Five simple ways how to relieve gas forever

how to relieve gasThis annoying phenomenon in the stomach is called flatulence. Flatulence is also known as excessive accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract because of its increased formation or elimination disorders. This refers to the internal common disease syndromes.

This simple situation makes our life so complicated. Plenty of people are extremely embarrassed of this state and never visit doctor.  In most cases we can deal with the excessive gas accumulation using home remedies or slight changes in the diet but in few cases we do need to visit the experienced professional. Let’s investigate how to relieve gas as soon as possible and enjoy our life without any gastrointestinal complications.


The first way: Change your diet

dietBasic rules in organization of balanced diet should be obeyed. Several dishes should be eliminated and other should be consumed more. In order to get the result in such an area as gas relieve we should pay much more attention to what we eat and when we eat. Nowadays we do not go to nutritionists any more as we can find all information on the internet.

Dishes which should be removed

  • Cabbage.
  • Sorrel.
  • Grapes.
  • Gooseberries.
  • Beer.
  • Carbonated water.

If you notice this problem exclude immediately from your diet foods such as black bread and muffins, fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, bananas, vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, peas, legumes. Also surprisingly but we need to get rid of sweet drinks containing gases, sugar cereals which are now very popular, Chinese food, spicy and fatty meat dishes. The organization of a balanced diet implies the removal of dishes containing coarse fiber. Also excluded should be drinks which are causing fermentation reaction products such as beer and carbonated water.

Dishes which are recommended

  • Fermented milk products.
  • Crisp cereals (buckwheat, millet).
  • Vegetables and fruits which are boiled (carrot, beet).
  • Meat only boiled.
  • White bread from wheat flour with bran.

For those who are addicted to caffeine there are some bad news as nutritionists do not recommended to consume coffee and chocolate. We should try to exclude also exotic fruits as they are known as one of the reasons of gas creation in our stomach. Meals should be consumed in small portions and quite often. Overeating is our enemy.

Those people who suffer from gas in the intestines should seriously consider to radically revise their diet, as most likely the reason is there in their diet. Lifestyle of modern people often forces them to grab a bite of quite not healthy food (fast food, burgers, etc.) and therefore the number of people suffering from this problem is increasing.

Important: Alcohol is also not recommended. Even more than that you should avoid alcohol completely in order to succeed in gas relieve.

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The second way: Prepare dill seeds drink

dill seeds Homemade remedies sometimes work much better than all types of medicine known today. They are tested by time and millions of people and advised all over the globe. Pills unfortunately are at the same time treating one organ but mistreating another one. We can use best known homemade remedy against bloating and relieve gas successfully using not that much of our time and money.

Recipe of fennel drink

  • Pour glass of boiling water into the cup and add 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds.
  • Leave the cup to stay with the cover for couple of hours.
  • Consume half a cup after the meals.
  • Thus approximate dosage for adults is 100 ml every meal time.

Even small children suffering from colic usually calm down quickly from dill water. The dosage for children should be recommended by your doctor according to the weight and age of a kid. Usually homemade remedies should be used very carefully but in this case you can try and drink dill water in order to relieve gas without any risks for your health. In fact dill is also highly recommended to be eaten as a fresh herb. This green herb has powerful antibacterial properties and contains plenty of useful minerals.

Important: In general any herbs can suppress formation of gases. We can consume not only dill and parsley but also spinach. We can eat the greens as a separate meal or they can be added to salads or other meals. In any case they work beneficially for us.


The third way: Change some habits

Chewing gumNo need to spend 5 years at the university in order to study and become nutritionist if we want to understand simple rules we all should follow to relieve gas. Gas is so annoying and sometimes happening at the most discomfort moments. Some people have misfortune and experience the gas quite often. There is no reason to adjust to this situation as we can always make few changes and succeed in the fight against gas.

Get rid of these habits

  • Chewing gum today is used by everyone in any age and time. Unfortunately for us while we are chewing gum extra air is entering the body which causes bloating. We need to stop chewing them at all.
  • Smoking is not only killing your lungs but also causes gases. While we are smoking we are inhaling more air which is harmful and toxic at the same time. Step by step quit smoking and you might solve the gas problem at the same time.
  • Drinking sweet drinks and sodas is also quite often the reason of gases. We grab some drink on our way or at the restaurant and do not think about further circumstances. Start drinking clear water or fermented milk products instead.
  • Skipping the breakfast and having 2 or 3 meals a day is the usual routine of everyday schedule of average working person. We should find time and incorporate 5 meals in the amount of 200-250 grams each in order to eliminate bloating. Try this method in order to see results within less than a week.
  • Do not eat in a hurry.
  • Do not open your mouth too much when drinking.
  • Do not swallow large pieces of poorly chewed food.
  • Do not talk while eating.
  • Do not overeat. Even on holidays and celebrations stop yourself from getting extra portion. It is better to eat less than overeat.
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If you will consider getting rid of above listed habits you have all chances to relieve gas and forget about flatulence forever. Flatulence is not the problem with which we should hurry to visit the doctor. But if the annoying gas is not leaving us for a long time we should go to the hospital. Often it can be a symptom of various diseases: from neurosis and ending with cirrhosis.

Important: Control the amount of food you consume. Remember if you eat more than 1.5 kg of food per day the gas will appear any way (no matter what type of food you consume and how).


The fourth way: Exercise a bit

ExerciseKnowing how to relieve gas is an incredible knowledge as it can be very useful in our everyday life. Imagine that you experience gases and in 30 minutes you should be giving a speech at the conference or participate in the very important for your carrier meeting. There are plenty of situations when gases are quite inappropriate. Exercises from bloating can be performed on the daily basis in order to prevent the unpleasant situation or at the moment when we need to relieve gas immediately.

Simple everyday exercises:

  1. Starting position: lying on your back. Slightly bend your legs at the knees, perform movement which imitate cycling. Repeat such movements for 30 times.
  2. Starting position: is the same. Using your hands deliver your bent knees to your stomach, return legs into the starting position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  3. Starting position: is the same. Raise both legs at the same time and try to throw them behind your head.10-15 repetitions.
  4. Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. Move your knees to the sides and then back together for 15-20 times.
  5. Starting position: on your knees, leaning your outstretched arms on the floor. Your spine should be parallel to the floor. Lift the bent left leg to the side, then the same do with the right leg. Repeat 10 times for each leg.
  6. Starting position: is the same. Inhale the air through your mouth, when exhale move your lower back down and relax your stomach. Stay a bit in this position. Go back to the starting position; inhale the air through the mouth. On the exhale pull your stomach and arch your back up like cats do. Perform 20-30 repetitions.
  7. Starting position: standing, arms at your sides. Take a deep breath, breath with your belly moving inside and outside. Repeat 5-8 times. This exercise is excellent massage for the internal organs and it also improves intestinal motility.
  8. Finish your exercises with walking on one spot raising your knees very high for 2-3 minutes.
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The whole gymnastics which awakens the intestine is very simple and does not require any extraordinary effort. You will learn it quickly. What is the best is that half of the exercises can be performed while you are lying in bed. To improve gastric motility immediately we should stretch and relax our stomach at least 10-15 times. This simple trick will help sometimes very quickly.

Important: The main thing is not to be lazy and perform it regularly. Then this simple set of exercises will improve the blood circulation of the abdominal cavity, strengthen the abdominal muscles and facilitate the passage of gas with flatulence.


The fifth way: Get rid of parasites

Happy womanThe presence of intestinal parasites also causes intestinal bloating, flatulence and gases. Bloating can be even enhanced after consumption of legumes, fresh fruits or vegetables. In addition the wastes of parasites are staying in the intestines provoking further contamination of the intestines. Inside our body (healthy people) can easily live about 15 protozoa species. 7 of them are living in the intestine. Usually we got infected through food or water.

Giardia parasite

  • Let’s see what happens when Giardia is appearing in our body.
  • Giardia is damaging the mucus membrane of the gall bladder.
  • Giardiasis is bringing following symptoms: swelling and bloating, nausea, stool becomes a liquid or constipation is happening, ache at the top of the stomach and in the umbilical region.
  • If you do not pay attention to these symptoms unfortunately you may develop diseases such as gallbladder dyskinesia or inflammation of the gallbladder.

Unfortunately parasites are very often living inside us and we do not even do anything. According to some researches 7 out of 10 people are having parasites in their body. As we can see they are one of the reasons of the bloating. In order to relieve gas we need to check if we have any parasites in the intestines and get rid of them.

Important: Remember that the longer the parasites live in the human body the more damage they cause. Get rid of them and you will feel better immediately!



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