Easiest ways how to make your hair thicker

hairI was spending decades and plenty of money trying every month some other brand of shampoo, conditioner or mask for hair. I used to have, like, ten shampoo bottles and conditioners at my bathroom. But results were every single time the same: nothing changed. My hair didn’t look better at all. I learned tons of articles and researches, tried plenty of cosmetics, oils and masks but nothing helped.

Eventually as I am a fond of natural products I found out that just changing few habits in my life and adding simple ingredients to my everyday routine I can soon notice how much stronger your hair became. The most upsetting is that some treatments are helpful for short and then eventually even damage our hair. Lets see how which methods effect our hair.


How our hair grows?

Everyone has approximately 100,000 hairs.

hair growsThey are growing from follicles in a following way:

  • Anagen period in which our hair grows
  • Catagen period when it stays on our head without growing
  • Telogen period when hairs from follicles falls
  • 6 month pause in growing of new hair from the same follicle
  • And again new hair grows


Normal hair loss

Every day if we will read research of American Academy of Dermatology we lose from 50 to 100 hairs. But they also say that on the day of washing we lose even more. So what now?

Should I stop washing my hair just because of saving the hair? The answer is no. The same dermatologists say that the hair will come out anyway so there is no need in avoiding or skipping washing hair.

Method number 1: Medical ways

1. Laser comb for hair

Laser combIt is a laser which according to the articles and websites descriptions should help us to get thicker hair and prevent hair loss within 6 weeks.

It is sort of affecting our hair and follicles. But unfortunately all articles on the internet about this tool are written by the company producing this laser comb. Amy McMichael, professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., thinks that this tool is nothing but expensive tool which makes very little difference. So do not buy stupid expensive toys which promise us incredible results immediately.

2. Hair extensions

It used to be popular and unfortunately is still affordable in beauty salons. Yes, you can go to hair dresser and make your hair look thicker immediately by implementing hair extensions. But you should know that these hair extensions are very harmful for you. They can cause permanent damage to your hair, hair loss and bald spots.

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3. Keratin treatment

There are plenty of thoughts on this topic. Some people assure that there is absolutely no harm for hair. But for me, as for fan of organic and natural treatments is absolutely important to know what this is and how it works. So when it comes to keratin you should keep in mind few things. First of all it is very expensive and along with this you will need to change your shampoo to one which will not contain sulfate, which is additional expense. Second of all implementing Keratin treatment hair dresser will use formaldehyde which is far away from natural treatments and is used in the building materials.


Method number 2: Simple daily rules

1. Rearrange your diet.

waterMake sure that you consume proteins and vitamins. You need to increase vitamins A, B, C and E and this will result your hair be healthy and shining.

2. Drink as many water as you can.

No matter which season is that you need to have a lot of drinking water. Sometimes we do not drink as we do not feel thirsty, but no matter what you need to push yourself and drink more clean drinking water.

3. Wash your hair not every day.

I understand that some of us are used to everyday wash, but it worse it. Washing hair every day makes it very dry. Try at least to wash it every next day and in few weeks your hair will stop getting dirty next day.

4. Do not brush your hair with a towel.

While brushing it you stretch it and damage follicles. Let your hair to dry naturally. It will be grateful for this.

5. Avoid using blow dryer.

To say truth blow dryer is something we are all used to use every day. But you should keep in mind that blow dryer is the worst enemy of our hair and it will never help us to get thicker hair.

6. Trim your hair.

You should be very careful with that. Common mistake is to think that if you do not cut your hair it is getting longer and longer. It is not true! When your hair ends are not cut they start to split. Split is going up your hair and makes it thin and weak. After all you will need to cut more!

7. Combing hair.

Only comb your hair when it is dry. When you are combing your wet hair you are causing its damaging. This is simple rule which I didn’t know myself when I was teenager. Just remember to comb your hair only when it is completely dry.

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8. Be careful with medicines.


Pills spilled

In case you are taking some medicines you should carefully read instructions and side effects. Some medicines like birth prevention pills, antibiotics and antidepressants can cause hair loss. Be careful with medicines. The less the better – this is my moto when it comes to medicines.

9. Stay away from stress.

Stress is our beauty enemy. Stress cause damaging effects on our nails, hair and skin. Try to avowing everything what stress you out and breathe deeply.

10. Stop smoking.

Smoking is a habit which is killing you from the inside. And it is causing hair less as well. So if you decided to get thicker and healthier hair – quit smoking right now. In case you are addicted just try to smoke less and less and eventually you will see results. Your body will be thankful to you and will show you beauty.

11. Avoid sunbathing.

Interesting fact that plenty of people think that sun is actually good treatment for skin. But this is myth and unfortunately it is not. It is not only damaging skin but also can cause hair loss and hair being dry, weak and damaged.

12. Stay away from hot water.

We should not treat our hair like we treat dishes. Using hot water damages follicles and cause hair loss. Use normal temperature and be gentle when you wash your hair.


Method number 3: Home recipes


1 Using lemongrass support your follicles

Have you ever tried to grow a grass in your backyard? Grass just like our hair needs good and healthy soil. By adding just few drops of lemongrass to your conditioner you will soon notice how new hair will start to grow. As soon as follicles will get vitamins from lemongrass they will react immediately.

2. Aloe vera for skin on our scalp

This plant is just perfect for home beauty products. Firstly extract some aloe vera gel and gently apply it on your hair, leave for about 15-20 minutes and wash it off. You will be as surprised as I was when I noticed in few weeks how my hair will get thicker. You can also drink one spoon of aloe vera gel during the month and results will be even better.

3. Olive oil as best massage oil for our hair

We all love olive oil in cooking. Some of us use it as oil for the body. But olive oil can be also used for our hair. Recipe is simple and affordable: just apply bit of warm olive oil itself or with a spoon of honey and make yourself nice gentle massage both on hair and scalp. Leave it on for approx. 20 minutes and wash your head with simple shampoo. You can also leave an olive oil on your head overnight and then wash it off in the morning.

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4. Mask from onion juice

Even though we are crying when cutting onions we will need to cry a bit in order to make ourselves healthy and helpful energy source for our hair. Onions are full of sulfur – perfect for growing new hair. Twenty minutes with this mask two times a week will change in a month general look of your hair.

5. Green tea as conditioner/shampoo

All fans of green tea already give a good help to their body by just drinking 2-3 glasses of grean tea a day. But washing your head in green tea and leaving it to stay on the hair gives good refreshing and antioxidants care to the hair.

6. Best Apple cider vinegar hair conditioner

We want our hair to grow. Hair needs help in growing thicker and quicker. The best helper is after washing applying some homemade conditioner from water and apple cider vinegar. Mix fifteen grams of vinegar with cup of water. After washing your hair cover it with this mix and you will feel that your hair is refreshed and shining.

7. Honey prevents over drying hair

honeyAlong with being thin our hair can be very dry. Gentle massage of hair and scalp with some raw honey will help us avoid dryness. After such procedure your hair will be shining like never before.

8. Apply Avocado as mask for hair

I just love love love avocado! When I found out that it is also great for my hair I immediately started to use this method. I mash one avocado fruit with one banana. Pure I put on my scalp and cover all my hair follicles with it. In half an hour I wash my hair and enjoy how my hair becomes thicker every time.

We need to help our body to grow thicker and stronger hair. We should help our follicles to grow new and healthy hair by using only organic products on our hair.

Now when you know how to get thicker hair you can be proud of yourself and enjoy compliments for the great change in your appearance. Finding recipe which is yours is always a pleasure.



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