Look stylish with step by step instructions of braiding hair at home

braiding hairHairstyles with braids surprise with beauty and originality. From an early age, girls feel the interest of boys to braids and with age this interest becomes only stronger. Today, there are many ways to wear braids for hair of different lengths. Braids will bring bright colors on weekdays and will be an ornament of any celebration.

It is not obligatory to be a gifted hairdresser but if you know how to weave braids, you will never have problems with your hair. To improve your skills, just learn the new braiding schemes and you will get such a massive arsenal of beautiful hairstyles for all occasions, which you can only dream about.

So, let’s look at the brightest and most elegant braids and the ways of their weaving. You will be able to create your own stylish and unusual hairstyle with the use of fashionable braids.


Variant number 1: French braid

French braidThe French braid can be called one of the most popular hairstyles. A huge variety of its types makes it possible to create a unique stylish image. In this case, you will look equally elegant, regardless of whether you plait the braid for a business meeting, a party or just for a walk in the park.

There are many ways of plaiting this braid, however, all of them are based on the classic French braid. One may use classical or new methods with the use of hairdressing tricks.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Carefully comb hair. Divide it into 3 equal strands. Take the separated strands in hand. Two extreme strands in the hands, and the middle remains free.
  2. Put the right part on the central part. The middle one is already at the bottom, hold 2 locks with the left hand. The bottom left strand hold with fingers (ring finger and little finger), and medium strand should be on your middle finger. The thumb does not allow the strands to fall out. At this point the index finger is straightened.
  3. The tighter you hold the strands and fix the tension, the tighter and harder your braid will be. Watch the tension of the strands constantly.
  4. Put the left strand on the middle part, picking it up with your middle finger of the right hand.
  5. When the first crossing of all the strands is done in turn, as described above, then you need to repeat the operations. If it’s hard for you, just repeat: the right strand on the central, left strand on the central strand and do it all with your hands.
  6. Plait to the end of the hair, comb the tail and tie it with an elastic band.

Recommendations: hairdressers recommend having clean dried hair. Those who plait braids alone are convinced that it will perfectly hold and look when it’s 2 days after washing your head. If hair is unruly, leave it a little wet or use styling remedies like mousse, gel and hair wax that will make the curls softer.

Variant number 2: Band from braids

Band from braidsA charming hairstyle that all girls, who want to look fashionable will definitely like most of all.

To braid a band it is necessary to follow these

Step by step instructions:

  1. To separate a part of the hair along the growth line;
  2. The parting will pass from ear to ear;
  3. Collect the rest of the hair that is not involved in the hairstyle,
  4. Use the principle of braiding the reverse French braid, when the lateral strands are placed under the central one.
  5. Add strands only on one side (bottom), in the process of plaiting select thin strands and do them into the braid.

Recommendations: when you make a band from braids, then watch out for the plait to lie closer to the parting that you did. Use hair wax or mousse to make the process easier because the strands will not fall out. When the plait is braided and there are no strands to add, fasten it with an elastic band, or leave it without fastening.

Variant number 3: French braid- Waterfall

Waterrfall braidThis is an incredibly beautiful hairstyle, which will suit the owner of hair of any length. Its main feature is the ease and simplicity of braiding. It is ideal for a

gentle, sensual and romantic girl, and suitable for those who do not like when hair falls on the face. Why is it called “waterfall”? Now you will understand.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Plaiting is quite free.
  2. The peculiarity of such a braid is that it is necessary not only to add braids to locks, but also to make them free.
  3. Starting to braid, you carefully add a new, thin strand to each strand. At the same time, you should free the part of the strand that is pointing down.
  4. The thickness of your braid does not change. When the braiding is finished, the braid should be fixed with an original hair clip. If desired, the waterfall can be made in the more difficult variant.
  5. When one plait is braided, just below it, take another wide horizontal strand, divide into three thinner strips, and do the second tier to make the hairstyle look tenderer, the lower strands should be curled with the help of a curl.
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Recommendations: Remember that the base of the waterfall is a braid running around the head and the main highlight is freely falling strands that seem to pass through the crown of hair.

Variant number 4: Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braidStep by step instructions:

  • Do hair in one bundle,
  • Divide it into two halves,
  • From one half (for example, right) you should separate a thin strand of hair, crossing must be connected to the left strand (a thin strand of hair should appear below under the left),
  • Repeat the algorithm with the left strand, crossing it, connect it to the right (a thin strand of hair should be at the bottom under the right one).
  • Alternately twist the right and left small strands making them in a braid.
  • When you reach the end, it can be fixed with a ribbon or elastic band.

Recommendations: Remember that strands of hair in the process of braiding must be tightened well. The thinner the strands of hair, the more beautiful the braid Fishtail will be.

Variant number 5: Reverse Fishtail Braid

Reverse fishtail braidThe reverse Fishtail braid will take you not more than 5-10 minutes if you follow the recommendations.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Comb your hair and do a ponytail.
  2. Divide your ponytail into two equal parts.
  3. Take the small strand from the outside of the right side and make it lie under the right half.
  4. At the same time you should take the small strand from the left side and cross it with the right one.
  5. Repeat the step number 4 till you still have hair left.
  6. Fix the tip of the braid with an elastic band.

Recommendations: Stretch the strands from the sides thanks to which your braid will look more solid. If you want, you can use some nice clasp-pin above the thin elastic band.

Variant number 6: Twist-Braided Heart

Hair-Heart-BraidHeart from braids looks very romantic and will suit both little princesses and their moms. You will manage to do this hairstyle in five or seven minutes maximum if follow simple steps listed here.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Comb your hair and divide locks into the upper and bottom parts.
  2. Now divide the upper part into halves. You must have 3 parts at your disposal: two in the upper side and one from below.
  3. Take hair of one of the upper parts and start making a simple braid. Try to do a braid closer to the crossing. Fix the tip of the braid with an elastic band.
  4. Repeat the step number 3 for the second part from above.
  5. Now take the right bride and make it round. Use the hair clip.
  6. Repeat the step number 5 for the left braid.
  7. Now join the tips of braids together and you will have a heart.
  8. Take the elastic bands from both sides off and fix them with the one band.

Recommendations: Use the hair spray or mousse. You can decorate the hairstyle with the bright ribbon or beautiful band.

Variant number 7: Stacked Braids

Stacked BraidsYou will need to be patient while making braids for the long hair. However, you won’t regret spent time and efforts as girls with such chic braids always hear a lot of compliments from both women and men. About ten minutes and you will look great with your stacked braids.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Comb your hair and make strands to the side where your braid will be. You can make hair to the back or to the side.
  2. Take all hair and divide it into three strands. First start doing the same as you do while making a simple plait.
  3. Free strands at the sides by taking the farthest strand from the left side. Take the part of the hair from above and make it forward. To make more your hairstyle look more beautiful you should take the wider strands from the base and narrower located closer to the tip of the tail.
  4. Now make the strand from the side so that it is in the centre continuing to braid a classic plait.
  5. Repeat the step number 3 with the right strand and make the final left strand lie in the centre.
  6. Repeat the braiding making strands free, changing right and left sides till you have hair left.
  7. Fix hair with an elastic band. At the sides from your braid you will have symmetrical free strands left.
  8. Now take two free strands from the upper left and one from the upper right.
  9. Start to make the bride from them. When you need to add new strands, use the left free hair at the both sides of the classic bride.
  10. Finish the braiding as in the classic bride.
  11. After this you should take the band off the first braid and fix tips of both braids.
  12. The finished construction should like one braid is situated above the other one.
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Recommendations: To make the stacked braids more beautiful, you can slightly stretch strands from the sides (especially this refers to the lower ones). Thus the hairstyle will look even more solid.

Variant number 8: Braid “Sea Ripple”

ripple braidSuch a beautiful braiding as “sea ripples” can be both a decorative element of a certain hairstyle and can act as an independent hairstyle. Performing such a braiding, you can direct the rows from the left – to the right, from the right – to the left, and also “round”, that is, the top row from left to right, and the lower one towards it: right – to the left.

Such a hairstyle is done in horizontal rows (you can make it diagonally) to cover the entire surface of the head.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Separate in the place you need two equal in thickness strands: one on top, the other side.
  2. Fold the top working strand around the side: put it on the side and under it (you can also put the side strand on the top, in which case the pattern will change slightly) and release the side strand.
  3. Now the former “upper strand” has become “lateral”. Separate from above a new “upper” strand and wrap it around the “lateral”, as in point 2. Strand the side strand and fasten the clamp.
  4. Continue to follow steps 2-3 until you finish 1 row of “ripples”. The remaining 2 “tails” twist among themselves and fix with a clamp.
  5. Begin to do the second row: now the “abandoned” strands will become “upper” and will wrap the side strands. If you do the “Sea ripples” in one direction, you need to separate the new side strand every time you start a new row, and if “rounded”, then the new “side tails” of the last link of the chain mail of the upper row become the new side strand.

Recommendations: You can braid the ripples over the hair or do all the hair into it, making the braids of free hair under the next row. How to fix the end of the braid: join the remaining tails and fix at the base of the hairstyle; make the braid of the remaining tips or hide them under the curls.

Variant number 9: Snake Braid

snake braidThe technique of making braids is approximately the same for any type and length of hair, except for the details. The Snake Braid will emphasize the natural beauty of thick long hair. To create such a braid it is necessary to follow simple instructions here.

Step by step instructions:

  1. In the right temporal region a small strand is selected.
  2. Then it is divided into individual curls.
  3. These three curls are used to make the classic braid in the direction of the left temple.
  4. In the process of braiding choose individual, small curls from the main part of the hair and make them into the braid.
  5. It is important to pay attention to the fact that in the general mass there are unused curls. Having reached the left temple, change the direction to the opposite and continue, guided by the same method.

Recommendations: It is possible to somewhat complicate this braid by making two snakes from the right and left temple so that they converge in the occipital region.

Variant number 10: Braid Boho

bohoThe bohemian plait or Boho is one of the most popular hairstyles. Its great advantage is its universality. Such a braid can be used for different purposes: for an evening out, a date, a business meeting, going to school or even a sunbathing at a beach. It will look appropriate and stylish everywhere.

There are different types of this hairstyle, often the braid splashes on the bangs or on one side, while the hair can be loose, half gathered or fully gathered. Today we will consider the last option. Instruments that you will need are as usual: comb or hair brush, elastic band and hairpins, hairspray (optional), accessories (optional).

Step by step instructions:

  1. Comb your hair well. This is important since during the braiding it is very inconvenient to tear knots.
  2. Make a side part (above the highest point of one of the eyebrows).
  3. Divide the hair into two parts. For convenience, one can be fixed with an elastic band. And the other one should be started to be braided.
  4. To do this take little hair near the parting from one side, divide it into three parts and begin to braid like a regular braid.
  5. Each time you need to add little hair to the outer strands.
  6. To the bottom strand – from below, and to the top – respectively from above. In a word, you need to make the usual French braid up to the middle of the back of the head.
  7. Then all the hair from the first half of the braid must be done to the end of the usual braid.
  8. Repeat the braiding on the other side, also end it with an ordinary braid. Fix the braids with small elastic bands.
  9. Now take two braids (they are in your back in the middle) and tie them with a knot, then another one.
  10. If you have very long hair, you may need to tie the third or even the fourth knots. Fasten them with clips. If you want sprinkle your braid with hairspray and decorate the hair with suitable accessories.
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Recommendations: It is not obligatory to use the French braid as the main braiding. You can take any other – Dutch braid or just twisted strands. You can achieve different effects by braiding the plaits very tightly or, conversely, pulling strands to make them more solid.

Top-10 Secrets of perfect braids

braidThe hairstyle with braids is favorite by all stylists and celebrities. It is an integral part of all fashion shows. There are certain secrets how to make a beautiful braid, which will look perfect.

  1. Freshness of hair: For a better performance of the hairdo, the hair should not be very fresh, as it will decay. The ideal braid will come out if you washed your head half a day ago or yesterday.
  2. Wax for hair: Wax is great for those who do have unruly hair. Use a small amount of the wax on the underside of your hair before you finish then braiding. You can use a bit wax on the finished braid as well.
  3. Careless braids: In order to achieve the desired result, you first need to make a tight braid and then give it a careless look. In another way, you will not succeed.
  4. Another problem is the tangling of hair: While you are braiding the top of the braid the bottom of hair has been already tangled. Therefore, all the time it is necessary to divide the strands along the entire length.
  5. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your braid longer, you must braid a tight braid. The ideal option is a Fishtail or in another way two braids are laid out around the head. With a good braiding, your braid will last about three days.
  6. Very often, girls face the problem of electrifying the hair. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to sprinkle hair or brush it with your wet hands.
  7. To create a voluminous braid, stylists have two options: first – separate strands slightly to comb, then comb the top layer and begin to braid; And the second option is to slightly twist the hair and then you can create your hairstyle.
  8. If you have short hair – it is going to be a problem, even on such hair you can braid the plait. An excellent option will be a pigtail on the entire head with the addition of side strands but before making a braid you need to treat the hair with hairspray or wax.
  9. If you are the owner of a stepped haircut (different length of hair), then this is also not a barrier to beautiful braids. You also need to use a hairspray of weak fixation before braiding. All professional stylists use this method as this allows the strands not to fall out of the braid.
  10. Be patient and follow step by step instructions to succeed. Even if you haven’t managed to braid your hair in the desired way for the first time, just try once more and you will definitely have the great hairstyle with braids. The main secret of success is frequent practice of braiding.




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