Simple and affordable home remedies against dry nasal passages

 dry nasal passagesNasal passages cause a lot of discomfort if they become very itchy and dry. Dryness of nasal passages needs treatment. Without treatment this minor thing can cause burning and itching and even form crust. Some people experience even headache and bleedings together with constant annoying feeling inside nose.

Unfortunately if we do not cure such primitive disease we will struggle as we cannot smell properly, have problems with cleaning our nose and even experience difficulties in breathing. So what we can do to eliminate this disease? Dry nasal passages can be treated easily at home with the help of simplest home remedies. We will investigate what are these homemade remedies and how to soften discharge in nose and get rid of crust.


The first home remedy: Herbal inhalation

folk remediesInhalation basically means inhaling steam. When we are struggling with dry nasal passages or we even already have crust formed in our nose we are trying to find something what will soften our mucus inside nose. Hot steam is perfect solution for this problem. Many families have even their traditional family recipes of such inhalations. You can buy ingredients for inhalation preparation in any pharmacy. Some pharmacies sell herbal mix or you can choose separate ingredients and make herbal mix yourself.

Herbs which are recommended for inhalations

  • Pine buds
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Oregano
  • Blackberries
  • Oak bark

In order to cure the problem sometimes it is enough to repeatedly perform inhalations for 3-4 days. If you are preparing the procedure you should make a broth. Boil in the water 2 tablespoons of herbs (which you chosen for inhalation) and simply inhale its steam as long as you can until the broth will get cold.

For example eucalyptus inhalation will be made in such a way: 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves should be boiled in a liter of water. Sit and inhale steam while your head is covered with the towel. In such a way you will use maximum amount of steam. Without a cover your inhalation will be short and less effective. If you are using eucalyptus oil you should add a couple of drops of essential oil (no need to use half of the bottle) into hot water and inhale aroma for approximately 5 minutes. As you can see inhalations are simple and very effective way to get rid of annoying dryness in nasal passages.

Important: Eucalyptus treatment is forbidden to be used for children younger than 1 year and not recommended for the age before three.


The second home remedy: Oils

OilsThe same way as we moisturize our skin with oils we can also make our nasal passages not dry with the help of this miraculous remedy. Oils speed up healing of mucus area and help softening crust inside nasal passages. We can use even sunflower oil but the best known option for this area is buckthorn oil. The procedure is very simple and you need only cotton swabs and oil. Whenever you are feeling uncomfortable dryness and annoying crust in your nose just lubricate nasal passages inside with cotton swabs pre-soaked in oil. Leave them inside nose for half an hour and you will immediately feel better.

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If you have tea tree oil you can also successfully use it for softening crust and healing your nose. Lubricate nose with it or add some tea tree oil into children’s cream and use such cream for lubrication of your nasal passages. Tea tree oil provides regenerative effect and helps to soften and remove crust and solve annoying itching feeling inside the nose. Apricot oil is one good extra option for solving the problem. Nose should be moisturized regularly and oil should be implemented at least two times a day before and after sleep. It is enough to repeat the procedures during a week and you will get rid of crust and itching feeling inside nasal passages.

Important: Before using any oil on your skin make sure that you are not allergic to it. Make simple test by placing one drop on your wrist and observing skin reaction for at least few hours.


The third home remedy: Sea water

WaterSea water is not that easy to get you may think. Especially it sounds complicated to accomplish if you live in the area far away from the sea or salty water. However there are some good news for us. Nowadays sea water is sold in pharmacies and is widely used for curing dry nasal passages. In case you do not want to buy it in pharmacy you can prepare one yourself.

Sea water preparation

  • Usually nasal mucosa is hydrated with the use of lightly salted water.
  • Take a glass of boiling water and half of teaspoon of sea salt. Change amount of sea salt according to your feelings after procedure.
  • Stir water and salt properly.
  • Make sure there is no sea salt sitting on the bottom of the glass.
  • Strain the water and it is ready to be used.

The prepared solution is used in a following way: 4 drops of the sea water instill into each nostril several times a day. The other way is just rinsing the nasal passages also several times a day.

Important: When buying sea salt make sure it is free from additives and it is solely sea salt. Sometimes it is sold mixed with some herbs for cooking purposes.


The fourth home remedy: Humidifier

 HumidifierHow to get rid of the dryness in the nose? This question has several answers and several treatments. And all of them are correct. Sometimes we need just to eliminate triggering factor and we will get rid of annoying nose dryness and itchiness. Some people do not even know but dryness is caused by dry air at their home. In order to solve the problem you should just increase the humidity level to 70%. This problem can be solved by humidifier or with the help of simple home remedies.

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Air in your room can be humidified with the help of wet towels placed in the room or with the help of few water containers. Your body should also be not dry. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. If you do everything correctly after few days the problem will be gone.

Important: If you live in the unsuitable climate you might need to buy humidifier or constantly make sure that climate at your home is not drying your nasal passages.


The fifth home remedy: Cooked potatoes

Cooked potatoesIn order to cure your nose you can even skip shopping and just use two potatoes from your fridge. In order to prepare potatoes for the procedure you need to wash them and boil in skins. Wait until potatoes will become warm as we do not want to get burns. Place one potatoes from each side of the nose and keep them near nasal passages until they finally cool. This method is very good especially when used together with rinsing.

The other way to use potatoes is inhalation. This remedy is very simple but powerful method to get rid of annoying crust and itching nose.

Inhalation with potatoes

  • Take few potatoes and boil them.
  • Size of vegetables does not matter.
  • Better use potatoes in skins.
  • As soon as they are ready place them in front of you.
  • Inhale steam from the potatoes while your head is covered with the towel.
  • Continue the procedure for at least 5-7 minutes.

Steam will not only help with dry nasal passages but also will soften all the crust inside them. After such procedure you can easily clean your nose with the help of rinsing.

Important: Be careful when inhaling steam as hot water and hot bowl can easily cause skin burns. Make sure you are at the safe distance from the water.


The sixth home remedy: Chamomile

ChamomileChamomile is herb which is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. This herb is wonderful solution when we are fighting with temporary inconveniences with nose. It is recommended to consume chamomile tea and at the same time several times a day rinse nasal passages with chamomile decoction. The procedure is not the most pleasant but we should be patient as results of this treatment will be quick and very successful. Rinsing is performed in the following way: one nostril should be closed and with another you inhale decoction. After cleaning first nasal passage move on to the second one.

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The best way to use chamomile is to buy it dried in the pharmacy and prepare both tea and rinsing solution at home. In such a way it will be completely free from additives and harmful ingredients. It is recommended to consume chamomile tea as it is helping to cool the body temperature.

Important: A decoction of chamomile can be used only in the absence of individual intolerance (allergy), otherwise instead of cleansing the sinuses it can cause the appearance of mucosal edema.


The seventh home remedy: Tea therapy

Tea based drinkTea is used a lot in Chinese culture for treating many diseases. In the same way tea is known as perfect remedy against dry nasal passages. It should become main drink of the day as soon as you feel dryness and itching inside nose. We are talking about real tea and not that one which is sold in tea bags.

Tea recommended for curing nose

  • Leaves of raspberries
  • Leaves of cherries
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime
  • Dry raspberry berries
  • Leaves of mint

These ingredients mixed together or separately will save you from cold in winter and prevent any nasal problems. Consuming a lot of hot drinks will help to solve problems with nasal passages very quickly. Remember to drink even when you do not feel thirsty.

Important: When you are trying to cure the dryness for long time and home remedies do not help you should contact doctor. Most likely reason of dryness is some more serious disease and doctor will prescribe treatment.


The eighth home remedy: Aloe

Aloe juiceAloe acts as a source of humidification for the mucous membrane in the nose. In order to solve the problem with itching and dry nasal passages sometimes is enough just to use few drops of the aloe juice into each nostril.

The leaves of aloe provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect on the nasal mucosa as well as juice of this plant. This is good enough reason to have this plant in every home. This miraculous plant will help to get rid of rhinitis, tonsillitis and cough. In order to get the best possible result use 5 drops of fresh juice into each nostril every 3-4 hours. Most nutrients are concentrated near the base of the leaf so do not miss that part of the plant.

Important: Juice can be used for therapeutic purposes not more than 3 hours. Try to use fresh juice as soon as you took it from the plant.



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