10 important reasons to stop eating sugar and sweets.

Eat less sugarMany people cannot imagine their life without sugar, because, as we know it contributes to a good mood, and stimulates brain function. It includes glucose, which is getting into the blood and increases the level of serotonin in the body – the hormone of happiness.

However, because of the high caloric content sugar is not recommended to use if you want to lose weight. Sugar cannot only lead to excess weight, but also be the cause of obesity. But superfluous kilograms are not the only reason why it is better avoid consumption of this product. There are other problems, which are caused by the use of sugar and here we are going to talk about the most harmful effects of sugar use:


Reason number 1: Sugar reduces the effect of the immune system.

immune systemIt has been proved that a high content of sugar in the blood in the body stimulates easy virus and infection penetration. This has a negative impact on immunity.

As a result any change in the weather leads to:

  • frequent colds,
  • various inflammatory processes in the body.

This explains the body’s response to sugar in diabetes, when the increase in its level leads to life-threatening complications. Sugar lowers the strength of the immune system by 17 times! The more sugar in our blood, the weaker the immune system will be.
Important: If the product in the healthy people can be digested, then it is not absorbed and accumulated continuously in the diabetic patients, resulting in a negative impact on the general condition, since the immune system is weakened.


Reason number 2: Sugar has a negative effect on the skin.

AcneIf you like sweet tea or coffee, adding no less than three spoons of sugar, it’s time to give up drinking this tea. In case there is an excessive amount of this product in humans’ body, there is a great risk of having wrinkles, even if you are very young. Many studies have been conducted and they have shown that the sugar from the body is able to flush out the useful components.

One of them is collagen, which provides a beautiful elastic skin. If there is a deficiency of collagen, the skin becomes flabby, it loses its elasticity and beauty. In addition, it is proved that frequent consumption of sugar causes the development of skin diseases.

In particular, it leads to:

  • dermatitis,
  • allergic rashes,
  • eczema.

Sugar can cause many inflammatory diseases of the skin, which increases the chances of developing eczema. Most dermatologists and cosmetologists do notice the connection of acne, comedones and inflammation with the regular consumption of sugar and desserts. This is especially true for the skin on the face. If you notice an eruption, then you are able to reduce the number of acne completely giving up sweets in any form.

Important: Sugar is the enemy of beautiful young skin, that’s why it is a must for women taking care of their appearance avoid using sugar.


Reason number 3: Sugar consumption leads to fat deposition.

leads to fat depositionAs it has already been stated, sugar contributes to the emergence of excess weight. This is because when you consume sweet food, sugar is deposited in the liver. There it is converted into glycogen and if the amount of this component in the liver exceeds the norm, it is deposited in the form of fat accumulations on the:

  • abdomen,
  • flanks,
  • calves.
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And if to take into account that a product is with a high calorific value, then using it in the large quantities can be the cause of obesity.

Sugar relates to products that have a high glycemic index. In other words, such products do not only contribute to the emergence of excess weight, but also increase the blood sugar level. Furthermore, the process of rapid uptake of such food promotes abrupt release of the hormone insulin, which in turn also stores fat and often becomes a cause of obesity.

Leptin is responsible for the feeling of satiety, thanks to this, we do not eat more than the body needs. Regular consumption of sugar inhibits the action of this hormone, and the person continues to eat “extra” food.

Important: Sugar containing products are also called “fast carbohydrates”, because they are quickly absorbed by the body, causing the accumulation of fat deposits in certain places.


Reason number 4: Sugar has a negative effect on the brain activity

Bad brain activityIt has been proved that sugar is harmful for the brain. Spanish experts say that sugar adversely affects the brain. Scientists have studied in mice a rare hereditary disease – syndrome of Laforet. This disease progresses when glycogen is accumulated in brain cells.

As a result, there are such negative effects developing:

  • seizures,
  • movement disorders,
  • dementia.

In order glycogen doesn’t accumulate in the cells of the brain, the body produces 2 types of special protein. For each of these specific proteins there is a gene responsible for this. In case of damage of one of the genes Laforet syndrome develops.

The interesting results have been got in the study provided by the researchers at the California State University. These tests were carried out in 803 boarding schools and 9 colonies for minors. From the diet of children sugar and sweets were withdrawn, and replaced with fruits and vegetables.

Important: The results of the experiment were striking: assessment of children rose by an average of 1 point on a 5-point scale, and 50% of all mentally retarded children were found to be healthy.


Reason number 5: Sugar is dangerous for women’s health.

SugarA recent study by experts from Harvard University has shown that eating large quantities of sweets affect the production of:

  • testosterone,
  • estrogen.

Sugar increases the level of lipids produced by the liver, and they, in turn, reduce the level of special protein – SHBG, which is responsible for the balance between content of testosterone and estrogen in blood, which deficiency can eventually lead to infertility.

Ladies who often eat cakes or chocolate are more likely to suffer from the urogenital candidiasis. It is known that the cause of thrush is fungi of the genus

Candida. They live in almost every human being, but the disease occurs only when they become too much. Sweet products rich in carbohydrates are able to provoke increased activity of fungi.

Drinking large quantities of sweet pastry makes the pancreas to produce insulin strongly – it can cause the formation of malignant tumors in the intestine. Such a conclusion was made by physicians based on the observation of several thousand women.

Important: US scientists also warn that cancer is also a possible consequence of consuming much sugar.


Reason number 6: Sugar makes you an addict.

SugarSugar consumption is able to cause addiction. Due to unstable blood sugar levels you may feel fatigue, frequent headaches. From this there is a constant desire to eat sweets. Portion of sweet leads to temporary relief, but after a while the feeling of hunger and the need for sweet becomes even more acute.

People get used to getting much sugar and feel like drug addicts who think only of having the next dose of sugar. Eating sugar causes:

  • the release of dopamine hormone,
  • a feeling of joy and bliss after consumption of sweet products.
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Important: The hormone of joy is also released when the body gets cocaine, which is known to cause drug dependence.


Reason number 7: The sugar robs the body of B vitamins

nervousAll B vitamins (especially vitamin B1 – thiamine) is necessarily needed for proper digestion and absorption by the body of all foods containing sugars and starches. The white sugar does not contain any vitamins of group B. Therefore, in order to acquire white sugar, the body destroys the B vitamins of muscle, liver, kidneys, nerves, stomach, heart, skin, eyes, blood, etc. It becomes clear that this could lead to the strong deficit of B vitamins in many organs.

Excessive use of sugar leads to the large grasp of B vitamins in all organs and systems. This, in turn, can lead to:

  • excessive nervous excitability,
  • severe indigestion,
  • feeling of constant fatigue,
  • anemia,
  • muscle and skin diseases,
  • heart attacks,
  • and many other unpleasant consequences.

When there is an intake of carbohydrates in their natural form, vitamin B1 deficiency usually does not develop, for the reason that thiamin, which is necessarily required for cleavage of the sugar or starch is in processed foods. Thiamine is necessarily necessary not only for the growth of a good appetite, but also for normal functioning of the digestive processes.

Important: Now it is known that 90% of such violations could be avoided if the sugar consumption was prohibited.


Reason number 8: Sugar takes your energy

withou energy no lifeMany people believe that if they consume sugar in large quantities, they will have more energy as sugar is essentially the main source of energy. But this is a wrong opinion for two reasons, let’s talk about them.

Firstly, sugar causes thiamine deficiency, so the body cannot finish carbohydrate metabolism, due to which the energy output is not such it could be at full digestion. This leads to the fact that a person has marked symptoms of fatigue and the activity is markedly reduced.

Second, the inflated sugar level generally follows after reducing sugar level which occurs due to the rapid increase in blood insulin level, which, in turn, is due to the sharp increase in the sugar level. This vicious circle leads to the fact that the body’s sugar level is lowered far below the standards.

This phenomenon is called an attack of hypoglycemia, which is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • dizziness,
  • lethargy,
  • fatigue,
  • nausea,
  • severe irritability and tremors of the limbs.

Important: Unwanted symptoms of hypoglycemia can be successfully avoided if you don’t consume much sugar.


Reason number 9: Sugar leaches calcium from the body

Bone without calciumSugar food causes a change in the ratio of phosphorus and calcium in blood, often increases the calcium level, with the reduced phosphorus levels. The ratio between calcium and phosphorus continues to be wrong more than 48 hours after the sugar has been consumed.

Due to the fact that the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is strongly disrupted, the body cannot fully absorb calcium from food. Best interaction of calcium to phosphorus ratio occurs in 2.5: 1, and, if these relations are violated, and there is significantly more calcium, additional calcium is not simply absorbed and used by the body.

The flow of calcium into the body can be quite sufficient, but if calcium is supplied together with sugar, it will be useless. It therefore would be desirable to notify all that sweetened milk calcium is not absorbed into the body as it should, and this in turn increases the risk of developing diseases.

In order the sugar metabolism and oxidation take place correctly, the presence of calcium in the body is a must, due to the fact that there are no sugar in minerals, calcium is directly borrowed from the bones. The reason for the development of the diseases caused by the lack of calcium in the body are the following:

  • osteoporosis,
  • diseases of the teeth,
  • weakening of the bones., of course,
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Important: Such a disease like rickets may be partly due to the excessive consumption of white sugar.


Reason number 10: Sugar creates a sense of false hunger

Falce hungerScientists have discovered the cells in the human brain that are responsible for appetite control and may cause a false sense of hunger. If you eat foods with high sugar content, the free radicals begin to interfere with the usual, normal operation of neurons that eventually leads to a sense of false hunger, and it usually ends up over-eating and obesity.

There is another reason that can cause false sense of hunger when the body is a sharp increase in blood glucose levels, and comes after a sharp decline, the brain requires immediate replenishment of blood glucose deficiency.

Excessive sugar consumption generally leads to:

  • rapid increase in levels of insulin and glucose in the body,
  • and this eventually leads to a false sense of hunger and overeating.

Important: When you eat sugar products, you should know when to stop as the false hunger if you want to avoid weight gain and health problems.


What to replace sugar with?

Replace of sugarSome people are looking for the best alternative of the sugar substitutes. Among the most common sweeteners are:

  • Saccharin Suklamat,
  • Aspartame,
  • Xylitol,
  • Sorbitol.

However, these substances can be harmful for your health, if you do not comply with the measure. For example, saccharin (available as 40 mg tablets) in high doses may promote the formation of malignant tumors – it is recommended to use no more than 4 tablets per day. Adverse action can cause allergy, and xylitol and sorbitol may have a choleretic and laxative effect.

The British experts have recently come to the disappointing conclusion concerning sorbitol. They proved that the sweetener – sorbitol (E420) – can cause intestinal upset, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Especially in large quantities sorbitol is used in the production of chewing gum, as well as a part of some toothpastes.

What to do if you are a sweet tooth and cannot give up your favorite treats? For such people, the most important rule – know when to stop! After all, these terrible consequences arise only in the case of abuse of sugary foods.


Sweet products recommended by nutritionists:

HoneyIf you still feel that you cannot give up the next piece of a cake, try to follow these recommendations of nutritionists:

  • Limit consumption of glucose and go to the “natural” sweeteners: fructose or lactulose (they are in large quantities are found in fruits).
  • Try to drink tea without sugar, drink mineral water instead of sugary carbonated drinks

If you cannot do without sweet products, try to consume the least harmful sweets:

  • Honey: 100g of this product contain daily requirement of iron, manganese and magnesium. If you are not allergic to bee products, honey is really better
    than sugar. It has antimicrobial properties, useful for colds, constipation, insomnia. Calorie – 100g – 320 kcal.
  • Marmalade: Pectin, contained in the marmalade is very useful – it absorbs and removes toxins from the body, even heavy metals and radionuclides. It also helps to cleanse the body of “bad cholesterol.” Calorie – 100g – 290 kcal.
  • Dried fruits: They are very rich in fiber (especially figs and apricots: 1.5 g per 100 g), iron, magnesium. This is useful for vessels, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Calorie – 100g – 240 – 270 kcal.




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