4 Effective Tips on How to Preserve Good Eyesight for Long

The organs of human vision were formed over the centuries in the course of evolution. However, as it turned out, at the moment they are ill-adapted to the regular load. As a result, more than 300 million inhabitants of our planet complain about problems associated with poor eyesight. One of the reasons for this is prolonged work at the computer, watching TV shows for long, improper diet and many other factors. Good vision is necessary for a person for a comfortable and fulfilling life. Therefore try to follow our recommendations to have excellent eyesight as long as possible. For this you will not need much time.


Tip 1: Spend not more than 3-4 hours at a computer or TV

One of the main reasons for the development of eye diseases in humans is a long viewing of TV shows and serials. In order to maintain good vision, the following rules should be considered when watching TV:

  • The distance to the screen should exceed its diagonal 5 times;
  • When watching TV in the afternoon, you should pull up the curtains, and in the evening – turn on the dim light;
  • let your eyes rest every half hour – do 5-minute breaks;
  • watch TV not more than 3 hours a day.

Note: Young children are not recommended to watch TV. From the age of 10 the child can stay in front of the television screen no more than 1 hour per day. If there are problems with eyesight, it is recommended to completely abandon this type of leisure.

Often the computer is used not only for work, with its help we also communicate with friends and relatives, we make purchases and organize our leisure. Accordingly, we spend a lot of time in front of computer screen, forgetting that it is harmful. To maintain eye health and good eyesight, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • The distance from the computer screen to the eyes should be at least 30 cm;
  • the upper edge of the monitor should be 10 cm below eye level;
  • blink more often or apply moisturizing drops to the eyes;
  • if you wear glasses, wear them when working at a computer;
  • take 15-minute breaks every hour of work;
  • regularly remove dust from the surface of the monitor;
  • Do exercises for the eyes or a simple workout.

Important: Oculists recommend to spend at the computer or TV maximum 4 hours a day. If you have to use it longer, install a program that will remind you about the exercises for eyes at regular intervals (for example, every hour). Additionally, for optimal eye care, explore options like contact lens Malaysia to enhance your visual comfort throughout extended screen use.


Tip 2: Choose the proper light for reading

Use high-quality lighting if you want to read a book. The same refers to the work at a computer. When you start reading, pay attention to the location of the light source. If possible, sit with your back to the window or lamp. It is recommended to use diffuse light, which falls from the left side. If you do not imagine your day without a good book, remember that reading can cause increased strain on the organs of vision. To keep your eyes from getting tired, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not read in a lying position;
  • Keep the book at a distance of at least 30 cm from the eyes;
  • The light on the open page should fall on top of the left side;
  • Do not read in poor light.
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Important: Distract from the book every 60 minutes and take your eyes off into the distance for a few minutes.


Tip 3: Do special gymnastics for eyes

Woman eyesToday, there are a lot of methods, which may help to successfully prevent and treat eyesight problems. Gymnastics for the eyes is a complex of exercises for vision correction, which comes to the rescue when you notice that your eyesight isn’t as good as it was. Regular exercises will help not only to relieve tension but also to the develop the possibility to see without glasses or contact lenses  if a person has poor eyesight.

In modern ophthalmology, there are several such complexes that were offered at different times by both practicing physicians and specialists in non-traditional medicine. With time, only the effective ones were eliminated and left, allowing to restore and even improve normal vision. However, it should be noted that the implementation of any exercise for prevention and recovery of vision will be ineffective if you do not follow the health of the whole body as a whole – not follow a diet, drink alcohol, etc. As in the case of full physical training, you should start with a warm-up. It will allow the eyes to adapt to the load and make the effect of further training maximum.

Exercise 1

Begin all complexes of exercises for eyes to improve vision with this exercise. When the eyes are constantly in great tension, the eyebrows are like creeping on the eyelashes. However, this is not observed in children who are not burdened with the need to look at the monitor for hours, and can safely enjoy the bright colors of the world around them. In order to get rid of the heaviness of the eyebrows hanging over the eyes, try to do a little gymnastics – lift them up as high as possible. Do you feel how your ears tightened? Remember this feeling. You will need to reach it again without lifting your eyebrows. Do not worry that you cannot do it the first time. A little training, a good mood, and such gymnastics for the vision will help you see the world with bright and wide-open eyes.

Exercise 2

This exercise for the eyes is especially effective when it becomes necessary to quickly relieve the tension accumulated in the eyes of the day. Imagine that there is a small brush on the tip of your nose. Write it an alphabet, and then numbers from 1 to 9. Try to make smooth movements. Pay attention to how your eyes vibrate involuntarily – this warm-up is useful for deep muscles. Repeat this effective exercise to restore vision several times, then close your eyes for a minute, open them again and feel a noticeable improvement in vision.

Exercise 3

This exercise for good vision refers to the most famous. It helps to relax not only the eyes, but the whole body. During its execution you can feel a light warmth, which pleasantly warms up your eyes and charges with positive thoughts. To perform palming, fold your palms against each other so that the base of one little finger touches the base of the other. Bring your hands to your eyes and slowly lower them to the bridge of your nose. Hands should close their eyes tightly from any light. Choose the position of the hands so that the eyes can freely open and close. Now take the most comfortable position for you, close your eyes under your palms and relax. You can see bright spots and blurred outlines of shapes. Wait for their complete disappearance and the onset of darkness. After that, think about something pleasant and let your eyelids feel the warmth coming from your hands.

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Exercise 4

Approach the window and attach a small circle of a black paper or plasticine at eye level. Then move to a distance of 40 cm. Now look at any remote object through this label. It is important that the eyes and head remain motionless. After a few seconds, look at the label itself. Repeat this exercise for visual acuity several times. If you cannot go to the window, then use the variation of this method. Look afar at any object and gaze at it for 15-20 seconds, and then look at the wrist watch or palm.

Exercise 5

Imagine that in front of you there is a large clock with a round dial, the center of which is directly in front of your eyes. Without turning your head, quickly glance at any number, and then return to the center. Repeat until the entire dial has passed through first, and then counter-clockwise.

Important: Pay attention to the main rule, which is always recommended to be observed – any exercises that improve visual acuity will be ineffective if your eyes are overtired. At the first signs of fatigue, you should stop, relax your eyes with the help of palming or frequent blinking.


Tip 4: Follow the healthy diet rich in vitamins for the good eyesight

Diet for eyes greatly improves vision and protects it from various eye diseases. An important condition to maintain eyesight and maintain eye function is proper nutrition.

In order to eat properly, you must follow several principles:

  • There must be moderation in food;
  • Eat full, varied, easily digestible food;
  • Follow a diet rich in vitamins A, E and C.

At any disease of eyes it is necessary to eat that food which is easily digested and assimilated in our organism. It is best to eat natural food that has not been heat treated. A person’s daily diet should consist of at least 60% of plant products. A lot of products are known, which, with regular use, have a good effect on the eyes and the condition of the human vision.

In order to correct poor eyesight and help our eyes to cope with everyday stresses, it is necessary to eat foods rich in antioxidants, as well as foods that contain a lot of vitamins A, E and C. These vitamins fight against free radicals that are destructive to vision , and for the whole organism as a whole. In order to maintain excellent vision and restore the spoiled, and also help the eye to recover from various diseases and pathologies – it is vital to follow the right diet.

10 Basic Products for Good Eyesight:

  1. Carrot: Carrots contain a huge amount of vitamin A, which is more than others needed for eye health, and carrots contain an antioxidant beta-carotene, which helps maintain and not lose sight. Also, carrot contains vitamins such as C, B, D, E, as well as potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine. Beta-carotene plays an important role in the prevention of degeneration and deterioration of vision with age.
  2. Spinach: it protects the eyes from various diseases. It contains a component such as lutein, which, in turn, protects eyes from cataracts. Spinach is very nutritious and contains vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, B6, as well as copper, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, protein and fatty acids. Those people who love and often eat spinach, almost 90% reduced the risk of disease with eye diseases.
  3. Soybeans: Soy contains fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as anti-inflammatory substances that are useful for the eyes. Products made from soy, such as soy milk, beans perfectly affect the eyesight.
  4. Onion and garlic: Onions and garlic are very rich in sulfur, which also has a positive effect on the eyesight. This is an excellent food for restoring good vision.
  5. Eggs: Contain sulfur, lutein and amine acids that protect the eyes from cataracts. Compared with chicken eggs, quail eggs are much richer in vitamins A, B1 and B2. Also quail eggs contain much more iron, copper and glycine. All these vitamins improve the metabolism in the eye tissues.
  6. Broccoli: Broccoli helps to improve eyesight and warns against eye disease such as cataracts. It contains lutein and zeaxatin, which are very useful for eye lenses. Also, the carotenes contained in broccoli protect the eye cells from free radicals.
  7. Black chocolate: Contains flavonoids, which protect the blood vessels of the eyes, due to this the cornea of the eyes remains strong. However, it should be noted that only pure black chocolate is effective.
  8. Blueberry: Blueberries contain many antioxidants. It consists of acids, microelements and vitamins such as A, C, B and PP. Also, it contains lutein, this pigment helps to maintain vision. Blueberries are useful only in fresh form, frozen blueberries are not effective. Blueberries have a very good effect on vision. Substances that are in it, increase visual acuity, relieve fatigue from the eyes, exacerbate night vision. It is very useful for pilots, drivers, programmers. In addition to all this, there are substances in the bilberry that reduce blood sugar.
  9. Fish and fish oil: Fish oil prevents macular degeneration and the development of other eye diseases. Fish is the main source of omega-fatty acids, which have an excellent effect on vision. The most expensive and useful fish of the salmon family contains an omega acid. These acids are very important for preventing many eye diseases. A lack of such acids can lead to dry eyes. Also, the omega acids are found in tuna, sardine and herring.
  10. Fruit: Fruits, such as kiwi, orange, apricot, are very rich in vitamin C. Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C – lemons, oranges, mandarins – strengthen the vessels. Citrus fruits promote good blood circulation in the vessels of the eyes, which helps to reduce the development of various diseases. Apricots and melons are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that synthesizes vitamin A. Beta-carotene helps to solve the problem of night blindness, and also for the prevention of cataracts.
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Based on various studies, it is considered that a rational diet, which includes the above products, have great preventive value in the development of eye diseases. Diets, which include these products, prevent early aging of the eyes. In order to improve vision, you need to eat all these foods regularly, but in a variety of combinations. It is necessary to alternate and combine these products, and not to give preference to one of them.

Important: Additional products that are useful for good vision: cabbage, oats, bread with bran, products from a flour of a rough grinding instead of flour products are much more useful to vision and an organism as a whole; nuts and seeds.




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