9 natural ingredients which are effective flea killers

fleaThe presence of parasitic insects in the house is an annoying and disturbing problem for many people. The situation will only get worse and more annoying if we have children. Therefore people are so much interested in possible solutions how to get rid of fleas in the house.

The most common cause of fleas in every house are animals and usually our favorite pet is the reason of unpleasant situation. However they can migrate into the house from the basement or from the neighboring apartment. Fleas in general are insects like butterflies, cockroaches or mosquitoes. Therefore all the fleas are afraid of many substances, odors, cold, loud noises and other technics which can be used by pet owners against these bloodsuckers. Let’s talk in more details what homemade remedies can help us to kill these annoying insects.

The first natural ingredient: Garlic

GarlicParasites do not like garlic and its smell. Interesting fact is that people who are constantly consuming garlic are almost never attacked by fleas. The reason is that parasites feel odorous components of garlic which these people have in blood. There are few possible ways how garlic can be implemented against fleas. First and most effective way is wiping fur of your dog with garlic infusion.

Garlic remedy against fleas

  • In order to prepare the recipe we will need few cloves of garlic and water.
  • Garlic should be fresh and strong (there is no point in using old garlic which already lost its qualities and you can check it by smelling and trying to squeeze the clove).
  • Squeeze few cloves and use the puree for preparation of infusion (any pieces which were not smashed should be left aside).
  • Pour garlic puree with 3-4 glasses of water and leave them to stay during the night.
  • Next day use the resulting garlic water and wipe pet’s fur with the solution.
  • When you wipe the fur mostly try to concentrate on neck and back as these are the most difficult spots for animal to reach.

This simple method will help a lot and quite quickly. Animal will not be able to reach the solution on the fur and will not consume garlic. When you notice that animal is feeling better stop wiping it with the solution. Usually it takes around a week to kill all the fleas. Garlic method is recommended only for dogs and cannot be used for cats or kittens.

Important: You should not feed your animal with garlic if wiping method is working well. Sometimes when garlic solution will not work you can add a bit of garlic powder and very small amount of garlic into canned or dry dog food.


The second natural ingredient: Chamomile

ChamomileAnother equally effective home remedy against fleas is chamomile. However this recipe will also help to get rid of ticks. In order to prepare simple chamomile treatment you need to buy chamomile tea in bags or some dried chamomile flowers which can be bought in any pharmacy. Tea bag (or chamomile flowers) should be poured with boiled water. We need only 100 grams of water for one tea bag. When the tea will cool down we should take a cotton swab and wipe the place of bite.

If you are not sure where exactly animals were bitten you can wipe legs, back, neck and stomach of the animal. The smell of chamomile will scare insects away from your pets. The same infusion can be used to disinfect the whole house. After this cheap and working remedy you will forget about the problem and recommend this flea killer to all your friends – pet owners.

Important: You can also spread some small textile sacks with dry chamomile flowers around the house. This simple trick will work as well as preventive method as well as method which make fleas run away from your place.

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The third natural ingredient: Apple cider vinegar

vinegarApple cider vinegar is well-known tool which can be used in personal care, cleaning and caring for pets. Pet owners often use this ingredient as a flea killer remedy. Sour taste repels fleas and ticks. Interesting fact is that regular use of this remedy will be able to solve the problem with fleas on your dog or cat completely. Some people will immediately go to the nearest pharmacy and buy expensive but full of chemical medicine against fleas in order to save time and solve the annoying flea issue by any means. There is no need to use such dangerous for health methods if you can use proven and effective apple cider vinegar.

How to use vinegar against fleas

  • Mix 2 liters of apple cider vinegar and 2 liters of warm water. This ratio is most effective. Using such ratio you do not risk and will not damage skin of your pet. If you have a large dog increase the amount of the required components. If you are the owner of a small pet you can use a little bit of apple cider vinegar and same amount of water.
  • If your dog has a lot of fleas add to the solution a few teaspoons of dishwashing detergent. A dishwasher detergent kills fleas.
  • Apple cider vinegar is non-toxic for dogs and cats. However if your pet has sensitive skin change the ratio by adding more water and less or twice less vinegar.
  • Dress properly for the procedure. Fleas and ticks bite not only animals so it is very important to protect your skin when you start the procedure. Wear good rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothes and long thick pants to avoid bites yourself. You can tie the pants around ankles so fleas will not have access to the skin at all.
  • Wipe your pet with the resulting solution. Apply the solution on the dog’s fur and skin. Using hands and fingers spread and rub the solution into pet’s fur. If you add dishwashing detergent foam must cover all the animal with the exception of face. Leave the solution on your pet for ten minutes.
  • If you are dealing with live fleas and ticks carry out the procedure on the street if possible. If it’s too cold apply the remedy in the bathroom.
  • If your pet have a lot of fleas you can repeat the procedure again.

Use flea comb. Comb the dog’s fur while it is still wet. Visually divide the fur into equal parts. Carefully comb through each part to remove fleas and their eggs. By doing this dip the comb in a bowl of soapy water to kill any remaining fleas. You will easily comb out fleas since they cannot stand the taste and smell of apple cider vinegar. If pet has very thick fur you will need to spend more time in order to comb out the fleas and their eggs. You may need to repeat the whole procedure again. After you comb fleas out for the first time wash your pet and apply the solution again. Wait ten minutes and then rinse and comb out the fleas and their eggs again.

Make sure that you use a comb designed especially for flea removal. You will not be able to remove fleas with any comb. As well as you will not manage combing out flea eggs. Repeat treatment of apple cider vinegar in a few days. Full flea life cycle lasts several weeks. Therefore if you do not comb some eggs out during first treatment they can cause re-infection. Continue to treat your pet with apple vinegar unless you are completely sure that your pet do not have fleas.

Important: When you are applying apple cider vinegar solution you can use spray bottle for this purpose. Use spray directly on the dog and you will finish with the procedure quicker.

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The fourth natural ingredient: Essential oils

tea tree oilEssential oils are popular remedy among people who are into everything organic and natural. It is also an effective natural insecticide. It is known that insects will not tolerate some harsh odors. But it is important to understand that essential oils do not kill the fleas and do not destroy their eggs. Basically essential oils just repel insects from the place where they are applied.

When we are trying to get rid of insects we can use essential oils which are sold in a pharmacy. Fleas cannot stand the aroma of several essential oils. After using essential oils in the house insects disappear for a long time. The treatment can be performed as well as a preventive measure.

Essential oils against fleas

  • Anise
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint as well as Japanese Peppermint
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Wormwood
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
  • Thyme
  • Tansy

Basically any of these options can be used. We should just spread few drops in each room on the floor (or even in each corner of each room). No need to mix different oils or use whole bottle at once. Essential oil cannot be used directly on the animal. Never apply essential oil on the pet’s fur or skin as they might lick and got poisoned or have an allergy.

Important: Home remedies based on essential oils should be used with caution in case you or any of your relatives/roommates have allergies. Strong odor can cause severe allergic reactions.


The fifth natural ingredient: Baking soda

baking sodaThis remedy will surprise you definitely as basically most common product is used and very successfully as a flea killer. Baking soda is usually already in the kitchen in most houses. This basic ingredient we can easily find it in the nearest supermarket. The only one extra ingredient we will need for this simple remedy is salt.

Mix salt and baking soda in ratio 1:1 and the remedy is ready. Prepare first 200 grams of the mixture for the first use. Spread prepared mixture on floors, toys and carpets. The idea is to spread it everywhere where insects might live. Next day using vacuum cleaner collect all the mixture together with dead fleas and what is most important with flea eggs.

Important: In order to collect all the dead insects continue using vacuum cleaner for two more days. If you notice that some fleas are still bothering your pet repeat baking soda procedure again in a week.


The sixth natural ingredient: Wormwood

WormwoodSmell of wormwood is the worst fear of most of the insects which can attack your pet. Both fleas and ticks can be easily killed with the help of this herb. It is better to buy the plant in the pharmacy or even to collect the plant on your own.

How to prepare and apply wormwood

  • In order to prepare wormwood treatment we will need water and wormwood (the best combination is using at the same time dried and fresh wormwood leaves).
  • Mix 20 grams of dried wormwood leaves with 40 grams of fresh leaves and pour with 400 ml of water (use only fresh or just dried leaves in case you do not have both).
  • Boil leaves of wormwood for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wait till the mixture will get cool and rub the wormwood liquid into animal’s fur.
  • Implement wormwood mixture all over the skin.
  • Wormwood is not harmful and it can be used even on kittens or puppies.
  • If your pet will lick the solution from the fur it will not harm the pet.
  • Leave the solution on the fur for as long as possible and the result will be better.

Basic idea of wormwood remedy is that it is making fleas to run away from the animal and if it is absorbed very strongly in the skin and fur it will also prevent new fleas from attacking the animal.

Important: During the process of wormwood treatment fleas will actively jump from your pet so be ready and do everything in order to prevent spreading fleas around the apartment (maybe implement this remedy outside or in the bathroom).

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The seventh natural ingredient: Brewer’s yeast

Brewer's yeastBrewer’s nowadays is not obligatory in the kitchen in every house but should be in that one where people are searching for the quickest flea killer remedy. Brewer’s yeast can be for some time added to the plate with dog’s food to safe the animal from annoying bloodsuckers. If you notice that dog does not like taste or smell of this ingredient you should consider spraying brewer’s yeast solution on the animal.

You can every day add a portion of brewer’s yeast in the dog’s bowl (you can definitely use the same remedy for the cat). Even stronger brewer’s yeast is in the combination with the smallest amount of garlic powder.

Important: When you are treating the cat you should not use this remedy with garlic as onions and garlic are toxic for cats.


The eights natural ingredient: Lemon

lemonThis method unfortunately is not that popular. In fact this method is not worse than any of the above listed methods. The reason why it is used less is that less people know that lemon smell is great remedy in the fight against such bloodsucker as flea. This simple remedy is quite often used as a preventive method as it is not toxic and smell is pleasant for both owner and animal.

Lemon as a flea killer

  • From the ingredients for the flea removal procedure we will need water and 1 lemon.
  • Cut the lemon without piling it and pour with 500-600 ml of boiling water.
  • Leave the lemon to boil for 2-3 minutes.
  • Let the liquid to stay in dark place for 24 hours.
  • The solution should be strained and poured into the bottle with sprayer.

Lemon solution should be sprayed on the fur of the animal every day during one month. This remedy is usually working best on the cats. However try firstly to implement it on the small surface of fur and see the cat’s reaction.

Important: You can also spread lemon skins in your wardrobe and room and fleas will leave your home.


The ninth natural ingredient: Fresh pine needles

Fresh pineFor centuries pine needles was remedy number one when people were fighting against fleas in their homes. It is use today as well as it is confirmed that fleas do not like at all the smell of pine needles at immediately leave. And so to get rid of harmful insects nowadays can be used sawdust or fresh pine needles as effective way to kill fleas.

Needles are placed on all carpets, sofas and on all other surfaces of household items. Needles sometimes are boiled and the infusion is used as a shampoo when you are washing your pet. This needles liquid was also used for washing people and clothes. This remedy is old but it didn’t lose any qualities through the centuries. If you ever visited pet shop you saw all the diversity of shampoos for pets and plenty of them are with pine needles smells.

Fresh pine needles can be also used as a filling for pillow or mattress of your pet. Wash the pillow or mattress of your animal, dry it and fill with fresh pine needles. Fleas will leave your house after such simple trick.

Important: This method can be used not only during the winter when we usually have New Year tree but also during every other season.



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