How to get rid of acne scars, the bitterest enemy of my beauty?

Acne scarsAcne scars appear after burning with the desire to get rid of acne mechanically. Yes, the scars appear after squeezing that nasty black spots or burning them with chemicals, like alcohol. Sometimes acne scars become a real curse: it is more difficult to get rid of acne scars than of acne or pimples.

Remember that acne scars outgrow more difficult and an adult is more vulnerable to acne scars and it is more difficult to get rid of them for him. Nowadays numerous ways to get rid of acne scars and many people successfully solve this problem owing to methods and secrets listed below. Remember that the most efficient curing contains different methods of getting rid of acne scars.


Method number one: Dermatology.

Maybe, the best option to begin your getting rid of acne scars is to ask a professional about them. Yes, a good dermatologist can tell you what type of procedure, remedy or recipe will be more effective just for you. When your acne scars are in a neglected condition, you may require some surgery. Don’t let this word to scare you; thousands of people have got rid of acne scars in just this very way. Let’s read about how to get rid of acne scars in an operating room.

  1. Punch excision. It is a direct cutting acne scars from your skin. Then stitches are put in. There is a variation of this method – so called subcision. A scar is “lifted” above the skin, and new tissue grows under it. All in all, painful aftereffects disappear in two or three weeks. No matter how these methods are effective, they all have some contra-indications. You have to pass several tests to know if anesthetization or procedure itself is not dangerous for you. An active inflammation is a serious obstacle on surgery’s way. Please note that surgery the first paragraph in your “getting rid of acne scars” list, that’s why you may be ready for other procedures in order to get rid of acne scars forever.
  2. fullsizeAnother effective method that can be suggested by a dermatologist is acupuncture. A doctor processes your skin with a special roller covered with needles. They pierce your skin in order to stimulate blood supply and renovation processes in dermis. It is a good method; however some risks can accompany it: the procedure is painful and requires anesthetization; it cannot be processed if you have inflammations on your skin as there is a risk of repeated contagion; you have to pass over several procedures in order to get rid of acne scars.
  3. Maybe, injections the first place in popularity. They may differ, but they all work. In total injections are called mesotherapy and include injections of:
    • Vitamins (PP, B3, C) for a proper nutrition of the skin;
    • Aloe and placenta extract for blood supply and metabolism stimulation;
    • Hyaluronic acid or collagen in order to renovate skin’s structure (they say collagen is more effective as it does not just fill the scar but stimulates tissue renovation)

These methods are known as the fastest and very effective; however they are not enough for getting rid of acne scars forever. A visit to surgery has to be thought over and happen only after consulting your doctor.

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Method number two: Cosmetology.

When you ask a cosmetologist for help, you can be sure that your acne scars will disappear. Cosmetic procedures like Dermaplane Treatment grant plenty of opportunities to get rid of acne scars. The methods listed below have won an absolute popularity and acknowledgement among people, who has already got rid of acne scars.

  • Micro dermis abrasive cleaning – the essence of the method is using of special instrument, which “bombards” your skin with microscopic sterile aluminum crystals and sucks them in immediately. This  is great for shallow scars as it polishes the top layer of the skin.
  • Chemical peelingChemical peeling – the method is very simple: the part of the top of your skin is dissolved by different chemicals. Special acids from at home chemical peel products penetrate into the deepest layers of skin and hold up the producing of skin fats. Several sessions are required. Please check if you don’t fall under any contra-indications.
  • Laser polishing – moxi laser treatment is a very popular and effective procedure that helps to get rid from acne scars at most. Laser “evaporates” the upper layers of skin, activating renovation processes and production of collagen. As a rule, the upper layer of skin is removed and a new one grows. A cosmetologist will decide how many session you have to pass. Unfortunately, this method cannot be proud for its rapidity. On the average acne scars disappear after 4 or 8 manipulations with the intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Ultrasound peeling – a very tender and hygiene method, as it is does not harm your skin polishing it and activating biochemical processes in it.
  • If you have acne scars and post-acne spots on your skin, cryogenic cleaning may do for you. Liquid nitrogen is applied on your skin and the process of skin renovation is provoked.
  • Actually, here are not all methods, there is much more: electrophoresis, lifting, vacuum massage, lifting massage, phototherapy, radio-frequency lifting etc. They may vary from one skin care shop to another but the all show great results.

No matter how wonderful all listed above procedures are, they are not for everyone. Unfortunately there are some contra-indications that do not allow passing the procedures or at least require special doctor’s consulting. Here they are:

  • Chronic disorders in decompensation stage;
  • Diabetes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Infectious diseases in acute phase;
  • Systemic disorders of connective tissues;
  • Every skin disorders;
  • Cancer;
  • Acute inflammation diseases;
  • Pregnancy and period of lactation;
  • Susceptibility to keloid cicatrix;
  • Taking medicine, which stimulate photosensitivity


Method number three: Home remedies.

Thousands of people have found some great ways to solve acne scars problem without going to doctor or cosmetologist. These methods and procedures were crafted after many years of successful attempts. You have to be sure that you will not harm yourself while getting rid from acne at home though. So, now you will know how to get rid of acne scars sitting on your comfortable sofa.

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  • cosmetics acne scarsOne of the most convenient methods of getting rid of acne scars is to buy a special instrument. Such instrument can be purchased in specialized stores or drugstores. The nature of processing power of the instrument may vary (electricity, ultrasound, etc.) but they all work for your skin’s renovation. We just warn you to read the instructions carefully and remember about contra-indications.
  • Another method you might hear about is specialized cosmetics. Yes, they are rather effective and can do for every type of skin and probably for most difficult acne scars cases. Now even hypoallergic variant of such cosmetics may be found. Their variety is really wide: lotions, creams, masks, pills and many others. We suggest you pay attention to remedies containing natural collagen, which helps to renovate the structure and shape of your skin. Here is a tip about applying common decorative cosmetics while getting rid of acne scars: try to find analogs t o your regular cosmetics, which do not contain oils, fats, preservatives, dyes, as all these substances can harm your tender skin and stop up your pores.
  • Retinol is widely used for getting rid of acne scars. It is a vitamin A in liquid form. It does not harm your skin and health but the curing period is visually longer.
  • There is another great remedy for your acne scars – clay. Clay masks have been gaining popularity since ancient times and they are still proving their efficiency right now. You have to wear any mask for maximum 15 minutes and be aware that every clay mask must be always moistened, so take any sprayer and spray your face with pure water every 2-3 minutes.

These methods will work if you follow some simple rules: keep your face rather clean; do not use cosmetics with “aggressive” chemicals in order to save your skin from burns and stopped up pores and do not carry out excessive manipulations with your skin, because some people will make a mess of tying their bootlaces, as the proverb goes.


Method number four: Herbs.

As you know, there are a lot of remedies from acne scars made of only natural and organic components. Their recipes have been popular since very ancient times and even nowadays they do not lose their popularity for their simplicity and accessibility. Here we have gathered the most effective masks and herb mixes in order to help you with getting rid of acne scars without buying expensive cosmetics or paying for complicated cosmetological procedures. However, we must warn you that all the ways listed below are not the only answer and they will not work properly without other procedures. You have to get rid of acne scars with systemic approach. And remember to check yourself for allergy to any following component.

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  • organic componentsFreshwater sponge. This wonderful organism is a great natural scrub. A freshwater sponge powder can be found in drug stores. Take one tablespoon of the powder and add some warm water in order to make a paste. Some specialists advice to add 3-4 drops of hydrogen peroxide to this paste for improving the cleaning effect. Apply the paste on the acne scars for maximum 5 minutes and then wash this paste off with warm water. This powder is great in getting rid of dead skin cells and pigment spots
  • Potato can help you with getting rid of acne scars and spots on your skin. It kills different bacteria, peels dead skin cells and cleans your skin equally good. All you have to do is to grate a potato, squeeze the water from the mass and apply it on the scars or areas of skin with other problems.
  • Oat flakes is a great natural scrub, which is widely used all over the world in different mixtures. The most effective way to use oat flakes is to mix them with rose water or honey. In order to prepare flakes for applying you have to mill them and moisten them with warm water. Then mix them with some rose water or honey and let the masks sit for maximum 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.
  • Lemon is another natural remedy, which helps to get rid from acne scars. Owing to its natural dyeing lemon is very good for not complicated acne scars cases. Lemon juice contains acid that kills bacteria and dissolves skin fats and vitamin C, which is useful for skin nutrition. Here we will list the most popular and effective recipes of remedies containing lemon or lemon juice:
    • lemon juicePure lemon juice can be applied on the skin with using specialized sponges or pieces of cotton. Pure juice is good for complicated cases; otherwise dissolving the juice in some water is required.
    • A mixture of lemon juice, almond oil and honey is a good refreshing remedy. Almond oil and honey are taken for their calming features. You have to take one tablespoon of each substance and mix them in two tablespoons of milk. Then apply the mixture on your scars and then rinse it off in two or three minutes. The mask has to be applied daily for at least one week.
    • Lemon with egg white is a good mixture for renovation of the skin’s surface. This remedy is also a natural sustainer for your skin as it is rich for proteins and microelements. All you need to do is to take equal amounts of lemon juice and egg white and beat them up and mix in dish. Apply this paste on the scars and leave in for the whole night. Wash you face in the morning.
  • Wood oils and glues are good as they calm your skin, prevent skin from irritation and kill bacteria. They are usually mixed with other natural substances as rose water or used alone.
    • Sandal tree glue has to be mixed with rose water and applied on the skin for the whole night. It is a good antiseptic remedy.
    • Olive oil is used to sustain the skin and to kill bacteria. Apply the oil on clean and dry skin, rub it into skin carefully and wash your face with glycerin containing soap in two hours. Repeat this procedure until you see changes.
    • Tea tree oil is widely used for its antiseptic properties. Just apply some drops of this oil on your skin in order to sterilize and clean it.
  • honeyHoney is a great substance, which can help you to get rid of acne scars in many ways. Its antiseptic and sustaining properties are well known not only in cosmetology. You can use honey in various mixtures or ways:
    • It is useful to rub some honey into the skin while massaging your scars.
    • Honey can be consumed as a simple addition to your meals to sustain your immune system.
    • It is possible to use some honey with milled oat flakes or coffee beans to get some good natural scrubs.
  • Fresh mint lives are a great antioxidant. As honey, they are great both for oral taking and applying. You can apply on your skin juice of the leaves or just put the leaves into the blender and make healing glue. Mint leaves can be mixed with other components, like honey, oils, lemon to combine healing effects.
  • Many fruits containing vitamins are not useful only in your stomach. Grated fruits or vegetables can become good masks against acne scars. It is an unquestionable fact that healthy and “well-fed” skin fight acne scars quicker than a “hungry” skin.
  • There is another fact connected with the previous statement: eat healthy food to get your skin healthy. Refinements, excessive sugars and unsaturated fats will not satiate your body but help new acne and (probably) acne scars to appear. Harmonious meals with daily amounts of all needed substances will turn your body and skin invulnerable for almost any disorder.

Acne scars can become a great problem if you do neglect them. All advices given work with different results, but it is always more pleasant not to face scars at all. It is possible if you take your acne into account as a serious problem and will not damage your skin by squeezing them. Maybe, this is the only way to prevent acne scars. Do not try to touch your scars with dirty hands or uncover them. It is a sure way to get a serious inflammation. Anyway, no matter how much luck you have had in avoiding acne scars, do not let them scare you, there is always a hope to get your beauty back.

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