How to get rid of stomach cramping at home

stomach cramping Stomach cramping is recognized by physicians as one of the most difficult pains which we can experience, only toothache is considered stronger. But unfortunately each of us faced this unpleasant pain. The most common reason of stomach cramping is a spasm of stomach (involuntary contractions of stomach muscles). Spasm can be caused by internal or external negative disturbing factors for our body. Stomach cramping can be short as 3 minutes with medium pain or it can be 1.5 hours severe ache. It all depends on what causes of pain. Here we will talk about simple and effective ways how to cure stomach cramping at home.


The first way: Special diet

DietSpecial diet can be considered as a prevention measure of stomach cramping. However people who experience stomach spasms on the regular basis should learn that their diet is very important as well as avoiding harmful habits (alcohol and smoking). The success of the fight against cramping depends mostly on diet (80% of success).

Diet recommendations:

  1. No spicy, fatty and heavy food. No chocolate and carbonated beverages.
  2. Reducing the consumption of pastry and dishes with mushrooms. These dishes require long time to digest. This means they are heavy for the digestion.
  3. Stop consuming acidic vegetables and fruits. No pickled vegetables. Consuming these products leads to increased acidity and as a result spasms.
  4. Steamed dishes instead of fried or baked should be in your diet.
  5. Better eat yesterday’s bread and use vegetable broth for cooking.
  6. The best drink is something without sugar like cocoa.
  7. Main rule: breaks between every meal should be less than 3 hours.

In fact this diet is so healthy that it will be beneficial for everyone, even to the person who is not struggling with stomach aches. Of course you should not be constantly eating like this. However if you are constantly struggling with spasms you should do this diet as a recovery for your body once in three month. Diet should be for approximately 15-30 days. You will notice the results almost immediately as you will start it.

Advice: If you notice that diet is not helping you should visit doctor and check the reason of your problem.


The second way: Mint tea

Black teaAbsolutely no one can save himself from stomach cramps. Often stress is causing it. And today every single person who is employed is dealing with stress every day. In general there are plenty of reasons why spasms occur but whatever causes it we want to cure it as soon as possible. If stomach spasm appears when you are at work it is very easy to solve it if you will have some mint tea.

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Mint (or Peppermint) is rich in menthol. This is why mint is having antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. Menthol is only in leaves of the plant. Tea with mint leaves is perfect and quick way to relieve stomach pain.


  • We will need dried crushed mint leaves (can be bought in any pharmacy).
  • 2-3 spoons of mint leaves pour with boiling water. 250 ml of boiling water will be enough.
  • Leave it covered for 30 minutes.
  • After half an hour strain the liquid.
  • Dilute tea with 250 ml of boiled water and your drink is ready.

Drink few sips every few hours. You will feel difference in your stomach very quickly. In addition to relieving pain mint will calm your nervous system. Also mint will relieve insomnia and improve brain function. Such a simple and cheap remedy has so many benefits.

Advice: Mint consumption is not recommended for kids younger than 3, men and people having low blood pressure.


The third way: Relaxing bath

taking bathIt is very important to make sure that the source of your pain are really stomach cramps. Bend down as much as you can to your knees. If in such position you feel slightly better that is definitely painful spasms in the stomach. When you bend you feel relieve as pain in abdominal area is reduced but as soon as you straighten your back pain increases immediately. When you made this simple check you can start relaxing and curing procedure: therapeutic bath.

Basic recommendations for bath are as follows: duration of the procedure 15-20 minutes, water temperature 34-35 degrees, bubbles and oils are must. Why bath is recommended to relieve cramping? Bath is calming and relaxing procedure. When our body is in the water we feel better immediately. Few drops of your favorite oil will relieve stress and make your procedure very pleasant.

Relaxing oils for bath:

  • Lavender.
  • Mint.
  • Orange.
  • Incense.
  • Mandarin.
  • Marjoram.

Always use 3-4 drops of oils for your evening bath and you will forget about spasms and cramps in the stomach. Some people however notice that spasms disappear after cold shower, others prefer warm bath.

Advise: If you feel dizzy or weak such procedure as bath is forbidden.


The fourth way: Belly exercises

exerciseRegular physical exercises are recommended by doctors a lot. Why it is so important to exercise and how it can help with stomach cramping? Regular exercise provide beneficial effect on nervous system and balance of hormones in the body. That all affects digestive system, normalize digestion and relieve spasms. When you feel sudden stomach cramping immediately do following steps.

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How to relieve spasms at home:

  • Rub your stomach with 2 drops of essential oil (rosemary or eucalyptus will work better).
  • Put on the stomach something warm. You can use special heater or simple plastic bottle with warm water.
  • Find the abdominal muscles and push in the middle of the muscle for 10-15 seconds. At the same time you should inhale deeply.
  • Try to relax and tense your abdominal muscles for few times.
  • The last but sometimes very effective step: biting upper lip somewhere around the middle. Bite yourself relatively strong but not painful.

After all these steps you will definitely feel much better. Unfortunately such method will not work if you are at work and you cannot lay down or find something warm for the stomach. But at home this way will quickly help.

Advise: Make sure you are not allergic to essential oils before implementing them all over your stomach.


The fifth way: Vacation

VacationVery often in order to solve the problem with stomach cramping we need to realize that stress is causing it. Stress occurs in our life for very different reasons: family problems, issues on work, separation from family, death and many others. Divorce or losing job leads to enormous stress in our life. Very often such troubles in life may cause psychosomatic digestion. Among possible symptoms very often is stomach cramping.

Stress can be very strong and people can handle it for very long. However we cannot handle stress forever. After a certain amount of stress we always need rest in order to manage all troubles and problems in our life. After severe stress our body needs serious recovery. Going for a vacation to the sea will help to cope with stress. After 14 days at the sea with every day long walks, fresh air and salty water you will feel completely recovered. Stomach cramping will disappear after such vacation for very long.

Advise: At least once a year go to the sea. Such vacation will also help with many other health problems: insomnia, stuffed nose, low immunity and others.


The sixth way: Rice water

Rice waterRice water is used to be very common way of healing digestion and cleaning the body in China. Today this method is used all over the world. Rice as well as rice water is rich in gluten, minerals, vitamin B, E and C. Thanks to such composition rice water will provide following healing benefits: provides body with extra energy, speeds metabolism, improves condition of the skin, regenerates body cells and removes toxins.

When we hear rice water sometimes we just assume that it is the water left after washing rice before cooking. It is very common mistake. Such water after washing rice can be used but it is not as useful for stomach cramping as real rice water. Rice water is water which remains after boiling rice. How to prepare such simple and effective source of health we will investigate here.

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  • We will need half cup of white or brown rice and 4 cups of water.
  • Put into saucepan all water and boil it.
  • Add rice and cook it on relatively low heat for 20 minutes.
  • Leave saucepan to stay for few minutes and it will make process of separation rice and water easier.
  • Separate water from rice and pour water into the glass.
  • Our rice water is ready now.

Some prefer rice water with sugar or honey. Sometimes even cinnamon is added. Some mix it with dairy products and nuts. This remedy will help even pregnant women. If you have diarrhea it is better to avoid all additives and consume pure rice water.

Advise: This recipe is prohibited for people suffering from diabetes.


The seventh way: Lemon juice

Lemon juiceLemon juice contains citric acid. This acid is provoking the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This process is very important in protein digestion. Any problems with protein digestion cause severe cramping in the stomach. If you have lemon you can quickly recover from sudden severe stomach ache.

Ways to prepare lemon drink for stomach:

  1. Take 1 cup of warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and same amount of honey. Mix everything very well and consume this drink after each meal.
  2. In half glass of warm water mix 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and 2 pinches of salt. Mix ingredients and consume it three times a day.
  3. In cup mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, mint juice and ginger juice. Add pinch of salt and drink this shot.

As soon as you will try any of these drinks you will feel immediate relief. Discomfort in stomach will disappear after one day of such treatment. Chose recipe which is easier or tastiest for you.

Advise: Always prepare fresh lemon juice by squeezing half of lemon. Never use lemon juice from shops as it is full of additives.



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