Top-15 Most Effective Exercises for a Tight Butt

Sexy ButtSexy buttocks and smart hips are a necessary and quite sufficient condition to feel one hundred percent self-confident even in the most open bikini.

The buttocks consist of three muscles, but the one that is responsible for the tightened shape is the one closest to the surface: the gluteus maximus muscle. In addition to aesthetic, it performs another important function: it supports our body in an upright position and, accordingly, is one of the strongest in the body.

Want to have tight and elastic muscles of the buttocks, but do not like to work on the simulators? There is a way out – train the buttocks at home! With the proper construction of the class, training at home is no less effective than in the gym. Here you are offered to do the most effective exercises for the development of the gluteal muscles, which you can perform in the shortest possible time to bring your figure to the desired shape. You can vary this workout depending on your level of preparation. You can use additional weight and change the recommended number of repetitions if necessary.

The following training contains the most effective exercises for the buttocks. They are perfect for both women and men who want to make their bodies perfect.

It is very important to get warm before exercise. Spend 5 minutes on active running in place, jumping, turning the body and swinging your hands. These simple movements will not only warm up the muscles, but also prepare the body for the upcoming load. After that, you can start the exercises for the buttocks at home.


Exercise number 1: Squats with feet deployed diagonally

squatsTo begin, perform a series of sit-ups. These are the simplest, but very intense movements. Especially if you are doing this exercise using an extra load. This version of the squats, in which the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders and socks are deployed to the sides at 45 degrees, perfectly strengthens the buttocks, stabilizers the spine, abdominal muscles and back.

  • Place your feet on the width of your shoulders.
  • Turn your socks aside and your arms cross over your chest or pull forward.
  • On exhalation, sit down so that the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Rise on the breath.

Recommendation: Try to keep your back as flat as possible throughout the exercise. Do 30 sit-ups.

Exercise number 2: Standing on elbows and knees

Standing on elbows and kneesThe second exercise is performed on the floor. Lay the mat and stand on your knees, put your hands in front of you on the floor.

  • Lower your elbows to the floor and tighten your belly. In this position, the pelvis is slightly above the shoulders.
  • Exhale and raise your right leg up as high as you can, reach for the heel to the ceiling.
  • On inhalation slowly return to the starting position.
  • Make sure that the waist and back do not bend down. The body must remain perfectly even.

Raise your leg as much as possible, as if you want to press the heel with the heel. After training a couple of times you will realize that doing exercises for the buttocks at home is not more difficult than in the gym. The most important thing is to follow the technique and not be lazy.

Recommendation: Do 30 repetitions with your right foot. Rest and repeat the exercise with your left foot.

Exercise number 3: Hip to the side lying down

Rainbow-Leg-LiftThe next movement is a classic swing, allowing you to work out the outer side surface of the thighs. This is the most effective exercise for tightening the buttocks and thighs in this area. But in order for it to give a good result, it is necessary to closely monitor the technique of its implementation.

  • Lay down on your right side.
  • Slightly tear off the body from the floor, bending the right hand in the elbow and fixing the head on it.
  • On exhalation, raise your left leg up.
  • On inhaling, lower it down, but do not touch the other leg.
  • Turn to the other side and repeat the movement with your right foot.

Recommendation: Continue to exercise until a strong burning sensation in the muscles. Try to do 25 repetitions.

Exercise number 4: Skater fall-outs

scater exersice for buttAnother exercise from the list of the most effective exercises for the buttocks, which you can perform without special equipment, is skater falls. This unusual variety of fall-outs trains the coordination of movements and buttocks, and also perfectly tones the muscles of the body.

  • Starting position: stand upright, legs together, bent hands fixed at the waist.
  • On exhalation, make a right leg fall. Unlike the classic lunge, when the leg moves strictly along a straight trajectory, in the skater’s fall-out the leg goes back diagonally.
  • Breathe in and put your right foot back to the left. Do it only with the front leg.
  • Repeat the motion with your left foot.
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Recommendation: Perform 20 repetitions with each leg.

Exercise number 5: Deadlift

DeadliftThe last exercise is a deadlift. The deadlift is a classic exercise for working the buttocks. To perform it, you will need dumbbells, which you can replace with a barbell or any other weight, up to bottles of water. Do not take too much weight. To begin with, 5 kilograms is enough. This movement is universal and fits perfectly into any power complex.

  • Stand up straight, slightly bending your knees.
  • Take the weight in your hands.
  • Inhale and keeping your back flat, lean forward.
  • The angle in the knees does not change throughout the exercise. On exhalation, lift by pressing the buttocks.
  • When raising, be sure to take your shoulder blades. This relieves excess muscle tension in the back.

Recommendation: Do 25 repetitions.

Exercise number 6: Lifting of the pelvis lying on the back

Lifting of the pelvis lying on the backLike all of the above, this exercise for the buttocks can be performed at home. It fits perfectly into the whole complex of exercises for the muscles of the buttocks. Especially cool to do it after the fall-outs, squats and swings – when there really is no power at all.

  • To have beautiful buttocks, lie on your back and stretch your arms along the trunk.
  • Bend your legs to your knees.
  • Put your feet completely on the floor.
  • Begin on exhalation to lift the buttocks, placing emphasis on the feet.
  • For greater efficiency, you can raise the socks, resting only on the heels.
  • At the highest point of raising the buttocks, hold for 3-5 seconds.
  • It is important to maximally strain the buttocks in this position. Go back to the starting position, without touching the floor

Recommendation: Doing the lifting of the pelvis lying on the back you should involve only the buttocks and the press. Do not strain the muscles of the neck, shoulders and legs.

Exercise number 7: Squats-plie

Squats-plieThis kind of squats helps to work out the buttocks well and connects the inner surface of the thigh. To properly perform the exercise, you need to:

  • Put your feet wide and deploy socks as outwardly as possible.
  • Do squats, leading the pelvis back and watching the knees.
  • To complicate the exercise, you can perform three springing up and down movements at the point of maximum muscle strain, and only then return to the starting position.

Recommendation: It should be borne in mind that without additional weights it is necessary to squat many times and to do the exercise many times. The feeling of a burning sensation in the muscles will tell you that you are on the right way.

Exercise number 8: Walking on the buttocks

but workoutThis exercise allows you to work the buttocks and thighs, as well as improve blood circulation in problem areas and help in the complex fight against cellulite.

  • An exercise is performed sitting on the floor with straight legs and even back.
  • Arms are bent at the elbows or closed on the back of the head.
  • Lifting the hip of one leg, make a “step” forward, then do the same with the other leg.
  • “Going” so to the end of the room, do the same, but in the opposite direction.

Walking on the buttocks is an exercise that gives not only a good visual effect, but also is great for your health thanks to a gentle massage of the pelvic organs.

Recommendation: For each leg, you need to do 20-25 steps in both directions.

Exercise number 9: Classic squats

squatsExercise can be performed both without additional weight, and with a barbell or dumbbells, depending on what kind of results you want to achieve. And so, the initial position of the foot on the width of the shoulders, on inhalation you squat, on exhalation return to the starting position. For a better balance, you can keep your hands in front of you.

Things to keep in mind:

  • During the exercise knee should not go beyond the level of socks;
  • During knee-bends, the knees should not move apart, they must be strictly directed forward, imagine that you just sit on a chair;
  • The back should be flat, slightly tilted forward;
  • While squats, place emphasis on the heels;
  • Crouching is necessary before the parallel with the floor, with deeper performance there is a strong load on the knees, which can lead to injuries;
  • To ensure that the exercise is even more effective all the time keep the buttocks in tension and during the return to the starting position do not get up to the end, the legs should not fully unbend;
  • You can also add a cardio load, sit down gently, then jump up and down, clap them and have the sitting position.
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Recommendation: This exercise, perhaps, is one of the most effective. It includes the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the front part of the thigh, but it’s worth noting that if you do not want excessive pumping of the legs, you should exclude the use of additional weight in this exercise, as well as keep the legs slightly wider than the shoulders and do a little parallel with the floor.

Exercise number 10: Falls forward

Falls forwardStarting position: stand up straight, fix the back, you can take extra weigh in the form of dumbbells or bottles of water. Take a wide step forward, the wider the step, the more the gluteal muscle is activated. Then go back to the starting position or continue the steps forward, if space allows. Hands can be lowered along the trunk or kept in front of you for a better balance.

Take into account the following instructions:·

  • The back should be straight, the body clearly perpendicular to the floor;
  • The knee of the back foot should almost touch the floor;
  • The bent front leg should form an angle of 90 degrees;

Falls forward are effective for the muscles of the buttocks and the front of the thigh, so if you have a problem with leg shape, this exercise should not be performed too often, and it is also necessary not to have any weight doing it.

Exercise number 11: Bending of the leg

Bending legs workoutStarting position: stand on all fours, placing an emphasis on the palms (or elbows) and knees, pull the right leg back to parallel with the floor, then bend it in the knee, cut the foot on yourself. Further push the leg up, with the heel dragging to the ceiling, then lower the leg to perpendicularity with the floor, but without touching the floor with the knee.

Instructions to follow:

  • The knee should be bent during the exercise forming an angle of 90 degrees;
  • The back should be flat, be careful that there is no deflection in the lower back;
  • In order to complicate the exercise by raising the leg up, make three springs with a small amplitude, then lower the leg to parallel with the supporting leg, but do not touch the floor at the same time;
  • Keep the balance, while doing the exercise, try not to fall on the side of the supporting leg;
  • When doing the exercise, you can use cuffs on your legs for 1 kilogram.

This exercise is effective for the muscles of the buttocks. It involves the muscles of the outer and back sides of the thigh.

Recommendation: It must be performed before burning in the muscles, if there is no sensation, and you feel only the tension of the muscle tissues, the exercise is not performed correctly, once again you will reconsider the technique of its implementation.

Exercise number 12: Reverse bar

Reverse barStarting position: Sit on the floor, stretch your legs, hands rest on the floor behind you. Strain muscles of the abdomen and buttocks and push the pelvis up until a straight line of the body is formed. Hands should make an emphasis strictly under the shoulders, and the tips of the fingers should be directed towards the heels. The legs are absolutely straight with an emphasis on the heels. Look towards the ceiling, but do not tilt your head, it should be part of the straight line of the body. Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes. Doing the bar not only gives your buttocks elasticity, but also keeps the muscles of the whole body in a tone.

Instructions to follow:

  • Pay special attention to the back, especially the lower back, it should not bend or bend upwards;
  • Strongly strain the gluteal muscles, this will help to keep the straight line of the body;
  • Hold the feet together;
  • At the initial stage it will be difficult to adhere to the specified time (1-2 minutes), start with 15-20 seconds, gradually increasing the time;

Recommendation: If you want to complicate the exercise, you can perform other varieties of the bar, in particular the reverse (the reverse bar with a smaller contact spot, the reverse “Table” bar).

Exercise number 13: Semi-bridge

Semi-bridge leg workoutThis exercise involves mainly the sciatic-popliteal muscles and the large gluteal muscles, that is, the lower part of the buttocks and the back part of the leg to the knee.

  • You need to lie on your back.
  • Bend your legs.
  • Put your feet on the floor.
  • Put your hands under your head or along the body, as you will be more comfortable.
  • Raise the pelvis, while tearing the waist and back from the floor until the upper trunk well becomes one line with the front of the thigh.
  • After that, return to the starting position.
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In this case the support should be on the legs and shoulders. To make the exercise more effective, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible.

Recommendation: To make this exercise a little more difficult, you can also unbend the leg in such a way that it is on the same line with the other leg, namely with its upper part

Exercise number 14: Body bending

Body bend forwardBending is a very simple exercise to perform and for it you do not need any conditions, you can do it after jogging on the street, at work during warm-up, at home and of course in the fitness hall. This exercise for the buttocks will give your buttocks a beautiful shape and pull it up.

  • Put the feet on the width of the shoulders, keep the body straight and keep the hands on the sides.
  • On exhalation, we tilt forward, while trying to lower the body as low as possible, do not bend our back, keep it even. On exhalation we raise the body and return to its original position.

When doing this exercise, you should feel how your buttocks work in this exercise.

Recommendation: This exercise should be done 20-25 times, and the number of approaches should be at least three.

Exercise number 15: The Bulgarian squat

  • The Bulgarian squatStand with your back to the chair (armchair, sofa).
  • Leave one leg on a chair, and take a step forward with the second one.
  • Keeping your back straight, sit down until the hip is parallel to the floor.
  • Working leg is the center of gravity and bends to 90 degrees, the second one is relaxed.
  • Transfer the load to the heel.

In this exercise, it’s important to take a big step to clear the load from the front of the thigh to the buttocks. The knee during the squat should not go beyond the line of socks. Return to the starting position.

Recommendation: Do 4-5 sets of 10-12 reps per leg.

4 Secrets of successful training

workoutParticipants in the fitness bikini competition with exemplary, perfected figures are the best confirmation that tucked up and developed gluteal muscles are one of the main components of a beautiful, seductive, athletic body. In any image, rounded beautiful buttocks – this is the most important part of the composition. No miracle cream or other cosmetic product, no dietary supplements or fast diets will make the buttocks round, taut and attractive. Therefore, all the girls who have set the goal to bring their body in line with modern beauty canons, it is necessary to perform exercises for the beautiful shape of the buttocks.

There are some secrets that will make your workouts as effective as possible. In order to quickly notice the positive changes in your appearance, be sure to use these pieces of advice:

  • Train regularly: Swing the buttocks at home at least 3 times a week. Rare trainings will make the result more blurry. However, one should not resort to the other extreme: too frequent a load on one group of muscles will not allow the muscle fibers to fully recover. Optimal to do a 1 or 2-day break between workouts.
  • Proper breathing: Remember that the effort (for example, lifting the leg) is always performed on exhalation. A relaxation of the muscles and rest should start on inspiration. Failure to do this will make even the most effective hip exercises useless.
  • Increase the load gradually: Start with the basic versions of each movement. When you master the required number of repetitions, complicate them. To do this, add another approach or use weights.
  • Do not forget about cardio: If you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose weight, be sure to combine exercises for the buttocks at home with cardio. You can run, jump over the rope or do aerobics. The secret of the beautiful shape is 3-4 hours of exercises per week.

Now you know how to make your buttocks sexy staying at home. According to experts like Murphy Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO, combining cardio and special strength exercises, or getting procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift in San Antonio, TX, you will achieve amazing results. Your gluteal muscles will be tightened and become more relief, and the skin will become elastic.



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