Top-5 methods to restore your breast beauty after childbirth or weight loss

breast beauty The vast majority of women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. It would seem that these parameters do not depend on our desires. In fact, it is the stubborn desire to be beautiful, or rather, more beautiful than now, that will help not only to preserve the breast beauty you had before your pregnancy or weight loss but also to significantly improve them. And breastfeeding the baby is not only not a hindrance to self-improvement but an extra reason to tackle this issue.

The severity and irreversibility of changes in the shape of the breast depends on the initial prenatal state. The younger the woman, the more elastic the tissue is. The more the pectoral muscles are trained, the “higher” the breast is. When the lactation is completed, the previous structure of the mammary gland is restored quite quickly. However, it is not always possible to return to the original “maiden” form and elastic skin. Therefore, some mothers have a fear that not being in good shape before the breastfeeding they can lose the former beauty at all. Believe that everything depends on your wish and efforts as there are really effective methods to restore your breast beauty.


Method number 1: Diet

DietTo have elastic, beautiful breast skin you need to include the following vitamins in your daily ration:

  • Vitamins B (their source is cereals),
  • Vitamin C (fresh vegetables and fruits, berries),
  • Vitamin A (liver, eggs, cottage cheese, carrots, sea buckthorn, sorrel).

If your breast has become smaller in size after breastfeeding, it is possible to improve this by adding foods containing the hormone estrogen. It is this hormone which stimulates the growth of female breast tissue. Check out the list of products where it is contained in the greatest quantity:


Products from soy help to increase breasts. According to the content of estrogen, soy is one of the most useful products for breast growth. You can see this by looking at the composition of various kinds of bioadditives for growth and elasticity of the breast – soybean is there in the first place. Plus, soy contains proteins that “repair” worn out cells in the tissues of the breast, allowing it to be beautiful and elastic for a long time. Use it in any form – sprouts, milk, cheese, freeze-dried foods.


Eat an avocado to enlarge your breast. Avocado is a source of healthy fats. They are necessary for a good metabolism. In order for your breasts to grow, eat about 3 avocados a week, every other day, and on other days, use nuts – about a handful, to choose from, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts.


Laminaria is useful for breast beauty. Japanese scientists have established that laminaria perfectly normalizes the hormonal balance in the female body, contributing not only to breast growth, its elasticity, but also protecting it from breast cancer. In addition, it contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Those who want to increase the breast, it is recommended to eat 100-150 grams of laminaria a day.


Broccoli cabbage is exactly what you need for big and beautiful breasts. The fact that white cabbage promotes growth and elasticity of the breast is a myth, but such kinds of cabbage as colored, broccoli and red one can really help in this process. Therefore, try to cook garnish containing these products.


Leaf green helps breast enlargement. Dill, parsley, all kinds of green salad not only contribute to breast enlargement but also perfectly strengthen connective tissue. It is important to eat greenery not to have stretch marks on your breast, which are common for breastfeeding moms. To increase the breast and preserve its beautiful appearance, a woman should eat at least 200-300 grams of various greenery per day.


Green apples must be in a daily ration of those who want to enlarge breasts naturally. On the shelves of our stores there are a lot of different fruits, but if you want to enlarge your breasts and preserve its beauty, you should give preference

to apples. Choose them simply – just smell it before buying. Those that have been collected for a long time and processed with all kinds of chemistry, practically do not smell. Take those apples, which smell is the strongest. Daily norm is 2 apples a day.


Flax seeds contain estrogen for breast growth. If we consider seeds, then the most interesting in terms of estrogen content are flax seeds and anise seeds. Both products are sold at the pharmacy. They can both be added in the ground form to useful decoctions and teas. Instructions for use can be found on the packaging. Courses – 15 days of use, then one month break.

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Eat bean products to restore the size of your breast. Peas, beans and lentils are rich in phytoestrogens, so they are so useful for increasing and elasticity of the breast. Beans can be used to cook salads.

Important: Try to keep to a healthy diet on the daily basis, including all mentioned food for the breast improvement.

Method number 2: Breast massage

Breast massageThe merits of the massage can be enumerated to infinity:

  • it improves blood circulation,
  • it strengthens the outflow of lymph,
  • it tightens the muscles.

But when it comes to the breast, you need to be careful with the massage. Take into account that it is necessary to avoid different types of massage of the breast with strong pressing effects, including exfoliating. It is worth noting that it can damage the mammary glands. The only exception is the hydro-massage, it does not injure the breast and water has a soft, gentle effect on the skin and increases muscle tone.

How to do hydro-massage for the breast:

  • To begin with, adjust the head and water temperature. Water should not be too hot or cold, you should not feel any discomfort. The head should not be too strong not to injure the breast, but not too weak, otherwise you will not get the proper effect for the beautiful breast.
  • Make circular motions in a stream of water upwards. On each side of the breast – at least 10 such circles.
  • Under the breast, the movements should be more intense, since this zone is responsible for the height of the breast.
  • Nipples and the area next to them are the most sensitive areas, so avoid direct exposure to the jet.
  • Direct the jet smoothly upwards, and then to the axillary cavities, returning again directly to the breast.
  • Massage of the zone around the breast requires a stronger pressure, the very same breast, on the contrary, needs a softer contact.
  • The duration of the massage is about 10 minutes.
  • After the shower, thoroughly rub the breast with a towel and apply a special balm for correction of the breast or a normal nourishing cream.

How to do Taoist massage for the breast:

This massage is done using the ancient Chinese technique. As for the technique of the ancient massage, it looks as exotic as the eastern one.

The technique of the massage is as follows:

  • take the breast in the palm of your hand,
  • make nine soft rotational movements from the shoulder to the center.
  • then cover the mammary glands with palms, the centers of which should coincide with the nipples, and gently press.
  • do the movements nine times and only on exhalation.

Important: Massage is an effective method to restore your breast beauty, however, you should take into account that you must do it carefully not to do any harm to your health. Do it following all instructions.

Method number 3: Physical exercises

Happy girl running alone on the beachStart any physical exercises, including those aimed at breast improvement, you need with stretching options, otherwise, it’s easy to get injured.

In this regard, to start the complex for breast it is recommended with an exercise that may be called “Prayer”.

Exercise 1 “ Prayer”:

  • Sit comfortably and straighten your back. You may use a chair and put your back against the wall so that it supports the spine straight.
  • Connect the palms in front of the chest.
  • Press on the palm with such force that the muscles of the chest are tensed enough (you can complicate the exercise by grasping between the palms of a small rubber ball).
  • Count to ten and move the palms of centimeters by five forwards, count again to ten, then go ahead and count again to 10, until you can hold the palms together.
  • After that, squeeze your hands, shake your hands and repeat the exercise two more times.

Your attention in the exercise should be directed not on the palm of your hand, but on the chest, the muscles of the chest should always be as tight as possible.

Exercise 2: “Half-moon”

The technology is as follows:

  • lie down on your stomach,
  • bend your knees,
  • grab your arms over your ankles and bend your body as much as possible.

Thus, you are perfectly stretching the muscles of the chest. In this position, beginners need to stay for 20 seconds, 10 seconds break and repeat the exercise again. It is recommended to do it 3 times. The task is to stay in the “half-moon” position for one minute.

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Exercise 3: Push-ups

If you want to enlarge your breasts, then push-ups are the very exercise you cannot do without at home or at the fitness center. This exercise perfectly strengthens the pectoral muscles and gives them tone.

  • To begin with, you are advised to do it using the chair, couch or bench. At the same time, the hands are as far apart as possible, and the legs together.
  • Begin by pressing, bending your arms at the elbows.
  • At the same time, take your elbows out of the way. The task is to wring 12-15 times, and to do 3 approaches. When you do this, remove the bench and press directly from the floor.

Exercise 4: Press

This exercise for breast is the basic one because it gives the muscles of the chest the greatest load:

  • lie on the bench (or on the floor),
  • take dumbbells in the hands,
  • tighten the chest and lift the dumbbells smoothly up, put down and immediately lift again.

You need to lift dumbbells eight times. If you lift less, the weight of the dumbbell must be reduced, if you are able to do more than eight times, then you should increase the weight, that is, to pick up the weight so that the seventh to eighth time you will feel that it has become considerably difficult. 3 sets of eight presses are recommended for the desired result.

Exercise 5: Pull over

This exercise for the muscles of the chest has received such a name because it looks like how we take off a sweater.

  • The starting position – the shoulders lie on the bench (chair, ball-fitball),
  • the legs are widely spaced,
  • the soles rest on the floor,
  • in the hands there is a dumbbell (or one heavy dumbbell, then it is held with both hands), hands are straight extended upwards.
  • On inhalation, straighten the hands by the head as much as you can. In this case, the elbows can be slightly bent. Then go back to the starting position. Repeat 15 times and do 2 approaches.

Exercise 6: Flyes

This exercise stretches and increases muscles, gives the breast a beautiful shape. To do it you will need a dumbbell.

  • Have a standing position,
  • slightly bend the legs in the knees,
  • move the body forward,
  • hands straight down.
  • on inhalation, raise the slightly bent arms to the sides so that the forearms are parallel to the floor and the fists look forward.

Do the exercise 12 times twice.

Important: Specially designed physical exercises are very effective if you do them regularly and in the right way. A quick effect can be achieved by combining gymnastic exercises with exercises in the gym (2-3 times a week).

Method number 4: Homemade masks

homemade masksThese masks will pull up your breast, give it elasticity and beautiful appearance:

Honey mask

It will not only give the breast elasticity but also saturate the tissues of the breast with a huge amount of vitamins.

Ingredients: honey – tablespoon, aloe juice – a teaspoon, lemon oil – 5 drops. Preparation: Mix everything and apply to the breast (except for halos) and the decollete area, rub in soft movements and leave for 15 minutes. The mask is washed off with cool water.

Apple mask

It is perfect for the elasticity of the breast skin.

Ingredients: a green apple, egg yolk.

Preparation: You should rub a green apple on a shallow grater, squeeze the juice lightly, add the egg yolk and mix. Take a recumbent position, distribute the mask across the breast area, cover with a sheet or towel and lie down for 15 minutes. After that, the mask is removed with the same towel or napkins, after which the breast is rinsed with cool water.

Mask with cognac and cottage cheese

Ingredients: cottage cheese, vegetable oil, cognac.

Preparation: Half a pack of cottage cheese (100 g) is mashed and mixed with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and dilute cognac or pepper tincture to the state of thick gruel. Cover the breast (except the nipples) and the decollete zone. Hold for 10 minutes, remove the mask with a napkin, and wash your chest with cool water.

Clay mask

If the breasts lose shape, hangs, you should use the clay mask able to strengthen the muscles of the breast.

Ingredients: milk, clay, honey.

Preparation: Dissolve in milk 2 tablespoons of clay to a thick porridge condition, combine with a teaspoon of honey and the resulting composition use to cover the skin of the breast from the neck of the solar plexus.

Attention: the mammary glands themselves do not need to be smeared, just everything around them. The mask is kept until the clay freezes, then gently moisten the mask with cool water, rinse and wipe the skin with a tonic.

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Algae mask

This mask nourishes the skin and tightens the breast well.

Ingredients: algae, water, fish oil.

Preparation: Algae, if it is not in powder, can be grinded in a coffee grinder. Add water until a thick gruel is formed. Take 2-3 spoons of algae for one mask, dilute with water and add a half-teaspoon of fish oil, in which there are a lot of useful omega-acids. Rub this compound around all the décolleté and mammary glands, remove after half an hour with wet napkins or a soft towel, after which the breast should be rinsed.

Banana and rose petals mask

Homemade mask for breasts from banana and rose petals sounds very tasty and tempting. Banana nourishes and moisturizes the tender skin of the breast and décolleté zone, the rose petals give the skin velvety, soft and smooth, and rejuvenates the skin.

Ingredients: a handful of rose petals, half a ripe banana, 1 tbsp. olive oil (or any other cosmetic oil), 2 tbsp. milk.

Preparation: Petals of roses are chopped and dried in a coffee grinder. Fill with milk and let it brew a little, 10 minutes is enough. Banana must be grated and added to the petals of roses. Then add the last ingredient – olive oil. Put the mask in a water bath and lightly warm it to make the mask warm. Apply the mask on the breast and décolleté area. Hold for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Recommendations how to use masks for breasts in the right way:

  • Take a warm shower, clean the breast area with gel.
  • Slightly pat the area of the breast with a clean towel.
  • Apply a mask to clean skin.
  • Movements are important here – move from the center of the chest to the chin, then from the center of the chest to the shoulders and also from the center to the axillary hollows. Next, the mammary glands – then move around in a circle clockwise, grasping the entire area of the mammary glands, excluding halos.
  • Cover the applied mask with a towel and lie in a horizontal position all the time reserved for the mask.
  • Rinse the mask with almost cool water, then gently pat the area of the breast with a towel.
  • Apply a cream for breasts or cosmetic oil.
  • For the elasticity of the breast, you are recommended to do the mask 1-2 times a week.

Important: You can do various masks several times a week. It is a very efficient way to restore breast beauty if you combine this method with physical exercises.

Method number 5: Salon methods

MyostimulationSpecialized clinics offer women to restore their breast appearance with procedures like mastopexy, breast lift and breast augmentation. In this case, the doctor has the opportunity not only to visually increase elasticity and tighten the breast but also to increase it. Additional options to consider when planning to improve the appearance of your breasts are breast implant surgery and breast reduction in Hollywood, FL.

In some beauty salons specializing in lifting, you will also be offered recovery after childbirth and breastfeeding with the help of procedures such as:

  • Myostimulation – the effect on tissues by electrical impulses. Applying the procedure, you will achieve increased skin elasticity.
  • Microcurrent therapy – the stimulation of the division of cells that produce elastin and collagen contributing to the skin tightening.
  • Mesotherapy – subcutaneous administration of vitamin cocktails, which also contain the necessary auxiliary substances, such as, for example, hyaluronic acid.

These methods are by far the most common. There is no doubt in their safety when used in such a delicate zone of the female body as breast.

Important: If you prefer salon methods, you are recommended to use all above mentioned methods like masks, massage, physical exercises and diet as well to ensure proper care of the breast even after you have got the desired result. Not to lose the proper effect quickly, you should take care of your breast area on the regular basis.



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