How to get rid of ants easily via eight working solutions

An antAnts are quite smart insects living in huge families. These families are very large, organized groups of unpleasant creatures and they are cold colonies. In case you found few ants in your apartment or house you should understand that it is a sign that somewhere close is located their colony. Street, forest, garden – anything from this can be a location where ants come from to your house in search of food. They are able to travel quite long distances in search for food. More than anything they are attracted by meat and sweets.

You should keep in mind that ants are not only unpleasant insect which we do not want to see but also source of infections and you should immediately react and start actions against them. Preventing appearing of ants in the house is perfect plan. The most important is not just to kill those few which appeared on your table or near box with sugar but to destroy their nest, their colony and queen-ant. Using borax, chamomile, soap-water and other recipes you can stop visits and get rid of this unpleasant situation.


Method number one: Better prevent than fight

sweet homeAs soon as spring is coming people who live on the first floor struggle as ants are appearing. This issue is very common in private houses. To prevent appearing of ants and to save your place from them in warm season you should use prophylactic methods. Unfortunately ants are quite a travelers and distance is nothing for them. In case they will once visit your home successfully and find what they search for there you will than struggle from their visits very long.

Simple rules to stop ant visits to you home sweet home:

  1. Do not leave on the open visible surfaces any food for ants: sweets, meat or bread.
  2. Be very careful and always keep you kitchen as clean as possible.
  3. Do not leave dirty dishes for a while (in fact, never, is even better).
  4. Clean all working surfaces after using them in cooking process (any surfaces for cutting food or serving).
  5. Throw away garbage more often. Your garbage bin is very attractive spot for ants.
  6. Save fruits in fridge in special containers.
  7. Find spots from where ants are entering your place (window, door and tunnel between piles) and put both sides duct tape on such entrances. This method will a bit stop visits of unpleasant guests.

Warning: Being always into clean kitchen you might anyway experience ants. Do not panic. Analyze is there any one from your family, who is leaving leftovers of food in his room or in dining room. You might find cause of the problem inside your own family.


Method number two: Insecticide sprays, gels and pencils

an aerosolIn case you need to solve problem quickly you can visit shop and ask for one of the options against ants. Usually such options are quite dangerous for people and pets as well as for ants. In case you have kids and pets this option is not working for you. It is not just the matter of getting rid of enemies but also keeping all members of your family healthy and pets as well.

Insecticide spray will get rid of ants

  1. First effect will be happening in few hours after implementing.
  2. Effect is in a way temporarily.
  3. Specifics of this method is that spray kills just ants “workers” and separate nests of the colony, but heart of the colony stays alive and it reproduce new members so they reappear soon.
  4. This method is quite effective in case you know exact location of the nest or heart of the colony.
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Follow these instructions when implementing insecticide sprays:

  1. People and pets should be out of the apartment. You should also take out dishes and clothes.
  2. Move furniture and carpets from the walls and close windows and doors.
  3. Carefully spray on every surface and all possible roots of ants. Amount of sprays needed should be measured before using this remedy.
  4. Leave apartment for few hours (better for one or two days) and immediately let fresh air upon returning. Let fresh air inside and spray to evaporate. Only after that it is allowed to return to the apartment for you and your family and pets.
  5. Clean up all surfaces with soap and soda bicarbonate mix.
    Insecticide solutions are in a way lazy way to solve the problem. Insecticide gel on the other hand is best and most effective solution against red ants, which are very often visitors of houses and homes. Important fact about this remedy is that is helps to reach queen of ants.

Insecticide gels as powerful solution:

  1. Gels should be placed in the apartment no matter where colony is located.
  2. Ants will find gel and treat it as those gel pieces are real treasure.
  3. They are happy to eat them and bring poisoning drops of gel on their bodies home to the heart of the colony.
  4. Queen gets poisoned through ants which transferred gel from your kitchen into the colony.
  5. Amount of poison in gels are usually enough to poison but also not enough to kill ant immediately but to give him opportunity to reach colony and poison the rest of his family.

It depends on the amount of ants appeared in your apartment or house but in fact insecticide gel usually helps in two – eight weeks.

Warning: In case of usage of Insecticide sprays you should be very careful and follow instructions. In case you have fish in aquarium you should take care of them as well. Cover tank with water and turn off compressor for all the time when you will be away and open as soon as air will get fresh in the house.


Method number three: Home remedies with borax

BoraxWhen it comes to borax it is all about proportion. You should first of all understand that our purpose is not just to kill ants which are walking at this moment in your kitchen but all of them and their entire colony together with queen-ant. For this purpose you should prepare next recipes very carefully according to amounts listed below.

Simplest way to implement borax:

  1. Just take borax and cover nest completely with it and also all their roots.
  2. Unfortunately we often do not know where exactly colony is situated so we need to also act on distance.
  3. For better results mix borax with sugar or powdered sugar.
  4. For implementing this option you need first to investigate the entire place very carefully and find the nest, what is sometimes impossible to do.

Borax with water:

  1. Take exactly 5 grams of borax.
  2. Add 100 milliliters of water.
  3. Add one spoon of sugar or honey and mix everything.
  4. Fill plate with this liquid (plate should be with very low borders and very low).
  5. Put such plate on the floor on the spot where it will be easy for ants to find poison.
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Cookies for enemies with borax:

  1. Mix half of the tea spoon of borax with two egg yolks.
  2. It should look like dough.
  3. Make small rounds from such dough and cover them in powdered sugar.
  4. 4ut this poison on the ways of ants and near their probable nest.

Meat balls with borax:

  1. Also attractive for our unwelcome guests meat is and knowing it we can use it against them.
  2. Mix two spoons of minced meat with one tea spoon of borax.
  3. With the tips of your fingers make tiny balls from this mixture and put them on the roots insects use in your apartment.

Warning: Very important is recipe proportions. In case you will use too much of borax you will just kill those who are outside their nest at this moment. The rest will just come to you later. We do not need this. Also this method is not possible to be used in case you have pets. Be very careful and do not poison your pet while fighting with ants.


Method number four: Smells they cannot stand

LemonInteresting fact is that ants hate some smells. Knowing this we can actually stop their visits very quickly and easily. In case you noticed few first visitors in your apartment you can implement this method and result might be immediate.

What will keep ants away:

  1. Lemon.
  2. Sunflower oil.
  3. Garlic.
  4. Wild mint.
  5. Chamomile.
  6. Anise.
  7. Parsley.

Cover roots which insects used to enter your home or kitchen with few or one of these ingredients. Also cover borders of the plates with it and some surfaces where most probably insects might come (garbage bin and around it, table with leftovers of food, area near pets plate). In case ants live at apartment of your neighbors and just visit you in search for food this method can help. You will need to implement it regularly. For example cover all corners of the floor with garlic once a week.

Warning: This method is least harmful and will only make your place not attractive for insects. You should keep in mind that it will not work in case you have serious problem like nest exactly in your place. This can only be used in case few ants just came to your place to investigate is there something for them or not and you immediately noticed them and reacted.


Method number five: Soap water

Soap waterProbably the easiest way to start your war against insects is soap water. Not just because soap is in every house already but because this method will both clean up your home surfaces from bacteria and clean up roots which ants are using to invite the rest of the colony to your place.

Soap water implementation:

  1. Buy spray or use spray left from any cosmetics in your home.
  2. Fill bottle with water and add one tea spoon of soap liquid.
  3. You can also add few drops of mint oil to make this method more powerful.
  4. As soon as you will see ants start spraying on them soap water a lot. Cover with soap water all their roots.
  5. Using soap water also spray all over nest of the insects.

Warning: In case you are not sure regarding ants in your home and you saw just one this method is perfect also to prevent colony to find their way to your apartment. Spray soap water and you will be safe. It will kill ants which will be covered will it and also prevent appearing new.

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Method number six: Coffee

cofeeWe all love coffee and have it at home. In fact ants love coffee as well. But the result of them enjoying some coffee will be very unpleasant for them and great for us.

Coffee leftovers should not be thrown away:

  1. Save coffee from coffee machine. In case you do not have coffee machine at home you can bring coffee from the office. People usually throw it away but we can use it in a very interesting way.
  2. Put coffee leftovers in the corners of your kitchen and on the spots which insects are using to come into your place for snack (near garbage bin, near every hole in walls or entrance door).
  3. Unwelcome guests will be attracted and they will start gathering it and bringing into their nest.
  4. Step by step they will eat it all and coffee will kill them.

Warning: As caffeine is element which is killing ants make sure that you are using coffee which contains it. Make sure that it is not caffeine-free coffee.


Method number seven: Barriers against new visitors

CurcumaBoth interesting and powerful method which is quite effective is using barriers. In fact these barriers will scare insects. Most of the possible barriers we can use are already there for us in our kitchen, we should just take them and use them for this purpose. Width of the barrier should be not more than 6-7 millimeters but length should be nonstop. These barriers will not help to get rid of those insects which are already inside your home but they will prevent new insects to enter you house.

Ingredients for the barrier:

  • Curcuma
  • Cinnamon
  • Oils of citruses
  • Black and red pepper
  • Vaseline (for windows and doors)
  • Baby powder with talc
  • Powder for washing

Warning: Choose one of these options. Use barriers in front of potential entrances including doors and windows. Take some time and make sure barrier is non-stopping. In case your barrier will have some breakage this method will not work at all.


Method number eight: Chamomile

chamomileThe best way to get rid of ants in case you have pets or kids is to use something which is not harmful for them but is poison for insects. Such method exists and it is chamomile. It can be bought in the nearest pharmacy or even you can prepare it yourself in case you have your garden and chamomile is growing there.

Put chamomile absolutely everywhere:

  1. Cover clothes or storage room with chamomile.
  2. Put it on all food stored in your apartment which is attracting for unwelcome guests.
  3. Spread chamomile powder on the bed.
  4. Use chamomile powder everywhere where unpleasant visitors can appear.

Ants absolutely hate chamomile. They leave immediately almost always. In two-three days they are gone.

Warning: Chamomile contains natural insecticide and it is a reason of such powerful effect on the insects. Boiled chamomile is also used for pets against ticks and fleas.




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