How to get rid of double chin? Let’s return your face its natural shape!

How to get rid of double chin fotoYes, double chin has become a real modern disaster. Nowadays everybody is judged by appearance at first. A double chin surely will not tell everybody about your advantages. When your face is getting a double chin, your chances to get relationship and normal life are rather low.

There is no need to give way to despair. There are several working methods that will surely make your beauty come back. Here you can read about mostly all methods of getting rid of double chin.


The first method: Special exercises

Yes, there are some specialized exercises that will make you get rid of double chin in several weeks. Just spare them five or ten minutes two or three times a day and the results will not keep you waiting.

  1. How to get rid of double chin fotoThe first exercise is to slap your chin with back of your hand. Your movements have to be fast and your fingers have to be clasped to each other. The needed result is a slight dumbness of your chin. Pass this exercise not more than 2 minutes.
  2. This exercise is wonderful because it is fast and you can do it everywhere: at home, at workplace, before sleep etc. Next useful exercise is not as simple as it seems for the first time: you have to walk with a heavy book on your head for five or seven minutes per day.

This exercise is very effective not only for getting rid of double chin but for improving of your posture.

Here are more exercises that can be passed at home without problems:

  1. Imagine that a heavy load is hung up to your chin. Strain your chin muscles and try to lift this imaginary load by throwing back your head. Press the upper and lower roof of your mouth with your tongue by turns. The pressure must be powerful enough to feel the straining of chin muscles. Try to rich your nose with a tip of your tongue. Leave your tongue in such position for ten or fifteen seconds.
  2. You can also stick your tongue out and draw imaginary rounds or eights with it. Stretch the corners of your mouth out by powerful straining of your chin muscles and pulling it out for a bit.

Next exercises will make to move and lie on your floor:

  1. Lie on your back, lift your head and look on your toes. Keep yourself in such position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for two or three times.
  2. Lie on your bad and make your head hang down. Lift and lower your head 10 times. Do this exercise thrice.

Two last exercises are wonderful for getting rid of a double chin, but they are strongly prohibited for those who have problems with joints or spine.

This complex of exercises is also very effective for getting rid of double chin:

  • Crane your neck and pull out your lower jaw. Leave it in such position for a couple of seconds and return it back. Repeat this exercise from seven to ten times.
  • Strain the muscles of your chin, pull out your lips and pronounce these vowels clearly: “o”, ”u”, ”e”, from seven to ten times for each vowel.
  • Strain your chin muscles to the limit and pull your lower lip into mouth. Do this procedure for one minute. Then try to pull it out and try to put your lower lip in front of upper one. It has also to take you a minute to do this exercise.
  • Sit down, make sure your back is straight, and put your elbows on the table and your chin on the fingers. Strain chin muscles to the limit, close your teeth, pull your chin out for a bit and try to lift it for one minute.
  • Clasp your chin to your breast; embrace the back of your head with hands and try to lift your head with straining your chin muscles. Your hands have to play a counterbalance role.
  1. How to get rid of double chin fotoThis exercise is called “giraffe”. Stand with a straight back, put your fingers on your shoulders and try to press your shoulders with them. You have to lift your chin up at the same time. Make a deep breath at the beginning of the exercise, keep your neck lifted for ten seconds and lower it while breathing out. Repeat this exercise for three or five times.
  2. Sit at the table, put your elbows on it and rest your fists against your chin. Now you have to lower it with straining its muscles to the limit. You have to try to lift your chin up with your fists at the same time making an opposition. Try to keep yourself strained for ten seconds. Repeat an exercise for four or five times.
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The following exercises are recommended at the end of the chin gymnastics.

Sit with your straight spine. Slowly lower your chin and lift it up in turns. Then turn your head and try to touch your shoulders with your chin. Repeat this procedure for ten times, than try to touch each of your shoulders with your ears.

You can do all or some of the exercises listed above every day, you can also mix and alternate them with each other. The essence of their result is time: you have to spare them at least 15 minutes every day. When you end the gymnastics, it is reasonable to use moistening cream for your chin’s skin.
It is also useful to begin doing exercises that improve your breathing and vascular system, even if they are not affect double chin directly. Begin running or cycling every day and you will see the result very soon. Such exercises help you to get rid of fat and give your body an attractive shape.

Warning: Do not perform any exercises if you have any feelings of pain. Try to prepare a place for gymnastics: remove all dangerous things you can hit while training. Some of these exercises are prohibited for those who have serious problems with vascular system, blood pressure and problems with bones and muscles. If you are not sure about your health, please pass a test at hospital to exclude all possible risks. Do not try to take any medicines that can improve your results in sports before consulting a doctor.


The second method: A slight massage

ko_massageYes, massages always were a great method to calm your nerves and get rid of excessive fats. Double chin is exactly an excessive fat in your face.

This technique improves blood supply in the skin of your chin. As you know, blood transports all nutrients in our skin, so it will remove excessive skin fats.

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You can go in for specialized massage courses or try to massage yourself. You can just tenderly rub or squeeze your skin or perform more specialized massage techniques.

For example, a good way to get rid of double chin is to press your skin right under the tip of your chin and rub your skin in direction to your throat without weakening pressure. You can also use additional remedies during your massage. A good way to remove a double chin is to moisten a towel with a vinegar solution (a half of tablespoon for one glass of warm water). Rub your skin with moistened towel for 5 minutes.

Warning: Please do not perform any massage without being 100% sure that you will be successful. If you are not sure, it is better to visit a massage shop or consult a professional.


The third method: Specialized training equipment

How to get rid of double chin fotoIf you visit specialized stores or surf professional internet resources, you can probably find an advertisement about such equipment. They may differ, but usually their principle of operation is to create an opposition to the movements of your head.

Maybe, buying such instrument is the easiest way to get rid of double chin. We cannot guarantee you a 100% result so it is reasonable to combine this method with others. Mostly every kind of this equipment demands at least 15 minutes of active using every day from you.

Warning: Please follow all instructions to the instruments. Otherwise you can hurt yourself.
Following methods can be united under one phrase: “Revise your diet”.


The fourth method: Drink more water

girl_new(2)Water must be pure, rich with different minerals and not carbonated.

You may ask: “Why do I have to do it?” When you do not drink enough water, your organism can think that it is a good idea to save some water for a rainy day.

All saved water is contained in fatty tissue. Now you can see that drinking water (at least 2 liters a day) will help you to get rid of double chin, especially if you do different exercises.

Warning: Please drink maximum three liters of pure water a day. Remember that water is contained in many meals. It is necessary to take enough microelements for your body, as drinking of big amounts of water can remove, for example, calcium, magnesium and iron from your body. We recommend you to consult a doctor before following this method.


The fifth method: Add more fruits to your diet

If you way to get rid of your double chin faster, think about your diet. Consuming fruits and vegetables trice a day will improve your metabolism and help you to get rid of excessive fats in your organism. However, we have to warn you: eat fruits wisely – bananas, grapes or pineapples contain a lot of fructose, so they are not the best for your diet. It is better to eat apples, grapefruits and oranges instead of them.

Warning: consume fruits wisely, do not overdose them. Please be sure that you do not have any allergy. Consume only ripe fruits.


The sixth method: Quit drinking with alcohols

Alcoholic drinks contain great amount of calories and provoke dehydration of the organism. You already know what result can be reached this way.

Warning: We do not mean that you have to cut off drinking alcohol at all.


The seventh method: Consume more calcium

How to get rid of double chin fotoRecent researches show that consumption of daily amounts of calcium (1200 mg) helps our organisms with getting rid of excessive fats. You can find a lot of calcium in dairy products. Remember, that it is easier to get calcium from cheese or cottage cheese.

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Warning: Calcium can harm your organism if it is overdosed. Please get known about daily amount of calcium consumption for you. Please do not try to consume pure calcium, as it is dangerous for your health.


The eighth method: Revise your consuming of salt

How to get rid of double chin fotoSalt is a necessary substance for our organism, but its excessive amounts can lead to problems with blood pressure and excessive water excretion. As you know, a hydrologic cycle in our organism cannot be disturbed. Remember that salt is almost in every product you can find, so it is not necessary to eat more.

Warning: Please do not cut off a consumption of salt at all. It is a necessary substance for our health.

Well, the methods above help you in general, and now we will tell you about some alternative or extreme techniques.


The ninth method: Herbs and herbal potions

You might hear about curing properties of herbs. The fans of alternative medicine use the recipes that are many thousands years old, and they still work! As for double chin, such herbs as coltsfoot, sage, chamomile are very effective.

How to get rid of double chin fotoAll you have to do is to make a potion from one kind of herb and moisture a piece of cloth with it. Apply this lotion to your chin for five minutes. It is more effective to alternate warm and cold lotions by turns. So, you have to apply a warm cloth for five minutes, then a cold one. Do this procedure several times every day.

Warning: Please be sure that you brew potions only with known herbs. Unknown herbs can be dangerous for you, so you must consult a professional. This method is not scientifically proved.


The tenth method: Plastic surgery

If your double chin is very nasty and does not want to disappear after all techniques used, maybe, it is time to visit a cosmetologist or a plastic surgeon. A specialist can perform an operation on you. There are several ways of getting rid of double chin in surgery: liposuction, facelift etc.

How to get rid of double chin fotoHowever, we recommend you to try methods 1-9 firstly, as the operation is a really extreme case, moreover it is the most expensive way. However, we have to admit that the result is also extremely high: almost every case of double chin can be solved by operation.

Warning: If you have to be operated, consult a certified doctor. Do not have relations with surgery cabinets that are unlicensed. Please check if you have no allergy for different anaesthetizations. Please do not try to perform an operation by yourself. It can be dangerous for your health.

Now you know how to get rid of a double chin. Just try one or several our advices and we sure you will restore your beauty and good mood. Join the elite club of healthy and happy people now and start live for yourself a hundred per cent!




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