Simple natural home remedies against flaky scalp problem

HairUnfortunately these days having normal skin type is quite rare case and this might lead to some problems with skin. Having dry head skin basically means having flaky scalp and this brings plenty of unpleasant issues. Majority of people having dry skin type experience dry head skin, irritation, scaling, itching, hair loss, etc.

The problem of dry scalp is familiar to almost every one of us: someone can cope with it, others faced this periodically but many just never managed to solve the problem and live in struggle because they do not know how to get rid of flaky scalp problems. Of course we can start trying millions of special cosmetics for hair, expensive shampoos and conditioners. People are trying hard to improve skin condition through cosmetics but it turns out that instead of healing skin they just make it worse. We will investigate what natural home remedies are affordable and available for everyone who is struggling with flaky scalp.


The first home remedy: Burdock oil

Burdock oilBurdock oil is one of the well-known excellent tools for hydration and nutrition of hair and scalp. Burdock oil is healthy and reliable product. This oil solves plenty of hair problems including flaky scalp issue. The oil itself is therapeutic remedy and can be applied regularly on the skin and hair. The best way to apply the oil is to spread it along entire length and all over the scalp. It is also recommended to apply oil when it is warm. Burdock oil can be also used together with other oils.

Remedy with oils step by step

  1. Burdock oil is recommended to be mixed with extra virgin olive (or buckthorn oil) in equal parts.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of honey to the mixture of oils.
  3. Warm up the liquid a bit and apply on the scalp and hair.
  4. Wrap your head in something but keep in mind that oils might be not that easy to be washed off.
  5. In one hour rinse your hair.
  6. As oils are also a challenge to be washed off the hair it is always better to make such a remedy on weekend when you have plenty of time for the procedure.

The easiest and fastest way to wash off the oil is to use shampoo. Leave the shampoo for two minutes on the hair and rinse it with plenty of water. Preferably wash your hair in the shower. If needed repeat the procedure again. In order to get silky hair use water which is not that hot.

The best burdock oil is natural one without coloring agents, chemical additives and silicone. The product should be made on the basis of high quality raw ingredients. Do not purchase burdock oil for hair if it has an unpleasant odor or sediment.

Important: Do not rinse the oil mask using simple soap. Soap is not effective against fatty mixtures and also dries skin and hair very much.

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The second home remedy: Self-massage

Self massageScalp massage is not just a pleasant procedure. Scalp massage can help with stress and even heal headache. Additional benefit of such procedure is hair growth. Professional scalp massage should be done by specialist however some procedures can be successfully carried out at home. The best spa procedure you can provide yourself is self-massage of scalp. The best way to get rid of flaky scalp problem is regular self-massage of your head for at least twice a week. The procedure is easy and you do not need any special training to perform it successfully.

Tips for scalp self-massage

  • Massage is best done in a couple of hours before washing your hair. This simple trick not only activates the blood circulation but also activates of sebaceous glands.
  • The head should be massaged with active movements. Your hands should move along the arteries and veins. Open internet and learn the location of vessels prior to the procedure.
  • Make sure your hands are warm when you start the procedure, fingertips should touch gently and the whole process should bring you only pleasant feelings.
  • In order to achieve better result before you do a hair massage drink a cup of hot tea.
  • It is recommended to give your scalp some time to adjust to massage slowly. First few days limit massage with just few movements along scalp and few pushes on your scalp.
  • Massage the scalp to enhance hair growth and solve the itching and flaky scalp problems.

The easiest way to massage the scalp is combing hair with brush made from natural materials (bristle, ebony or horn). All you need is to do at least 50-100 movements in different directions. The duration of such massage with hairbrush should not exceed 15 minutes. Self-massage procedure involves stroking, kneading and rubbing. Stroking is done with palms of the hands, rubbing and kneading with fingertips.

The best head self-massage technique

  • Tilt your head forward.
  • Start massage from the neck and then gradually move higher.
  • Pay special attention to the temples and hairline.
  • Massage is done with fingertips with light circular movements.
  • Massage the scalp for about 10 minutes and then gently comb the hair.

Another technique is to start scalp massage with careful stroking of eyebrows and forehead. Then move your fingers to the temporal area and rub it with spiral movements. Repeat 3 times. Finish the procedure with circular rubbing of forehead and temples.

Important: Scalp massage is contraindicated in case of fungal diseases of the skin, hypertension of II and III levels and open injuries of head.


The third home remedy: Diet change

dietThe key to healthy and beautiful scalp skin is healthy and balanced nutrition. Food is something we can use to heal ourselves without medicine. Diet which is rich in vitamins and limited in unhealthy foods will be first step towards healthy scalp skin. We all know that we are what we eat. Sometimes we forget about importance of healthy diet and soon face such an unpleasant situations as flaky scalp. Follow simple diet principles and your skin problems will disappear.

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Include into diet

  • Liquid the more the better. We need to consume freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, natural herbal extracts and clear water.
  • Dietary meat is highly recommended instead of any other. Include the lean pork and beef, white meat of chicken. Rarely is allowed to consume some turkey or rabbit. Fish is also allowed especially if dishes are prepared on the steam.
  • Vegetables should be included in every meal. Always highly recommended are dishes with pumpkin. You can add dishes with zucchini, squash, cabbage and asparagus. The rest of the vegetables are also acceptable but in limited quantities.
  • Milk products should be consumed on the everyday basis. When you prepare your breakfast porridge use both water and milk. Prepare in such a way oatmeal, barley and buckwheat. It is also allowed to consume cheese, kefir and yogurt.
  • Berries are great source of vitamins and nutrition. You can eat them fresh or frozen. Prepare fruit drinks from them. People struggling from flaky scalp will benefit from such berries as gooseberry, currant, cranberry, watermelon and cherries. But exclude jams from your diet.

Include in your diet a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, fish and cereals. Also eat nuts and cheese regularly. Pay attention to the quality of your meals and as well do not forget about quality of your snacks. Drink one glass of carrot juice from time to time as it is rich in vitamin A. In order to receive needed hydration for our scalp it is recommended to consume more water especially mineral.

Exclude from your diet

  • Fried and fatty meals.
  • Marinated and smoked products.
  • Fast-food.
  • Citrus fruits.

This is quite long list of prohibited products and it might be a challenge for some of us to exclude completely all of them. Try step by step to get rid of cakes, sweets and pastries, sugary drinks and all the garbage food you used to consume. You will notice immediate improvement in the skin color and scalp condition.

Important: Change of the diet should be combined with one of two other home remedies which will help to improve scalp skin condition sooner.


The fourth home remedy: Salt peeling

 Salt peelingProbably if you are struggling from flaky scalp issue you already tried various shampoos and medicines and they most likely didn’t help that much. The misfortune is that millions of people are spending plenty of money trying to heal their scalp but problems do not disappear. The whole cosmetic industry is earning money and people forget about effective and affordable home remedies. Try salt remedy and you will be surprised how powerful and effective is this cheap ingredient for skin of our scalp.

How to apply salt

  • First of all wash off all the dirt from the scalp using your usual shampoo (just use any familiar shampoo which you regularly use).
  • While your hair is still wet rub salt into your scalp.
  • We need largest salt we can find in the shop.
  • Rubbing with salt should be performed for several minutes.
  • The effect of such a gentle peeling is as follows: stops hair loss; gentle exfoliation of dead skin particles; skin is not injured, since the salt melts from moisture; increases blood circulation.
  • After the procedure the hair is washed with water.
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The procedure can be made above some bowl and collected salt water can be used once again to rinse your hair. The visible flaky scalp problems will disappears after the first procedure. After some procedures the hair will become thicker. You can perform a peeling every single time when you are washing hair. As a preventive measure the procedure can be performed once in 1-2 weeks.

Important: Remember that salt is making your skin dry. This remedy is not recommended for people with dry skin type.


The fifth home remedy: Homemade masks

 Salt peelingHomemade masks will help with all the symptoms which we experience when we are struggling with dry and flaky scalp problems. Homemade masks will moisturize skin, eliminate itching and irritation together with reducing inflammation. Some properly made masks can even make your hair look shining. In order to achieve visible results make masks regularly and follow recipes and recommendations for every recipe.

Onion mask

  • Onion mask is known as one of the best fighters against scalp skin dryness.
  • To make this mask you need juice of 1 small onion, 20 ml of vegetable oil and a bit of lemon juice.
  • Mix all ingredients and apply on the scalp.
  • Wrap the hair in the towel and wait for 1 hour.
  • Rinse the mask from the head using warm water and a delicate shampoo.

After a month of constant use of this home remedy flaking scalp significantly decrease and the hair will become much stronger. Such mask will also safe you plenty of money as all the ingredients are extremely affordable.

Eggs and avocado mask

  • Mask with eggs and avocado is known as moisturizing remedy. If you feel that your scalp is dry, itchy and flaky you definitely need to moisture it.
  • Egg yolk is perfect for softening of epidermis.
  • Avocado retains moisture inside the cells.
  • Chop half of the pulp of the avocado and mix with 2 egg yolks and 40 ml of any vegetable oil.
  • Apply the product on the hair and leave it for 2 hours.
  • In 2 hours wash it off using chamomile broth.

Homemade masks will only provide visible results if they are applied regularly. Flaking of the scalp is not just an annoying problem but often a sign of not proper hair wash routine. Try homemade masks and check the quality of your shampoo and other cosmetics you are applying on your hair regularly.

Important: Egg is so powerful ingredient in the home remedies for hair that some people use egg yolk instead of shampoo and always have healthy and moisturized scalp skin.



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