How to stop coughing fits using 7 simple home remedies

 coughing fitsCough as a symptom is nothing more than a sign of the struggle of the respiratory system irritated by something. Even usual cough is not always appropriate because of the fact that coughing fits or attacks mostly happen at night. Such unpleasant coughing attacks influence our sleeping routine. Everyone knows how normal sleep is important for our health. Thus, the information about how to cure the cough is useful to everyone as basically everyone can catch a cold or get allergic cough.

Coughing fit which is not giving us to sleep at night, or sudden cough of a child which is not stopping for a while can be frightening and brings real worries and suffering. If such situation happen you should always hurry to consult a doctor in order to understand the cause of this symptom. But it does not mean that you or your child should suffer and struggle while you will manage to visit the doctor. We will investigate how to stop coughing fits with the help of simple and natural home remedies.


The first remedy: Onion juice


Onion juiceOnions are known and used by people not just as a food for thousands of years. Of course most of the onions are eaten and it should be important part of our diet especially in the winter and early spring when most of us have a vitamin deficiency. Other important quality of this product is its ability to kill pathogens of many diseases: diphtheria, dysentery, tuberculosis, streptococci and other pathogenic microbes. Onions are used not just to cure various diseases but also to prevent them.

Onion juice syrup:

  • Onion juice is one of the tools which are perfect in case of dry coughing.
  • Of course the taste of onion juice is just not very pleasant. We should consume it just because of its miraculous qualities. So the unpleasant taste shouldn’t stop you from successful treatment.
  • In order to prepare onion juice you should take a fresh onion and peel it.
  • Squeeze the juice from the onion and mix it with a teaspoon of honey.
  • The resulting syrup should be insisted for six hours.
  • Onion juice should be taken twice a day (1 teaspoon each time and preferably after each meal).

There are several factors causing coughing fits. For example during sleep sometimes we are in a horizontal position, lungs are not active at all, the mucus from nose and throat is not going out, airways are not cleaned properly and we are having severe coughing at night. This is not the only reason of unpleasant coughing at night but this one as well as others can be cured with the help of such home remedy as onion juice.

Warning: Onions and onion juice should be consumed with caution in case you have acute liver and kidney diseases as well as exacerbation of heart disease. In case you have exacerbations of gall bladder disease, liver and intestines, stomach ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer it is contraindicated to use treatment with onion juice.


The second home remedy: Fruit paste

 Fruit pasteIt is not a secret that cough is one of unconditional human reflexes. It is absolutely nesessary reaction of our respiratory to numerous external irritants. Such external irritants are micro-particles, pollen, dust, bacteria or germs that cause infectious cough. Cough is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. If you or your relative is struggling with coughing fits you can prepare quick and effective home remedy from raisins.

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Raisins paste recipe:

  • In order to suppress coughing fits we will need raisins and sugar.
  • In order to prepare curing paste mix 100 grams of sugar with 100 grams of raisins.
  • Add a bit of water to raisins and sugar and boil the mixture for ten minutes on the small heat.
  • The consistency of the prepared paste should be like a thick sauce.
  • Consume the raisin paste every morning and evening.
  • Perfect dosage is 1 teaspoon per each consumption.

This remedy is absolutely harmless so it can be consumed for a long time or even as a preventive method. Raisins are rich in many biologically active substances and trace elements. These element are perfectly healing bronchi, lungs and respiratory tract. At the same time raisins will strengthen the nerves and even irritability will disappear.

Warning: Many bacterial and viral infection causes severe coughing fits. Therefore it is necessary to treat the disease immediately as soon as you will know the diagnosis. If we will only treat the symptoms they will reappear again and again.


The third home remedy: Honey

HoneyBee honey is widely used remedy for colds. Especially useful is so-called white honey which has the best diaphoretic effect. In order to cure coughing fits honey is best possible natural remedy. If we use honey as a diaphoretic it is better to consume it before going to bed in such a way it works more effectively.

Cough syrup with honey:

  • In order to prepare quick and effective cough syrup we will need: 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 glass of milk, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of butter and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Milk we will boil and as soon as it will get boiled we should add butter and honey.
  • Egg should be separated into yolk and white.
  • We will use only yolk.
  • Whisk yolk with mixer or with fork and add baking soda into the yolk.
  • Mix all the ingredients together. Make sure that all the ingredients dissolved well.

This syrup is very effective when you are struggling with coughing, laryngitis or bronchitis. This remedy is safe and recommended to be consumed at any time during the day. No need to wait till the bed time. If the coughing fits is bothering you at night you can quickly prepare easier syrup and effectively cope the symptom. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of natural honey in the glass of boiled milk. Such a mixture will provide you with softening and warming of the sore throat. Additionally this drink will facilitate formation of mucus.

Warning: Honey should be consumed with caution or even completely eliminated from the diet of patients who have diabetes (i.e. insulin-dependent people).


The fourth home remedy: Warm milk

Warm milkIt is always better to prevent the disease than to face the circumstances of unpleasant pain and coughing. However if the coughing fit have already started we can stop it easily. Sometimes even simple warm cow’s milk can help to stop coughing attack. Glass of milk with teaspoon of butter is working even better. Butter will help with mucus. Such simple drink will help you to sleep peacefully.

Milk with mineral water will also help to prevent repetition of coughing attacks. Half cup of milk mix with half glass of alkaline mineral water and drink it at once. Sometimes you can stop coughing fits just by changing your position during the sleep. Another helpful exercise is to stand up and lean forward. Try to stand up, raise your right hand and stretch well. One of these techniques definitely will help to stop the coughing attack.

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Warning: If the attack is so strong that you cannot even boil the milk and you cannot ask anyone to do it for you try to drink just warm water. In fact any warm liquid will be able to calm the night time cough.


The fifth home remedy: Inhalation

InhalationCoughing is quite often treated with such old treatment as inhalation. For the inhalation can be used plenty of healing ingredients: vapors of different decoctions, infusions of plants, herbs and essential oils. Evaporation of such ingredients creates a moist internal environment which promotes the formation and removal of phlegm. This is especially important when we are having dry cough. Inhalation method gained huge popularity and nowadays you can buy an inhalator at the pharmacy or use old method of boiling water in the bowl or teapot. The effect from each of the methods will be very good and worth trying.

Inhalations with soda:

  • Soda inhalations have no contraindications.
  • Soda inhalations are safe for pregnant women and even for small children.
  • Inhalation with soda perfectly moisturize and soothes the mucous membranes.
  • This remedy is providing antiseptic effect which is one extra benefit.
  • In order to make one baking soda inhalation we will need 1 teaspoon of baking soda per one cup of boiling water.
  • You can use bowl or steam inhaler and inhale the steam from baking soda for 15 minutes.
  • If you are preparing inhalation for your children water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

If it is necessary this procedure can be repeated more than 3 times a day. If you have severe coughing it is better to use essential oil like sage or cedar. Inhalation can be made during the day or at bedtime. In order to have better result make sure that your steam during inhalation is not evaporating somewhere to the side. Cover your head and inhale steam with your mouth. In order to prepare essential oils inhalation you just need few drops (from 1 to 3) of essential oils in the boiling water.

Sometimes it is even helping if you will turn on very hot water and have a bath. Maybe you do not have baking soda or essential oils at home but water you probably always have. Evaporating water moistens the respiratory tract as well as cures coughing and dryness. After such hot steam bath change into dry clothes and immediately go to bed.

Warning: In general if you experience frequent coughing attacks you need to maintain high humidity in the room so that the respiratory tract will be constantly moistened.


The sixth home remedy: Black radish

Black radishRadish contains beneficial organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes, volatile, essential oils, proteins and amino acids. Black radish improves metabolism, increases immunity, cures digestion problems and is natural analogue of broad-spectrum antibiotic which is known for the ability to remove the excess fluid from our body. Black radish is great home remedy when we need to cure coughing fits. One of the ways of folk remedies is consumption of backed radish pure.

Black radish curing pure:

  • First of all we need to peel the root and wash it.
  • Black radish should be cut into cubes, sprinkled with sugar and baked for about half an hour.
  • The resulting baked root should be strained and we will get paste looking substance.
  • This pure should be consumed during the day. Every time take 3-4 spoons of radish pure.
  • The best effect will be if you will consume black radish pure after meals and the last time before going to bed.
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The other common way of using black radish is preparation of healing syrup with honey. You can take a radish, cut upper part, dig it a bit with the knife or the spoon and fill the radish with honey. Let the root to stay. Radish will give its juice which will combine with honey and make healing sweet liquid. This sweet syrup should be consumed after meal (1 spoon after each meal). This syrup can be also used for rubbing chest and back. Usually rubbing is used when children refuse to consume sweet black radish syrup.

The other way to use this miraculous root is to prepare rubbing heating remedy which will help to relieve cough. The root should be grated and squeezed. We will need just the leftovers of the pulp. Take the pulp and wrap it in the gauze, spread it on one side of the back and wait for 15-20 minutes. You will feel how this root is heating your body. No need to cover the radish pulp with the plastic (use towel instead as radish should be able to “breath”). In 15-20 minutes move warming compress on the other side of your back. You will notice that skin under the compress turns pink. After few days of such therapy your bronchitis will be over.

Warning: Black radish is contraindicated to be consumed for those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, diseases of the heart, kidneys, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or gastric ulcer.


The seventh home remedy: Drink more

Drink moreConsuming more liquid than usual is very important when we face cold or bronchitis. It is known for many centuries that water is able to cure our body. When it comes to coughing fits we should drink something what will help us to soften hard and dry cough and help to eliminate phlegm. Basically it is better to consume warm drinks. We can choose anything according to our taste and according to what we have at home at the moment. Herbal tea, milk, mineral water or warm broth will provide calming and healing effect on us.

If we are trying to cure a child than we should make sure that he is consuming drinks appropriate for his age. Children from 6 month to 4 years old should only consume herbal teas in the amount 1 teaspoon three times a day. At the age from 4 to 10 years it is recommended to consume not more than 1 tablespoon three times a day. Starting from 10 years old children can have 2 tablespoons three times a day.

Warning: Unfortunately sometimes home remedies are not working that well. If despite the treatment you continue experiencing coughing fits consult a pulmonologist and make following analysis: blood tests, bronchoscopy, X-rays and so on.



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