Effective remedies for exfoliate lips

lipsSoft and sensual lips are the most attractive elements of female appearance. That is why any modern woman pays them much attention. The skin of the lips is very thin and vulnerable, does not produce fat and dries very quickly. In the off-season or before the approach of winter cold, most people have a problem with dry and exfoliate lips. This not only interferes with normal communication, but also creates an unpleasant and painful discomfort. Due to the dryness the skin on lips can crack in the frosty weather that will be particularly unpleasant. What causes such problems and how to get rid of them? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.


Remedy number 1:  Sweet Masks for lips with Honey

Honey peeling for lips

HoneyA jar of honey is available almost at any kitchen. This gives this homemade remedy its advantages. Honey has a lot of beneficial properties:

  • It contains a storehouse of vitamins,
  • It is able to enrich your lips with nutrients,
  • It will make exfoliate lips soft and smooth.

Apply a couple of drops of honey on the lips in the morning and evening and massage them with your finger or a soft brush.

Important: A few days will be enough to notice that the state of lips has been improved.

Honey plus vegetable juices

Another wonderful vitamin mask for lips with carrot also doesn’t require a lot of effort:

  • mix one teaspoon of fresh carrot juice
  • add cucumber juice (if desired, the remedy can be limited only to carrots),
  • add 1/2 teaspoon of honey
  • add a 15% mixture of sour cream
  • apply this mix on your lips for 20 minutes,
  • then rinse this mask with warm water.

The remaining carrot juice can be drunk with pleasure!

Important: Instead of carrot you can use apple juice or a finely grated apple.

Nutritious Honey mask with lard

It is necessary to prepare a recipe based on the lard:

  • First melt half a tablespoon of lard in a water bath
  • mix with one spoon of honey
  • apply to lips before going to bed

Important: It is possible to leave this mask for the whole for the better result.

Honey-Aloe mask

Aloe juiceThe ingredients are the following:

  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 1 tsp aloe juice;
  • 1 egg yolk quail egg or ¼ of the chicken egg.

Preparation: Thoroughly mix the components until smooth. The resulting mush should be applied on cleansed skin of the lips and not rinsed during 20 minutes.

Important: Make a mask 2 times a day and you will be able to achieve smooth lips in just a few days.

Vitamin honey mask

In order to prepare this mask it is necessary to use:

  • oil with vitamins A and E
  • a bit of honey (on the tip of a teaspoon)
  • the same amount of olive or other vegetable oil

Vitamins can be bought in the drugstore in capsules. The mixture should be applied on the lips for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and use some balm.

This homemade mask is good because it is easy to prepare it at any time. You can use this mask regularly and your lips will retain elasticity and clear contours.

Important: In winter you can make a mask for lips every other day or every day, and during the warm season only two times a week.

Honey-Cranberry Lip Balm

This recipe will not only make the lips soft and gentle, but also give them rich, attractive color. Take the following ingredients:

  • cranberries (10 berries),
  • sweet almond oil
  • honey (1 tsp)
  • oil solution of vitamin E (1 drop)

Honey should be mixed with oil and put in a microwave oven in a suitable container. The mixture should be warm but do not boil it. It is possible to use a water bath.

A mixture of oil and honey should be cooled slightly and mixed with cranberries, then pour into a small glass container and let cool completely – balm is ready!

Important: Cranberries should be gently knead, and then rubbed through a sieve to avoid lumps.


Remedy number 2: Fruit masks for lips

Apple mask

apple Home remedies in the form of masks can replace expensive cosmetics as they are even more effective due to the fact that they are completely natural.

  • Grate an apple on a fine grater,
  • mix it with 1 tsp. spoon of butter.
  • apply to the lips
  • then rinse with water

Important: In order to get quick results, you should use it for 25-30 minutes for about 2-3 days.

Nourishing Fruit Mix

You can choose among the following fruit as the basic ingredients:

  • banana,
  • gooseberry,
  • apricot,
  • melon
  • watermelon
  • apple
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Cut the smallest piece of any peeled fruit you like most. Rub a small amount of the resulting mass (no more than 1 tablespoon) and add half a tablespoon of soft butter. Apply the makeup to the lips for 15 minutes.

Important: Such masks have a good nourishing, moisturizing and soothing effect.

Kiwi mask

KiwiThis mask is able to refresh and rejuvenate the skin of the lips. Follow the instructions and prepare the mask with kiwi and butter.

  • Take butter (0.5 tsp)
  • put it in a small cup
  • put to heat on a water bath

When the butter is melted and becomes warm, it is necessary to add to it 0.5 teaspoon grated pulp of ripe kiwi.

Important: To get the desired effect it is recommended to apply the mask on the lips for 10-15 minutes and repeat it till you notice the result.

Homemade Peach Balm

Peach Balm is made with peach pits nucleoli. It is a bit difficult as it is necessary to crush them into a powder:

  • take 100 g of this peach powder
  • mix it with pork lard (2 tablespoons)

Important: This natural balm is better stored in the refrigerator. The lips should be lubricated for the whole night.


Remedy number 3: Oil masks with healing effect

Use of Vegetable oil

vinegarTo prevent dryness of the lips it is recommended to lubricate them with any available vegetable oil half an hour before going outside. If you don’t have oil at home, there are some other natural products that can be found at home that can be also effectively used for this purpose:

  • sour cream,
  • Vaseline,
  • Vitamins A and E.

Hold any of the above mentioned products on the lips for about 30 minutes, blot with a tissue and apply lipstick.

Important: It is efficient to apply oil before going to bed and leave it till morning.

Oil-Beeswax mask

  • Mix 1 tsp. spoon of the melted beeswax
  • Add the same amount of any of the following oils: cocoa, castor oil, olive oil, apricot.
  • Add to the mix a teaspoon of petroleum jelly
  • add a tablespoon of chamomile decoction.

Important: It is a good help for chapped lips, especially in winter.

Castor Oil ointment for sensitive lips

This recipe is suitable even for those who have sensitive skin. In order to prepare this useful ointment at home, it is necessary to take the following ingredients:

  • castor oil
  • Vaseline boron (one teaspoon).

Important: It is possible to apply this remedy as often as you feel some discomfort, especially during winter period.

Hemp oil

Hemp oilThis homemade remedy is for cracked lips:

  • First you will need to make a paper box
  • put the pieces of wax inside
  • pour hemp oil on top
  • preheat this mix over the burning candle
  • Stir this composition

Important: It is necessary to lubricate the affected lips before going to bed and for the better result you are recommended to leave it for night without washing it off.

Vegetable Oil plus cocoa butter

Try this remedy:

  • Mix ten grams of oil (vegetable),
  • seven grams of cocoa butter,
  • three grams of beeswax

Ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and then heated (preferably – in a water bath).

Lubricate lips with this useful mix twice a day and leave it for 20 minutes or don’t remove it at all if you feel comfortable with it.

Important: It is recommended to substitute your lipstick with cocoa butter as well.

Oil mask with Yogurt

To moisturize lips there is an effective recipe, which consists of the following ingredients:

  • Yogurt ( or sour cream) 1-0,5 tsp
  • lemon juice
  • vegetable oil (2-3 drops),

Preparation: mix all ingredients thoroughly, apply a thick layer on the lips, and hold about 20 minutes.

Important: It is possible to apply it up to ten layers. When the last layer dries, wait for another 15 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and gently blot the lips with a soft towel or cloth.


Remedy number 4: Cheese masks for exfoliate lips

“Pudding” for your lips

LipsThis is a really tasty recipe which consists of simple and delicious ingredients:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Carrot ( or any other vegetable juice)
  • Butter
  • Mix the ingredients and apply to the lips skin’

Don’t wash it down for 15-20 minutes.

Important: Mask will give lips vitamins A and B

Nourishing mask for lips with curd

You can nourish lips using a mixture, which consists of:

  • two teaspoons of curd
  • the same amount of fatty cream

According to the recipe, the mask should be left for 15 minutes.  Then gently wipe it with a cloth.

Important: this remedy is effective if used on the daily basis till you see the result.

Cheese plus vegetables

You will need the following ingredients to create this effective mask for lips preventing the exfoliation:

  • take 1 tsp of soft cheese;
  • add 2 tsp of pumpkin or carrot juice;
  • add 4 drops of wheat germ oil.
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How to prepare this mask: Just mix all ingredients until smooth. The resulting mass should be put on a prepared skin and left for 20-30 minutes exposure.

Important: It is better to rinse it with warm water.


Remedy number 5: Homemade scrubs for lips

Scrub for lips with baking soda

scrubs for lipsA very simple homemade scrub for lips is made according to the recipe here:

  • take baking soda and honey (1 tsp),
  • add a bit of vegetable oil

The ingredients are mixed and applied to the lips. Leave this scrub for 2-3 minutes. Then gently massage the skin of the lips, wash off the scrub with warm water, wet and oil lips.

Important: You can choose any oil you like but the most effective are: olive, almond, sesame, jojoba.

Brown sugar scrub

Many people know that a good scrub for lips should contain brown sugar. The sugar is mixed with any vegetable oil, as it was in the previous recipe, honey is applied to the lips and washed in a few minutes.

You can make a scrub with brown sugar, which is ideal both for the lips skin and can be used for your face at the same time:

  • Take a few aspirin tablets,
  • crush them and mix with sugar (1 tsp),
  • add glycerol (0.5 tsp)
  • add jojoba oil (3-4 drops).

Important: This scrub exfoliates very well and removes all the dead cells. Wash it with water, and then apply a moisturizing balm.


Remedy number 6: Herbal recipes for lips

Chamomile healing ointment for lips

ChamomileIf the lips are weather-beaten, it is possible to prepare a medical ointment using the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax,
  • cocoa butter,
  • petrolatum (1 tsp)
  • the broth chamomile (1 tablespoon)

First you need to melt the wax in a water bath, then take turns adding cocoa butter, petroleum jelly and chamomile broth. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed. Remove this mixture from the heat and whisk (use a mixer), until the mixture has cooled. Apply this ointment several times during the day and at night.

Important: The ointment should be stored in the refrigerator.

Flowers of calendula

To help your lips to be soft and gentle it is necessary to prepare the following recipe consisting of:

  • Forty grams of butter (unsalted)
  • dry flowers of calendula (two tablespoons)
  • beer

Mix all ingredients. The resulting ointment should be imposed on the bandage (leave it for the night). Bandages need to be changed every day. Apply this mix till a complete cure. The same ointment should be used to lubricate lips after eating.

Important: Ointment is contraindicated in very frosty and sunny weather.

Wheat bran

It is necessary to prepare the following recipe following the instructions:

  • Heat wheat bran on a water bath (heated during one hour)
  • Strain
  • Moisten a cotton swab with this broth,
  • Apply it to the exfoliate lips.

The procedure should be done within half an hour.

Important: Don’t forget to change the swab with broth every five minutes.


Remedy number 7: Folk remedies

Norm of liquid per day

The main thing that prevents a person to have healthy lips is an elementary dehydration. The first sign of a lack of water is always frequent licking of lips as an attempt to eliminate dryness with saliva. A lack of fluid in the body leads to problems with the lips in the first place. This means that adjusting the rate of fluid intake, it is possible to get rid of the constant dryness and fine cracks on the surface of the lips:

  • Drink 2 liters of pure water every day in order to improve the state of normal dermis.
  • Avoid using persistent lipsticks, as they also pull moisture from the delicate skin.

Interesting: There is a theory of the emergence of intelligent beings from the world ocean. If to believe it, it may serve an explanation why the lack of water leads to such health problems.

Use of Gelatin

GelatinQuickly get rid of problems with lips’ skin is possible with the help of the so-called collagen mask for lips, there are plenty of reviews proving its effectiveness. Prepare the following products:

  • Take 1 tsp gelatin;
  • Add 20 ml of cold water;
  • Add 1 tablespoon yogurt;
  • Add 1 tsp oatmeal;
  • Add nourishing and moisturizing cream.

Preparation: Soak gelatin in water. When the water is absorbed, heat it in the microwave or in a water bath. Then add to the melted gelatin yogurt and flour and stir all ingredients thoroughly.

Before applying the mask on lips, use any moisturizing or nourishing cream. Leave the mixture on your lips until it is completely dry.

Important: It is not recommended to move lips while applying this mask.

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Use of Sour cream

Make your lips skin silky with the help of sour cream recipe on the basis of the following ingredients:

  • 1 tsp sour cream;
  • 2-3 drops of lemon juice;
  • 5 drops of castor oil.

Preparation: It is recommended to choose fat sour cream with not too liquid consistency. Mix all ingredients until smooth and that’s it- the mask is ready.

Important: It is not necessary to wash off the mixture earlier than 20 minutes after application.

Use a lip balm

lip balmYou may also apply a lip balm with Vitamins to the lips. To moisturize and protect your lips’ skin the following things may be effectively used before going outside in winter:

  • special cream,
  • vitamin E oil
  • aloe vera gel.

Important: It is recommended to use a lip balm with SPF in winter.

Use of toothbrush to rub lips

To get rid of the problem of exfoliate lips, try not to use colored lipstick.  Choose a color lip balm. Apply lip balm and bring lips together. There is an easy procedure:

  • take a new dry toothbrush
  • easy rub your lips in a circular motion

This will help remove peeling skin. Wash the lips, easy pat with a towel and then apply lip balm.

Important: Repeat this procedure every day until your lips not come back to normal.

Use of Rose petals

According to this recipe it is necessary to mix the following ingredients:

  • Take rose petals
  • Add a spoonful of melted avian fat (or it can be substituted with lard or butter)
  • Carefully rub and apply this composition on lips.

Important: You will soften lips skin with vitamin B and see the result

Use of special cosmetics for lips

Naturally, as a preventive measure it is necessary to use balms or hygienic lipstick as they have the following properties:

  • nourishing,
  • moisturizing
  • protective

They can protect lip skin from the sun, frost and wind.

In addition, special cosmetics may give lips a natural shine, heal wounds and cracks. Balms and hygienic lipstick can be used as a standalone means, and can be applied with the make-up.

It is recommended not to save on the makeup – cheap lipstick can dry lips more than the hot wind of the desert.

Important: Use only special programs for cosmetic care of delicate and sensitive skin of the lips.

We asked cosmetologists are going to help us find the answer, how can protect your lips from peeling.

lipsGeneral rules for taking care of lips’ skin in winter:

  1. Continuous use of scrubs is desirable. It is better to prepare homemade scrubs from natural ingredients than to buy the ready-made.
  2. Peeling should be performed regularly – twice a week
  3. Don’t lick your lips in the street (especially in the winter cold months)
  4. Eat lots of fruits
  5. Eat a lot of vegetables
  6. Constantly use hygienic lipstick or a lipstick that will take care of the skin with the moisturizing effect
  7. At night be sure to spread the skin of the lips with a fat cream. For this purpose the cream for children, since it consists of only high-quality components and moisturizes the skin well.
  8. Massage lips For this purpose, use vegetable oils that will nourish the skin of the lips providing it with useful vitamins and microelements.
  9. Don’t forget to use these products for lips care: buckthorn oil, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, hypericum oil, rosehip oil.
  10. Avoid using low-quality cosmetics for your lips. In winter, better give up using lipsticks with the long-lasting effect as they contain substances that contribute to dry lips.
  11. There is a special diet for the lips. To preserve the tone and natural moisture of your lips, you need to eat foods rich in fiber. Nutritionists recommend figs, pumpkin and avocado.
  12. Even after your lipstick fades from lips by itself, you have to clean the skin of the lips from the remnants of lipstick. It is better to do it with a cotton pad, coated with olive or castor oil.
  13. For daily care of the skin of the lips, you can use a bag of brewed green tea. Cool it to the room temperature and wipe lips with the tea letting it dry by itself. This will return the lips bright color, improve their blood circulation and give moisture and elasticity of the delicate skin.




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