Five easy and natural ways to get rid of stinky feet forever

stinky feetStinky feet situation is very delicate problem which however brings in our life great discomfort. Foot odor can actually be very harsh and unpleasant. Usually from this problem suffer first of all people with excessive sweating. Feet in closed shoes are starting to get sweaty. After this unpleasant situation we are even scared to take off shoes anywhere except at our home.

There are plenty of means to eliminate odor and get rid of stinky feet. We should learn what we can do and how we can help our body to eliminate the smell. In addition to cream and wide range of cosmetics at pharmacy there are also affordable and easy means to solve the problem at home and quite quickly.


The first method: How to deal with shoes

shoesWhen it comes to smells, especially to stinky smells we cannot do anything when it is too late. People will notice smell and will think something very unpleasant about that one who brought the smell to their home. New beautiful outfit or fashionable haircut will not help to attract the girl or boy of our dreams if we are experiencing serious smells disaster as soon as we take off our shoes.

Simple shoes rules against feet smell:

  1. Best types of shoes are shoes made from natural materials. When warm season is starting you should as soon as possible change shoes to the more open ones.
  2. Very often they make leather shoes which are made inside from artificial leather. Always pay attention to the materials used for your shoes. In case you got sandals with artificial leather inside you should glue on top of artificial leather piece of fabric (natural fabrics only should be used for this purpose).
  3. Be very careful and take care of shoes insole. We should prefer insole absorbing odors. Regularly change them. The best thing is to change insole on the seasonal basis. In case soles of the shoes are easy to be taken out you should wash them regularly.
  4. Socks are also very important. Always pay attention to the materials used to produce socks. Wear only cotton socks and never buy synthetic ones. Socks should be changes on the daily basis even if you do not have stinky feet.
  5. Try to walk more barefoot. At home try not to wear socks or any slippers. Let your feet breath.
  6. You should have at least two pair of shoes which you are wearing regularly. In such a way one pair is staying one day on the air and the other is in use. This method will help to evaporate smell from shoes better. In winter you can even leave one pair on the balcony at night.
  7. When you take off your shoes you can keep them in separate bags and put in each small cotton bag with aroma herbs. This method will help to get rid of smell and brings pleasant and refreshing herbs aroma.

In case you do not have any herbs at home you can use bags with zeolite instead (it is natural material absorbing odor molecules). If you do not have herbs, zeolite or time you can just keep your shoes full of paper or newspapers. Paper will absorb all the moisture from the shoes.

Warning: Do not hide your shoes in a dark closet. Dark places with moisture are as a heaven for germs. Keep shoes in bright well ventilated place and wash them at least once a month.

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The second method: Better hygiene

wash feetKeeping your shoes clean is important indeed. What is even more important is to pay attention to hygiene of our feet and toes. Feet are usually producing smell because of bacteria appearing on the toe nails, near toe nails and between toes. We should always find time and take care about our feet hygiene. Even if you are tired after long working day you should any way remember to take care about your feet.

Easy rules how to keep feet clean and fresh:

  1. Most probably you will be able to get rid of feet smell doing just one easy method: pay more attention to feet care by everyday rules of hygiene.
  2. Wash your feet with soap every morning and every evening. In the evening before going to bed wash your feet once more using cool water.
  3. Try to keep your feet always warm and dry. Especially difficult it can be during summer to keep feet dry but you can care about shoes quality and use extra towels.
  4. When you are taking a bath you should on the regular basis take care about your feet. Buy special grater for feet. Such grater is removing layers of dead cells where al the germs and bacteria are living.
  5. The quickest way to get rid of stinky feet is use of antiperspirant for armpits. It will not only deodorize your feet but additionally will reduce sweating. In fact this antiperspirant is created exactly for this purpose. Use spray type or cream type of antiperspirant before going out.

In case you found out that fungi is causing the smell of your feet you should use antibacterial (antifungal) soap to kill the smell while you are in the process of treatment. Additionally to this method it is recommended to use other natural homemade remedies against stinky feet which are: baths, powders, teas etc.

Warning: Sometimes twice a day to wash feet it is not enough. Do not be shy. Take a shower or wash your feet as much as you need during warm season. It is better to feel your individual needs than follow rules which are common in your family.


The third method: Via taking bath

Bath against feet smellYou should take care about feet not only in warm season when your feet are all visible in open sandals. Very good and working method is to keep feet clean, soft, without fungus and other misfortunes taking a special baths for feet. Such procedures will be good for whole body and improve blood circulation. Especially good baths against stinky feet are when they are accompanied with peeling and foot massage.

Bath against feet smell:

  1. Use contrast bath, change water temperature from cold to hot and again. Use for bath walnut leaves, oak bark or oat straw.
  2. Very helpful bath against sweating is bath with permanganate. Add permanganate in the water in the amount which will make water light pink. Take such bath for feet for 10 minutes.
  3. Take short (10-15 minutes) warm baths for feet with oak, birch or berries leaves. Implement powder after such bath.
  4. Wash your feet in the salt water (use sea salt for such bath). For such bath take two tablespoons of salt and three liters of warm water. Stay in water while it is warm.
  5. In case baths are not helping you can try one more option with salt. Place between your toes cotton ball soaked in baking soda and water mixture. It might start itching but you should try to be patient. Rinse your feet after this remedy. After this remedy you will forget about feet smell in one week.
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Repeat one of these remedies on the daily basis and preferably before bed and you will get rid of smell very soon. Use plastic big bowl for baths. Bowl should be big enough to fit both your feet and cover them till ankles with water.

Tea bath against stinky feet:

  • Take couple of tea bags of black tea and boil them for 15 minutes.
  • Throw away tea bags and add to the tea twice bigger amount of water.
  • Put your feet in this water for half an hour.
  • Strong black tea contains tannic acid and has strong astringent properties. It will kill bacteria and reduce perspiration.
  • Make sure that tea is strong and black.
  • Use one liter of water for teabags and then extra two liters of hot water for bath.
  • Make sure that temperature of the liquid is comfortable for your feet.

Tea is one of the best homemade remedies for our feet. Tea can help us to get rid of smell and sweating. Usually in homemade remedies we use tea in leaves but in this case we will use tea bags of black tea.

Vinegar bath against stinky feet:

  • This remedy is based on the vinegar but can be also used with vinegar and essential oils.
  • Dissolve one glass of vinegar in the warm water (use three liters of warm water).
  • Thyme oil can be used and is perfect for this remedy. Effect of the bath will be increased several times by adding few drops of this essential oil. We need 3-4 drops for one procedure.
  • Keep your feet in warm pleasant water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Oil has strong antiseptic properties and destroys odor bacteria.
  • In case you do not have thyme oil you can use lavender essential oil instead.

Such bath is recommended to be taken every day during one week. We usually do not have even 15 minutes for our health but we have few hours for watching some stupid videos or TV. Make right choice and devote 20 minutes to your feet every evening.

Warning: Vinegar bath remedy cannot be used for the feet with wounds. Before using vinegar and salt baths make sure your feet do not have any scratches or wounds. Unfortunately if you have wounds you will feel pain and irritation.


The fourth method: Gymnastics

gymnasticSound strange isn’t it? How can we get rid of sweating stinky feet using physical exercises? These questions are quite common. But you should know that one of the reasons of excessive sweating is problem with blood circulation which is causing awful smell from our feet. We can normalize the process of blood circulation by one whole month of everyday exercises for legs and feet.

Feet gymnastics for better blood circulation:

  1. Be ready to spend 20-30 minutes of your time for these simple exercises.
  2. Walk barefoot stepping on the outside part of the foot.
  3. Walk barefoot stepping on your toes.
  4. Sit and start turning your feet clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  5. Take small ball (ball should be wooden or rubber and smaller than tennis ball approximately two times) and with your toes move it around on the floor while you are sitting.
  6. Perform squats first on the left leg and then on the right leg. Do slow squats.
  7. Sit on the floor with crossed legs. Put feet like they do on east and try to put knees on the floor and press them with your hands.

Repeat each exercise at least 10 times. After the gymnastics it is better to implement some powder on the foot. This method is quite effective and you will notice how quickly it helps to get rid of stinky feet and brings freshness and cleanness to our delicate feet.

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Warning: In case you are aware that the biggest problem is caused by bacteria on toes you should perform more exercises which will activate blood circulation of toes. Together with this remedy it is recommended to perform hygiene remedy.


The fifth method: Powders

feetRemember the golden rule: you should always keep your feet dry. Even healthy feet should be always dry. Especially control level of wetness (sweating) of your feet if you know that you are experiencing excessive sweating. Moisture provides environment needed for bacteria to live and multiply very quick. Our goal is to keep feet warm and dry. This goal can be reached with the help of powder. Powder is not only making skin dry but also is providing healing and deodorizing effect.

Homemade powders against stinky feet:

  1. First of all concentrate on the idea of using only natural deodorants. For example we can use oak bark or powder alum. These remedies are poured into socks and they are staying on feet for a long time. This is reducing excessive sweating.
  2. Usually as a powder can be used talc or boric acid powder (can be bought in pharmacy) or even potato starch (can be bought in every market).
  3. Also very common method is to use powder mixtures. We can implement such recipe: starch and talc in a ratio 9 to 1. Usually powders are used immediately after washing our feet. Make sure that feet are dry (use dry towel) and then implement powder.
  4. In case you do not have any of above listed ingredients you can use following recipe: salt and cornstarch. Mix them and implement on foot. Salt is neutralizing the odor and starch is absorbing moisture.
  5. Boric acid is widely used as a powder for fighting against awful feet smell. Crush into powder crystals of boric acid and sprinkle area between your toes with this powder. Every day before bed wash off the powder with hot water. Smell and excessive sweating will disappear in a few weeks.

In fact you can easily start using homemade easy remedies even now without special ingredients from the kitchen or pharmacy. Buy simple baby powder and use it for foot.

Baby powder against sweaty feet:

  1. It can even sound strange but believe baby powder is helping adults to get rid of feet smell.
  2. After washing you should carefully wipe your feet with towel (always use dry towel; have separate towel for feet).
  3. Sprinkle your feet with ordinary baby powder.
  4. Wear clean socks and you are ready to go.

Baby powder can be used after each and every washing of feet. In case you do not have baby powder you should use talc instead.

Warning: Most probably you do not have any disease and you should just pay more attention to your feet hygiene. Remember that careful hygiene, simple powder and proper care about shoes can help and even prevent a lot of unpleasant situations including stinky feet.



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