How to Look Beautiful Knowing the Type of Your Figure?

pexels-photo-255349[1]The type of figure and shape of a person’s body depends on the physical characteristics. At a minimum, it is possible to distinguish four groups that describe the structure of the skeleton: a rectangle, a triangle, a pear, an hourglass, an apple or an oval. These are the most common types of women’s figures. Although there are other variations, such as a rhombus, a circle, and so on, but in fact all of them can be reduced to five types of figures.

Knowing what type of figure you have, you can determine which parts and areas of the body need training to bring it into balance. For example, in people with the type of figure “pear” the lower part is wider than the upper one. They can pump up a cool press, but still they will have to fight with big hips. To balance the body after losing weight, they will need to work over their shoulders to visually increase them. In a figure such as “Triangle / Apple” on the contrary, the upper body is wider than the bottom, so they have beautiful legs, but problems with excess fat in the abdomen. Intrigued and want to learn more about how to define your type of figure and how use this knowledge? Then you are welcome to continue reading.


Type of figure number 1: Rectangle

Dress-for-your-Body-Type-4[1]Common features of this type are:

  • inclined to leanness and slenderness;
  • shoulders, hips and waist are almost the same size;
  • abdomen is slightly retracted;
  • tend to gain weight on the abdomen and lower body but do not get fat in their hands. Usually these are ectomorphs.
  • Examples of sizes: 86-76-89, 91-84-94, 101-91-107 (cm).

The type of the figure “Rectangle” is almost the same width of the shoulders and hips, and the waist is poorly expressed, so that the figure has a rectangular shape.

If the food is not balanced, or there is not enough exercise, then they also get fat. The fatter, the less noticeable the muscles forming a slender body, and the more rectangular it seems. Since people with a rectangular type of figure tend to accumulate fat mainly in the abdomen, the main problem is the protruding abdomen and waist.

How to train properly?

To adjust this shape of the figure, it is necessary to minimize cardio activity to a minimum and preferably use a stepper. To create a waist, you must use hula hoop and exercises on the muscles of the press. The closest attention should be paid to training with weights and, of course, increased nutrition.

Proper training should be intense and short. Each muscle group should receive a load once a week. It is necessary to focus on the intensity of training and the construction of symmetrical proportions, through proper training of the muscles of the shoulders, back and legs. Concentrate on heavy movements: bench press lying, bench press, upper block pull and squats. Working in the range of 6-8 repetitions will promote the recruitment of muscle mass.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

The main key in choosing a wardrobe is to create proportionality of the upper and lower body parts with a simultaneous increase in the waistline. You can wear tight clothing (for example, a tubular type dress) and to create a waist add a dark wide belt. To create a more magnificent effect, you need to proportionally add the volume to the upper and lower parts of the body.

Important: From aerobic loads you can choose walking and jogging three times a week. This will help to lose weight at the waist.

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Type of figure number 2: Pear

pearbodyshape-dresstoimpress-lyvucouture[1]General features of pear figure type:

  • The lower part of the body is larger than the upper one.
  • The shoulders are already thighs (usually in women).
  • Are prone to gain weight below the waist.
  • A small torso, a flat stomach, an excellent press.
  • Examples of sizes: 81-71-99, 86-76-96, 91-76-112 (cm).

This type of figure is also known as a spoon (geometrically resembling the letter A). Women of such shape (and about 15% of them) carry extra weight in the lower part of the body, mainly in the hips and buttocks, their waist and bust are small enough. The shin and arms are always slim and taut. The general characteristics are short legs (wide calves and ankles) and full hips. Fat is deposited on the sides, buttocks and thighs. The main problem is cellulite. Saddle-back emphasizes all the shortcomings of the figure, so you must always keep a proud posture. You can also look into treatments like cellulite reduction in Medford, NY if you have this body type.

How to train properly?

To adjust this shape of the figure, it is necessary to deal with the expansion of the shoulders (their girth) and the back. Cardio-loads of low intensity in the form of walking, occupying a treadmill (without a corner) and an elliptical simulator will allow you to get rid of excess weight in the lower part of the body. Training with weights should proceed from weak to moderate tempo. Of the exercises perfectly suited such as: press dumbbells up, wiring in the sides, pull the top block and pull-up. For the upper body, keep the range of repetitions around 6-8.

As for the correction of the lower part, it is necessary to perform squats (moderate pace), leg extension in the simulator and lunges. For a better effect, it is desirable to combine exercises in long series, supersets. The number of repetitions can be from 10 to 15.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

Do you think Hollywood stars all have shocking figures? They just know their type of figure and choose their clothes in the right way. In other words, they emphasize their figure merits and wisely flaw their shortcomings.

It is possible to consider as an ideal wardrobe for top tightly fitting clothes. In summer, you must always wear tops that show your winning parts of the body – hands and back. The bottom should be dark to hide the wide bottom half. Choose a skirt-tube just above the knee or skirt of straight cut (letter A). An excellent option may be dark jeans with a high waist in which you can fill your blouse.

Important: The fatter the woman, the more triangular her body is, but with a weight loss, the figure of the “pear” becomes quite beautiful.

Type of figure number 3: Hourglass

hourglass[1]Common features of “hourglass” figure type:

  • The upper and lower parts of the body are well balanced.
  • Hips and shoulders of almost the same size.
  • Narrowing at the waist (> 15 cm).
  • They gain weight throughout the body, especially in the chest and thighs.
  • Often these are endomorphs or mesomorphs.
  • Typically the female shape.
  • Examples of sizes: 81-66-84, 84-69-89, 91-76-97 (cm).

The type of the figure “Hourglass” has a narrow waist and roughly the same volume of hips and chest. In other words, this is a classical, proportional, well-built female figure. Any imbalance and deficiencies are usually quite easily corrected by controlling weight.

Usually the shape of the hourglass evokes rapture in men and the black envy of women who do not have it. The height and weight of such women is in good proportion. The bust and hips are the same size, and the waist to hip ratio is 0.7. The body has graceful bends, but the buttocks are round in shape. The upper part of the body is proportional to the length of the legs, which are slender. Loss of fat tissue occurs evenly throughout all parts of the body.

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How to train properly?

To maintain the figure, it is necessary to alternate cardio training with strength training. Suitable for any type of cardiovascular activity. Two classes of 25-30 minutes a week will be enough. This is the most progressive form for bodybuilding and fitness. A balanced training program with a different amount of exercise is all you need. On average, work on one program is 8-10 weeks, then it is necessary to replace it.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

The main key in choosing a wardrobe is to create proportionality of the upper and lower body parts with an emphasis on the waist. Wide belts over blouses and dresses are a great way to show your waistline. Excellent legs should be emphasized using skirts of different lengths. Dresses / sweaters / blouses with V-neck will emphasize the beauty of the bust and décolleté zone.

Important: You need to balance the diet to maintain a normal body fat percentage that emphasizes all your beauty, smoothness of the lines, and at the same time is not excessive.

Type of figure number 4: Oval (apple)

applebodyshape-dresstoimpress-lyvucouture[1]Common features are the following:

  • The shoulders are wider than hips (usually found in men).
  • The upper half of the body is bigger than the lower half.
  • Slender hips and legs.
  • Large chest and abdomen.
  • Are prone to weight gain above or below the waist.
  • Usually these are mesomorphs or endomorphs.
  • Examples of sizes: 101-91-84, 91-81-76, 86-76-74 (cm).

Representatives of these shapes have medium height, a lush bust, narrow hips and rather flat buttocks. Weight is predominantly accumulated in the middle part (stomach and waist), hence the appearance resembles an oval. The waist is the widest composition part. Most often, women of these forms have a short neck and full face. The best asset is definitely slender legs.

How to train properly?

Fat often accumulates in the upper part of the body: arms, back, chest, abdomen. The weight loss often does not lead to the desired result, for the reason that the massive upper part and broad shoulders are more of a bone structure than the result of fat accumulation. To balance the shape of the body, you need to increase muscle mass in the lower body – on the buttocks and hips. And to give the body a semblance of “hourglass” – to remove fat on the abdomen with the help of exercises.

To reduce the overall weight, regular cardio activity is necessary, for example, on a treadmill or stepper. Elliptical machines should be avoided, because they will help to increase the mass of the legs. The waist can be formed including using a hoop and performing various exercises on the press.

Strength training should be focused on the development of the legs, this will create a balance with the upper body. To make the lower the same size as the upper one, it is necessary to perform squats, press kicks and various kinds of deadlifts. The range of repetitions should be kept in the range 6-8.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

The main key in choosing a wardrobe is to remove the accent from the belly and create a more defined waistline. This is achieved by choosing clothes that add bends and fullness to the bottom and tops that narrow to the waist. Legs should be emphasized due to the skirts of the middle (and slightly lower) length.

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Important: To strengthen the lower part of the body, you can use any kind of aerobic exercise, aimed at the large muscles of the legs as it is these muscles that increase the hips.

Type of figure number 5: Inverted triangle: V-shape

5d8b95660816309ddc71325dabde9cda[1]Common features of the type of figure inverted triangle:

  • Wide, massive shoulders;
  • narrow slender hips;
  • flat buttocks;
  • mild waist;
  • often slender long legs;
  • usually medium or large breasts.

The shoulders of these women are much wider than their hips. They, as a rule, have a magnificent bust, narrow hips and a flat fifth point. Waist is thin, there is a tendency to gain weight in the abdomen and upper body. The main asset – beautiful slender legs.

How to train properly?

To correct this type of the figure, it is necessary to deal with the massing the lower part of the body so that it can catch up with the upper one. Stepper is a good tool to burn calories and add thickness to the legs. The treadmill on the inclined surface is also suitable as a cardio activity. It is best to avoid elliptical machines. The load on unfortified legs will be quite large.

Qualitative study of the entire muscular layer of the legs is the main goal of training such women. It is necessary to concentrate on the development of the hips, performing squats, presses with the feet, becoming traction on the straight legs. As shape-forming exercises it is necessary to use attacks (with dumbbells, a barbell), approaches to platforms and jumping upwards from a deep sed. Weights should be from moderate to heavy with the number of repetitions in the range of 6-8.

How to choose the right wardrobe?

The key to the right wardrobe is balancing the broad shoulders, chest and back with a narrow lower body. This is achieved through the selection of clothing that adds bends to your hips and creates a more expressive waist line. Beautiful legs are best emphasized with the help of different skirts of different lengths (but not too short). Clothes with asymmetry: dresses, tops, skirts, coats, jackets / jackets. Clothes with asymmetry visually harmonize the figure, distract attention from the broad shoulders and make the figure more feminine. Wear clothes with flared bottom: dresses, skirts, coats, raincoats. Such clothes will make the figure feminine, softer, more rounded.

Important: Avoid clothes that visually increase your shoulders (epaulets, three-dimensional sleeves, very thin straps, sleeves-lanterns, shoulder pads, horizontal figure at the top, three-dimensional collar).

Top-3 Golden Rules for Choosing Clothes to Fit Your Figure

  • AAEAAQAAAAAAAAwhAAAAJGU1ZTZjNGY0LTkxNWMtNDk0ZC05OWMyLWRjNzE5NTIzYzEzOQ[1]If you do not have a narrow waist, do not try to increase it even more. Things in a horizontal strip can be included in your image, but this should not be items of the wardrobe “below the belt”, that is, skirts, trousers and so on. Remember that clothes with such a pattern visually increase the hips.
  • Try to pick up things that will focus on your “strong” places – the chest, waist, hips or buttocks. This will help visually smooth out the flaws (if, of course, they are) and generally improve the image.
  • Things that look baggy, hiding all the lines of your figure, shouldn’t be given preference to. They will not bring the expected effect – just visually add you a few extra pounds.




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