Top-4 Simple Methods That will Help You to Treat the Strep Throat Quickly

strep throat

Most diseases of the ENT organs and respiratory tract develop because of the pathogens, among which the most common is streptococcus.  All people have streptococci in the throat , which are part of the natural microflora. But with a decrease in immunity, the microorganisms that make up the microflora begin to multiply actively, having a negative impact on the health. Streptococcal infection is dangerous if you don’t start treating it immediately when notice the first symptoms of a strep throat.

You can cure streptococcal infection with antibacterial drugs. Their reception can last at least a week. At home, to ease the course of the disease, you can use the natural methods of treatment. However, you should remember that antibacterial therapy cannot be replaced by the natural methods. To treat the strep throat quicker it is recommended to combine both antibiotics and the effective natural remedies, about which you can learn more in this article.


Method number 1: Rinse the throat

Rinsing of a throatMain rules when it comes to rinsing of a throat:

  1. First of all liquids which are used should be only warm as all surfaces in the throat are now inflammatory we do not need any cold liquids there. The same is with too hot liquids. No need to irritate our throat now.
  2. During rinsing of the throat you need to be in specific position: fill your mouth with medicine you use for rinsing and throw your head back and try to say “R”.
  3. One rinsing of the throat will take approximately 30 seconds. This is enough to clean up mucus and not cause irritation of the throat.
  4. Usually, a sick person should make 2-3 rinsing a day. In case your throat is in pain you should increase amount till 4-5 a day.
  5. To prevent disease you can use throat rinsing once a day in the morning.

Throat rinsing with baking soda:

  • Baking soda can be used alone and also some doctors recommend using baking soda along with salt.
  • Take half of the glass of warm water and add half of the tea spoon of baking soda and half of the tea spoon of salt.
  • Mix everything carefully and use prepared liquid for throat rinsing.
  • Be very careful in using baking soda as it makes throat dry. Do not use it all the time. You can use it every second day.

Bee glue (propolis) for throat rinsing:

  • Buy alcohol-free bee propolis and you will be able to use it for all your family.
  • Mix one tea spoon of bee propolis in one glass of warm water.
  • To get more vitamins and better taste you can add one tea spoon of honey into the liquid.
  • Rinse your throat with liquid for 30 seconds.
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Throat rinsing can be made also with some herbs:

Take dried chamomile flowers or leaves of raspberry and boil them in one liter of water for 20 minutes.

  • Leave them to stay for two hours.
  • Add half glass of water to half glass of herbs water and rinse your throat.
  • You can also add few leaves of mint into the herbs before boiling them in case you like it.

Advice: Sometimes it takes few procedures to find your perfect temperature of liquid for throat rinsing. Take your time and change temperature according to your own feelings. We need to cure our throat and not to feel any discomfort while having this remedy.


Method number 2: Do Inhalations

strep throatFew common rules you should follow in order inhalations work better:

  • Inhalations should be done regularly. Usually it is 3-4 times a day during 10 days in a row.
  • It is strictly forbidden to move, talk or laugh during the procedure.
  • It is recommended to have the procedure one hour before meal or one hour after meal.

After the procedure try to have some rest; lie down and speak less, actually, as less as possible.

Easy and powerful chamomile inhalation against strep throat:

  • Buy dried chamomile flowers or dry them on your own.
  • Boil in one liter of clean water three spoons of dried chamomile.
  • Sit in front of bowl and inhale and exhale hot steam from chamomile.
  • Make this inhalation before going to sleep and you will easily go to sleep as you will feel calm after the procedure.

The best is  to have some warm herbal tea before going to sleep.

Bee glue and beeswax should appear in your house as they are great for inhalations:

  • Take sixty gram of bee glue and forty grams of beeswax and put them into aluminum bowl.
  • Put that on the bain-marie and warm it up until it will melt.
  • Use cover for the bowl in order not to lose heat and hot steam which we need for inhalations.
  • Make inhalation for 10 -15 minutes covering your head with the towel.
  • Usually it is recommended to do this type of inhalation twice a day (one in the morning and a second one before sleep).

Sea salt is a great home remedy against strep throat:

  • Take three spoons of sea salt and mix them in the liter of boiling water.
  • Cover you head and stay above the bowl inhaling steam from the s alt.
  • Salt can be also used for inhalations without water. You can warm up salt till 60-80 degrees Celsius in the oven, than add just few drops of eucalypt oil and inhale steam from it.

Advice:  You will need to inhale your mouth and exhale with your nose. The procedure should last approximately 5-15 minutes. No need to sit above the cold water. Make sure you cover yourself properly and you do not lose steam which is the most important for this procedure.

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Method number 3: Keep to a Healthy Diet

As soon as you realize you got sick with this disease and now are thinking how to get rid of it you should immediately exclude following food from your diet:

  1. foodSpicy food.
  2. Salty food.
  3. Smoked meat.
  4. Hard to chew, not properly boiled food.
  5. Cold drinks.
  6. Ice cream.
  7. Sparkling water.

As your throat is now in the inflammation process you need to eat and drink properly and help your throat to succeed in healing itself via diet which will make throat calm and not painful. Every your portion or meal should be of small size and cut properly in tiny pieces. Also food should be cooked. Preferably food should be baked or better boiled. But of course it should be not too hot when you are having a meal. Try to avoid snacks and nuts. In case you are fan of chips you should also skip them. They make too much harm to your throat.

Advice: Most important is to concentrate now on your immune system. Activation of immune system is also very much connected with diet. Include into your meals vitamins (A, B12, B6 and C). This will help you to recover quicker than ever.


Method number 4: Prepare Homemade Remedies

mint teaMake honey and lemon drink to cure your illness:

  • Take a bowl in which you can boil liquid a bit.
  • Mix juice of half of the lemon with one table spoon of honey.
  • Add one glass of dry red wine and boil everything for two – three minutes.
  • Add a bit of cinnamon (just on the top of the tea spoon) and one clove (you can skip it in case you do not have it).
  • Leave it to stay for about twenty minutes.
  • Drink it while it is still warm.

Tea as drink and tea as a home remedies against throat infections:

  • Every day during the day and especially before going to bed you should drink warm tea made from best herbs and ingredients nature created for us.
  • Make blackberry tea or strawberry tea; add lemon and a bit of mint. These types of tea are perfect activators of immune system.
  • Avoid very hot liquids. It will only harm your throat.

Eucalyptus oil is curing inflammation and infection:

  • Take half of the glass of warm water and put into water 10 drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • Drink this two-three times a day during 10 days.
  • Eucalyptus will help with pain along with healing your throat.

Warm up your feet to cure your throat:

  • As soon as you feel head ache and something unpleasant in your throat you should immediately help your body to be strong and take care of your feet.
  • Take bowl (big enough to fit your feet) and fill it with very hot water.
  • Put dried chamomile flowers and few drops of pine oil.
  • Put your feet into hot water and keep them there for 6-8 minutes.
  • Do not wait till water will get cold.
  • As soon as you will take your feet from water you should wet them up quickly with towel and wear warmest socks you have at home.
  • Stay in the bed after this procedure or go to sleep.
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Advice: A warm milk is also well known home remedies against throat diseases. You can warm up milk and add a bit of propolis into it. You will immediately feel how your throat is relaxed and not irritated after one glass. Have one glass a day before sleep.


5 Helpful Tips on How to Prevent Colds and Throat Diseases:

Physical actiνityThese simple rules will help you and your family to survive without cold and throat diseases

  • Stop smoking. Smoking can be one of the reasons of chronic diseases of the throat. By quiting smoking you will get rid of throat diseases as well.
  • Try to spend weekend outside. Better go to the countryside or village. Find a place where air is clean and fresh and enjoy your day on the nature.
  • Try to eat properly and avoid crunchy and spicy chips and other salty snacks. They do not do any help to your body or immune system.
  • Avoid windy weather. It does not mean that you need to close all windows and doors as soon as September is coming. On the contrary you should every morning open window for 5 minutes in your bedroom and do the same before sleep even in the coldest day of December.
  • Avoid feeling cold outside. Wear proper and warm clothes according to the season. Wear two pairs of socks if it’s needed, take scarf and gloves. Take care of your kids and they will be healthy.

Advice: Our body is perfect machine and it needs proper fuel to work properly. Drinking clean water in needed amount will help you as well. Also along with throat diseases check and prevent yourself from diseases of heart and kidneys and lungs. Using simple steps every day you will prevent getting unpleasant diseases.




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