4 Unique Spices That Have Incredibly Useful Properties for Your Health

various spices in wooden spoons on old white wooden tableCan you imagine that many centuries ago spices were valued even more than gold bars? Thanks to them, new countries were opened, new trade routes were laid. Spices were used as a preservative for food and dye for certain dishes. Spices and seasonings were also used as cosmetic agents for improving the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. The cost of spices was high, so they were often given for big holidays as a basic gift. The richer the house and the higher the status, the more varied spice menu was in their house.

It is difficult to imagine any cuisine in the world without a variety of spices and seasonings. Everyone in the kitchen has an impressive stock of jars with fragrant contents. But we do not always realize that we are adding in this or that dish. Is it useful or not? After all, spices are not only responsible for the taste of food but also affect the state of health and the state of the human body as a whole. There are a lot of spices. Carnations, badges, cinnamon, different types of peppers, saffron, sage, basil, coriander – this is just the tip of the iceberg. And every spice has not only its own flavor, color, area of culinary use, but also unique useful properties. Let’s have a closer look at spices and seasonings which you should include in your ration to improve health.


Spice number 1: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice, which by popularity is not inferior to any other in cooking. It is this oriental seasoning that gives baking and desserts a unique sweet-woody flavor. But do not consider it solely as a spicy spice. In a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, there are as many antioxidants as in 150 g of blueberries, and in saturated polyphenols, ground cinnamon is superior to all other spices.

Cinnamon is rich in:

  • potassium,
  • manganese,
  • iron,
  • copper,
  • selenium and zinc,
  • vitamins of group A, B1, B2, B9, C, E, K.

Useful Properties for Health

The antioxidant polyphenol MHFS affects insulin receptors and lowers blood sugar, therefore doctors recommend to include cinnamon if a person is giagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Medical research has proved that the use of this spice positively affects the work of all vital systems of the body.

  • Cinnamon increases the general tone,
  • strengthens immunity,
  • helps in concentration of attention,
  • can improve visual memory,
  • has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties.

How to use cinnamon from colds

Recipe: The therapeutic mixture of cinnamon and honey is one of the most effective and delicious ways to treat colds. Cinnamon greatly enhances the benefits of honey – the antibacterial properties of these two natural components enhance vital functions, activate metabolic processes, help in the fight against viruses.

  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of natural honey,
  • take the mixture three times a day during a cold or for the prevention of the virus.

Contraindications: Contraindications for cinnamon and honey treatment-fever. Kumarin, contained in cinnamon, can cause a headache.

Important: Cinnamon shouldn’t be consumed by people suffering from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Spice causes heart palpitations.


Spice number 2: Cardamom

In ancient times cardamom was called the “heavenly grain”. And today this miracle-spice causes delight among the inhabitants of different corners of the planet. A quality product, not ground, but whole – in seed boxes, is not cheap. But lovers of spices need to get acquainted with this grain. Useful properties and contraindications of cardamom are the subject of study of culinary specialists, physicians and aromatherapists, because it is able to awaken not only the appetite and defenses of the body, but also sensuality.

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Cardamom is a seasoning with a very high content of essential oil. It is this that is responsible for the spicy flavor and taste of the grains. It also contains substances that have a therapeutic effect – limonel, terpineol, borneol, cineole, amidone, vitamins, minerals. The chemical composition of cardamom: essential oil – 8%; vitamins – groups B1, B2, B6, PP, C; mineral substances – phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, manganese; protein; fats; carbohydrates.

Useful properties for health

  • Cardamomum will help if you have digestive problems: Its medicinal properties are based on the fact that the spice improves metabolic processes and removes toxins from the body. Spice also stimulates the production of gastric juice. It is used for the normalization of the processes of the digestive tract. For example: two parts of cardamom + two parts of cumin + one part of fennel. Mix the mixture (2 teaspoons) with a glass of boiled water. Drink 100 ml per day.
  • Cardamom is an excellent antiseptic: It is used to treat inflammatory processes in the mouth. And if you chew a few grains – you will get a fresh breath. Expectorant properties of spices are well revealed if used for inhalation with bronchitis and prolonged dry cough.
  • Cardamom will improve the work of the nervous system: A rich combination of trace elements – calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, as well as B vitamins, makes cardamom an excellent regulator of the central nervous system. Spice helps relieve tension, drives away depression and stimulates the brain.
  • It will help get rid of insomnia: one hour before sleep, drink a decoction of cardamom fruits – a teaspoon of spices for a glass of water. Excellent recipe to quickly and peacefully fall asleep in the evening: 3 cups of milk + 10 almonds + 1/2 teaspoons of spices. Bring to a boil a mixture of milk and ground nuts, add cardamom and a bit of sugar. Prepare cardamom milk for five minutes. The most delicious thing is to drink it warm.
  • Another nice bonus of using cardamom is an exciting effect. It was used in ancient love art as an aphrodisiac. From a scientific point of view, spice enhances man’s strength. And the smell attracts a partner.

How to use cardamom

  • From nausea: chew whole seeds of cardamom, two or three seeds are enough to make the condition better. This can be advised to those who feel nausea while traveling.
  • From intestinal disorder: If you have an intestinal disorder, mix a piece of ginger rubbed on a grater (about one centimeter), and two or three crushed cardamom seeds, brew a glass of boiling water, boil for a minute, insist and drink for several minutes, like tea, in a warm form. If there is no fresh ginger, you can take half a teaspoon of ground.
  • To strengthen immunity: Take three – four seeds of cardamom grind, add a teaspoon of honey, mix, take daily once in the morning.
  • For losing weight: make a cup of green tea, add 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom and a few drops of lemon juice. Take in the morning once a day. Cardamom for weight loss is used, of course, as an auxiliary method.
  • To cleanse the body: Take a teaspoon of ground cardamom pour a glass of boiling water, insist, strain and drink hot by 1/4 cups a day
  • From diarrhea: Ground cardamom and mix with fennel and dill seeds in equal parts. A teaspoon of the mixture is brewed with a glass of boiling water, give a little stand. Start taking this infusion with one tablespoon, gradually increasing its amount by taking up to 1/4 cup
  • From constipation: add cardamom to a food rich in fiber, drink tea with cardamom and ginger.

Important: It is not recommended to use cardamom if you have the diseases of the gallbladder, gastritis with high acidity, the presence of ulcers. Caution should be exercised when using cardamom for people with a tendency to increase blood pressure. Do not give spices to small children.

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Spice number 3: Turmeric

Useful properties of turmeric were discovered many centuries ago, but today this spice has not lost its relevance. Curcumin, which is part of it, is the strongest natural antibiotic and helps to overcome the human body diseases of a different nature.

Useful Properties for Health

  • It inhibits the development of melanoma.
  • Helps to destroy its cells, which have already formed.
  • Working in tandem with cauliflower, it plays the role of the prevention of prostate cancer. (Learn about the Prostadine scam supplement review if you are to consider taking Prostadine supplement for your prostate health.)
  • Destroys amyloid plaques deposited in the brain, thus halting the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Prevents the occurrence of leukemia.
  • Effectively removes inflammation and thus does not show a side effect.
  • Does not allow the occurrence of metastases in various forms of cancer.
  • It leads to inhibition of the development of multiple sclerosis.
  • Helps stabilize body weight and takes an active part in the metabolic process.
  • Eliminates the symptoms of depression.
  • Strengthens the effectiveness of treatment methods of chemical therapy and reduces the harmful effects on the body of toxic drugs.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties in the treatment of arthritis.
  • Stops the growth of blood vessels in malignant neoplasms.
  • Effectively eliminates itching, helps in the treatment of eczema, furunculosis and psoriasis and at the same time significantly alleviates the patient’s condition.
  • It promotes the regeneration of tissues due to which the wounds and other damages to the integrity of the skin are quickly tightened.

How to use turmeric

  • From flu: When fighting the flu, colds, acute respiratory diseases turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the development of the disease, effectively strengthens the immune system and actively fights against infections that have managed to penetrate into the body. When coughing and painful sensations in the throat, dissolve turmeric in warm milk. The proportions of the healing drink are the following – for 30 ml of milk one teaspoon of spice in powder. The product should be taken three times a day in small sips. The course of treatment should last a few days until complete recovery. Very effective for colds will be turmeric mixed with honey. These two ingredients deal a crushing blow to all the symptoms of this disease.
  • From digestive disorders: To prepare a healing composition, it is enough to combine these components in an equal proportion and take three times a day for half a teaspoon. tea with turmeric has amazing detoxification properties. It promotes the removal of slags, heavy metals and toxins from the body. Normalizes the digestive tract and prevents the occurrence of any disorders in it. It is proved that this drink is an excellent prevention of the following failures in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract: increased gas formation; nausea; loss of appetite; general weakness; faintness; vomiting.

Important: Turmeric is a real salvation for those who dream of an ideal figure. This spice helps fight fat deposits, and also reduces cravings with flour and sweet dishes. It is enough to prepare a very simple drink for weight loss, and also add it to your usual dishes and gradually lose annoying extra pounds.


Spice number 4: Saffron

Saffron is a unique and very strong spice, as well as a food color, which is widely used for coloring food in orange. Scientists have proved that saffron is a healing spice that can significantly improve a person’s health – a real elixir of beauty, good mood and longevity! Despite the fact that the cost of saffron is as great as the use of spices, experts note that it is very economical – 1 gram of spice will last for a long time. Learn about the unexpected useful properties of saffron, which, as it turned out, is able to protect against cancer, smooth wrinkles, eliminate unpleasant symptoms during menstruation, and improve brain function and prevent depression.

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The saffron stigma contains 0.34% of the essential oil, consisting of terpene aldehydes, forming saffronol, pinene, pinela, sineola, thiamine, include riboflavin, flavonoids, vitamins, glycosides, fatty oils, gum, sugar, calcium and phosphorus salts. The coloring properties of saffron are due to the presence of carotenoids, especially the glycoside of crocin, as well as alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene.

Useful properties for health

  • Reduces appetite and helps to lose weight: French physicians have established that when saffron is consumed, the craving for sweets and snacks reduces, which as a result positively affects the figure. In addition, saffron as a whole reduces the craving for food, and as a result, when eating this spice, a person eats less.
  • Treats Alzheimer: The use of saffron in the treatment of such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s disease is promising. Studies have shown that the spice is very effective in treating mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. So, taking 15 mg of this spice 2 times a day is as effective as using the drug at a dose of 5 mg twice a day, while saffron entails significantly fewer side effects.
  • Increases libido: As a result of the analysis of data on hundreds of studies studying the most popular natural aphrodisiacs, scientists have come to the conclusion that saffron is the most effective natural means for increasing sexual desire.
  • From depression: Scientists have proven that saffron increases the chance to recover from depression and improve mood by 25 percent!
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle: Saffron normalizes the menstrual cycle and makes its flow more painless. Saffron has a specific effect on the female genital organs, and simultaneously on the portal vein system, which is known to be in direct connection with menstrual cleansing.
  • Helps to stay young longer: Especially useful is saffron for the face: thanks to the high content of glycosides, potassium, calcium, carotenoids, vitamins of group B and PP in it, it has a complex positive effect on the face skin – it tones up, restores, promotes cell renewal and smooths wrinkles.
  • Cures cancer: British scientists say that preparations based on saffron extract effectively help fight cancerous tumors. In laboratory tests on animals, it was found that after the course of treatment with a saffron-based drug, signs of the disease disappeared in half of the animals.

How to use saffron

For medicinal purposes, saffron is used in the form of infusion, a solution in milk and water. The recommended dose is 100-250 mg, 10-12 saffron veins. In combination with hot milk, this refined product has a beneficial effect on the entire body, especially on the growth of fine brain tissue, which improves memory, the work of the intellect, the mind and the senses. Saffron has a tremendous vitality – 5 veins of saffron can compete with a glass of Schisandra, which in its medicinal qualities is hardly inferior to ginseng. Infusion with honey is used inside to break stones in the kidneys and bladder. Gadgets from saffron help with severe headaches and insomnia. It also helps to get rid of excessive bile in the body.




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