Recipes of homemade nettle tea and other uses of nettle’s properties!

 nettle tea It is known that nettle is growing in the woods, in the gardens and in the places where there is some spare place, as a weed. And, probably, everyone who has ever been in the forest knows that if you touch the nettle leaves, you will have the sensation of being burnt due to the fact that its leaves are covered with stinging hairs that sting the skin. But also, almost everyone knows that the nettle is not just a weed, it has healing properties and has long been used in medicine, cooking and cosmetics. Here we are going to reveal all secrets of using nettle and talk about effective and useful use of nettle tea.



Some facts about Nettle

nettleNettle belongs to the genus of the herbs of the nettle family. And the stems, and leaflets from nettles are completely covered with stinging hairs which are able to sting when they are touched. Only two species of nettle are used in medicine. Nettle blooms from May to July. The places of its growth are the orchards and gardens, any vacant space, garbage and ditches, which are usually nearby human habitation.

Wild nettle is gathered mostly in:

  • May,
  • June

The nettle leaves are carefully detached from the stem and then dried in the open air. For the production of nettle juice the whole plant is used.  Nettle roots are gathered in autumn or spring, and are being cleaned from the ground. The roots can be dried using the artificial heating or in the open air. It is not recommended to dry the nettle in the sun due to the discoloration of its leaves.

Important: It is necessary to keep the harvested nettle in the well- ventilated areas, where there is no access to direct sunlight.


Chemical composition of nettle

chemical The chemical composition includes a number of the following elements:

  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • vitamins (in particular vitamin C),
  • tannin

Important: Nettle has invaluable benefit to the organism.


Traditional medicine and nettle

Traditional medicineIt is often used the method of treatment based on the skin being whipped with fresh nettle to cure the following health problems:

  • gout,
  • rheumatism
  • paralysis,
  • measles
  • scarlet fever

As the traditional medicine says, it brings healing and relief. One of the most popular natural remedies is a nettle juice. This drink can either be made at home or bought at a pharmacy.

To prepare nettle juice, it is necessary to follow the recipe:

  • Cut the plant in full bloom,
  • then soak it for 12 hours in a small amount of water,
  • press the nettle.

No less useful there is tea from nettle and nettle salad, combined with the leaves of birch and dandelion. In traditional medicine, the seeds of nettle are also used, which include in their composition the following components:

  • carotenoids,
  • fatty oil,
  • chlorophyll,
  • protein

Today, basically a mixture of nettle seeds is used for external application.

Important: Nettle is very useful for the elderly, as it increases the body’s protective properties and activates all the vital organs.


Medicinal properties and uses of nettle broth

doctorsThe young tops of the burning plants are boiled in water and taken to treat:

  • a cold,
  • vitamin deficiency,
  • gout,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • to improve lactation in nursing mothers.

A warm decoction of nettle is used to cure the following diagnoses:

  • bronchitis,
  • pulmonary tuberculosis with hemoptysis,
  • anemia,
  • muscular and articular rheumatism,
  • diarrhea,
  • hair loss.

A prerequisite to benefit from the use of broth with allergic urticarial and thrombophlebitis is dieting( hypoallergenic or vegetarian).

To treat coughing decoction of the roots and nettle roots fried in sugar are used. Seeds, cooked in wine, should be used in the form of a drink to get rid of the symptoms of pneumonia and pleurisy.

To make a decoction of nettle seeds, you need to follow the recipe:

  • Take 25 grams of raw materials and a glass of water,
  • boil for 10 minutes,
  • then infuse for about an hour in a thermos
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You can add honey or sugar in the finished drink.  In case of having cough, gastritis, colitis, gallstones it is recommended to boil 20 grams of the root in a glass of sugar or honey syrup for 10-15 minutes. Drink one tablespoon of broth several times a day.

Nettle is also used for the hair loss problem. Decoction of herbs is used for washing head with the aim to be helpful for the following problems:

  • hair loss,
  • dandruff,
  • graying early,
  • for hair growth.

The procedure is recommended to be repeated once or twice a week. You can slightly change the recipe, boil 10 tablespoons of nettle leaves in water with cider vinegar (1: 1). Boil the mixture for about 30 minutes, then wash your hair, rub into the skin against hair loss.

Important: One more useful property of nettle is an ability to treat acne if used with flowers of chamomile.


Application of nettle number 1: Homeopathy

HomeopathyStinging nettle is very widely used in homeopathy. Self-medication is made from:

  • the stems,
  • roots
  • leaves of the plant

The plant is being gathered during the flowering period. The main use of the remedy:

  • urticaria, which is accompanied by a burning sensation,
  • burns,
  • gout,

Important: It is also used to expedite the withdrawal of uric acid.


Application number 2: For improving metabolism

metabolismWhich benefits does nettle tea have for our health?

Nettle tea is prescribed for the treatment of many diseases. Nettle tea has a lot of functions:

  • it has diuretic effect,
  • it improves metabolism
  • It is indicated for diseases of the liver and gall bladder
  • It is used for rheumatism and gout.
  • It strengthens vascular walls,
  • It cleanses the blood
  • It normalizes the female cycle,
  • It increases milk production in nursing mothers.

Important: It is important to know that nettle tea is contraindicated in renal and heart failure, as well as many herbs which have a diuretic effect.


Application number 3: For the normalization of the menstrual cycle

happy womanThe use of this plant contributes to the normalization of the menstrual cycle. Nettle helps to reduce the loss of:

  • fluid,
  • blood cells,
  • hemoglobin

Preparations based on this plant weaken dysmenorrhea and other disorders and contributes to the rapid recovery of the endometrium.

Physiological blood loss which is associated with menstruation can reach up to 110 ml. Exceeding this figure serves as a signal for concern. Heavy periods adversely affect women who are chronically ill, before menopause and teenage girls. If you do not stop the blood loss, the body is depleted, especially in inflammation and stress.

Nettle tea can be used as a drink to compensate:

  • fluid loss,
  • enzymes,
  • vitamins,

Abundant with regular monthly nature can trigger anemia (anemia). Water and juice reduced the liquid part of blood. It is much harder to make up for the loss of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

How does nettle tea help during the menstruation period:

  • It promotes blood clotting in the blood vessels in the uterus rejects layer;
  • It increases the production of hemoglobin, the number of red blood cells;
  • It improves epithelialization, healing of the mucosa;
  • It reduces heavy bleeding;
  • It activates the metabolism.
  • Vitamin K included in the nettle increases the number of platelet regeneration of the endometrium after menses.

The healing properties of herbs will help to reduce the loss of blood, but it is recommended to consult a gynecologist to check the true causes of disorders.

Important: The contraindications are thrombophlebitis and varicose veins due to the effect of the nettle on the development of platelets.


Application number 4: For the better pregnancy and motherhood

pregnancyThe properties of herbs to stimulate uterine contractions of smooth muscular body and muscle tone explains why nettle is not recommended to be used during the early pregnancy. When fears of spontaneous interruption will be left behind, pregnant women can take tea with nettle leaves or make salads from young leaves (if there are no other contraindications).

How useful nettle is for pregnant women in late pregnancy and for nursing mothers:

  • It regulates the composition of intestinal microflora,
  • It increases the number of beneficial bacteria;
  • It improves the granulation and epithelialization process in damaged tissue;
  • It reduces the amount of glucose in the blood and urine (lowers sugar);
  • It improves heart function, metabolism, general health;
  • relieves inflammatory processes;
  • enhances lactation;
  • It stimulates the kidneys;
  • It reduces swelling.
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Important: Pregnant women as well as nursing mothers can drink nettle tea after the doctor’s consultation and examination to make sure that there are no health problems which are contraindicated for nettle’s use.


Properties that make nettle one of the main herbs for women’s health

Happy manMany properties of nettle are valued, but especially significant are the following:

  • hemostatic,
  • vasoconstrictor
  • anti-inflammatory

The plant has analgesic, anticonvulsant and multivitamin action. It should be remembered that the nettle in gynecology – not a panacea, but a great benefit.

The chemical composition of the plant is important for women’s health:

  • glycosides, tanning, gummy, proteinaceous compounds and mucous;
  • vitamin K, group B, ascorbic acid, carotene;
  • coffee, formic acid;
  • fatty oil and vitamin E (seeds);
  • iron, silicon, magnesium, potassium, sulfur.

Nettle tea is not able to “stop” the flow of blood, however, it is able to improve the condition of the endometrium and hormones. All this is possible thanks to the healing properties and the presence of vitamin K. Nettle helps to stop severe bleeding, if it is not associated with serious gynecological problems. There is a misconception that nettle broth provokes menstruation, but it is not true. Girls and women can drink a decoction of leaves and seeds, eat meals with nettle in painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea). Nettle tea can be drunk in menopause when menstrual cycle is disrupted.

Important: It is necessary to take into account the contraindications: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, fever, hypertension.


Recipes of tea from nettle

Recipes of tea Recipe number 1:

For the preparation of tea can you will need fresh or dried nettle leaves.

Follow simple instructions:

  • Place the leaves in a saucepan,
  • add water and cover the saucepan
  • bring to a boil over low heat
  • Immediately turn the heat off
  • Let it stay for 30 minutes

Drink warm tea made from nettle one cup in the morning and evening, in small sips.

Important: The course of the treatment with this broth must be at least 4 weeks.

Recipe number 2:

People who suffer from kidney stones and gall disease pain that cause the degradation of the joints, rheumatic diseases, are recommended to make tea from the nettle leaves.

To make such tea, we need:

  • 20 grams of nettle leaves;
  • 20 grams of dandelion roots and herbs;
  • 10 grams of horsetail drug;
  • 5 grams of birch leaves;
  • 5 grams of rose hips.

To prepare 250 grams of broth, it is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of the mixture and pour them with boiling water. After leave it for 15 minutes, drain and let it cool. Drink this nettle tea three times a day for one cup for six weeks.

Important: However, before you use the broth, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Recipe number 3:

Nettle is often used in a variety of phytomixtures. They can be bought ready-made or made at home.

Nettles can be perfectly combined with rosehip in the following recipe:

  • You can take 2 tbsp. spoons of nettle leaves and a handful of wild rose,
  • pour boiling water over these ingredients (approximately 2 liters)
  • let it stay for 2-3 hours in a thermos.

Important: The tea is not only useful but has a very pleasant taste.


Who is contraindicated to drink tea from nettle

Despite its usefulness and efficacy, nettle tea has some contraindications. First of all, this tea is contraindicated in those people who have increased blood clotting.

Nettle is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • in bleeding caused by a cyst, polyps, most tumors of the uterus and its appendages,
  • the diseases that require surgical intervention
  • if a person has kidney disease

Important: If you have kidney diseases you should consult your doctor about the possibility of using nettle tea as it is recommended to be extremely careful in this case.


Is it true that nettle tea purifies blood

bloodIt’s no secret that it is very useful in using nettle for purifying blood. Such a procedure will help to cure a lot of ailments. A healthy person, who will drink the nettle tea during spring time, will be able to get rid of fatigue and get a charge of vivacity.

However, before you start the course, you should know some of the features:

  1. Your health condition is going to worsen in the beginning of the course.
  2. Soon pain will spread to the organs and other parts of the body but there is nothing to worry about as it’s a very good sign.
  3. Do not try to interrupt the course.
  4. Pain is a signal that the body area, which work has been stopped due to some reason, has received new energy.
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It is recommended to use as much as possible of nettle tea during the period when the moon is waning. But stop the course when there is new moon. Next there is a break for two weeks, and the course of the next full moon is renewed and continues as long as you do not feel pain reduction or its complete disappearance. A healthy person may have the course of 2 weeks twice. If you would like to withdraw all the harmful substances from the body and also get rid of skin disorders, it is recommended to have at least 3 courses.

Important: For the nettle therapy, the plant is harvested exclusively in the waning moon. Take only the young leaves which then should be dried and placed on the storage. Before drying the leaves you shouldn’t wash them.


Other applications of nettle, besides nettle tea

bloodTea nettle is not the only use of the plant. Nettle is widely used in other areas. For example, it is used for obtaining chlorophyll – vegetable dye, which is absolutely harmless and used in the perfume, food and pharmaceutical industries. Nettle manufactured drugs are used in dermatology and cosmetology. There is information that nettle treatment can provide with the positive results if it is used for the premature graying.

A decoction of nettle is used for rinsing hair after washing with the aim to strengthen the hair. Use nettle for storage of perishable products. For example, if to gut fish stuff with nettles, it can be stored for a long time.

It is very useful to cook salads and soup of nettle leaves.

Recipe of nettle salad:

  • boil it first,
  • then ground
  • mix it with boiled eggs and sour cream.

It is very tasty!

In addition, nettle can be stewed, used for making caviar, added to cutlets and mashed potato. In Romania, the nettle is used for cooking pilaf.

Nettle is very useful in the household. If you give it to the cows, it increases milk yield, and milk will become more qualitative. Nettle is also able to increase the egg production in chickens, ducks and geese if they are fed with nettle. Nettle is also used for making fibers which are used for manufacturing ropes and burlap.

Important: Undoubtedly, nettle is an excellent means of vitamins, which is commonly used in the treatment of a variety of diseases. A tea made from nettle or nettle tea is the richest source of health and energy to the person which is given to us by nature itself.


10 interesting facts about the nettle treatment

  1. The range of pharmaceutical products with nettle contains pellets and ground leaves, liquid and thick extracts, finished herbal ointments, pills allahol.
  2. The alcohol tincture of nettle – an excellent remedy against putrefaction in the intestines.
  3. The properties of nettle juice are useful for improving metabolism, digestion, removal of toxins, gall and kidney stones (dose – 1 tablespoon three times a day).
  4. Application of the juice of the fresh nettle on the scalp reduces seborrhea and prevents hair loss.
  5. The bactericidal effect of alcohol tincture of burning leaves is used to treat minor wounds, abrasions, cuts. The preparation includes 2 tbsp. of raw herb and 100 ml of alcohol.
  6. One of the variations involves the use of the preparation based on fresh nettle, which is poured with 1 kg of sugar and then the dish is filled with the cold boiled water.
  7. Nettle tincture based on vodka treats burns, being applied to the affected area of the bandage, soaked in this liquid.
  8. Nettle juice, as well as a milky liquid celandine, helps in removing warts.
  9. For food purposes, nettle is used as multivitamin (the young roots of the plant are cooked and used in soup, mature leaves are fermented like cabbage).




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