7 most powerful home remedies for mouth ulcers

MouthMouth ulcers are extremely unpleasant. Unfortunately people of all genders and age struggle from this annoying disease from time to time. If you faced this problem and you want to get rid of mouth ulcers continue reading.

The reason why they appeared in your mouth might be very different: variety of infections, side effect of medications and lack of vitamins, poor blood circulation or even allergic reaction to food. And this is still not all the list of possible reason. However no matter what the reason is we want to cure mouth ulcers badly. Consultation with the doctor is not bad idea but if you have no time or access to the hospital you can successfully cure mouth ulcers using simple and natural home remedies. Some people patiently tolerate temporary inconvenience associated with mouth ulcers and just wait without any actions. But there is no need to suffer because without treatment a minor inconvenience may develop into serious problem.


The first home remedy: Garlic

GarlicGarlic is used for very long time in plenty of home remedies. Garlic is used to cure plenty of diseases including problems with oral cavity. When we are facing mouth ulcers we tend to be pissed and sometimes even forgetting to try such an easy solution as garlic to solve the problem. Very often the treatment is already in our home so we just need to learn how to use it and benefit from its qualities.

Garlic is an excellent remedy and it is known also for its bactericidal effect. This is the reason why garlic is providing such a good results when curing mouth ulcers.

Garlic paste

  • It is better to use fresh and young garlic (make sure it is very juicy).
  • We will use three cloves of garlic and 1 tablespoon of sour cream or kefir.
  • Peel garlic and grind it. We need to have approximately 1 tablespoon of grinded garlic.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of grinded garlic with 1 tablespoon of sour cream (or kefir).
  • The resulting paste we should spread over the surface where the ulcers appeared.
  • You will feel burning on mucus surfaces. Be patient and wait a bit.
  • After the procedure rinse your mouth with water.

Repeat this procedure for three times a day in order to achieve the best possible results. Usually disease will disappear on the third day of such procedures. If you can try to keep garlic paste in the mouth for longer (up to 30 minutes) in order to achieve the results quicker.

Advice: The smell of garlic can be removed by chewing few leaves of parsley. You will also benefit from consuming parsley so definitely consider consuming it on the daily basis.


The second home remedy: Burdock leaves and seeds

Burdock If your body is experiencing lack of vitamins, bleeding gums or other problems with oral cavity you can solve all the problems at once just by consuming such an incredible herb as burdock. In order to cure mouth ulcers you can use not only burdock seeds but also consume salad prepared from burdock leaves.

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Burdock leaves salad

  • In order to prepare curing home remedy from burdock we will need fresh burdock leaves, the roots of horseradish, onion (fresh and green), sour cream and salt.
  • Burdock leaves (2 tablespoons) should be washed and poured with boiling water for few seconds.
  • After few seconds we need to dry burdock leaves and chop them finely.
  • Add chopped onion (2 tablespoons) and grated horseradish (1 teaspoon) to the burdock leaves and mix everything.
  • Mix all the herbs with 1 tablespoon of sour cream and add a pinch of salt. Consider using iodine salt or sea salt as they have more minerals than regular one.

During the summer season this salad can be consumed every day. Such remedy is a perfect also as a preventive measure of stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Cream from burdock seeds

  • If you managed to find burdock seeds you can prepare curing cream for gums.
  • Seeds should be smashed in any convenient way.
  • The resulting juice from burdock seeds is mixed with pinch of salt.
  • Salty seeds paste is mixed with 1 teaspoon of butter or same amount of lard and boiled just a bit.
  • Keep it on the fire until it will start to evaporate and turn the heat off.
  • The mixture will turn into paste looking cream which should be lubricated into gums.

This remedy is one of the best homemade treatments from stomatitis or mouth ulcers. After applying this medication recovery occurs within few days.

Advice: Similar to most of the herbs burdock is not recommended to be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.


The third home remedy: Onion peel

OnionOnion peel is quite often considered as a garbage and thrown away without any chance to be used as a home remedy. Luckily we now know that onion peel is perfect solution when we need to cure very dangerous and bad stages of stomatitis or other oral infections.

Onion peel broth

  • We will need approximately 100 grams of onion peel. It is about 3-4 teaspoons of onion peel.
  • Pour onion peels with half liter of water and boil them on very low heat for 10-15 minutes.
  • Insist onions broth for 6-8 hours. You can simply leave it to stay overnight and continue all the preparations in the morning.
  • Filter the onion broth and add some boiled water in order to get in total half liter of broth.
  • Using 1 glass of warm broth rinse your mouth with this remedy 3-4 times a day.

Such treatment can be combined with consumption of additional vitamins. If you are often experiencing problems in oral cavity area you should consider consuming vitamins of A, C, E and B groups. If you are more into healthy diet you should just include vitamin-containing products into your everyday diet.

Advice: As such disease as mouth ulcers can be a symptom of some serious disease or allergic reaction to some food you better talk to your doctor for more detailed examination when you can.

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The fourth home remedy: Chamomile

ChamomileChamomile as a natural remedy is a leader among other herbal remedies against diseases appearing in oral cavity. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the mucous membrane of oral cavity, promotes regeneration and quickly cures ulcerated areas. The best chamomile is natural one from the field gathered by you but if you do not have where to gather herb you can buy dried chamomile flowers in the nearest pharmacy.

Rinsing with chamomile

  • The liquid for rinsing is made from chamomile, water and raw honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers are poured with glass of boiling water.
  • Leave herb to stay for 30 minutes. Flowers will give all the beneficial qualities and vitamins to the water and in such a way we will prepare a chamomile tea which we will use for rinsing.
  • Drain the liquid. Make sure that all the flowers or hard particles are gone.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of thick honey and leave the liquid to cool.
  • Rinse your mouth 15 minutes after every meal. Use the liquid for rinsing just during one day and prepare new one every day.
  • Liquid for rinsing should be of room temperature.

The course of such treatment should be 3 weeks. Chamomile is miraculous herb which is used successfully for treatment of various kinds of inflammation.

Advice: If you do not have chamomile at home you can use strong green tea for rinsing your mouth for few times and then continue the treatment with chamomile as soon as you will buy it.


The fifth home remedy: Egg white

Egg whiteEgg white is used as a stomatitis treatment for very long. Doctors confirm that this home remedy actually cures mouth ulcers and is very effective method when it comes to mouth infections. Interesting fact is that egg white contains a lot of lysozyme. Lysozyme is a bactericidal agent which we are lacking in the saliva when we are struggling with this unpleasant mouth infection.

It is very easy to prepare curing rinsing solution with egg white just don’t forget to wash the egg before using it. Washed egg should be crashed and the egg white should be separated from the yolk. Egg white should be mixed with 100 ml of boiled warm water. Water should be just a bit warm. Rinsing should be performed quite often: every two hours during the week is recommended frequency.

Advice: Do not forget to consume more liquid while you are curing the mouth ulcers as because of excessive salivation we are losing a lot of fluids. Consume mainly clear water, sometimes you can have weak tea or some juices which do not irritate oral cavity.


The sixth home remedy: Change of diet

dietWe often to not consider reviewing our diet when we face some health problems because we think that disease is something not connected to our life style or everyday diet. Unfortunately very often deficiency of certain vitamins provokes mouth ulcers. Very few of us know how to make diet healthy or managed to succeed in making their everyday diet balanced. Let’s learn main principles of diet when we experience mouth ulcers.

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The principles of diet

  • Consume only warm food which has a temperature comfortable for your oral cavity. Exclude hot and icy cold meals.
  • Exclude spicy, acidic and bitter foods. Limit consumption of spices, salt and sugar.
  • Stop consuming alcohol. There is a myth that this mouth disease should be rinsed with vodka. In fact alcohol is aggravating the course of disease.
  • Food which you consume should be soft, preferably pureed or thermally prepared. Try to avoid raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, meat and fish with small bones, crackers, hard biscuits, and similar foods.
  • Prefer to consume some boiled, grated or finely chopped foods.
  • Make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Consume more fluids as it is necessary to wash out the infection from the oral cavity and the organism. Include mineral waters, weak green and black tea and fruit drinks.
  • Stop consuming carbonated beverages and you will notice immediate relief.

Sometimes just this small changes in your everyday diet can help you to cure the disease quicker and prevent it from reappearing. It is very important to have proper nutrition during treatment of stomatitis. Also doctors recommend before every meal to rinse mouth with cold water. This simple trick will help to reduce pain.

If you do not have appetite during the treatment you shouldn’t push yourself to eat every meal. Your body is now trying hard to clean the toxins produced by the virus. If you have a desire to eat try to consume food in smaller portion and eat it slowly.

Advice: Before breakfast and after dinner chew few basil leaves. Basil leaves will accelerate healing of wounds in the mouth.


The seventh home remedy: Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leavesThis rare plant contains a lot of antiseptics. Preparation of the mouth rinse on the base of eucalyptus will not take a lot of time. We will need 10 grams of dried eucalyptus leaves. They can be bought in every pharmacy and they are also very affordable. Pour eucalyptus leaves with glass of water (200 ml) and boil them for few minutes. Leaves will give all the beneficial qualities to the water. Cool the liquid and strain it. When you are ready to rinse your mouth just dilute 1 tablespoon of the prepared liquid in the glass of warm water. After this remedy you will feel better almost immediately. However continue the treatment for the whole week even if symptoms are gone earlier.

Advice: When you are struggling with mouth ulcers on the regular basis you can also use eucalyptus oil for mouth rinsing. Dilute 8-10 drops of eucalyptus oil in the glass of water and you are ready to go.



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