5 Things to do to get rid of angular stomatitis effectively

stomatitisFemale lips are such a pleasant, seductive and important part of the face that they should always be in perfect condition. They should look fresh, attractive and beautiful 24 hours a day. Knowing how to treat angular stomatitis in the corners of the lips, you can ensure your attractiveness in the shortest possible time. Quickly get rid of this unwanted, uncomfortable cosmetic and physical defect and enjoy life as before.

Appearing in the corners of the mouth, angular stomatitis not only adds cosmetic problems but brings a lot of troubles. These small erosions and pustules cause a lot of discomfort: when taking acute and salty foods, burning occurs. Depending on the size of the problem area it even becomes painful to open mouth.

In its development, angular stomatitis in the corner of the mouth passes through a number of consecutive stages. It all starts with the formation of a small bubble filled with a small droplet of liquid. It can be transparent or somewhat unclear. Usually, during a conversation or under the influence of external factors, a bubble ruptures with a small erosive surface exposed on the skin or mucous membrane of the corner of the mouth. Soon there is an increase, and it is covered with a crust. Angular stomatitis can be not only an independent insignificant problem, but also a secondary sign of various diseases at the time of their onset or aggravation. That’s why it is important to start its treatment immediately not to miss some more serious health problem.


Thing to do number 1: Define the reason of your angular stomatitis

microfloraImmediate culprits of angular stomatitis appearance at the corners of the mouth are microorganisms. There are no other factors causing this problem. Another thing is why these microbes suddenly provoke skin lesions precisely in the area of the corner of the mouth. Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that from representatives of the microbial world only two species are able to cause a seizure. It is a streptococcal and fungal infection. Epidermal streptococcus is the most active in this condition, and yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida are from the second group. They are able to cause inflammatory damage to the upper layers of the skin, which is of limited nature. Taking into account that both these microbes belong to a conditionally pathogenic microflora that lives on the surface of each person’s skin, certain conditions are necessary for their activation and subsequent formation of a sore.

As soon as the cracks are formed, in order not to bring them to the state of wetting and itching sores, one must try to find out what factors could have provoked their appearance. If you cannot do this by yourself, you should always consult a doctor. Angular stomatitis as an independent symptom may appear as a result of the following factors:

  • Use of unwashed, dirty dishes;
  • Eating uncleaned fruits and vegetables;
  • Constant licking of the lips, at which saliva stagnation occurs in the corners of the mouth;
  • Violation of the basic rules of hygienic care for the oral cavity;
  • Extrusion of pimples at home;
  • Scratching the skin in the corners of the mouth;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Malocclusion;
  • Mechanical damage that can occur regularly, for example, due to poorly made prostheses.
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However, angular stomatitis at the corners of the mouth may appear as a symptom of some other, more serious diseases. They can be a sign of such health problems as:

  • Anemia;
  • Pathologies of the liver;
  • Hypovitaminosis;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • High body temperature, which lasts a fairly long time;
  • Overdoses of certain medicines when they are consumed for too long (such include hormones, glucocorticoids, immunosuppressants, antibiotics, cytostatics);
  • Beriberi (most often cracks in the corners of the lips indicate a lack of riboflavin in the body, i.e. vitamin B2);
  • Disturbed metabolism in the body;
  • HIV infection;
  • Allergic lesions of the oral mucosa;
  • Fungal infection.

As you can see there is a great number of factors that can provoke the appearance of seizures in the corners of the mouth. It is very important to recognize in a timely manner which of them takes place in your case. To do this, you need to try to analyze your own way of life, remember what you were sick in the last 2-3 weeks, do not worry if you still have any symptoms.

Important: Even if after checking out the list of factors you cannot make a conclusion about what could have caused the cracks in the corners of your mouth, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Thing to do number 2: Reconsider your daily ration

rationWhatever the reason of the appearance of cracks in the corners of your lips is, in parallel with the main treatment you will need to reconsider your way of life. Why did your immunity fail? Do you have a full-fledged dream? Do you walk enough? Do you eat right? Avitaminosis is one of the most common causes of angular stomatitis and it is much easier to prevent it than to take a long course of vitamin therapy. You can easily make up for the shortage of nutrients from the foods that make up your daily diet.

Firstly, as soon as the sores have appeared in the corners of your mouth, immediately refuse:

  • alcohol,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • pickled, salted, sour, spicy food.

Secondly, daily try to include in your menu products enriched with riboflavin (vitamin B2).

It can be:

  • Rice (it must be untreated);
  • Nuts (any);
  • Beans;
  • Green leafy vegetables;
  • bran;
  • fish;
  • Eggs (riboflavin is abundant in the yolk);
  • avocado;
  • cheese;
  • Poultry meat.

These products are well complemented by those that are enriched with vitamin E (tocopherol). They will also help to quickly eliminate the problem. On your table such food should be present:

  • Cabbage (all varieties);
  • Any vegetable oils (preferably unrefined);
  • oatmeal;
  • Corn (preferably in the fresh form).

Such a special diet when you suffer from angular stomatitis in the corners of the lips will speed up recovery and make it easier to bear the hardships of the disease.

Important: Be sure to use it in parallel with other methods of angular stomatitis treatment.

Thing to do number 3: Follow the rules of the healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyleBesides eating healthy food, you should follow some rule of the healthy lifestyle:

  • Smoking must be abandoned during the therapy because it can delay treatment for an indefinite period and contribute to the formation of painful and unpleasant sores.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day,
  • Breathe fresh air.
  • Move more.

These simple foundations of a healthy lifestyle leave no chance for any infections, including angular stomatitis. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to seek help from a doctor in time. In such cases, at the initial stage of the disease, traditional medicine can come to the rescue.

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Important: Stick to the listed healthy lifestyle rules and you will make the process of angular stomatitis treatment much faster.

Thing to do number 4: Use natural homemade remedies

homemade remediesIf you can’t endure pain and unpleasant sensations due to the cracks formed in the corners of the lips, called angular stomatitis, you can try some natural remedies at home. In some cases, they are very effective. However, one must understand that they do not eliminate the original cause: they cope with external symptoms well only for a while. If the underlying disease is not treated, angular stomatitis can erupt with renewed vigor.

Some of them (for example, sea buckthorn oil or vitamins A, E in liquid form) can be used for external use only at the healing stage, because in the acute phase they will provoke the appearance of bleeding and very painful wounds and sores.

Choose from the proposed only those ones that you already had to face in everyday life, so as not to become a victim of an allergic reaction. It is recommended to check out if you have any kind of allergic reaction by using a small amount of the homemade remedy on your wrist. If there is no reaction you can use it to get rid of external signs of your health problem.

Choose among the listed homemade recipes and use the one you like most:

  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil should be diluted in equal proportions with boiled water. Dampen the cotton pad in the resulting solution, attach for a couple of minutes to the sores. Do this twice a day.
  • Honey + fish oil: You will need liquid, warm, natural, fresh honey. 20 ml of this wonderful drug against all diseases is mixed with fish oil (20 drops). Dampen the cotton pad in the resulting solution, attach to the stomatitis for 15 minutes. Do these applications twice a day.
  • Thermal water: Moisten cotton pad in thermal water, attach to the stomatitis for 5 minutes. Do if necessary, when a burning sensation begins at the corners of the lips. Such applications are recommended to do after eating, so that the remnants of food do not get into the wounds and sores and do not aggravate the course of the disease.
  • Vegetable oils: Unrefined vegetable oil (it is better to take linseed or olive), warm slightly in a water bath, soak a cotton pad in it and attach to minutes for 5-7 minutes. Do twice a day.
  • Decoctions of herbs: Make a decoction or infusion of chamomile, string, sage, oak bark or celandine. They have healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Important: Natural remedies can be used as an auxiliary therapy for the main course of treatment, but there is one nuance here – if you have been diagnosed some disease, which was the provoking factor of angular stomatitis, you are recommended to consult your healthcare specialist if you can combine your medical course with the natural remedies.

Thing to do number 5: Use special drugs for the angular stomatitis treatment

drugsThe previous method of treatment with natural remedies, which you can prepare at home are suitable for those who don’t have a serious form of angular stomatitis caused by one of the reasons listed in the beginning of this article that don’t refer to serious health problems. If you have tried all natural remedies and wasn’t able to get rid of unpleasant angular stomatitis it is necessary to consult a doctor about the medical treatment with the special drugs able to help you fight against the initial cause that was the factor causing the external appearance of the inside health problem. As a result, external causes of the disease are eliminated by natural remedies which soon break out because the underlying disease due to which these cracks appeared was not treated. Therefore, all those who suffer angular stomatitis are strongly recommended to get a consultation of a doctor.

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After a thorough examination, identification of the underlying causes and additional tests, an accurate diagnosis will be made and a competent, professional treatment will be provided guaranteeing a quick recovery.

Preparations for ingestion that may be used are the following active substances:

  • Nystatin;
  • Levorin;
  • Fluconazole;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • Lamizil or antibiotic therapy (one or the other is prescribed, depending on the type of disease detected);
  • Nizoral;
  • Amoxyl;
  • Vitamin therapy: most often either B2 (riboflavin) or PP (niacin) prescribed and with weakened immunity the doctor can advise the course of multivitamins;
  • Immunomodulators.

Preparations for external use are listed here:

  • 3-4% nystatin ointment;
  • 5% levorin ointment;
  • Lamizil-cream;
  • 20% solution of borax in glycerol;
  • Any ointments with fluconazole;
  • Erythromycin ointment;
  • Sulfur-salicylic ointment;
  • Metrogil denta;
  • D-panthenol;
  • Tetracycline ointment;
  • Weak glucocorticosteroids with antibiotics: hyoxysone, triderm, trimistin;
  • Cauterization with solutions of disinfectant antiseptic dyes: fucorcin, iodine with mandatory subsequent moistening of the skin with any oily solutions or creams.

While preparations for ingestion (they are recommended to use strictly according to the doctor’s prescription) cope with the scourge from the inside (i.e., destroy the infection, inflammation), the remedies for external use eliminate the external manifestations of angular stomatitis.

Important: However, the list of medical measures that doctors advise their patients in such situations does not end there. First, the specialist will necessarily require you to conduct a full sanation of the oral cavity at the dentist’s.

Top- 7 Preventive measures to avoid angular stomatitis

hygieneIt is better to prevent the problem in advance than to treat angular stomatitis in the corners of the lips. The first signal is, as a rule, the peeling of the lips. Preventive measures will save from angular stomatitis.

To protect yourself from an unpleasant disease, take the following preventive measures:

  • Lubricate the corners of the mouth with honey before going to bed.
  • Chop lard and rose petals, apply on the lips.
  • Melt the melted wax with hemp oil and attach to the mouth.
  • Seeds of flax (2 items of a spoonful) pour with water (500 ml) and cook on a moderate flame until the mushy condition. Moisten the lips with the broth periodically.
  • In addition to these products, you can also use hygienic lipstick and thermal water.
  • Prevention should begin with the elimination of potential pathogens of this type of stomatitis. These include prostheses, caries, tartar, bad habits (alcohol, smoking).
  • In addition, you should take care of your personal hygiene.



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