7 Quick and easy solutions how to get rid of eye bags

eye bags As soon as we face puffy eyes we look ill and sad. It is always a challenge to get ourselves together and get ready for going out with such an issue. In general puffy eyes effect is caused by lymph which is blocked and cannot circulate normally and it is most visible in the morning, in fact till the end of the day with the help of blood circulation and blood pressure it gets better. Also dermatologists say that understanding the origin and using tricks  can help to make eye bags look less visible or to get rid of them completely.

So let’s stop and analyze our lifestyle and investigate what we can use to make our eyes look rested and fresh starting from now. Unfortunately even people having enough sleep and eating healthy still can get puffy eyes. You cannot help it that much if that is genetics but you can try to compete with your body and use these simple methods.


  1. Method number 1: Cucumber detox mask
  2. Method number 2: Sleeping position
  3. Method number 3: Water
  4. Method number 4: Potatoes
  5. Method number 5: Tea
  6. Method number 6: Exercises and massaging
  7. Method number 7: Lemon juice and Parsley
  8. Video

Method number 1: Cucumber detox mask

What should you do:

  1.  Cucumber maskTake fresh nice looking cucumber
  2. Keep skin of the vegetable
  3. Cut cucumber into thin round slices
  4. Put slices into the freezer for few minutes
  5. Implement slices on your eye bags
  6. Sit and rest for approximately 5–7 minutes with slices of cucumber
  7. Throw away cucumber and feel fresh skin
  8. No need to wash it off

Cucumber is full of water and implementing of cucumber on the skin cause interesting effect: as cucumber is cold it evaporates part of the liquid from your skin which is stuck and cause visual effect of puffy eyes. We are trying to eat healthy and drink a lot of water. But in case you know that your body is easy to swell you better control your diet and reduce consuming of water, tea, liquid. Also cucumber is antioxidant and helps along with fighting with eye bags in getting healthy and fresh color of our skin.


Some mornings we are extremely in a hurry and it seems like we do not have any time for any mask preparations. You can even sometimes just while making yourself breakfast, cut few slices of cucumber which is just from the fridge and have these slices on your face while making salad. You can get used to it and make it every time when you cut cucumber. Believe me it works!


Method number 2: Sleeping position

What you should do:

  1. the position in which you sleepCheck in which position you wake up
  2. Get yourself additional pillow or pillows
  3. Control your body when you go to sleep

It is a bit difficult, when we are used to sleep in some position to change our habits. But in fact it is possible to control ourselves and make our body to do what we want it to do. In case you sleep on your stomach or on side you are in trouble. After sleep on the side you can even notice that eye bag under one eye is worse than second one. When you go to bed set your body on your back and use additional pillow for your head to be a bit higher than the rest of the body. In such a way liquid will not gather that much under eyes. For first results try this method at least one month.

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  • Unfortunately this method is not working in case you sleep few hours a day or do not have enough sleep.
  • Along with good rest you should control level of stress in your life.
  • Try to sleep instead of getting into stressful conversations. It is always better to sleep than to argue with anyone.


Method number 3: Water

What you should do:

  1. iceBuy some fresh mint
  2. Cut it into small pieces
  3. Boil in water for 15 minutes
  4. Freeze in ice cubes boiled mint water

Using ice cubes you gently massage your eye bags and cause immediate effect. In order not to damage skin near eyes, as it is very gentle, you better use some thin textile. Put ice cubes for not longer than 5 minutes. Water is both dangerous and helpful when it comes to our health. You should follow advices of dermatologists and consume not less that 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. But even playing by the rules you still can face sick looking eyes. In that case you should reduce amount of salt you consume. Along with this you better avoid salt keeping liquids (like soda and sweet drinks) and food which is over salted (fast-food, pizza, etc.)

Advice: Some people just think that any kind of liquid is ok for drinking. You should be smart. Do not drink juices or sweet drinks instead of clear water when you are thirsty. They will not help you to get healthy looking skin. In fact one more issue is alcohol. It is an enemy of our skin. Having hangover your skin will always struggle and eye bags will be visible as never before.


Method number 4: Potatoes

What you should do:

  1. TPotatoesake fresh and natural potato (you need just one vegetable)
  2. Slice it into equal rounds
  3. Implements pieces under your eyes
  4. Let slices dry completely (it will take about 10 minutes)
  5. Do not wash your face, just with the towel wipe starch which is left

This is the simplest method. But potatoes are worth giving some more attention. You can also spend a bit more time but get even better results. You can make great potato juice for refreshing your skin near eyes. Take one potato. Avoid using potatoes which has green sides both in food and in recipes. Grate potato into a bowl. Squeeze grated potato and extract juice and using two cotton pads implement juice on your problem areas near eyes. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes. Wash your face with cold water and enjoy results immediately. One more interesting option is to boil potato with the skins on. Make pure from boiled potato, add some butter and a bit of cream and implement such mask on your face for 15 minutes. Vitamins and minerals will stay in potato while you will boil it as it will be boiled with skins. Starch from the potato will help to make your skin look lighter and softer.

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Advice: You can even use both cucumber and potato juice in the same amounts. Mix them and implement with cotton pads. Using this trick you can at the same time refresh your skin with the help of cucumber and lighten it and make it softer with potato juice.


Method number 5: Tea

What you should do:

  1. teaTake two tea bags of black, green or chamomile tea
  2. Put them into the hot water
  3. Press them to get rid of liquid
  4. Leave them till they will be of room temperature
  5. Implement tea bags under your eyes
  6. Lay for 15 minutes with this compress

This method is universal. Using tea bags method you at the same time can get rid of tired, red eyes, prevent aging of your skin and get rid of the puffy eyes. You also do not need to spend fortune as everyone already has some tea at home. And you can use this method as often as you can. In case you do not like tea in tea bags you can make strong black or green tea (two table spoons for a glass of boiled water), let it cool and implement tea with cotton pads on your eyes.


  • Do not use tea with some adding. The best tea is natural tea.
  • No need to buy some expensive tea. The price in this case means nothing. Brand of the tea doesn’t mean anything as well.
  • It is better not to use this method before sleep. Refreshing effect from tea will make you awake and will make you feel not even close to sleepy.
  • Be careful with black tea. As you know it can color the skin. Use the compress not longer than it is written in the recipe, otherwise instead of puffy eyes you will get brown rounds under your eyes.


Method number 6: Exercises and massaging

What you should do:

  1. massaging eyesStart with looking to the sides and up and down. Close and open your eyes. You need firstly warm up your eyes.
  2. Sit straight and widely open your eyes. Than start closing your eyes and opening very quickly (8 times).
  3. Sit and open widely your mouth in a form of letter “o”. Eyes are looking up. Quickly clip your eyes during 16 seconds. Repeat this exercise two times in case you can do that.
  4. Every time you implement any cream you should make it with massage movements.

When you face eye bags you often do not know what to do. You can start massage you face anyhow. This is not how it should be done. Use internet and investigate that upper eyelid should be massaging from the side to the nose and lower eyelid opposite from the nose to the side with very gentle moves. No need to press too much. Skin near our eyes is extremely sensitive and you can cause micro trauma. Be careful and gentle with your eyelids.

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  • Sleeping with makeup on can be also one of the reasons of dark areas near eyes. Always remove make up before going to sleep. As soon as you removed it you can also make yourself nice massage.
  • Before massaging your face make sure your hands are clean and you have some good cream to put on your face after massage. It will help your skin to calm down.


Method number 7: Lemon juice and Parsley

What you should do:

  1. Buy some lemon and parsley
  2. Take 20 grams of parsley, mostly leaves and cut them into medium pieces
  3. Put cut parsley into bowl and cover with one glass of hot water
  4. Boil parsley for 20 minutes on the medium heat
  5. Separate juice and leaves
  6. We need juice to cool down and become nice warm temperature
  7. Use cotton pads and put juice of parsley on your eyes for 5 minutes

You will definitely have some parsley juice left. You can use leftovers and make ice cubes from them. Use these ice cubes every morning for your face to refresh it and get vitamins for your skin. You can also use lemon juice. Use fresh lemon juice and cotton pads. Keep it on your eye bags for about 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Lemon is lightening your skin and giving you vitamins at the same time.


  • Even after crying this method is working. No need to go for shopping as these ingredients can be already in your fridge.
  • Always buy some parsley on the market. This grass is full of vitamins. Your body soon will start whispering “Thank you!” as soon as you will start using it in cooking and in making homemade cosmetics.
  • After using lemon you better stay away from sun. Skin is getting very sensitive after lemon. Sunbathing is enemy of our skin and in general can be one of the reasons of eye bags. You better keep your face away from direct sun light. In case you need to go under the sun always use sun protection.




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