My little black spots: how to get rid of acne without problems and worrying

black spotsAcne is a real archenemy of your beauty and personal life. Probably there is no person who had never faced or heard about these little troubles. Your sex, age, skin type or color, place of adobe and way of life mean nothing for acne, it can get you anyway.

No matter how little these pimples and black spots are, they are a serious skin disorder, which has to be cured with integrated approach. Getting rid of acne may be harmful or tender, fun or boring. Here you are able to read and learn about different ways and special receipts of getting rid of acne.


Method number one: A medical way of treatment.

acneWhen you suffer from these nasty black spots or pimples, a willing to get rid of them is the strongest. However, we advise you to take your time and consult a doctor at first. Of course, a simple question will accrue in your mind after reading these lines: “Am I needed in going to hospital and pass all those boring tests and manipulations so much? I can guess how to get rid of acne without any help!”Well, you can get rid of acne right now, but we cannot guarantee you that acne will not appear on your skin again in three days or weeks. Actually, the black spots called acne are a disorder with many origins.  These origins can be simple, like:

  • Premenstrual acne;
  • Very frequent usage of cosmetics;
  • Keeping skin dirty for long periods of time;
  • Improper or excessive skin cleaning and peeling;
  • Harmful weather conditions (constant heat and humidity is one of general causes of acne);
  • Frequent contacts with chemicals;
  • Superfluous sun baths.

On the other point of view, the reasons of acne accruing can be really serious and can be revealed only with doctor’s help:

  • Hormonal boom or disorder;
  • Hyperkeratosis;
  • Lipidic exchange disorders;
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances;
  • Immune system disorders;
  • Depressions and stresses (they are not considered as reasons of acne themselves, however they may cause hormonal disorders);
  • Medicinal acne (taking some corticosteroid medicine can be an origin of acne appearing).

As you see, all these reasons and disorder are too difficult to be revealed without professional help. So, the best first step on the way of getting rid of acne is to pass a complex check-up, especially if you have been suffering from acne for months or years. In fact, what kind of acne curing can a doctor suggest you? Please note that taking all medicine listed below without consulting a doctor is strongly prohibited as it can create more problems for your health.

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  1. Antibiotics for application or oral introduction. Well, it is one of the most questionable methods of getting rid of acne. They disinfect your skin and support your immune system. Because of numerous side effects they are recommended only for difficult cases of acne.
  2. Azelaic acid is a perfect bacteria killing substance, so it is prescript rather often.
  3. Some oral contraceptives may be good as they can restore your harmonic balance and renovate your skin’s beauty and health.
  4. Other methods of getting rid of acne include diets, anti-stress programs, immune system managing. All in all they depend on your disorder, which has become an origin of acne.

Method number two: Professional way

If you want to get rid of acne with professional help, you may ask a cosmetologist or visit a med spa. Cosmetologists that provide microneedling services or acne treatments in El Paso, TX have special instruments for solving many skin problems. You may also consider getting resplendence morpheus 8 treatments. Undoubtedly, they are real experts in getting rid of acne. Let’s debunk a little myth about cosmetology and getting rid of acne: there is no fast way to get rid from acne forever, you have to pass several sessions at skin care shop and apply special cosmetics for a long time (from 2 to 6 months) to get rid of black spots.

Here are the most common and efficacious procedures which help to get rid from acne:

  1. Laser therapyLaser therapy. This way of curing is known as the most popular concerning getting rid of acne. The essence of the method is a treatment of skin with special laser wave. This wave disinfects your skin, killing all germs, makes your skin softer and favors the oxygen nutrition of your skin. Another advantage of this method – it is fully contactless, so it means more hygiene of your skin. You can consult experts like Timeless Laser & Skin Care for additional guidance on laser treatments.
  2. Many cosmetologists and med spas consider this method as very powerful, effective and tender. Eight or ten sessions under photoemission will help you to get rid of acne and kill almost every propionic bacteria in your skin. You will just have to apply some acne preventing masks and keep your skin constantly clean for supporting the level of your skin’s purity.
  3. Liquid nitrogen cleaning – another antiseptic method that helps to get rid from acne. However, this cleaning usually leaves acne scars, so further peeling procedures are required.
  4. Ultrasound cleaning – another wonderful method to get rid from acne. Ultrasound waves “brake” acne, renovate your skin’s surface making it smooth and help to get rid of acne scars. This method spares and does not harm your skin.
  5. Vacuum cleaning is a very tender method and can be processed only for getting rid from shallow acne.
  6. Mechanical cleaning is the most harmful procedure. It leaves scars and redness and through its unhygienic nature the risk to get new acne is very high.
  7. To get rid of acne scarring, you can try RF microneedling such as RF microneedling in Tucson or Morpheus8 treatment. The needles help stimulate your skin to heal itself and your acne scars will be less seen or completely healed.
  8. All methods listed above involve using specialized cosmetics after procedures. However, these cosmetics are known as a separate method of getting rid of acne rather often. Please note, that not every cleaning cosmetic can do good for you. Carefully choose necessary cosmetics according to your type skin; and what’s more, they must not contain alcohols, oils and fats. Yes, alcohols dry pimples and acne, but they also destroy your skin’s natural lipidic cover, making your skin dry and vulnerable for new bacteria. Oils and fats stop up your pores making new acne, so they are even dangerous for your tender skin. Remember to ask a dermatologist or a cosmetologist about such cosmetics in order to find out if you are allowed to use them or if you have an allergic reaction to them.

It is always pleasant to trust your skin to professional’s care. You may not have enough time or money to visit cosmetologist often though. We have some advices for you especially for such cases.

Method number three: “Armchair” way.

Billions of people successfully get rid of acne domiciliary. There are lots remedies, recipes and tips which don’t involve professionals’ help. Here we will list some methods known for their unquestionable efficiency:

  1. cosmetics containing salicylic acidUse cosmetics containing salicylic acid. This substance is famous for its peeling features. Unfortunately, this acid does not kill bacteria and prevent excessive skin fats excretion, so you must have some other cosmetic substances for combining them with salicylic acid.
  2. Benzoyl peroxide is another substance which you may find in anti-acne cosmetics. It kills bacteria and does not let dead skin cells stop up your pores. However, it dries your skin, so its usage must be very moderately to prevent new acne.
  3. Simple soap and water are the oldest acne fighters. However, there are some tips about proper face washing: you must not was your face with soap more than twice a day, as soap dries your skin; wash you face only with cool water, because hot water promotes excessive skin fats excretion; try to wash you face with hands or very soft specialized sponges, as an excessive mechanical cleaning can harm you skin and become a reason for new inflammations and acne.
  4. There are a lot of anti-acne masks to apply on face or other problem parts of skin. Try to choose a mask that is the best for your skin type and carefully look over its contents in order to find those components you may have an allergy to.
  5. Try to take sunbaths. Ultraviolet rays in moderate amounts stimulate the production of vitamin D in your skin’s cells and dry acne and pimples. The best dose of these rays is lying under direct sun rays for 15 minutes every three or four hours. This can be dangerous for people with very tender skin or other medical problems connected with sun rays consumption.
  6. Try to cut your refinements consumption. Yes, there are opposite points of view concerning refined meals and acne: somebody affirms them to be one of common origins of acne appearing, others say that there is no proved connection between refinements consuming and acne appearing. All in all it is a scientifically proved fact that refined meals are harmful for your digestion system, so they may cause acne and pimples appearing.
  7. Revise your diet. A beautiful and healthy skin, which you can achieved with the help of IV therapy through services like a wellness clinic in Dallas, TX, is needed in a full-fledged nutrition with consuming all necessary vitamins, microelements, proteins, lipids etc. Here are the most useful substances for your skin:
  • Antioxidants, which are excellent protecting from free radicals and excessive ultraviolet rays and renovating substances to your skin.
  • Omega – 3 fatty acids: they build the protection of cell membranes; improve elasticity and blood supply of the skin.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D and PP. Vitamin A help to renovate your skin. Other vitamins are great antioxidants.
  • Iron, which topes up your skin and also improves blood supply.
  • They take part in skin renovation, and their lack can provoke an appearance of little chaps on your skin.
  • Fats and oils, as they are needed for a proper vitamin A consumption.

Remember, a healthy skin, which is supplied with all needed substances is more likely to get rid of acne.

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Method number four: Natural remedies.

Nature in getting rid of acneMany herbs, fruits and vegetables are great remedies for getting rid of acne themselves. Curiously enough, many people trust them more than professionals and specialized cosmetics. Here are some unquestionable advantages of natural medicine: they don’t contain any harmful synthetic chemicals and substances, they are rather cheap and sometimes very easy to get. However, they are not so simple. Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison, there is poison in everything. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” It means that even simple water can be harmful for your skin. Now you will read about some natural remedies for getting rid of acne and pimples.

The most powerful herbs for getting rid of acne:

  1. John’s wort. This herb has great antiseptic properties. The recipe is very simple:
  • Boil one or two tablespoons of the herb in 250 ml of water;
  • Leave the decoction for one or two hours;
  • Use the decoction for wiping your skin like a lotion two times a day

St. John’s wort is also good for those who have excessive skin fats excretion.

  1. Calendula is a great herb for your skin. Usually its alcoholate is used, but you should remember to dilute it with water in order to save your skin.
  2. Verbena is a great hear for oral consuming. Here is the recipe:
    • Cut 4 tablespoons of dried herb finely and add it to 1 liter of boiling water;
    • Leave the water for one day;
    • Take several tablespoons of the broth before every meal.
  3. Daisy is also a great herb for getting rid of acne and inflammations. Its water infusion is used as a lotion for skin.

The recipes of masks and scrubs:

  1. Grate some pumpkin and apply this paste on inflammations. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water.
  2. Fresh cranberry juice is a great remedy for your skin. Squeeze the juice from berries, remove the pulp and moisten some cotton wool with it. Then you have to apply the juice on your skin several times. Keep this mask for 20 minutes. Cranberry juice contains many vitamins and microelements for nutrition of your skin
  3. A garlic mask is also rather good. You have to grate some garlic heads and apply this mask on your skin for 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. A mask made of honey is a good antiseptic remedy. You have just to heat some honey and put it on your skin. If you add some oat flakes, which were soaked in water beforehand, you will get not only an antiseptic, but also a cleaning mask. Keep this mask for 15 minutes and that carefully wash yourself with warm water.
  5. A simple potato can become a real savior of your skin: it contains vitamins and antioxidants and has antiseptic and healing effects. A recipe of potato mask is very simple: grate a potato, squeeze excessive water from the paste and carefully apply it on your acnes. 30 minutes will be just enough for this mask. This mask also prevents appearance of acne scars.
  6. You can prepare a great scrub from oat flakes. Mill some flakes and add the powder to any nutritious paste, for example with sour cream. If you have a fat type of skin, it is useful to add to the scrub one tablespoon of lemon juice.
  7. A mixture of strawberries or raspberries with dry milk and fresh lemon juice is a great scrub and mask. Let the mask sit on your face’s skin for a quarter of an hour and then make a slight facial massage. Then you should wash your face with cool water.

Remember: every person is unique and has a unique skin, and the universal recipe of getting rid of acne has never existed. Try to consult a professional or an experienced person about all natural remedies. They may not do for you or just lead all your attempts to nowhere. You must also remember that honey, berries, herbs or fruits can be allergic for you, so get yourself convinced you are not vulnerable.

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Method number five: Myth busters.

  1. A good doctor knows how to get rid of acne for one week. No, it will take a specialist to get rid of your acne several months and even after it you have to use some acne preventing procedures.
  2. Drying of pimples will help to get fid of them. Yes, in some cases drying is a good method, but it cannot be used frequently and be the only method, as a healthy skin can also be dried, and just new acne will come out of it.
  3. Regular sexual intercourses can help you to get rid of acne. Actually there’s no proved connection between them and acne appearing.
  4. Mechanic face cleaning is always a reason for new acne. Mechanic face cleaning will improve your skin’s condition, but you have to pass this manipulation carefully.
  5. Acne and pimples disappear after sunbaths and sessions in solarium. In point of fact tan does not get rid of acne and pimples, it just covers them.
  6. The main origin of acne is a dirty skin, so I have to keep it constantly clean. No, you mustn’t watch your face’s purity constantly like a maniac. Yes, you skin must not be very dirty, but excessive and aggressive cleaning can be very harmful for your skin’s structure, as it was said earlier.

Now you have met almost all possible and healthy ways about getting rid of acne. Just remember some simple rules: don’t leave your acne untreated, they will hardly disappear by themselves; do not try getting rid of them by squeezing them as you will just get new black spots and acne scars; do not be worried about acne too much: you are not the first person ever who has got this problem, a way to get rid from acne will be found and then you will continue enjoying life.

How to get off acne

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