4 Steps to get rid of rough heels quickly and effectively

rough heelsIn winter, out heels often look good even without additional care because we are constantly in pantyhose or socks, in shoes, and they just cannot become excessively rough. But in the summer, having started wearing open sandals, many of us face such problems: the heels quickly get muddy, weather-beaten, and those who like walking barefoot face the problem of very rough heels.

Summer is the time when we wear light dresses and open sandals, and all this implies more thorough care of the body, starting from depilation and finishing with the heels’ polishing. If you do not care of your heels every day, you will have to go to the salon, and this is not cheap. That’s why it is much better to use effective and cheap methods available for everyone. How to make heels flawlessly smooth? How to get rid of rough heels with the help of natural remedies? Here you will find a lot of recipes, which you can use for making effective natural remedies for your feet at home.


Step number 1: Make sure you don’t have health problems

health problemsNot everyone knows that improper care of the heels may be not the only reason of rough heels. The cause of cracks on the heels can be dry air in the room, hot and dry weather, hormonal failure, weak circulation of the legs.

This means that masks and baths should be used but besides these remedies, you’d better check your health to make sure that your problem of rough heels isn’t a consequence of some health problem that requires treatment.

If the skin on the heels is dry, cracks are formed, then you need to pay attention to your health. The most common reasons causing problems with rough heels are the following:

  • The lack of vitamins in the body, vitamin deficiency, hypovitaminosis, special attention should be paid to vitamin A and E.
  • One of the reasons is dryness of the skin.
  • Metabolic disorders in the body.
  • Defeat with dermatitis or fungus.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus.

First of all, it is recommended to make sure that your rough heels aren’t a signal of some more serious health problem. In case you have seen a doctor and found out that there are some diseases to cure it is necessary to treat it first.

Important: As rough heels may be a sign of some health problem, you are recommended to check out the list of possible diseases and make sure you don’t have any of them.

Step number 2: Have a natural foot bath

foot bathThe preparation and use of foot baths is a pleasant thing and an effective procedure that helps get rid of various ailments and improves their appearance after the first application. Natural baths help cope with many ailments: cure nail fungus, excessive sweating and cracks in the skin, relieve swelling, heaviness and fatigue from the feet, soften and moisten the dermis, refresh it and saturate with useful substances. There is a list of the most effective baths to get rid of rough heels and as a bonus to get rid of many health problems. Choose the most suitable bath composition among these variants:

  • Nettle bath: 50-80 g of dried nettle leaves should be brewed in 3 liters of boiling water. After reaching a comfortable temperature for you, take a bath according to the points specified in the instructions.
  • Bath with linden, honey and chamomile: 20 grams of dried fees of lime and chamomile are required for this bath. Brew 0.3 liters of boiling water. After the broth reaches a comfortable temperature, add to it 40 g of honey and the right amount of warm water (its level should reach the ankles).
  • Bath with calendula, mint, chamomile and melissa: Mix 10 grams of dried lemon balm, chamomile, marigold and mint. Brew the resulting mixture of 0.1 liters of boiling filtered water. After half an hour pour the infusion into the basin and add 1.8-2 liters of water (its level should reach the ankles). The remaining actions are carried out taking into account the items described in the instruction.
  • Bath with horsetail, flax seeds and chamomile: use 40 grams of horsetail, flax and chamomile, mix the mixture with 2 liters of purified boiling water and wait for the broth to cool down to the optimum temperature.
  • Lime-salt bath: 60 grams of lime flowers are brewed in 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 40 minutes, pour the lime infusion into the basin, add a little more water (1.8-2 l) and pour out 40 g of sea salt.
  • Bath with soda and soap: it is effective to remove corns and calluses. 60 grams of grated laundry soap is mixed with 70 g of baking soda, the mixture is poured into a basin with 2 liters of warm water. This bath can be done for 30-40 minutes.
  • Salt bath with essential oils: to cleanse the skin and relieve fatigue. In 2 liters of heated water, pour 90 g of sea salt and pour 5 ml of esters from orange, fir and mint. Carry out the bath in the standard way.
  • Milk bath: it is perfect for moisturizing and softening the skin of your feet. In 1 liter of heated water pour 1 liter of warm milk.
  • Mustard bath: In 1.5 liters of warm water, dissolve 30 g of mustard powder. Take a bath for 15 minutes. At a high body temperature, the mustard bath is contraindicated!
  • Red wine bath: The problem of rough heels will not be terrible, if once a week you make a foot bath with red wine or grape juice. Half a liter of drink mixed with two liters of water and immersed in the foot for 15-20 minutes. This procedure not only positively affects the skin of the heels, but also nourishes the whole body, relaxes and gives some bliss.
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Instructions how to make a foot bath in the right way:

  • Make foot baths before bed, so the legs can relax after a pleasant procedure.
  • Have baths immediately after their preparation, so the water will not have time to cool down and will have the most beneficial effect on the coarsened dermis.
  • When preparing the contents of the bath, follow the dosages indicated in the recipe. If you fail to do this you won’t get the desired result.
  • The taking of the baths will take you 20 minutes, and another 30 minutes you will need to lie down and fix the existing effect.
  • After taking the foot bath, you can peel the skin of the heels and feet with pumice, brush or scrub. Then wipe your feet dry and lubricate them with a moisturizing, protective or nutritious cream.
  • It is not superfluous to put on cotton or knitted socks and hide your feet under a blanket.
  • Have foot baths not more than 3 times a week (the presence of aggressive ingredients will reduce the frequency of the procedure up to 1 time per week).
  • As a rule, a full course of foot baths is 10-15 procedures. After it is carried out, you can make favorite baths once a week.

Important: After the skin of the heels is decocted, it must be rubbed with a coarse washcloth, then grease the heels with vegetable oil or cream.

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Step number 3: Use homemade masks

homemade masksConsidering how to get rid of rough heels quickly and without complications, choose natural masks – these procedures will help to make the heels gentle, as in childhood.

There are several effective recipes to choose from:

Recipe 1: Egg-lemon mask


  • 1 egg yolk,
  • 1 lemon.

Preparation: For the preparation of an egg-lemon mask you must mix one yolk and a teaspoon of lemon juice. After steaming and processing, the mask is applied to the heels, dried and removed with warm water. It is best to apply a cream on the heels after the mask.

Recipe 2: Potato mask


  • Boiled potatoes,
  • Milk.

Preparation: Mask from boiled potatoes will also help soften the skin of rough heels. Cook potatoes and mash it with warm milk. Apply hot composition on the heels, previously steamed with the rough skin removed from them, wrap and hold until the potatoes cool down.

Recipe 3: Curd mask


  • cottage cheese (2 tablespoons);
  • honey (1 tablespoon);
  • sour cream (1 spoon).

Preparation: You should get a gruel, which must be applied to the cleansed skin of the feet. You need to wrap the food film and put on cotton socks. For half an hour you’d better have a rest. Then wash off the mask, lubricate the legs with a nourishing cream.

Recipe 4: Almond mask

A very pleasant way to care for the skin of the feet is to make an almond mask. Ingredients:

  • almond oil (2 tablespoons);
  • cocoa butter (in the same amount);
  • honey (2-3 tablespoons);
  • half a glass of ground oatmeal.

Preparation: All ingredients should be mixed, applied to the skin of the legs, wrap feet with polyethylene. Put on socks and stay like this for about an hour. Then wash off the mask and lubricate the heels with cream.

Recipe 5: Onion mask


  • onion bulb;
  • honey (or milk).

Preparation: Grind a medium sized bulb through a meat grinder or a small grater. Add a spoonful of honey or a little milk. This composition treat the most problematic places on the heels, wrap it all with gauze and a film, and then put on your socks. It is best to do this procedure at night, so that the remedy is more effective. In the morning, rinse the leftovers of the mixture with warm water and soap and apply cream on your feet.

Recipe 6: Honey mask

Ingredients: honey

Preparation: In a water bath, melt some honey and brush clean and dry feet. Wrap your feet in polyethylene and put on your socks, leaving a compress for the night. In the morning, wash the composition. Do not forget that after such procedures you need to use a cream that will additionally moisturize the epidermis.

Recipe 7: Celandine mask

Ingredients: celandine

Preparation: This healing plant will help get rid of the abundant peeling on the heels. The celandine has an antiseptic effect, nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, after its application the skin becomes very soft and tender. To prepare such a remedy, you will need fresh leaves of this plant, which must be crushed thoroughly. The received mass is used for your heels. Having wrapped heels with polyethylene, leave the mask for the night. In the morning, wash off the gruel from the surface of the feet and use the cream.

Recipe 8: Zucchini mask


  • zucchini;
  • olive oil.

Preparation: It turns out that not only delicious pancakes and squash caviar are obtained from zucchini. This product is also used for making a mask for feet. It will help quickly bring the heels in order. To make it, take a fairly young zucchini and pass it through a meat grinder. In the resulting mixture, add a tablespoon of olive oil. The prepared mask should be applied to cotton swabs and applied to the feet. Once the mask is in place, the cotton swab should be fixed for about half an hour. After the procedure, the mask is washed off, and the nourishing cream is applied to the feet.

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Recipe 9: Apricot mask


  • apricots;
  • corn oil.

Preparation: From such berries as apricots you can prepare a miracle mask for feet. To do this, take very ripe apricots and fully mash them. Place in an enamel bowl with a thick bottom and put on fire. Bring the apricots to a very hot state. In the resulting puree pour a little corn oil and mix well. Apply the mixture to the feet and wrap them around the food film. On top of the feet, wear woolen socks. Carry out the procedure for half an hour, then rinse the apricot puree and apply the cream.

Important: Natural masks for your heels give the great result if you do them on the regular basis. It is even better if you combine homemade masks for feet with baths.

Step number 4: Apply a homemade foot cream

homemade foot creamAfter making baths it is recommended to apply a special foot cream to nourish and moisturize your heels’ skin. The best cream is the one you prepare at home.

Recipe 1: Beeswax foot cream

  • 50 grams of almond or sesame oil (this may be olive oil);
  • 100 grams of coconut or Shea butter;
  • 1 teaspoon of vitamin E (it is possible from ampoules or capsules);
  • 2 tbsp of grated beeswax;
  • 30 grams of clean water (distilled or filter-boiling);
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil or home-made lavender extract (prepared as a mint extract)

Preparation: Melt the wax and butter. In a separate container, heat the water to a boil. Add water to the melted mixture by stirring constantly. Add the essential oil. Transfer the cream to sterilized dishes with a lid. Stir the mass until it has cooled completely. To have the proper cream consistency it should be beaten for 3-5 minutes. In this case, there is less likelihood that the cream will exfoliate, although there is a wax in its composition that naturally emulsifies.

Recipe 2: Mint foot cream

In order to prepare foot cream with mint you will need the following ingredients:

  • 30 grams of Shea butter (Karite);
  • 30 grams of coconut oil unrefined;
  • 2 tbsp olive oil;
  • 1 teaspoon of mint extract

Shea butter and coconut oil can be used even in pure form.

Preparation: On the steam bath, melt the Karite. Add the olive and coconut oil and allow to cool to room temperature. Add the mint oil. Use blender or mixer, for home cosmetics is very useful to have hand-held mini mixer used for cocktails. Whipping should last no longer than 3-5 minutes. Store your homemade foot cream at room temperature. If you don’t whip cream, then it will have a vaseline structure. You can add essential oils to your taste.

Important: Creams are essential part of your rough heels’ care. Apply natural creams every day after you have a foot bath.



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