How to get rid of hangover, six best methods against severe symptoms

hangoverEveryone who had alcohol in large quantities experienced the next day hangover symptoms: severe headache, nausea, unpleasant and dry taste in the mouth, unbelievable thirst, fatigue and bad mood. Often such syndromes are accompanied with heart arrhythmia, fever and fast heartbeat.

Sometimes it happens that a person drinks too much not being an alcoholic or a drunk at all. Such stories usually happen on parties and other celebrations. Of course in an ideal world we shouldn’t drink at all. But if it already happened you should know some recommendations on how to get rid of a hangover.


The first method: Medical help

PillsSome people do not search for ways how to solve the reason of the problem but want to get rid of annoying symptoms as soon as possible. Most probably these people will immediately take whatever pill they will find at the moment. Let’s find out which pills are recommended to be taken in case of hangover.

Analgesics against hangover:

  • Usually headache and lack of water in the body are solved by water-soluble acetaminophen (paracetamol). This medicine is recovering our body quite quickly.
  • Acetaminophen is blocking the pain.
  • It is recommended to be used rather than aspirin which is irritating our stomach (at the moment when stomach is already not in the best condition).

The diversity of medicines painkillers is huge. They are of different price and brand but all of them have the same active ingredient. However there is another option how to get rid of hangover and it is one more type of medicines.

Adsorbents against hangover:

  • Adsorbents are various drugs that are aimed to eliminate toxins from the body (first of all in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract).
  • In fact the best time to consume this medicine is immediately after alcohol. Usually we fail to have them at the needed moment and consume them later.
  • It is not confirmed by doctors that late consuming of the adsorbents can help to get rid of annoying symptoms but people continue to consume them.

Perhaps adsorbents can in a way help our liver and eliminate some poison from the gastrointestinal tract but unfortunately we should not expect for miracle to happen. After taking pills we will still feel sick and tired and experiencing all types of syndromes.

Activated carbon helps to get rid of hangover:

  • Taking few pills with portion of alcoholic beverage absorb toxins.
  • Toxins are causing hangover and symptoms we hate on the next morning.

Only issue is that activated carbon should not be taken regularly. For example if you are having drinks every day it is better not to take these pills at all. Pills of activated carbon are absorbing not only toxins but also minerals and elements which our body needs for nutrition.

Warning: However, please remember that aspirin or acetaminophen cannot be mixed with alcohol. Medicines with alcohol can damage liver, kidneys and stomach. You cannot use these medicines to prevent hangover and you cannot consume alcohol after taking painkillers medicines.


The second method: How to get rid of future hangover

DrinksWe can assume what will expect us next morning and start acting smart during celebration. Using simple rules we can prevent future problems.

What to do during celebration to prevent hangover:

  • First and the main rule: do not to mix drinks. Be smart and do not mix drinks of different levels. In case you want to drink wine and brandy you better start with wine than have some pause and continue with brandy. In case you decided to have both brandy and vodka this evening you should separate them. Firstly you should start with brandy and after some time continue with vodka.
  • Have pauses between drinks. During such pauses find a way to have some fluids. The more fluids the better. Clear water is the best.
  • Don’t forget about food. Some people advise to eat a small piece of butter and continue with eating more meat and oily food. Others advice to eat a lot of simple food: potatoes, light salads, herring and sweets. The main idea of eating good and proper amount of food is that food is creating a barrier inside our body and for that reason the alcohol is absorbed more slowly.
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Unfortunately some people continue drinking more and more when they eat properly during the meal. Do not misunderstand. Food will only help in case you will be drinking not heavily.

Warning: Stay away from sodas and gas beverages. Gas is quickly spreading alcohol all over the body and intoxication occurs much faster.


The third method: Natural homemade

FruitsWell known and simple remedies are used for centuries. Food and fruits are helping to get rid of annoying symptoms which are making us struggle starting from the very moment we open eyes next day after huge celebration.

Fruits helping to solve hangover:

  • Apples are very effective when we need to deal with all the possible unpleasant symptoms. They should be consumed on the empty stomach as soon as you will wake up after celebration.
  • Bananas should be consumed for healing our body. Bananas help us to calm down the stomach. Bananas are also full of magnesium and potassium. Deficiency of these ingredients is caused by heavy drinking.
  • Lemon can be very helpful. Add some lemon juice (few spoons or will be better even more if you can stand the taste) to the cup of coffee and drink it without sugar and milk.
  • Lime (from the lemon family of plants but of the green color) is one more helpful ingredient. As soon as you will wake up next morning take a glass of water and add two teaspoons of fresh lime and one teaspoon of sugar. Drink it slowly. This remedy will help to normalize sugar level in blood.

Fruits are not the only solution. But they are often there for us in our kitchen. In case you woke up and you are out of all the listed fruits you can try to heal your body with one of the other remedies which can be named as food.

Which food can solve hangover symptoms?

  • Milk is one of the miracle drinks. Milk is normalizing the situation in the stomach and also rehydrates dehydrated by alcohol body.
  • Chicken soup is not only recommended for curing headache, dehydration and additionally cures colds.
  • Honey should be taken every twenty minutes after waking up next morning after the celebration. 2-6 teaspoons of honey with a glass of water should be consumed as long as you will need to start feeling better. The potassium in the honey is reducing the desire to drink alcohol. Honey also contains fructose. Fructose is the form of sugar which helps body to absorb alcohol faster.
  • Fresh cabbage is relieving the severe headache and should be consumed in the morning after the celebration.
  • Tomato juice as well as honey contains fructose. This type of sugar is making faster absorption of the alcohol by our body. This is the reason why people enjoying vodka with tomato juice (Bloody Mary cocktail) do not experience severe symptoms next morning.
    The idea of consuming some kinds of food or fruits in order to heal the body is understandable as they are full of vitamins. Vitamins should be also taking into consideration as they can help a lot.
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Vitamins can solve the hangover:

  • Vitamins should be taken before going to bed and this way they will start working immediately while you will be asleep. In case you forget to take them before going to bed it doesn’t matter you can take them immediately after waking up.
  • Vitamins B (group of vitamins B) play an important role in helping to metabolize alcohol and widen the blood vessels. These vitamins help to restore energy level. The best solution is to take the complex of B vitamins in the amount of 50-75 mg twice a day (after the celebration and at bedtime).
  • Vitamin C stimulates the liver by destroying alcohol. Vitamin C can be taken in the amount 2-10 grams per day not immediately. Begin with the amount of 1000 mg per hour and continue consuming while you observe behavior of the intestine.
    Be careful with vitamins. Don’t forget that they are medicines and you should take into consideration any other pills you are taking at the moment.

Warning: Be careful with vitamin C. In case you will take big amount of vitamin C you will experience diarrhea. As soon as you experience it is a first sign to stop taking this vitamin.


The fourth method: Sauna

SaunaThis method is under the discussion and some doctors strictly forbid it. The others recommend sauna as the most optimal treatment of the whole body against toxins. Alcohol is the reason why our body is struggling from the toxins. Sauna sometimes can be not reachable. In such cases you can use bath.

How sauna helps us to get rid of alcohol toxins:

  • Bath or sauna is the place where people are heavily sweating.
  • Sweat is elimination from our body a lot of toxins.
  • As steam is influencing our skin all the toxins are going out through the pores.

Unfortunately sweat is eliminating also plenty of water and necessary minerals from our body. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to consume few liters of clear water during and after sauna.

Warning: Moreover a bath or sauna is creating a huge amount of work for the cardiovascular system. In case you experience any problems in this area you better skip the sauna and take simple shower.


The fifth method: Proper breakfast

BreakfastThe level of sugar in blood after the heavy drinking usually decreases a lot. Our aim will be to normalize the sugar with the help of proper breakfast. Breakfast should contain proteins and carbohydrates. In such a way we can prevent hypoglycemia. Additionally this food should contain potassium as now after all the alcohol our body is lacking it a lot.

Best option of breakfast to solve the hangover:

  • Unfortunately some food is not desirable and sometimes we even lose appetite. Proper breakfast is needed as oxygen. At least eat one or two bananas. Bananas will make stomach busy and give you lacking potassium.
  • In case you can survive eating some more serious breakfast you should consider having some food containing potassium: dried apricots, pickles and potatoes. Pickle is well known solution for problematic morning for those who had alcohol intoxication. Usually the water in which pickles where in the bottle is even better that the vegetable itself. Drink as much as you can and you will feel better almost immediately.
  • When you have some wide choice of options for breakfast you should definitely choose eggs. Eggs are rich in amino acid cysteine. Acetyl-cysteine is a necessary element for us now.
  • Also try to consume products full in vitamin B as they are very important for digestive system. However these vitamins are dissolved in water so we need to consume them every single day.
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There is no medical confirmation that vitamins of group B are actually helping to solve the hangover but as you know it will not make any harm if you will take multivitamins and try to help your body to get back to normal.

Warning: You should definitely refuse consuming any more alcohol even in small portions. Some people suggest having small portion (just 50 grams) of vodka or other alcohol to solve the problem. Never agree to that. This will lead to further struggle of your body and even can take one more day of your life (as you will be one more day trying to heal yourself).


The sixth method: The quickest ways how to get rid of hangover

showerIn the morning as soon as you woke up and realized that this is the day after heavily drinking and you feel your head heavy and together with that unfortunately experience the whole list of unpleasant symptoms you need to start doing simple actions to solve the problem.

Actions which can help to survive “next morning”:

  • Immediately move your body out of the bed in the shower. Cold water will give you energy and will help to fight against unpleasant overall feeling.
  • Take a bath with essential oils. Choose lavender and rosemary as essential oils. This remedy helps to get rid of toxins in your kidneys. Take such bath for 10-15 minutes.
  • Take a shower with changing temperature. Start with warm temperature than change to cold water for 3-5 seconds and then switch back to warm water. This procedure is recommended to last for one minute. In the end you should always finish with cold water. Take a towel and wipe your skin with it very strongly.
  • American remedy is very tasty: take a glass and mix in it tomato juice, salt and one fresh egg. Mix everything together and drink in one gulp.

Plenty of remedies are recommended to solve the hangover symptoms but you should understand that mostly they are individual. For one person will work half glass of honey taken spoon by spoon every thirty minutes. For another person honey will be useless but thyme taken in the amount one fourth of the teaspoon will help immediately. The best way to find out your best remedy is to try few.

Warning: Before trying honey remedies make sure that you do not have allergy. We do not need to struggle from few more symptoms at the same time



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