Top-15 Most Effective Exercises for All Main Body Muscles

56b71f2c06817e9a2bba1412_shutterstock_50217430[1]Most modern people prefer to exercise in gyms. This is due to the fact that at home many do not have the opportunity to install expensive equipment, which will help to maintain the shape of their body. A simple solution is to look into exercise bikes for sale as a convenient and affordable way to stay in shape without the need for elaborate home setups.

However, a few people think that the first time they simply won’t need most of the trainers presented in the gym. The thing is that while you are in the ranks of a beginner, any coach will advise you to lean on basic exercises that can both work on muscle mass with supplements that also boost your testosterone levels. Each exercise is effective, which is checked by many athletes, but consists of their effectiveness in simplicity, based on the natural movements. They help to enhance the whole muscular system correctly. Visit the ED Clinic Bozeman to improve men’s health. Some even take classes like women’s self defense classes for not only exercise but also for safety.


Exercise number 1: Step-Cross (muscles of legs, abdomen, lower back)

8d74a8853ba9c9e2_crossjacks5C8qCE.xxxlarge[1]Follow the instructions:

  • Place your feet on the width of your shoulders,
  • bend your arms at the elbows,
  • spread your shoulders,
  • look in front of you,
  • pull in your stomach and do not relax it until the end of the exercise.
  • slowly step on the spot, actively moving your hands in time with the steps, about half a minute.

Now take a step with your right foot forward (you do not have to move it inside and cross your legs, let it stay at shoulder level). At the same time, turn the left shoulder to the exposed leg and slightly bend the body forward, bringing the left elbow above the right knee. Go back and repeat the other way.

Important: Make 40 such steps (20 for each foot), slowly and without jerking.

Exercise number 2: Walking to the side (the muscles of the lateral and inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen)

nasmma15_workout_02_1208x808[1]Follow the instructions:

  • Stand up as for the previous exercise,
  • do not forget to pull in your stomach and move your bent hands.
  • slightly bend your knees, while focusing on the heels.
  • without straightening your legs, take a fairly wide step with your right foot to the right and place a half-bent left leg to it.

Do as many steps to the right as space allows, then go left. Legs can be straightened only when everything is finished!

Important: Do 30 steps with each foot.

Exercise 3: “Signalman” (muscles of legs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, back and shoulder muscles)

  • 1711w-group-exercise-diet-getty_0_0-1[1]Stand up as for the previous exercises, only now put your hands on your waist.
  • The abdomen is retracted.
  • Bending the leg, raise the right knee, preferably to the waist level (if not, to the level you can).
  • At the same time raise your left arm up, and the right hand to the side.
  • If you cannot keep the balance, use your right hand to rest on something and lift only your left arm.
  • The hands are tense, the fingers are connected to each other and stretched out.
  • Lower your leg and put your hands on your waist. Then change the side.
  • Important: Do this exercise 20 times for each leg.
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Exercise 4: “Inclined board” (muscles of legs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, back)

  • maxresdefault[1]Put your legs as wide as possible,
  • stretch your stomach,
  • put hands on your waist,
  • now stretch your arms above yourself,
  • turn to the right,
  • bend the right knee and lean towards it, without lowering the head and hands down (they should continue the line of the back).
  • Stretch out your chest to the knee. If you do it right, you cannot bend low. Return to the starting position (do not forget to return your hands to the belt).

Important: Repeat 15 times in each direction.

Exercise 5: Hand spring (muscles of the abdomen, back, shoulder zone, hands)

  • hand-gripper[1]Approach the wall or the tree,
  • stand at the arm’s length,
  • place your hands on the surface,
  • press with force, as if you want to move the wall,
  • pull in your stomach,
  • slowly count to 10 and relax.

Important: Repeat this exercise 25 times.

Exercise 6: Burpee (hands, chest, biceps, quadriceps, hips, buttocks, and abdominal press, gluteal muscles)

Burpee_Exercise[1]Burpee at first glance seems to be a very simple exercise: it is easy to repeat, and the technique of doing is simple but try to make at least 5 repetitions, and you will feel how all your muscles will burn with tension. Exercise burpee is very popular because it allows you to burn the maximum number of calories and simultaneously increase your endurance.

This exercise develops strength, endurance and coordination. If you perform it for 5 minutes a day, after a month you will not recognize your body. Exercise is effective for those who still want to lose weight effectively, and for those who simply want to keep fit. You can also include burpee in cardio workouts: it is enough to make several repetitions for 30 seconds with 2-minute breaks between them.

  • From a standing position, sit with your hands on the floor.
  • Move the legs at the same time, taking the position of the bar on the straight arms.
  • From the position of the strap in the jump quickly pull your legs to your hands.
  • Climb to your feet and quickly jump up as high as possible, clapping over your head.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 without stopping.

Important: If you are a beginner, then do the burpee 4 for 2 minutes each. Rest between sets should not be more than 1 minute.

Exercise 7: Twisting (muscles of abdomen)

Seated-Russian-Twist[1]This exercise has three types: straight twisting, back twisting and lateral twisting.

When you do straight twisting rectus abdominis muscle works.

Starting position: lying on the back, knees bent, feet stand on the floor, palms on the back of the head.

  • On exhalation tear off the head and neck from the floor, lifting them a few centimeters.
  • On inhalation, slowly lie on the floor. Be careful to avoid pain in the neck.

Back twisting is done for the transverse abdominal muscle.

Starting position: lying on the back, knees bent, legs raised parallel to the floor, ankles crossed, palms on the back of the head.


  • On inhalation, stretch the abdominal muscles from the navel to the pubic bone.
  • On exhale sharply tighten the hips to the chest, continuing to strain the muscles.
  • ·Slowly return to the starting position.

Complicated version: slightly lift your shoulders, so that they each time touch the knees.

Lateral twisting is helpful for the abdomen and waist.

Starting position: lying on the back, knees bent, legs raised parallel to the floor, ankles crossed, palms on the back of the head.

  • On exhalation raise the right shoulder from the floor and tighten the elbow to the left knee.
  • Keep your buttocks in contact with the floor.
  • Slowly return to the starting position.
  • After making 8-10 repetitions with lifting of the right shoulder, repeat the same on the left one.
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Important: If you aren’t a beginner, it is more effective to do the complicated versions, for example, gradually pull your elbows closer to the knees when do the lateral twisting exercise.

Exercise 8: Bow pose (muscles of the lower back)

maxresdefault[3]Starting position: lying on the floor face down, hands along the body, the hands lie on the buttocks with the back side.

  • Exhale,
  • slowly lift head and neck,
  • look at the floor,
  • the palms should move slightly down,
  • slowly return to the starting position.

Advanced version: change the initial position: the right hand is extended forward, the left arm is bent, the hand is under the head. Simultaneously with lifting of the head and neck, raise the outstretched arm.

Important: Perform 8-10 repetitions for each hand.

Exercise 9: Push-ups (muscles of the chest and shoulders)

Depositphotos_18647447_l-2015[1]Starting position: standing on legs, back straight, thighs make up with a straight angle floor, arms are at the width of the shoulders, fingers are pointing forward.

  • Slowly lower your chest as low as possible to the floor,
  • then slowly return to the starting position.

Complicated option: perform the exercise by moving your arms and shoulders forward, crossing your ankles and straightening your legs.

Important: Be cautious if have problems with joints.

Exercise 10: Squats (muscles of hips and buttocks)

Screen-Shot-2012-01-25-at-11.04.15-AM-629x437[1]Squats include the work of the ankles, knees and hip joints and strengthen the knee tendons. One of the most useful exercises in fat burning exercises can cause irreparable harm to health if performed incorrectly. When squats, follow the straight line from the back of the head to the tailbone, do not arch your back and do not slouch. Knees in the bottom position should not protrude, inward or outward – their place above the feet. Do not tear your heels off the floor. Watch your breathing and do squats calmly.

Starting position: standing, feet are at the shoulder width apart.

  • Bend the knees until the hips form an angle of about 45 degrees to the floor.
  • For balance, stretch your arms forward.
  • Slowly return to the starting position.

Complicated option: after a few weeks, when the muscles become stronger, try to squat deeper (this is more difficult), but not to the end – so that the hips are parallel to the floor.

Important: Do the complicated variant if you don’t feel any pain.

Exercise number 11: “Caterpillar” (muscles of hands and legs)

  • depositphotos_58794111_original[1]Stand upright on your straightened legs,
  • start slowly tilting your body forward (slightly bending your knees), towards the floor,
  • touching the floor with the elongated arms “walk” them forward until you find yourself in a pose for push-up,
  • then pull your legs in small steps to your hands to the starting position.

Important: Repeat exercise 4-6 times to have an effect.

Exercise number 12: Low start (all muscles)

tooopen_sy_195970731611[1]One of the most effective exercises for all muscle groups is the low start.

  • The starting position is a low start with the emphasis of hands on the floor.
  • The next movement of the leg is thrown back to go into the pose for push-ups.
  • Do one push-up and immediately pull your legs in the jump to the starting position.
  • Then jump as high as possible,
  • and return to the low-start position for the next repetition.

Important: This exercise may seem difficult for beginners, that’s why it is possible to repeat it not more than 5 times first.

Exercise number 13: Exercise for breast muscles

a very fit young male flexing his musclesThe female breast consists mainly of fatty tissues, so every kilogram in plus or minus affects its shape and elasticity. With the help of exercises, it is impossible to make the breast more elastic, increase its size or change its shape, as it lacks muscle fibers, but regular exercises will help to strengthen the pectoral muscles and are able to raise the chest.

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For this exercise, you will need a chair or fitball. Follow the instructions:

  • The upper part of the back lie on the surface, holding the trunk on the half-bent legs.
  • take the dumbbell in each hand,
  • straighten them and keep above yourself,
  • slowly start lowering your hands behind your head, maximally down.
  • after taking a deep breath, pull in the stomach while lowering your hands.
  • exhale, returning to the starting position.

Important: Do four sets of 12 repetitions.

Exercise number 14: Tilts (muscles of waist)

SED10-25_Batch1-9[1]Correctly executed tilts effectively help to get rid of extra centimeters in the waist area.

Variant 1:

  • Combining hands in the palms, slowly make the slopes in different directions.
  • Watch your back – it should be flat, the slopes should be done strictly along the lateral line of the legs.
  • Do two sets of 15 exercises.

Variant 2:

  • Tilt back and forth,
  • Put your hands on your waist,
  • stand up straight,
  • your legs should be shoulder width apart.
  • Inhale and slowly make an inclination forward with an even back, stay in this position for a couple of seconds,
  • go back to the starting position and make the deflection of the waist back, then linger again. Do 2 sets of 15 exercises.

Variant 3: Exercise “Mill”

  • Take an inclined position,
  • the legs should be straight,
  • the back is smooth.
  • Start spreading your arms like a mill in different directions.
  • In this case, one arm should be as close to the foot as possible, the other – high above the head in a straight position.
  • Do 15 repetitions for each hand.

Important: Choose the most suitable version of tilts, depending on your level of preparation.

Exercise number 15: Stretching (increase of plasticity of muscles and mobility of joints)

Yoga Pilates Single Leg StretchStretching, like squats, should be done carefully. Hold each posture for 10 to 30 seconds until the pressure disappears. Do not hold your breath.

Variant 1:

  • Stand up straight,
  • spread your legs slightly and bend them in your lap.
  • Raise one hand and stretch as far as you can.
  • Lower your arm down and perform the exercise with the other hand.
  • Repeat the exercise six times.

Variant 2:

  • Stand with your back to the wall,
  • put your hands behind your back and lean against the wall.
  • Slowly crouch, sliding palms down the wall.
  • Fix the pose for 20 seconds and repeat the exercise six times.
  • Sit on the floor and spread your legs apart,
  • hands clasped on the back of the head.
  • Slowly tilt the body forward, trying to reach the right knee, also slowly and slowly return to its original position and reach for the left knee.
  • Repeat the exercise six times for each side.

Variant 3:

  • Lie on your back and pull your straight legs to your head,
  • try to clasp your feet with your hands.
  • Hold the position for 20 seconds,
  • then slowly lower the straight legs to the floor.
  • Repeat six times.

Important: If you have a constant pain, which does not go away, then the stretching was too difficult for you and the exercise should be stopped or weakened.



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