Home remedies for earache: how to get rid of earache easily and quickly without calling a doctor

Home remedies for earache fotoEarache is one of the most annoying aches. Believe us, no one can stand it. That’s why there are a lot of home remedies for earache that were proved by ages of using and billions of different people.

We have gathered the most popular and trusted remedies that are easy enough to perform them without leaving home. However, we, as usual, remind you that first of all it is necessary to call a doctor, if you are not sure about the source of your pain and the ways of treatment.


Uncovering the origins of earache

First of all, you must know what the source of your pain is. This knowledge is extremely necessary for the further treatment. Otherwise you may not cure your pain, but make it even stronger and cause other unpleasant consequences. Usually earache has three natures: ear infection, mechanical harm or a symptom of cold or other illnesses.

  1. Home remedies for earache fotoAn earache from cold is usually of mild or huge strength. It can be burning, sharp or dull. An eardrum may throb and bulge because of high pressure. Usually an earache caused by cold is accompanied by difficulties with sleeping, yellow mucus in the nose and fever. An earache might be a result of problems with teeth. In this case it is usually of mild strength and dull nature. The differences between aches caused by ear infection and cold virus are ostensible; however there may be a problem in indentifying that may cause troubles: a cold can be a reason for an ear infection, so it is important to see the difference between cold earache and following earache.
  2. Earache caused by infection. This ache can be indentified owing to display: it is very painful in the very beginning of the infectious processes in the ear. It is possible because the eardrum answers the irritable high pressure with pain. In some time it stretches and the earache becomes weaker.
    Here are other symptoms of the infection of middle ear (in other words otitis media):

    • Difficulties with hearing, which are caused by fluid, gathered in the middle ear that disturbs the proper transmission of sounds.
    • Loss of appetite. Usually it is caused by pain while swallowing. Children are more vulnerable to this symptom.
    • Vertigo and senses of spinning.
    • Fluids running out the ear. They may be of different colors (yellow, brown, while, bloody) and they usually not as thick and viscid as earwax.
    • Fever, which is a common neighbor of every infection.
    • Problems with sleeping, which are caused by shifting fluids when you try lying on different sides.
    • Irritability. Usually it is caused by constant pains and aches of different strength during the whole day.
  3. Earache, which is caused by mechanical trauma, can be noticed very well, as it has a certain origin. A very loud sound, kick or ingress of the foreign body into the ear can cause pain of different power and intensity and other unpleasant senses. It can also be accompanied by ringing and blood. Anyway it is enough to call immediate help or even ambulance. Please remember that it is strongly prohibited to pour any liquids into ear if your eardrum is damaged. Otherwise you are risking to damage the middle ear and cause more serious problems.
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Now we will look through several methods of relieving of earache at home by homemade means. They are good when there is no possibility to call an immediate help (for example, in the middle of night). However, we strongly recommend you to be absolutely insured in all circumstances before trying out any following recipe or remedy.


The first remedy. Heating.

It is one of the most known, trusted and easy to make remedies. Heating can be performed in different ways. However, there is a rule that is correct for every way: it is strongly prohibited to heat your ear when you have mechanical traumas and cracks of the skin inside your ear. Be sure that you have no blood pouring out your ear.

  • Using a painkiller against earache.Making a moistened compress. You must have some hot water and some cloth. Dip the cloth into the water, then squeeze it and apply on affected ear. Hold the compress for about 2 minutes and repeat the procedure. Three or four repetitions twice a day will make an earache milder or go away.
  • Using boracic alcohol for getting rid of earache. Fill the dropper with some boracic alcohol and pour two or three drops into affected ear. Boracic alcohol is a great pain reliever, as it heats the ear and it also kills the bacteria. However, this remedy must be applied maximum two times a day in order to keep the skin and eardrum from burns.
  • Covering your head with a scarf can heat your ear and relieve the pain. This method will be difficult in hot season, because you will have to suffer a constant heat.
  • Heating ears with honey. You can make a honey compress. Spread some honey on the cloth, cover it with another piece of cloth and apply this compress to affected ear. The compress must be held not more that 10 minutes twice or thrice a day.
  • In alternative you can just wrap a bottle with some hot water
  • Another good way to heat your ear and relieve the earache is using a hair dryer. Just blow some warm air into ear for a couple of minutes after every hair wash. Do not hold the dryer too close to ears if you do not want to burn them. Remember to set the dryer to hot air, otherwise you can get cold.
  • You can make a compress with a heated salt. Put 4 tablespoons of salt on a dry pan and heat it until it turns slight brown. Then put the salt into the cloth and apply the compress on affected ear for several minutes. Repeat this procedure several times a day until the earache disappears.


The second remedy. Painkillers.

The first remedy. Heating as a pain reliever.  It is one of the most known, trusted and easy to make remedies. Heating can be performed in different ways. However, there is a rule that is correct for every way: it is strongly prohibited to heat your ear when you have mechanical traumas and cracks of the skin inside your ear. Be sure that you have no blood pouring out your ear.Painkillers can be very effective against earaches of different strengths and natures. One or two tablets can help you survive the night and call a doctor after a well sleep. It is, maybe, the fastest way to get rid of earache.

However, there is something that has to be known before taking them. First of all, you have to be sure in the quality of the painkiller. Use only trusted trademarks or those, which were advised you by doctor. The majority of such medicines have many aftereffects that can be unacceptable for you.

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Follow the instructions and read about contra-indications very carefully before taking them. Painkillers must not be taken while driving and mixed with any alcohol. They can also remove pain and you will not be able to notice the source of problem, as any ache is a reaction of our organism to irritation.


The third remedy. Onion.

Onion is a well known vegetable for its antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties.

There are two ways of using it:

  • You can squeeze some onion juice and pour two or three drops into affected ear.
  • Squeeze and mash some onions on the cloth and apply this compress to the source of ache. The compress must be held for about five minutes.


The fourth remedy. Oil of mullein.

Using a painkiller against earache.This herb is widely used for treating different illnesses. If you want to relieve an earache with this oil, you have to have it infused beforehand.

You must gather enough flowers and buds of the herb, put them into the bottle or jar and flood them with some olive oil. Close the bottle or jar and let it stand in the dark place with mild temperature for one or two weeks.

Then you have to take a warm and dry dropper and pour two drops of the infusion into the affected ear. Repeat the procedure every hour for several days.


The fifth remedy. Garlic oil.

Garlic oil – another way to get rid of earache.Garlic is another plant which is known for its antiseptic properties. Here we place a recipe of getting garlic oil. Remember! Do not use fresh garlic juice, as it can lead to big and very painful burns. You have to take one garlic bulb and separate it into cloves.

Take five cloves and chop them well. Put them on the pan and flood with a half of cup of olive oil. Set a very low fire and fry the mixture for eight hours or overnight. Then you have to squeeze the mixture well to get as much garlic oil as possible.

Then add 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and mix the oils well. Heat the dropper under hot water and dry it quickly. Pour two drops of the mixture into the affected ear using dropper. Repeat the pouring every hour for 2-7 days.


The sixth remedy. Peppermint and its oil.

If you want to get rid of earache quickly, peppermint may be the best variant for you. There are two different ways of using it. You can get some fresh peppermint leaves and squeeze juice from them. Then just pour two or three drops of the juice into aching ear. In alternative you can use peppermint essential oil. But remember, that you mustn’t pour any drop of the oil into ear. Just spread some oil around the ear.


The seventh remedy. The cold compress.

Garlic oil – another way to get rid of earache.Sometimes applying a cold compress can relieve the earache. But you have to know about some tips that can save you from further problems.

First of all, the compress must be dry: moistened cold compress made of ice and cloth can carry harmful microorganisms that can get into ear with moist and cause infection. Secondly, you must not apply the compress for too long, as the overcooling of the inflammation can start another infection and the pressure changes can cause more pain.

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For a good compress you have to put some ice into a thick plastic bag. Be sure that a bag has no cracks. In alternative you can put a spoon into freezer for 10 minutes, wrap it with cloth and hold it near affected ear.


The eighth remedy. Chewing.

This remedy is efficient when the source of pain is pressure. You may feel it, for example, when you are in the high flying plane. All you have to do is to chew something, for example, a chewing gum. It will slightly lower the ratio of pressure and make earache go away.


The ninth remedy. Herbs and their antiseptic properties.

If your earache is caused by infection, you can drink the infusions of different antiseptic herbs. Chamomile, rosemary, peppermint, belladonna are rather good in fighting infections. Remember that some people can be allergic to different herbs or plants, so you have to check yourself for allergy.


The tenth remedy. Essential oils.

Garlic oil – another way to get rid of earache.Essential oils of different plants are widely used for pain relieving. In our case the best effect can be get from such oils: sesame, tea tree, peppermint, bishop’s weed, eucalyptus and olive oils. These oils can be used in pure condition or mixed with each other.

Remember that some of them (peppermint oil) can damage your skin, so they have to be mixed or dissolve. Mostly these oils need to be poured into ear canal. In alternative you can make a tampon from some cotton cloth, saturate it with oil put it into the canal.

Remember that you do not have to put too deeply. You have to be sure that you do not have any allergy to oil you are going to use. Please read about the aftereffects of any remedy you want to apply.


The eleventh remedy: Prevention.

Here are some preventing measures that will help you to prevent and avoid earache.

  • Garlic oil – another way to get rid of earache.If you go to swim, it is necessary to use ear plugs for protecting the middle ear from dirty water.
  • Dry your ears carefully after every shower or bath.
  • Do not insert any foreign objects into ears.
  • Avoid the things you are allergic to, as the allergy can cause earaches.
  • Clean your ears from wax only with specialized cotton sticks.

Here are the most trustworthy and effective remedies for earache. Different ones can do for different people, so do not hesitate to try several methods. We are sure that you will get rid of earache without any problems.




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