Products removing stains and pet odors.

dogPeople usually love dogs or cats. Some of us love both. It is impossible not to love pets. Pets bring so much in our life. Our home is full of happiness and joy when we have a pet. Some of pets share bed with us and others are always waiting for us near the entrance door when we come home.

However along with happiness pets bring unpleasant smell in the house. We are happy to share with you some products which can be used as pet odor eliminator.


The first product: Salt

SaltAs soon as you enter house or apartment of pet owner you immediately feel which pet he owns. If you do not want to be such pet owner you should definitely wash your floors with salt. When we are saying washing floors that means literally all the surfaces in your house.

Where to clean

  • Bedroom.
  • Kitchen.
  • Bathroom.
  • Corridor.
  • Balcony.
  • Every other room and space where pet can enter.

Take a bucket with 10 liters of water and dissolve handful of salt. Better use sea salt and sometimes add few drops of essential oils. Salt neutralize allergens and kills almost all kinds of germs and parasites. Some people believe that salt can help with eliminating negative energy. If you use salt with essential oils than floors will not only be clean but air will be fresh and pleasant.

If you have a cat you need to use water with dissolved salt for wiping all the surface where cat can reach. Wipe all the shelves and furniture, do not forget about windows.

Advice: Such surfaces as concrete or wood require multiple cleanings. Usually the surface need to be pre-soaked in vinegar.


The second product: Essential oil

Tea tree oilHaving a pet is a big happiness for the whole family. Kids are fond of their pets but often cats or dogs leave very annoying and not pleasant odor. Usually that is happening because of smell from their hair or excrements. First of all we should try to teach our pets to go to the toilet outside or to special container. If cat/dog is repeatedly peeing on the carpet nothing will help you to eliminate the odor. If such a story is happening rarely you can solve the problem with awful smell using essential oils as pet odor eliminator.

Why to use essential oil

  • Disinfection;
  • air freshener;
  • cleaning;
  • flavoring;
  • protection against insects.

There is a wide diversity of different flavors and methods of how essential oils can be used against pet odor. Pet owners usually add few drops of essential oil into water for washing floors. The essential oil can be evaporated in the special aroma lamp.

Essential oils with disinfect action

  • Clove.
  • Pine.
  • Lavender.
  • Peppermint or pine.
  • Bergamot.
  • Lemon.

These essential oils are incredible for plenty of reasons: they kill bacteria and viruses, protect your house from all the fungi and eliminate smell from garbage or pets.

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Advice: You should be careful with essential oils. Keep them far from animals and kids. Never clean your pet toilet with essential oils.


The third product: Soap

SoapThere is a rule that everything is getting dirty if it is not washed. Imagine you are not washing your hair for a year. Sounds terrible and you can imagine how it will look like and smell. The same story is happening with our dogs. Especially when it is rainy weather or dog managed to walk on the wet grass. We should give a bath to our dogs.

Basically it is recommended to wash dogs every month. However if you all of a sudden feel that smell in the apartment or you feel how your pet smells when you play with him consider giving a bath to him earlier. By the way if you think that you are lucky as your dog has short hair you are wrong. Short-haired dogs bring worse odor than other dogs.

Basic hygiene rules

  • Brush your dog regularly.
  • Wipe her paws every time after walk.
  • Give a bath every month or so.
  • Use dog shampoo or simple soap.
  • Wash carpet on which she sleeps very often.

Understandable that many dog owners do not bother with washing paws every day. We are always in a hurry and they seem like not that dirty. Using cloth for wiping will be a mistake. In such a way we will only move dirt and bacteria from one place to another. The best solution is to wash paws with running water. Use a drop of dog shampoo or alkaline soap. Soap will not only wash paws and disinfect them but also will dry delicate skin between fingers and remove unpleasant odor.

Advice: Buy soap without additives and aromas. Such alkaline soap is natural, healthy and will not cause allergy.


The forth product: Potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganateThis product if so powerful that we can find plenty of ways to use it at home. Potassium permanganate can be applied for giving bath to newborn, disinfection of wounds and even as insecticide. Due to the chemical reaction of oxidation bacteria will not be able to multiply. This is the reason why potassium permanganate is perfect pet odor eliminator.

Cat owners are often facing the problem of cat urine smell all over the house. Unfortunately cats marks their territory and often they do that all over the house. The smell of cat urine can be removed from all the surfaces with potassium permanganate.

Simple disinfect solution

  • Add few drops of potassium permanganate in the water which you prepared for cleaning.
  • Solution should be weak.
  • The color of the water will be slightly pink.
  • Wipe the spots where your cat marked his territory.
  • Rinse the spots with the water.

There is no need to throw away a carpet on which your cat marked territory. Even if you already tried everything you should try strong solution of potassium permanganate. Put plenty of newspapers under the stains and wash the places with disinfect solution.

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Keep in mind that potassium permanganate leaves marks on the fabric. Use this method only for dark carpets. Before using it on the furniture or carpet try it on the not visible spot. When you know that color will not be spoiled go ahead and eliminate the smell. If there is no spots with pee and you feel odor you should wash all floors with such solution and odor will be gone.

Advice: Always wear gloves when you clean the house using potassium permanganate.

The fifth product: Vinegar

vinegarVinegar absorbs and neutralize odors. Some will not use vinegar as it has strong smell but it will evaporate and create fresh and clean atmosphere. The best vinegar for disinfection is white or apple vinegar. Vinegar can help with pet odors very successfully. Especially if pet made your furniture or carpet smelling very bad. Pour vinegar into sprayer and spray it on the area which you need to clean. Leave vinegar for few hours. Remove the vinegar with steam cleaner.

Remove odor from sofa

  • Dissolve in 200 ml of water 50 ml of vinegar and apply the mixture on the stain.
  • Soak it thoroughly with paper towel.
  • Wipe the place with stains.
  • Cover the stain with thin layer of baking soda.
  • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of dish detergent in 100 ml of water.
  • Rub this mixture with a brush and remove the remains with vacuum cleaner or sponge.
  • If necessary repeat the whole procedure.

Before implementing this mixture on your sofa you should check the fluid on a small area of sofa (behind or somewhere on not visible spot.) There is a way to use vinegar for making room smell fresh. Pour a bit of vinegar in the shallow containers and leave them in the room. Change vinegar in the containers every day until the moment when smell will go away.

Advice: You can prevent your pet from peeing on the sofa again. Put few citrus peels inside the sofa and between the pillows. Your pet will never spoil your sofa again.


The sixth product: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxideThe best way to eliminate pet odor is to decompose chemically the cause of the smell. If we will manage to kill the smell and cat/dog will not determine its own marks we will succeed and get rid of pet odor forever. If the animal has organized toilet with filler which he likes or is going regularly out for a walk it will not pee on the wrong place. As soon as smell will disappear completely your pet will not repeat his disappointing action again. If he comes back and continue again and again marking territory on the wrong place that means that we cleaned it not well enough and we should eliminate odor better. Sometimes stains are wider that they seem and you just should clean bigger territory or they go deep into the fabric and need to be washed two or three times.

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Step by step cleaning

  • In the sprayer add 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, half of teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or liquid soap and 100 ml of water.
  • Slightly mix everything.
  • Cover the stain with baking soda and spray over baking soda the mixture.
  • The mixture will react on the surface we are cleaning.
  • Leave it for a couple of hours.
  • Collect the leftovers with the vacuum cleaner.

After such a chemistry the will be no traces of odor. Because of the chemical reaction the smell evaporates and there will be no need to clean the surfaces from chemicals. The smell will be gone forever from the spot because we managed to decompose urine! Use dishwashing liquid because it is bubblier and will slow the reaction and provide better cleaning.

Advice: Bed sheets and other textiles after cleaning with hydrogen peroxide should be washed with detergent and 150 ml of apple vinegar.


The seventh product: Air ionizer

Air ionizerAs soon as in your house appeared cute happiness such as a dog or cat you should get ready that you will have extra cleaning. Now it will be more dust and fur along with destroyed furniture and chewed shoes. However these are not the only issues you may face. Very often animal need a lot of time until it will start using its toilet. That is creating not just dirt but also smell.

In order to keep apartment clean we need to wash floors regularly, vacuum clean often and wipe the dust. But it is not enough. Hair, dandruff, skin flakes of cats and dogs are constantly in the air. In order to solve this problem you need the air cleaner. As you know the main source of odors is in the air so an additional air purification using ionization will eliminate pet odor completely. Device is creating negative oxygen ions thereby cleaning the air. Ionizer removes bacterial and fungal spores from the air. Nowadays there is a huge diversity of different ionizers in every shop. You can find yours according to your taste and budget.

Advice: Usually ionizer is capable of cleaning all the volume of air in the house 2-3 times during the day. However there are more powerful models on the market which are cleaning the whole volume for 5 times. Pay attention to this when you are choosing ionizer.



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