9 recipes of masks for your skin, hair and body made from honey and cinnamon

honey and cinnamonHave you ever tried to make honey and cinnamon mask? Amazing cinnamon flavor can’t leave anyone indifferent. It can be added into coffee, hot chocolate, it goes well with apple, pear, and sure in bakery but these are not only possible ways to use cinnamon. Here we are going to talk about skin care applying delicious homemade masks using only natural ingredients. Face mask which consists of cinnamon and honey is among the most effective anti-aging masks as it is rich in vitamins, macro-and micronutrients.  Useful cinnamon perfectly complements the honey, which supports the immune system. Together they eliminate paleness, improve cell metabolism and blood circulation, which improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, keeping the skin young. Continue reading →

How to get rid of warts on hands quickly and effectively.

warts on handsProbably each person, not depending on the age or social status, has at least once faced the problems with warts and didn’t know how to get rid of warts on hands. Indeed everyone can be infected with so unpleasant disease with bumpy skin manifestations. It is believed that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus.

At the same time having got to the tissues of the human body, this insidious virus is able to start its active development only under the influence of certain precipitating factors. Continue reading →

Six best and quickest methods how to get rid of a wart

 a wartWarts may appear and stay on the skin for a very and very long time, they may stay for months and in some cases even years. Although they are not at all dangerous for our health their appearance can bring great inconvenience. For example a wart on our hands makes writing not comfortable, wart on the feet stops us from enjoying sports.

Well if brown nasty pimples have covered the open parts of our body or even a face in this case it is a challenge to stay calm and avoid serious psychological discomfort. Furthermore warts help immune reactivity. Removing warts is an affordable and simple procedure that can be performed at home or in clinics and will restore health and beauty of the skin. Modern methods of diagnostics of wart formations as well as their treatment allow us to forget about the discomfort that is associated with warts. Nowadays everyone can afford such procedures.
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5 most efficient methods of keloid removal

KeloidDue to the uncertain nature of the occurrence and development the treatment of keloid scars is a complex task. This type of scarring can be in the form of a star or fan, often they develop on the ears, chest, sometimes occur on the joints and the face. Scars on the face can be removed by the same methods as in the body.

How to get rid of scars can advise only occupational therapist, he will take into account all the features of the disease and help prevent relapse. Unfortunately homemade remedies will not help us to get rid of keloids. We will try to investigate most efficient methods of keloid removal on the market these days. However before deciding upon the procedure you should always consult with the therapist and investigate which options are available there in your neighborhood.
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The most useful methods to get rid of white spots on skin

white spots on skinChanges in skin color are a common problem. The problem can appear in a form of bright and dark spots or other color changes. White spots on the skin indicate the loss of its pigmentation and they are of very different sizes. Such spots can occur anywhere on the body but most often on the neck, shoulders, upper part of back, legs and forearm. Usually these spots do not cause any pain, itching or irritation but they cause stress and psychological discomfort especially for people with darker skin where the contrast is more obvious. Continue reading →

How to get rid of freckles – all you haνe to know if you want your skin to be gorgeously white

frecklesThose pretty little spots that speckle skin might be common, but freckles remain a bit of a dermatological mystery to many — including eνen those who haνe them. We interνiewed three top skin specialists to get the low-down on the subject for the height of freckle season.

Caused by the sun’s ultraνiolet rays, the sun stimulates the skin’s pigment-forming cells to produce more melanin in the skin but freckles are usually triggered by the sun, they will only form in those who are genetically pre-disposed to them. Contrary to popular belief, nobody is born with freckles, which typically don’t pop up until adolescence. The spots themselνes are absolutely nothing to fear, but, those who are genetically pre-disposed to freckles are often fair skinned as well, which in turn makes them more susceptible to skin cancers.

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How to get rid of eczema. Eνerything you should know for successful curing


There are many triggers of eczema that can make it flare or get worse. Below are some of the common triggers. You should learn what triggers your eczema to flare, and then try to aνoid it. Irritants can make your symptoms worse. What irritates you may be different from what irritates someone else with the condition, but could include soaps and detergents, shampoos, dish-washing liquids, bubble bath, disinfectants like chlorine and contact with juices from fresh fruits, meats, νegetables If your genes make you more likely to deνelop atopic eczema, the condition will deνelop after you are exposed to certain enνironmental factors, such as allergens. Allergens are substances that can cause the body to react abnormally. This is known as an allergic reaction.
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How to get rid of blackheads – let’s return your beauty and health at home

Blackheads Blackheads can become a real disaster for you and people surrounding you. Your skin loses its natural beauty and health. Without proper treatment blackheads can grow to acne or cause many different problems with your health. When you finish reading this article you will know what blackheads are, how they can appear and how to get rid of them without many problems. Continue reading →

How to get rid of bruises?

how to get rid of bruises fotoFrom time to time everyone of us bumps into something or someone hits us. This is when a bruise occurs. A lot of people are interested in the methods of getting rid of bruises as quickly as possible especially during a summer period when a lot of us prefer to wear short clothes that attract attention to our beautiful bodies.

A bruise can turn out to be an unwanted defect that will frustrate a lot of our plans. So how to make bruises disappear? Let’s find out what happens inside our body when a bruise appears and discuss the ways of getting rid of these unpleasant spots on our skin. Continue reading →

How to get rid of hickeys: only working methods that will surely return your skin to norm

How to get rid of hickeys fotoIf you read this article, probably, you have got one trouble. Yes, a hickey is, maybe, the most unpleasant consequence of love. For somebody a hickey is a reason for pride or boasting. For others it is a real problem and they want a hickey vanish as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, a hickey is an inner haematoma without skin damages.

Here we have gathered the most popular and traditional ways of getting rid of hickeys. They are equally good for both situations: right after a too passionate kiss and in some time passed. We must warn you about one thing before you read this article: if you have any blood clothing disorders, it is necessary to call a doctor immediately in order to avoid bigger problems. Continue reading →