Five incredible watermelon benefits we didn’t know about

watermelonBenefits of watermelon depend primarily on the freshness of the fruit and on the conditions in which it was grown. Often, people’s desire to get as much as possible of this fruit in one season leads to the fact that wonderful dietary product is converted into a source of toxins and poisons. Those who try to earn more without caring about health of their customers usually use nitrogen fertilizers nitrates (sodium nitrate, ammonium, calcium and potassium). Such additives can easily cause certain health problems.

Luckily we can always buy fresh and healthy watermelon. Watermelon contains a lot of nutrients. It is rich in antioxidants such as carotene, thiamine, ascorbic acid, riboflavin and niacin. In addition to extending the life of the human body and protection from aging processes these substances prevent the development of cancer and carotene, for example, improves vision. Watermelon is providing wide range of bonuses for our body and we should investigate how to consume this great plant in order to get all the benefits.


The first benefit: Losing weight

Watermelon dietThere are few factors which are causing weight loss when you consume watermelon. The first and well-known one is the fact that this plant is diuretic. When we are consuming it our body is losing excess of fluids and the average weight loss is usually 1-2 kg. The second and least known is that this plant is suppressing the feeling of hunger. This is happening by filling the stomach with relatively low calorie. Consuming watermelon is only providing us with 38 calories per 100 grams.

Watermelon diet:

  • The days of this diet are called “watermelon days”.
  • On such a day you are allowed to eat from 1 to 1.5 kg of the fruit, rye bread and crackers.
  • Tea and coffee are forbidden during these days.
  • And such a diet is not only useful for the figure. This is a great cleansing of the whole body as you are getting rid of toxins, sand, extra salt and even an excess of cholesterol and at the same time it gives a good support their immunity.
  • As with any other mono-diet it is impossible to survive with just one product on the menu more than two days in a row.
  • Of course in just two days you will not lose weight. We are talking about losing the excess water (i.e. from 1 to 2 kg) but unfortunately not fat.
  • In order to begin losing centimeters at the waist it is necessary to repeat such watermelon days on a regular basis, with an interval of 4-5 days. On the other days the amount and quality of food should be also low-fat.
  • Please note that there is a risk! Approximate period of nutrient metabolism in the body is three days. That means that if you starve on Monday than on Wednesday and Thursday expect increased appetite. In general, keep yourself in the hands and be careful with the diet days.
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The sweet taste of this plant is also playing its role. Numerous studies of physiologists have shown that sweet is the strongest “provocateur” of feeling full, so consuming only the watermelon the whole day will be much easier for the human brain than any cucumber.

Warning: It cannot be carried out at a reduced renal function (they just will not be able to evacuate the excess fluid from the body) and the presence of stones bigger than 4 mm in diameter.


The second benefit: Healthy pregnancy

pregnancyIt is highly recommended to consume this incredible and so necessary fruit during pregnancy. We all know that this fruit is healthy and beneficial but we usually do not know why. This wonderful fruit is rich in antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, carotene, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. Besides the fact that these compounds generally extend the life of the body and protect it from destruction of age some of them possess anticancer effect. Additionally carotene, for example, reinforces eyesight.

Benefits for pregnant:

  • Composition of the antioxidants is beneficial for everyone especially for pregnant women who need to consume a lot of minerals and vitamins.
  • Much more important is that in watermelon contains literally priceless folic acid (or vitamin B9). Without vitamin B9 the human body is not able to develop normally.
  • Folic acid which is there in watermelon is necessary for constructing the DNA and RNA involved in cell division and regulates the absorption and processing of proteins.
  • Even thou all these micro-processes are invisible for our eyes; we still can observe some “visible” effect of folic acid: it provides a healthy skin color, improves digestion and helps young mothers, improving the allocation of breast milk.
  • Watermelon can be also consumed by women who are breastfeeding but only after three months of breastfeeding, when it is allowed to weaken the strict postpartum diet and begin to gradually introduce additional products.

By the way, pregnant women also are advised to consume foods containing B9. It is proven that as a lack of this element adversely affect the formation of the nervous system of the baby. In addition failure in the reproduction of DNA (which can also occur with a deficit of folic acid) potentially increases the risk of cancer.

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Warning: Pregnant women in late pregnancy because of the fact that the fetus compresses the bladder are feeling natural impulses (desire to visit the bathroom) more often than usual. Get ready for the fact that after a portion of the watermelon you will experience even greater discomfort and a feeling of fullness.


The third benefit: Kidney cleansing

Kidney cleansingConsuming watermelon is one of the most effective methods of kidney cleansing. It is usually performed during the watermelon season – the time when fruits are fresh and less dangerous for our body.

Kidney cleansing procedure:

  • Watermelon should be consumed 7 days in a row with black bread.
  • The most appropriate time of removal of stones from the kidney and bladder is from 5 till 9 p.m. when is happening biorhythm of the bladder and kidneys.
  • At this time, we should take a warm bath and eat a lot of watermelon while we are in the bath.
  • The heat expands the urinary tract, relieves pain and cramps (especially when stones will start their way), watermelon will cause increased excretion of urine – flushing.
  • Biorhythm gives the necessary strength for ejection of sand and stones.
  • We need to urinate directly into the bath. For women the procedure can pass completely unnoticed. Usually men can feel the pain in the urethra.
  • This cleaning can be carried out for 2-3 weeks to obtain a satisfactory result.

Scientists inform us that watermelon cleansing have serious contraindications. Direct contraindication to watermelon diet therapy is any disease associated with the violation of the outflow of urine: congenital malformations of the genitourinary system, nephrolithiasis, prostate adenoma, secondary pyelonephritis due to the occurrence of postoperative adhesive processes as well as diabetes.

In addition such cleaning which includes black bread is contraindicated for patients suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases. Even more this type of procedure is contraindicated for patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It is a risk and quite possible to get ulcer perforation.

Warning: As fiber of the fruit increases intestinal peristalsis this diet is very good in case of long-term constipation, but unfortunately is very harmful in case of the propensity to diarrhea.


The fourth benefit: Healthy skin

Healthy skinWatermelon is used a lot in the huge amount of cosmetic products. You should visit nearest beauty shop and you will notice that each and every brand of cosmetic is selling something with this fruit aroma and smell. This red fruit contains organic acids which have a positive impact on the health of the skin. It becomes tight, moisturized and gets a healthy color.

Watermelon masks:

  • Mix the pulp of the fruit with oatmeal and apply on face.
  • Put the mask on the face for 20 minutes and rinse it off without soap with the cool water.
  • The other possible mask is watermelon juice. Fresh juice should be squeezed and used immediately for the procedure. Use some fabric or gauze for soaking the juice and leave it on the skin for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Wash your mask off with cold water.
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When you face any skin problems as well as injuries and burns you can make a mask on the basis of watermelon. Basically just put watermelon red slices on the injured skin. The acids which are in the watermelon prevent spreading of inflammation, cleanse the body of harmful toxins and accelerate the process of cell regeneration.

Warning: In order to get only benefits from the fruit buy watermelons better not earlier than mid-August. Better buy those fruits which are striped rather than with monotonous skin. Never buy soft and flabby melons.


The fifth benefit: Evacuation of parasites

Evacuation of parasitesThe watermelon seeds contain fatty oils consisting of linoleic acids. Seeds of this fabulous fruit are applied to stop fever, cystitis, uterine bleeding. It is believed that the seeds of watermelon as well as pumpkin seeds are effective against all types of worms and even tapeworms.

Drink against tapeworms:

  • Fresh watermelon seeds should be crushed with a heavy object to a powder. We can use coffee grinder to crush them.
  • 500 grams of seeds are covered with 5 cups of warm boiled water and evaporated without boiling on low heat or in the oven.
  • Evaporation should continue till nearly half of the liquid will remain.
  • Unnecessary layer of oil from the surface of the liquid is removed with a spoon. Drink is strained through cloth and consumed depending on age.
  • Doses of fluid to be consumed are as follows: at the age of 3-4 years – 75 grams, 5-6 years – 100 grams, 10 years and older – 150-200 grams, adults – up to 3 glasses a day, divided into 3 portions and taken one hour before meals.

Usually after receiving the last portions of the seed in 2 hours are allowed natural laxative products but not castor oil!

Warning: Seeds powder should be stored dry (not roasted). The powder cannot be stored for more than two years.



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