we know the origin, we can fight a consequence. Follow these advices and you will minimize your risks to get acne in summer, time when you have to show your beautiful body.


Method number twelve: Do not lie under the sun for too long

How to prevent acne fotoGetting an excessive tan is a sure way to harm your skin and make it vulnerable to acne. Sunburns are great food for harmful bacteria and microorganisms. In addition overheated skin tries to protect itself and excretes excessive amounts of sebum and skin fats. Obviously, acne can appear immediately.

Doctors recommend lying under direct sun for maximum 15 minutes every 2-3 hours and using sunblocks. When you take sunbaths or your skin is under direct sun rays, beware of excessive moisture on your skin. Water drops on your skin work like lenses, accumulating sun rays and leading to even more harmful burns.


Method number thirteen: Sunblock

Yes, it is an irreplaceable kind of cosmetics in summer, but sunblock cream can stop up your pores as good as it protects your skin from sun. If you have tender skin, think about other sunblock cosmetics, like lotions, oils or natural cosmetics.

Warning: Use only certified and approved sunblocks.


Method number fourteen: Try to avoid panthenol

Yes, it is a useful chemical for your skin, but it also stops up your pores in summer and produces acne. Many shampoos, creams, lotions, cleansers can contain it, so look for right cosmetics.


Method number fifteen: Avoid sweating

How to prevent acne fotoSweat, like solar burns, is wonderful food for acne producing bacteria. Simply take a shower once or twice a day or right after trainings and everything will be alright. Some words about clothes: firstly, try to wear light clothes, as they reflect sun rays better than dark ones, saving you from excessive sweating; secondly, try to change your clothes every day, as they accumulate your sweat and dead skin cells, like bedding.

Warning: Do not try to cut off sweating at all. It is a natural process of cooling of our organism, so it is still important. Disorders of sweating can lead to problems with health.


Method number sixteen: No skincare shops till summer is over

Do not pass through aggressive cosmetological manipulations with your skin, like laser polishing. After any aggressive manipulation your skin is extra vulnerable to any harmful factor, which can be faced in big numbers during summertime.

Warning: If you still have to visit a skin care shop, visit it. Do not try to perform difficult manipulations with your skin yourself. It can lead to many problems.


Method number seventeen: Preventing hormonal acne

How to prevent acne fotoUnfortunately, this type of acne is the most difficult to prevent. Admit the statement that hormonal balance can break even with normal conditions; imagine what can happen during puberty or periods. However, some factors we have influence on exist. A teenager is vulnerable physically and psychologically, so you have to protect him from stresses, as they have maximum power in causing acne.

A healthy diet and life-style are also very important for teenagers. If you are a girl, acne and pimples may become your real hangers-on. Usually they appear a week before menstruation begins. In some cases hormonal drugs or oral contraceptives are prescribed. They can renovate your hormonal balance and prevent your skin from getting acne.

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Warning: Please consult your doctor before taking any hormonal medicines. Do not perform self-treatment.


Method number eighteen: Alternative medicine

No one can doubt the power of nature and folk medicine. Many recipes known for fighting already existing acne can also be good for their preventing. We have collected maybe all useful recipes of preventing acne, which mean using only natural ingredients.

  1. How to prevent acne fotoSimple ice can prevent your skin from getting acne. Just cover some ice cubes into polyethylene or cloth bag and tenderly rub your skin with it for several minutes. This procedure is a micro stress for your skin. It helps your skin to renovate itself and prepare for bigger stresses.
  2. You can make a mask for your face from different natural ingredients. Many fruits or vegetables, which contain necessary substances for your skin, can be applied on it in grated form. For example, a great mask can be prepared from lemon and egg white. You have to rake equal amounts of both ingredients, mix them and beat up in one dish. Apply this mask on your skin and wear it for 5 minutes.
  3. Many people make natural oil mixtures and apply them on faces to prevent acne. Natural oils of vegetables, plants and nuts polish your skin and kill bacteria. If you cannot make such mixture, you can find some in specialized stores.
  4. Natural scrub is another method of getting your skin healthy and preventing acne. Milled coffee beans, oat flakes or fenugreek seeds are widely used for their peeling features.

Warning: Please be 100% sure you operate with only known plants. If you are not sure about them, consult a professional. These methods cannot be proved scientifically.

Now you are fully armored for a war against acne. They say it is better to prevent than to cure. We agree with this statement and hope you will be careful with your skin and health. Remember, no method of acne preventing is universal. Something may do for you, but something will not. So you don’t have to be in despair but make an attempt after attempt. Practice makes perfect. Follow our advices and your skin will save its beauty for many years.




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