Toenail fungus medication based on effective home remedies which are always at hand!

feetHave you noticed that your nail looks unhealthy? How to know that you have the toenail fungus? What are the symptoms of this disease? If you see how your toes change their color to white, then gray and turn yellow to yield brown, black and even green color, then you can be sure that this process can be called fungus. The nails thicken with time, crumble and break. Don’t panic as there are a lot of simple and fast ways to solve the problem of the toenail fungus on your feet which we are going to tell you now or you can head out to the official website.

The first home remedy: Vinegar

vinegarFew people know home remedies for nail fungus but with the help of vinegar one can solve a rather complicated medical problem of eliminating toenail fungus. Thanks to the availability of vinegar (9% acid) and even vinegar (70% acid), which can be purchased at any hardware store or market, there are many ways to treat fungus on feet using this product.

Of course, vinegar itself should only be applied if the disease has not passed in the neglected form, and it is desirable to combine it with specially designed drugs. However, when there is an urgent need for the treatment of toenail fungus, and you don’t have time and money to visit a doctor and medical treatment is not for you at the moment, you can use vinegar by yourself, but you should be careful following the relevant safety regulations.

Let’s talk about the features of the application of vinegar for the treatment of fungus:

  1. The main effect of the use of vinegar is the creation of an acidic environment in a place of a fungus infection in order to prevent the proliferation of hyphae and spread of spores.
  2. Gradually fungus which has been left without an access to new sources of nutrients will die, and the absence of the more hardy spores will prevent the recurrence of the disease.

At first glance, everything is very simple – as to destroy bacteria with a disinfectant. But in fact, the fungus is very tenacious, as its body is not on the surface of the nail or the skin, it is located in the thick fabric. In this regard, a positive result from the therapy of the onychomycosis can be expected only in case of a strict regularity of procedures, which does not leave time for the parasite rehabilitation and its penetration into the skin.

Important: Before you treat toenail fungus, check the concentration of acetic acid used and the specified in the recipe. If the recipe contains references to vinegar, it refers to the 70% solution to be dissolved or applied pointwise. Vinegar or food vinegar contains 6% or 9% of the acid. Neglecting this data may lead to the chemical burns. In addition to this point, there are no specific contraindications to using vinegar. Feeling of a burning sensation may occur during the first procedures, but this is normal, and it will disappear in some period of time.


The second home remedy: Vinegar baths

Vinegar bathsWarm foot baths are considered to be an effective method against toenail fungus, regular application allows you to get rid of onychomycosis at an early stage without additional drugs. Also vinegar baths are excellent prevention of fungal infection. For the procedure you will need:

  1. warm water about 50 degrees,
  2. a glass of vinegar 9% concentration.

The water level in the basin should not be high, but only to the ankle. Legs should be dipped into the solution and kept there during 15 minutes.

Before an acetic bath, it is desirable to conduct a full pedicure procedure, including the removal of the affected areas of the nail plate and dead skin layers, calluses and corns on the feet, but without the application of decorative coatings on nails. If you cut and file nails yourself, you should do it very carefully, because the skin micro damages may promote spread of the fungal infection. Furthermore, ask “is builder gel good for your nails” before applying one on your nails.

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Important: Immediately after the acetic bath you should dry your feet with a towel and wear cotton socks. Repeat three times a week.


The third home remedy: Vinegar lotion

Vinegar lotionLotions on the places which have been affected by the fungus are best applied after the vinegar baths. To do this, a pharmaceutical agent will fit as well as the 9% pure vinegar, which should be applied by moistening of a cotton pad to the nail for fifteen minutes.

There is one more complicated recipe:

  1. take a mixture of vodka or rubbing alcohol,
  2. have glycerin and acetic acid 70% in equal proportions,
  3. mix until it has a smooth consistency
  4. moisten a cotton pad with a solution,
  5. hold it for fifteen minutes in the affected areas,
  6. put on socks of cotton material.

Important: The course of treatment is a week, using home remedies for nail fungus can be repeated after a few days if necessary.


The fourth home remedy: Ointment

OintmentOintments based on vinegar can be stored for a long time, they are more comfortable to use than liquid consistency means. To prepare acetic ointment you should take:

  1. 70% acetic acid,
  2. dimetilftolat,
  3. glycerol
  4. olive oil in the ratio 2: 1: 1: 1

After thorough mixing of all ingredients ointment is ready for use.

Important: To prevent the spread of fungal infection and destroy its agents you need to put ointment on the affected area with a cotton swab every day and to maintain it during 8-10 hours, then wash soap. Use this recipe, not only for the treatment of onychomycosis of your toenails, but also to the affected nails.

Preventive measures against the fungus are in compliance with the rules of hygiene, particularly in public places – sauna, swimming pool, a bowling club. Choose comfortable shoes and socks made of natural materials, as poor circulation in the feet, combined with high humidity create the preconditions for the development of onychomycosis. Gymnastic exercises, moderate exercise and running can improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune defenses, making the body immune to fungal and other infections.


The fifth home remedy: Toenail fungus medication with the tea tree oil

tea tree oilTea tree oil is an effective method against the onychomycosis, acting directly on the cause of the disease – dermatophyte fungi, tea tree essential oil contains:

  1. alpha-terpinene,
  2. alpha-phellandrene,
  3. limonene,
  4. sabinene,
  5. cineole and other substances ensuring its antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory effect.

Important: Before using essential oils it is necessary to conduct an allergy test – put a little on the skin of your wrist, if within 12 hours you don’t feel any irritation, redness, rashes and other reactions, it can be used for medicinal purposes. Otherwise, it should be diluted to a safe concentration or you will have to abandon this method completely.


The sixth home remedy: Foot bath with tea tree oil

Foot bath Foot bath using the tea tree oil is an effective toenail fungus medication. How to prepare this method:

  1. pour the warm water up to the level of the ankle in a bowl,
  2. add 15-20 drops of essential oil
  3. keep your feet it in for twenty minutes while maintaining the high temperature of the water (45-50 degrees).

The course of treatment is two months, when you need daily baths. During the medical procedure it is necessary to remove the affected areas of the nail plate, using a nail file, nail scissors or forceps.

You can also try to treat your toenail fungus applying oil to the nail plate.

Important: If you do not respond to undiluted tea tree oil, in order to enhance the effectiveness of its impact it is applied in pure form to the affected areas of the nail: first you need to steam foot out in warm water with soap (for better dissolution it can be grated). The oil is rubbed into the nail plate with a cotton swab twice a day, rinse is not necessary.


The seventh home remedy: Internal and external use of hydrogen peroxide

 hydrogen peroxideHow to cure fungus on toe nails quickly? Use of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of infections and other diseases has been described by many doctors. According to some sources hydrogen peroxide can be used as a prophylactic agent with antibacterial properties.

External application of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of fungal infections is carried out after:

  1. steaming feet in warm water with the dissolved soda at the rate of one teaspoon per liter,
  2. when the nail plates are soft, take a small fragment of the affected area of the nail using nail nippers and soaking its 3% solution of peroxide,
  3. apply it to the nail plate,
  4. leave it for 40 minutes
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It is recommended to perform the procedure twice a day until symptoms of fungal infection disappear.

To reduce the evaporation of the peroxide and increase the intensity of the impact, the nail plate with a lotion should be wrapped with a plastic wrap. At the expiration of the exposure time it is necessary to rinse toes thoroughly under running water.

The therapeutic and prophylactic purposes offer to use hydrogen peroxide as the toenail fungus medication three times per day.

Good results are guaranteed after making baths for your feet with hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide in water at the rate of two tablespoons per gallon of water
  2. Temperature must be about 40-50 degrees.
  3. Treatment time – fifteen minutes, regularity of applying this method- twice a day during a week.

Important: Instead of hydrogen peroxide in the recipe dead water can be used with a negative redox potential, it is also called the anolyte water. Anolyte water is safe for use on sensitive skin, but it has antiseptic properties, which reduce the intensity of fungal growth.

Effective toenail fungus medication for advanced forms of fungus toenails can be found here:


The eighth home remedy: rust converter or kerosene

keroseneThis extreme method of treating a fungal infection is used in severe lesions of the nail plate, it is necessary to be careful not to damage your skin.

To get rid of the fungus, the nail is treated with rust converter (available at auto parts store). This mean comprises orthophosphoric acid, which effectively destroys fungus, but its use may inadvertently damage the skin tissue. Therefore, in the course of its use, observe all safety precautions:

  1. to work in a well ventilated area,
  2. to wear safety goggles and rubber gloves to avoid contact with the skin or mucous membranes.

Important: A safer way is to use kerosene, which also has a high penetration ability and a very large impact on the fungus.


The ninth home remedy: popular recipes on the basis of hydrogen peroxide.

hydrogen peroxide.Comprehensive treatment of toenail fungus allows to destroy the fungus and get rid of bad smell and other symptoms that are related to it.

Two effective folk remedies for fungal infections:

Recipe peroxide 1. To prepare the medical mixture, you will need:

  1. slaked soda (0.5 cups),
  2. hot water (4 cups) of hydrogen peroxide of 3% concentration (0.25 cups)
  3. a half of a cup of magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salts.

You should mix all ingredients thoroughly and pour a quarter of a cup of vinegar. The solution you are going to have should be applied to a cotton swab and the affected nail plate should be secured on a fungus using a patch.

Important: The bandage should be changed every ten hours of treatment per month.

Recipe peroxide 2. The procedure for toenail fungus medication on the recipe consists of three stages:

  1. The first stage: you should prepare a solution for treating surfaces which have been infected by fungus – 3% mixed vinegar and peroxide in a concentration of 3% in the ratio 1: 1. This mixture is treated with the foot until it sizzles.
  2. The second stage: dive fingers with nail fungal infection for half a minute in a weak bleach solution in water, after which they must be thoroughly washed under running water and wiped dry with a towel.
  3. At the end of the process tea tree oil is mixed with Vaseline in equal proportions and applied to the nail plate.
  4. Wear warm socks

Important: The course of treatment is a week!


The tenth home remedy: Novocaine lotion.

A very simple but effective folk remedy in the treatment of fungus is novocaine lotion.

Important: Just impregnate a piece of cotton with novocaine and attach to the fungus for one night. Two such lotions will be enough to get rid of the fungus.


The eleventh home remedy: Tincture of apricots’ resin

How to prepare this toenail fungus medication at home:

  1. 1 tablespoon removed from the tree resin
  2. pour a glass of vodka and infuse for three days.
  3. lubricate the skin and nails with this solution
  4. shake it before each use.

Important: You may need a month to recover from the toenail infection.


The twelfth home remedy: Garlic

GarlicHere you will be revealed secret information about the garlic power in the struggle with the toenail fungus.

  1. First you should take a clove of garlic,
  2. Squeeze it by means of spadefoot
  3. Apply it on the nail,
  4. Cover with cellophane
  5. Wrap with a bandage or put on the fingertip.

Important: It is better to reserve the bandage until the morning. The first day you can feel a throbbing pain, like an abscess, but you should be patient and continue till you see the results. The procedure is recommended to be repeated on a daily basis and new nails will definitely grow again.


The thirteenth home remedy: Strong coffee

Few people know that the usual, but a strong coffee is a very good folk remedy for toenail fungus treatment. How does this method work?

  1. First make a cup of strong coffee
  2. Just immerse the hands or feet – depending on where you have the problem of fungus.
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The fungus completely disappears after a few evening proceedings. At the same time the skin becomes smooth and pain pass quickly.

Important: This procedure is better done in the evening, before the bedtime.


The fourteenth home remedy: Iodine

IodineThis method should be used during the whole month.  It is recommended to apply iodine to the infected toes in the morning and in the evening. Be careful to apply only one drop. You should use 5% Iodine. If you would like to prevent other nails to be infected with a fungus too, then you can also treat all of them, but not as often as the one that needs to be treated.  You should be aware of the possibility of some unpleasant sensations like burning and pain. But there is nothing to worry about. These symptoms give you a signal of recovering. If you can’t stand this reaction, then you can apply iodine more seldom, once in two days, for example.


The fifteenth home remedy:vegetable oil

vegetable oilTo quickly get rid of the fungus on the toenails, it is recommended to use such folk remedy as a vegetable oil. It was recommended by people who have experienced it by themselves.

  1. You should take one tablespoon of (instead you can use the same amount of 70% vinegar), raw egg and dimethyl phthalate in an amount of 1 teaspoon.
  2. Mix it all thoroughly and lubricate the nails, which are struck by a fungus,
  3. Then cover your feet with cellophane and put on socks.

Leave it covered during the night and repeat this procedure for 3-4 days.

Important: Note that you will lose your old sick nails and will get new healthy toenails. The mixture should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid its damage.


The sixteenth home remedy: birch tar ointment

birch tar ointmentYou should try such home remedy from toenail fungus as the birch tar in the form of 10-30%. Moreover, birch tar can be found being a part of some ointments in pharmacies. However, it is not difficult to prepare it at home. What should you prepare?

  1. Take the pot, the bottom of which has the holes,
  2. Put it to the metal groove,
  3. The distance between the bottom of the pot and the groove should be about five centimeters.
  4. The pot is laid in advance collected birch bark, which should be set on fire, burning it drips and flows down into the groove.

Important: The process is laborious, so you may think about purchasing it at a pharmacy.


The seventeenth home remedy: a rowan tree leaves

a rowan tree leavesAmong home remedies for nail fungus we can outline the power of rowan leaves. In order to effectively use this method:

  1. It is necessary to collect the leaves of mountain ash,
  2. You should gather only fresh leaves
  3. Then grind them to form slurry.
  4. Apply a compress bandage strengthened tightly

Important: Remember that toenail fungus is a very tenacious infection. After successful treatment you can easily have it again. What should be done to minimize risks of repeating this situation again?


How can you get toenail fungus?

  1. The main source of infection is the sick person as it passes on to other people,
  2. Family members can become ill after using the shoes, towel and other personal things of a person who had fungus.
  3. You can become infected in the common areas: shower rooms, baths, swimming pools, gyms and so on.


Which preventive measures can be done to avoid having toenail fungus?

  1. Personal hygiene is very important,
  2. Household items and shoes should be used only by one person
  3. If you visit some public places like gym, for example, it is recommended to remove your shoes and wear your personal rubber slippers.

A large number of people in the world suffer from fungal disease, most often it affects your feet and nails. The process of treating toenails can be considered to be the most difficult and time-consuming. Hope this article was useful for you as here you are offered a variety of toenail fungus medication methods which can be done at home.



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