Top-4 Magic Cosmetic Properties of Milk Every Woman Should Use

Dairy products are some of the most valuable products in cosmetics because they contain natural ingredients. Every woman should know that sour milk is an ideal cleanser for the skin. Sour milk is able to make the skin smooth and gentle. When did they start to ferment fresh milk for the first time? Apparently, this happened when a person engaged in cattle breeding. The ancient methods of fermentation and the use of fermented milk products can be judged by myths, legends and historical facts. For example, when the French King Louis XIV received a severe gastrointestinal disease, he was cured with the most common sour milk.

Dairy products are especially useful to women of any age. The fact is that these products have a lot of calcium, which makes the teeth and bones strong. In addition, dairy products contain paraaminobenzoic acid (PABA), which assists in the assimilation of protein and participates in the production of red blood cells as well as maintains skin health. How can milk be used in cosmetology? Find out, which magic properties it has.


Property number 1: Milk provides skin with the necessary vitamins

Milk is a nutritious product of a natural animal origin. It has a unique composition and contains biologically active substances in the most useful and assimilated for human proportions. Milk contains more than 200 biologically active substances: amino acids, fatty acids, lactose, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Milk contains useful fats, carbohydrates, proteins, organic acids and trace elements (iron, potassium, calcium, fluorine, iodine, sodium, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorus, cobalt, etc.). Milk also contains vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B9, E, C. The benefits of milk for the face shouldn’t be underestimated.

At all times, milk was used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Ancient healers, not yet knowing the chemical composition of milk, called it white blood or the juice of life. Even before our era in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, milk was used to treat gout and anemia. According to the version of ancient Indian scholars, the duration of human life decreased because people began to drink less milk. Nowadays, women can also use th great properties of milk nourishing face skin with the enzymes and vitamins that can be found in milk. It is possible to use it to wash your face. It is recommended to wash face with milk twice a day on the regular basis. Follow the instructions using it for your daily face care:

  • Pour milk in a bowl so that you can moisten it with a cotton swab. If you have dry skin, add a little honey to the milk. Honey is a natural moisturizer.
  • With a gentle means for washing and warm water, cleanse the face from dirt and cosmetics.
  • Dry your face with a soft towel. Do not wipe your face, rubbing can cause irritation and even skin damage.
  • Generously moisten a cotton swab with milk. With circular motions, rising from the bottom up, wipe the entire face with a swab dipped in milk.
  • After that, leave the milk on your face for 15-20 minutes. During this period of time, lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells, and the beneficial substances contained in the milk, will be absorbed by the skin.
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Important: In the end of washing, rinse the milk from the face with cool water and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub the skin.


Property number 2: Milk purifies and whitens your face skin

If you have a need to purify your skin, then you’d better use milk than cosmetic means you can buy somewhere as this is an effective natural product. There are a lot of simple masks’ recipes that can be prepared at home. Have a look at the best milk masks aimed at the skin whitening and cleaning. Follow the instructions and prepare the most suitable on your own.

Recipe 1: Mask-film from black dots on the face skin

  • Gelatin (powder) – 1 tsp.
  • Activated carbon – 1 tablet (crush into powder)
  • Milk – 2 tsp. (cold)

All components for this mask should be fresh. Mix them thoroughly and slightly heat up until the mixture thickens. Prepared mask should be tested for allergy. Apply a mask of room temperature with a brush from below upwards to the entire skin of the face (except the skin of the eyes). On the problem areas of the skin 2 layers can be applied.

After applying the mask, do not talk and have a rest. Keep mask until it dries completely. Remove a mask in the same way from below upwards fingering with the fingernail. The procedure should be done once a week. The course of treatment is 6 weeks.

Recipe 2: Milk mask for skin purification

  • Milk – 1 tbsp.
  • Honey – 1 tbsp.
  • Cottage cheese (low-fat) – 1 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

Cleanse the face of makeup and wash with warm water. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply the mask to the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse the mixture with a little warm water.

Recipe 3: Milk mask with clay

  • white clay,
  • pink clay,
  • milk,
  • cheese,
  • honey,
  • tea tree oil.

Mix 1 teaspoon of white clay, 1 teaspoon of pink clay, 4 teaspoons of milk, half a teaspoon of cottage cheese, half a teaspoon of honey, 1 drop of tea tree oil. Stir well and apply the resulting mass to the cleansed skin, hold for 20 minutes, then wash off.

Important: The purification masks on the basis of milk produce a deep cleansing of the pores of the facial skin, removes dead cells, dirt, black dots, narrows the pores and smooths the skin. The face will look clean, young and beautiful.


Property number 3: Milk helps to fight against wrinkles

If the skin on the forehead is full of wrinkles, do not put up with such a state of affairs. There are very effective means of combating age signs. And it’s not about the scalpel or injections of botulinum toxin (this is the most extreme case), but about proven natural remedies, the key to success is the regularity of use.

Stunning secret of rejuvenation and toning of the skin at home – ordinary cosmetic ice, made from milk and water in a 1: 1 ratio. Use an ice cube every morning, wiping the face for 2 minutes. Repeating the procedure daily, after a week your skin will again look more tender, supple and fresh. If you have more time and want to make your skin look younger, the recipes below are exactly what you are looking for. They will cost you several times less compared to the creams and masks offered at the cosmetic shops. Moreover, masks based on milk will provide much more noticeable rejuvenating effect.

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Recipe 1: Milk mask of beauty


  • flesh of 4 apricots;
  • 1 teaspoon of honey;
  • yolk 1 chicken egg;
  • ½ teaspoon of salt;
  • 1 tablespoon semolina, cooked on milk.

Preparation: To prepare a mask, take fresh juicy fruits. Apricots are used without peel and bones. Fruits should not be cold: one hour before cooking the mask, get them out of the refrigerator. Prepare apricot puree, achieve homogeneous mass without lumps. Apricot puree can be prepared by hand, using a fork, or you can whip it in a blender. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Application: Before applying the mask, the skin should be stripped and cleaned with a scrub. Apply mass on face, cover with gauze on top. Hold for 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. After applying to the skin, the usual nourishing cream. The full course should include at least 10 procedures, the frequency – 1 time in 5 days.

Recipe 2:  Milk mask with raspberries

  • Raspberries (100 g)
  • Milk (2 tbsp).

Grind 100 g of raspberries, strain, add 2 tablespoons of fresh milk to the resulting juice. In this mixture, moisten a layer of cotton pad and put on your face, covering it with a wet towel. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask, rinse your face with warm water, wipe and apply cream. The mask is suitable for any skin, tones and refreshes it.

Recipe 3: Milk+honey+rice

Mask of rice, honey and milk is perfect for the use with the aim to nourish your skin and rejuvenate it.  You will need the following ingredients:

  • Rice flour – 1 tbsp. (rice grind on a coffee grinder, you can take a fiber)
  • Honey – 1 tbsp.
  • Milk – 2-4 tbsp.

Mix the ingredients, adjust the mask with milk until the sour cream is thick. Apply the mask on the face for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Recipe 4: Milk mask with yeast


  • Milk- 3 tbsp;
  • fresh or dry yeast, 1 tbsp.

Fresh yeast must be crushed and poured with warm milk. Stir the mixture well and hold for at least an hour. Next, use the resulting composition. Don’t prepare the yeast mask from wrinkles for the future use as it is made only before the application. The mixture obtained is superimposed on the cleansed forehead on the gauze bandage (gauze is simply wetted in the prepared composition) for 15-20 minutes. The milk mask with yeast works well against wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead but only with a course application.

The recommended course is 3-4 weeks, then a similar break in time, and the course can be repeated again. Usually the composition does not cause any reactions, but if you have very sensitive skin, then first, check out how your skin reacts to it. Do not apply a mask if you have acne and rashes on the skin!

Important:The influence of cow’s milk on the skin is very beneficial – it strengthens, restores, tones and rejuvenates it, returning dermis elasticity, youth and healthy color. Milk from wrinkles most effectively manifests itself in conjunction with yeast.


Property number 4: Milk restores damaged hair

Haircare. Blonde woman with her damaged dry hair angry face expression gray backgroundMilky masks for hair strengthen hair, and also contribute to the restoration of damaged, weakened hair. Proteins and fats, contained in milk, prevent the drying of the skin and hair. Thanks to milk masks, the scalp becomes soft, smooth, and the hair is shiny and silky. Of course, that for cosmetic purposes it is best to use homemade milk, it retains its properties as much as possible.

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Choosing the same milk in the store, give preference to a product with a minimum total shelf life and maximum fat content. Applying milk masks for hair systematically, after 5-7 procedures you will feel that your hair has become softer and more obedient.

Milk is recommended to be included in your hair care procedures if you want to:

  1. Eliminate dandruff,
  2. Treat split ends,
  3. Treat excessive fatness of the head,
  4. Restore damaged strands,
  5. Eliminate hair rash,
  6. Accelerate regrowth,
  7. Restore the natural gloss and silkiness.

Recipe 1: Nourishing milk mask for dry hair

  • 1 egg yolk whisk,
  • 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil (olive, burdock, almond, jojoba).

Take 1 egg yolk and add 2 tbsp of any oil. The resulting mixture should be dissolved in 100 ml of warm milk to a homogeneous mass. The mask is applied to the hair, and the head is wrapped with a plastic wrap. Wash off the mask after 30-40 minutes. If you have dry, damaged, weakened hair, the procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a week.

Recipe 2: Mask-conditioner for shiny hair

  • 200 ml of milk,
  • chamomile,
  • apple cider vinegar.

To prepare the necessary mixture based on 200 ml of milk mixed with the same amount of strong decoction of chamomile flowers, as well as a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Clean, damp hair is abundantly rinsed with the resulting mixture. The head is massaged with pads of fingers in 3-5 minutes. At the end, the mask is washed off with cool / warm water.

Recipe 3: Milk mask for thin and weakened hair with oatmeal

The result:


75 ml of milk;

60 gr. castor oil;

3 tbsp. l. oatmeal.

Preparation and method of application:

Stir all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass, put the head on the skin, wrap it around, rinse it off after 2 hours.

Important: Milk masks will help to  strengthen thinned hairs, to prevent brittleness and excision. However, you should use them on the regular basis, otherwise, the effect may be lost.

Which type of milk is more effective: 4 Main Types Used for Skin and Hair

Goat’s milk

Goat’s milk – whitens the skin and makes it more silky. In addition, its amino acids remove dead cells and prevent premature aging of the body.

Cow milk

Cow milk – moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Also has rejuvenating properties.

Dry milk

Dry milk is as useful for the skin as natural one. Its pluses can be attributed to a comfortable consistency, which allows you to mix it with various ingredients in the composition of masks.

Sour milk

Sour milk – this product is especially useful for oily skin. It can be used to wipe face after cleansing as a tonic.




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