How to get rid of dark circles using 6 simple ways

dark circlesIt is enough for our skin just not to get good sleep at night, become nervous at work or at home and we immediately notice dark shadows around the eyes. Even more upsetting moment is when you are struggling to have absolutely healthy lifestyle and dark circles under the eyes do not even start to disappear. Here we will try to understand reasons and all possible actions which are both successful and not harmful for our skin which we can use in order to say goodbye to annoying dark circles for as long as forever.

Depending on the real reason of the dark circles we can partially or completely get rid of them. We will investigate most common and effective ways we can fight this unpleasant situation.


The first way: Hide them with cosmetics

cosmeticsCamouflage is one of the secret tools of nowadays women. As we know some of us use cosmetics heavily and they can improve a lot of defects of the skin with help of miraculous correctors, creams and concealers. As we know skin is very gentle especially near the eyes so we cannot use whatever cream or corrector there.

Unfortunately, the lower eyelid will not tolerate any foundation or tonal framework. Lower eyelids are too tight and move to form a groove, which only accentuates wrinkles. The ideal tool to mask the dark circles under the eyes is a special corrective eye cream (concealer or corrector). It has a light texture and rich tone that can neutralize the dark skin color. This cream contains a large number of light-reflecting particles that visually improve the condition of the skin under the eyes.

Concealer benefits

  • Concealer color is of a very wide range from yellow to orange. So it is not a problem to find one exactly for your skin type.
  • The main rule of concealer color choice is that it must be always lighter than the skin color for one half of the tone.
  • Always prefer a moisturizing concealer.
  • Concealer is applied on the skin only after the usage of cream for eyelids.
  • Apply the concealer with the delicate movements of the fingertips or with a sharp angle of sponge.
  • Usually the concealer tube is so small that it can fit in any type of purse of handbag.

Benefit of this method is that such products as concealer or corrector can provide camouflage effect for up to 16 hours. As an additional benefit to this basic function using these means we obtain refreshing and moisturizing effect for our skin.

Important: Always wash off all the cosmetics from your face before going to bed. Use gentle makeup removals and keep them near your bed (on the side table) so you will definitely remember to use them.


The second way: Eye exercises

Eye exercisesYou can fight against dark circles with the help of eye gymnastics while you will find out the actual reason and investigate your overall health level. Special eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles together with tightening the skin.

Best eye exercises

  1. Rotation movements: close your eyes and turn the eyeballs in circles; first move your eyeballs in one direction then in another (4 times in each direction).
  2. Up and down movements: close your eyes again and look up and then down (8 times).
  3. Blinking exercise: look ahead and quickly start blinking for 30 seconds (3 times).
  4. Letter V exercise: look to the left upper side; look down and then to the right upward and down again (7-8 times).
  5. One spot exercise: within a few seconds look at a single point with your eyes wide opened.
  6. Imagine a spot: draw in your imagination the spot on the glass of the window, look at the spot and then through the window far away and then again on the spot.
  7. Massaging: for approximately 1-2 minutes press the palms over your closed eyes.
  8. On the outer corners of the eyes closed place your forefingers and hold the skin so that at the moment it does not have any wrinkles. Then close your eyes tightly and after 6 seconds completely relax the eyelids (10 times).
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Exercises may be carried out regularly from 1 to 4 times per day. Make these exercises your everyday gymnastics few times during the day. Together with improving your skin tightness you will feel how your eyes rest and even your head ache can step away.

Important: If you will make this simple gymnastics your habit you can incredibly improve overall look of your dark circles in just few month. These exercises will not help at all if only performed once.


The third way: Use fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetablesA couple of chilled cucumber circles are classic home remedy. This remedy is not only well known but used a lot by housewives since forever. Special enzymes and astringent properties help to reduce inflammation and tighten the skin. In addition cucumber circles will help to get rid of bags under the eyes and make wrinkles smaller.

Compress with cucumber slices

  • Cut cucumber slices or use leftovers after peeling the cucumber.
  • Put cucumber slices to the fridge for 10 minutes.
  • Take cold cucumber slices and put on the eyes for as long as they stay cold.
  • Remove cucumber slices as soon as they will become warmer.
  • Repeat this simple procedure every time you cook or cut the cucumber.

Almost like cucumbers we can use benefits of potatoes. The starch in its composition has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. We should peel, wash and dry one medium-sized potato. Grate the potato and put grated potato chips in a clean piece of fabric. Apply under the eyes for 20 minutes.

It is wonderful how effective is natural antioxidant such as the pulp of the strawberry puree (it is applied for half an hour and washed off with water). Another our friend in this not easy fight against bruises under eyes is kiwi. Due to the high content of vitamins and nutrients kiwi is used in the same way as the cucumber slices.

Important: When you are planning to use vegetables or fruits for skin care make sure you buy fresh and healthy looking vegies. Preferably buy vegetables and fruits when it is the season of their natural harvest.


The fourth way: Try homemade masks

homemade masksMasks are sold a lot in the beauty shops and pharmacies but we know that natural ingredients can provide better results without any risk of side effects. Fight against dark circles is very annoying but can be very effective when we use cold masks and temperature contrasts. Unfortunately the result of cold mask is short so mask is highly recommended to be made at least once a week. You may also look for anti-aging eye care products.

Easiest masks recipes

  • The simple way to get rid of dark circles is strong tea infusion. Usually cotton swabs are soaked in strong green or black tea and placed on the eyelids for 1-2 minutes. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times, each time we are soaking tampons again. Temperature of the tea should be from room temperature to quite cold.
  • Boiled potatoes are great source of starch and skin health. Boil one medium potato in skins. Leave it for 5 minutes under cold running water. Cut potato in halves and put the halves on the eyes for 30-40 minutes.
  • Parsley is incredible source of vitamins and minerals for skin care. It is very often used in skin remedies especially those against skin aging. Using blender we should smash parsley roots and apply them on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your skin gently with the warm water.
  • Milk mask is one of the easiest but very effective ways to get rid of eye circles as milk is believed to have qualities of skin color whitening. In order to prepare a milk mask we need to soak a cotton swab in the cooled boiled milk and put them on the eyelids for 10 minutes. Then rinse the eye and lubricate with a nourishing cream.
  • Another simple recipe is sour cream with parsley leaves. We should mix 2 teaspoons of sour cream with 1 teaspoon of chopped parsley. Mask is applied on the skin under the eyes for 15 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.
  • In order to improve blood circulation around the eye we can prepare mask with coriander, cucumber and sour cream. 2 teaspoons of chopped coriander and 2 teaspoons cucumber should be mixed with 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Put the mask on the eyelids and skin around the eyes for about 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with cool water and apply moisturizer for the skin around eyes.
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Important is systematic and regular application of this home remedy. Natural ingredients will visually improve our skin color and tightness. Unfortunately effect of this remedy will not last that long. In order to get the best result make an effort and regularly treat your skin with moisturizing and refreshing masks.

Important: Before the mask implementation you should remove hair from your face so they do not bother you and gently clean the skin. To cleanse the skin use makeup remover and washer: lotions and gels.


The fifth way: Mesotherapy

MesotherapySome people are just too hurrying and they do not want to spend one more day waiting for home remedies to start working. These people usually search for cosmetic salons which solve any and all beauty defects on our skin. Of course homemade masks are not able to completely get deep into the dermis. If you want to solve the problem from within you should try injections: active substances by thin needles are delivered directly into the bags and bruises at a depth of 1.5 to 6 mm. However, for those who is afraid of needles there is no injection mesotherapy method: special device introducing drugs into the skin under the pressure of oxygen.

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Components of a “drug cocktail of injection” can be very different: the enzymes, vitamins and minerals, lysine, herbal extracts, caffeine as well as extracts from embryonic cells. But “personal cocktail” can be prepared only after consultation with the specialist and established when a particular problem is observed. As a result, substance will strengthen the muscles and delicate skin, stimulate and tone blood vessels so they begin to vigorously pump the venous blood and lymph. Excess liquid will diminish, blue color will go away and the skin becomes thicker. But the only issue is that fat cells will not go away.

Important: The only thing which can stop you is if you are afraid of needles. Otherwise there is nothing to worry about in this method. Everything is quite safe: non-toxic substances, local effects (drug by 75% remains in the affected area and no more than 25% goes to the blood). Mesotherapy can be used even by people with diabetes!


The sixth way: Change your everyday habits

MesotherapyWe struggle with dark circles and the reason is hidden inside us. We should not provoke the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, as well as not to make the situation with existing bruises worse than it is already. We can solve everything with a healthy lifestyle.

Introduce new habits into your life

  • Pay attention to your sleeping routine: sleep should be at least 8 hours a day. Important is to go to sleep before midnight. Rested body is activating all the metabolic processes, and the skin looks fresher and younger.
  • Watch your diet: eat more fruits and vegetables, less salty and spicy, eliminate fast food. The fatty and sweet food is not only causing negative impact on the figure but is also reflected on the skin. Salty foods cause swelling. Vegetables and fruits are providing beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and nourish the skin with vitamins.
  • Follow the drinking routine: during the day drink plenty of fluid (about 2 liters), preferably plain water instead of tea or coffee. In the evening, drinking should be limited in order not to provoke the swelling. Sufficient (but not excessive) amount of water keeps the skin moistened, and visibility of bruising become less severe.
  • Exercises: physical activity has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Active lifestyle improves blood circulation and enriches the skin with oxygen. Try not to gain a lot of weight quickly and do not lose weight. These situations cause stretching of the skin, not only the skin of body but also the face.

Give up bad habits: smoking is one of the main enemies of healthy skin, causing dryness and yellowing, wrinkles under the eyes. Alcohol provokes both swelling and dehydration of the skin. If so, you periodically drink use means of minimization of the effects of alcohol.

Important: Together with healthy lifestyle introduce vitamins into your balanced diet. Take vitamin complexes for moisturizing and skin tightening.



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