Top-5 Effective Methods to Plan a Sex of Your Future Baby

Probably the most interesting question, the answer to which future parents are waiting with impatience – who will be born, the son or daughter. Especially if the family already has children of the same sex.

There are cases when even, after discovering that the sex of the child does not match the expected, the parents decide on a late abortion. In some countries, for this reason, doctors do not say what gender the child has during ultrasound. What determines the sex of the child? And can you foresee it before conception? Find out what are the methods of child sex planning.


Method number 1: Follow a special diet

If you want to have a baby boy

For the conception of a boy, the predominance of potassium and sodium ions is recommended, and as few calcium and magnesium ions as possible.

For this, it is proposed to eat:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • potatoes,
  • mushrooms,
  • dry white beans,
  • lentils,
  • dried peas,
  • legumes,
  • egg protein.


  1. cherry,
  2. apricots,
  3. peaches,
  4. prunes,
  5. dried apricots,
  6. dates.


  • tea,
  • beer,
  • fruit juices,
  • soda mineral water.

Also, a woman who wants to conceive a boy is useful for biscuits, biscuits, semolina and rice. In addition, a woman is advised to salt as much as possible all food, eat canned foods and yeast.

Not recommended: milk and dairy products, mineral waters with calcium, shrimps, crabs, fish caviar, pastry made from dough, eggs, bread, pancakes, wafers, milk confectionery, green salad, green beans, raw cabbage , watercress, dill, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, cocoa, milk chocolate.

If want to have a baby girl

In order to conceive a girl, in the diet of the future mother should be a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, but not enough potassium and sodium. This combination can be found in:

  • meat in limited quantities,
  • fresh or quick-frozen fish,
  • all kinds of baking without salt and yeast,
  • eggs,
  • potatoes in limited quantities,
  • eggplants,
  • asparagus,
  • beets,
  • carrots,
  • cucumbers,
  • watercress,
  • green beans,
  • peas,
  • peppers,
  • onions,
  • tomatoes,
  • unsalted almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts;
  • sugar, honey, spices, jams and fragrant herbs.

From drinks:

  1. coffee,
  2. tea,
  3. cocoa,
  4. calcium mineral water.

At the same time, salted foods, carbonated drinks, canned juices and Pepsi colas should be avoided.

It is necessary to exclude: sausages, ham, smoked meat, salted and canned fish, crayfish and shrimp, all cheeses, ice cream, ordinary breads and confectionery products of industrial production, corn and canned vegetables, fried potatoes, raw tomatoes, lentils, salted dried fruits, plums, apricots, cherries, bananas, oranges, currants, melons. During this period, you shouldn’t eat salt, yeast, soda, olives, margarine, spicy sauces, and any canned food.

Diet should be observed from the beginning of the menstrual cycle to the expected conception.

Important: The average percentage of success is 82. There is no strictly scientific explanation for this method. Most likely, the endocrine functions of the body, the hormonal balance, change, which ultimately affects the sex cells. It is proved only, that temporary adherence to the diet does no harm to the body. After the conception, the future mother can eat whatever she wants (and what is good for the baby).

Method number 2: Control the frequency of sexual intercourses

This method is based on the fact that male spermatozoa are active, but they don’t have a long life. This is the basis for the natural mechanism of regulation of the sex ratio:

  • With frequent sexual intercourses – at the limit of the abilities of a man or so (imitating the natural situation of lack of males and excess of females) – in the ejaculate there are both “male” and “female” spermatozoa in a natural proportion, but the former has the advantage due to their larger numbers and mobility.
  • With rare sex – every 1-2 weeks or less (simulating the situation of excess males and lack of females) – the concentration of “female” cells is increased due to their increased survivability.
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Important: The method is, of course, doesn’t give 100% result, but the chance of conceiving the kid of the desired sex is 70-80%.

Method number 3: Determine the Moon phase

In the late 1950s, the Czech physician O. Jonas made an almost revolutionary discovery: undoubtedly, along with the menstrual cycle, there was a second, individual cycle of the greatest predisposition to conception, which had been prescribed since birth and accompanied the entire reproductive period of a woman’s life with absolute accuracy. This second cycle is oriented to that phase of the Moon, which preceded the birth of this woman.

Each return of the corresponding phase of the moon means for a particular woman the period of greatest predisposition to conception (fertile period) and reproduction. To determine the phase of the moon (the distance between the Moon and the Sun in ecliptic longitude), one must know the hour of his birth. If you do not know your birthday, then be guided by 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

More recent, detailed studies have yielded an astonishing result: if the most favorable days of both cycles are used for conception, 85% of fertilization falls on the cycle of the phase change of the Moon and only 15% on the known biological cycle. The fertile period occurs when the two cycles intersect.

Thus, Dr. Jonas received a key in his hands, with which it became possible to accurately calculate the most predisposed to the conception of the days of any woman. The dates obtained could be used to either prevent pregnancy, or become pregnant with the greatest probability. It can be assumed that at a time when a person lived in a much greater degree in unity with cosmic rhythms, the monthly ovulation coincided with the corresponding phase of the moon, and therefore, as a rule, there were no two cycles.

For some women, a single cycle has survived to this day. A greater sensitivity to the cycle of the phases of the moon is also confirmed by the following experience: if a woman who has not had ovulation for a long time was caused by a special massage of connective tissues, then the treatment is most successful if it began several days before her onset of calculated ovulation in accordance with the phases of the moon, rather than at any other time or in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

According to the statistics of various maternity hospitals around the world, it turns out that most births have, firstly, a full moon and, secondly, a new moon. For all girls born under these phases of the Moon, the fertile period begins on the full moon or, respectively, on the new moon. Perhaps, this is the natural rhythm from which we have gone so far. As a result of further research, Dr. Jonas made an astonishing discovery: based on astrological calculations, it is possible to predict the sex of the unborn child with 98% certainty. The moon travels every 2.5 days between the female and male signs of the Zodiac.

  • If your fertile period coincides with the period when the moon is in the female sign, then you have a 98% probability of conceiving a girl,
  • If with the period when the Moon in the male sign is a boy.
  • In order to reliably determine the sex of the child, you should think about this one day before and six hours after the time of your greatest predisposition to conception.

If the phases of both cycles of the fertile period are located in a row along the time, then the establishment of the floor can be approximate, since astrological phases change between the two phases. This is worth considering if you have a strong desire to have a child of a certain sex.

Important: If you do not know the time of your birth, and as it was already recommended, your birth hour was defined as 12 o’clock in the afternoon, you should be careful when choosing a gender.

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Method number 4: Define when you have ovulation

Ovulation and fertile period on calendar for couples trying to get pregnantTo date, in the age of new technologies, there are several methods how to conceive a boy or a girl. One of the most effective of them is the method of planning the sex based on ovulation. How it works? Let’s consider this issue in more detail. The way to plan for ovulation is to count the favorable days that are suitable for the conception of a particular sex. During this period, a mature egg leaves the ovary, and in order for fertilization to take place, it must meet the sperm. This should happen within 24 hours, because at the end of this period the unfertilized egg dies. That is why the day of onset of ovulation should be calculated.

How will this method help to plan the sex of the future baby? The answer is simple. Both women and men have chromosomes responsible for the sex of the child. The man has the XY chromosomes, and the woman carries the chromosome XX. Chromosome Y is responsible for the birth of a boy, and the X chromosome is for a girl. Spermatozoa X are less mobile and live longer, so they are most likely to fertilize the egg two days after sex, while Y-spermatozoa are able to reach it within 24 hours, and also have less ability to survive in an acidic environment.

How better to calculate the days? One way to determine ovulation is to calculate it using a calendar.

How to conceive a boy?

So, spermatozoa containing “male” chromosomes Y: more active and quicker than “female” X; less tenacious in an acidic environment.

Thus, if a couple dreams of a boy, you can increase the chances of his birth by actively engaging in sex on the day of ovulation or immediately before it, i.e. as close as possible to the time of ovulation. It is recommended to use more effective for conception poses with deep penetration. If the sexual intercourse occurs a couple of days before ovulation, then the “male” chromosomes with a high probability will not survive until the moment of fertilization.

How to conceive a girl?

X-chromosomes responsible for the birth of a female child: less mobile, in contrast to the Y-chromosomes; survive longer in an acidic environment.

Therefore, if future parents plan to conceive a girl, a full sexual intercourse should occur 3-4 days before the onset of ovulation and the release of the egg. In this case, positions are recommended in which the sperm will be a little further from the cervix. This will give an advantage to the “long-lived” X chromosomes. For example, for the conception of a girl, the missionary position is perfect.

Calculation of the period of ovulation

Ovulation is a very complex and unstable aspect of the body, far from all women there is a standard cycle within 28 days. The duration of the cycle for each woman is individual, or may vary due to stress, anxiety or illness. Therefore, it is recommended to use the ovulation calculator to calculate the cycle as accurately as possible.

How to do it right? Take as a basis the standard – 28 days. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the beginning of the period, ovulation occurs approximately between 11 and 21 days. Again – it all depends on the individuality of the body, it is for this purpose that you need a calculator that will most accurately calculate the date based on your cycle.

Important: The accuracy of the calculation depends on its regularity, so before you use the calculator, you must first observe your cycle for a while.

If you are sure that everything is in order with him, then nothing will prevent you from calculating the period of ovulation as accurately as possible. How does the calculation work? Let us give an example. Let’s say the date of the beginning of your last menstrual cycle on August 12th. The duration of the days is 28. According to the calculations of the calculator, the expected date of ovulation is August 25, favorable days for conception of the child – from August 22 to 26. Accordingly, for girls 22 and 23 are suitable, and for boys – 25 and 26.

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Method number 5: Use the method based on blood renewal

According to statistics, the most famous and applied is the method of determining the sex of a child by blood. The main question is whether this method is effective or not? In other words, can it be trusted (in particular, in special cases, when it is very necessary that a child of a certain sex be born, for example, if a genetic disease is found that is transmitted exclusively through the male line).

It should be noted that the method of determining the sex of the baby by the renewal of blood is known since the earliest times and is used in many countries of the world. However, this does not mean that its results are scientifically proven. There are many opinions on this matter, but the accuracy of the forecast is 100% not guaranteed by any scientific research.

Statistics of success

Some sources indicate that the effectiveness of this method is approximately 1-2%. Some scientists believe that the prognosis of a child’s sex by blood renewal is 68-88%. There are even those who indicate 50% of the reliability of this method. Although no one has ever figured out what to do, for example, to husband and wife, who are of the same age, were also born on the same day.

However, in this theory there are things that are truly scientifically proven. In particular, no one doubts that the renewal of blood is an absolutely natural process, as well as the fact that it occurs under the influence of various circumstances. That is why theoretically the method of blood renewal is based on the fact that periodically in the human body all tissues, mucous membranes and, of course, blood are renewed. In addition, each sex is renewed in different ways, that is, in its own way. In general, there was an opinion that the blood is renewed in women every three years, less often, every four years, for men.

Factors that may influence the result

  1. It should be noted that the four- and three-year periodicity does not apply to a person who has been given urgent blood transfusions or if he is a donor. In addition, it is necessary to take into account large blood loss due to various operations, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, trauma, internal bleeding and other factors.
  2. More precisely, in order for the result to be as accurate as possible, it is necessary to calculate precisely from the day when the event occurred that affected the period of blood renewal, that is, from the date of the last blood loss. By the way, the less difference in computations, the lower the reliability of revealing the sex of the child.
  3. In addition, the blood group of the mother, namely the Rh factor, also significantly affects the result of determining the sex of the child. However, in any case, if the future mother has a negative Rhesus factor of blood, the sex of the child is still determined by the one whose blood has been renewed earlier.

Important: So, this method assumes the possibility of calculating the sex of the baby by renewing the blood of his parents. In other words, whose blood – the future dad or mom – at the conception of the child was, so to speak, younger. It turns out that, provided that the woman’s blood is “younger”, the daughter will be born, the man’s- then, a couple can expect a son.




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