Top-5 Effective Methods to Cleanse Your Body

Many people think that simply eating properly and supplementing their diet with vitamins, minerals and other useful substances they will be healthy. This is partly correct, but without regular body cleansing methods, you won’t get really good results. For example, with a stuffed intestine, all the nutrients are digested extremely poorly. Most of them simply transit. Moreover, accumulated toxins in the intestines and liver get into the blood and poison our entire body. The metabolic processes are violated and the overall health worsens. Person starts experiencing weakness and even look sick. You can improve your health if you follow the helpful tips below and choose the most suitable method for cleansing your body.


Method number 1: Cleanse the body with the help of fasting

This method allows the body to get rid of poisons and toxins accumulated in cells. Through fasting, the liver, intestines, blood, skin are cleaned, thanks to which all processes in the body are restored and normalized. This is a simple, inexpensive way, however, requiring some preparation. A person who wants to use this method is prescribed an individual diet that helps to cleanse the body. During fasting and in the absence of food in the stomach, the complex enzymes secreted there and the like substances enter the gastrointestinal tract, decompose and serve to feed the organism in unusual conditions for it. The therapeutic effect is based on the death of:

  • non-viable cell structures,
  • vigorous disposal of the end products of metabolism,
  • endotoxins.

Advantages: This method affects the entire body very well. For everyone, a personal diet is developed, taking into account the body weight, gender, age, type of pathology and the existence of concomitant diseases. Thanks to this method, the body is cleansed of toxins and heals. People who tried this method of cleaning themselves noted improvement in health, moral and psychological recovery, and self-confidence. (Further Reading: salt water flush didn’t make me poop)

Important: To achieve a lasting positive effect, you must completely change your lifestyle as well as your diet.


Method number 2: Cleanse the body with rice

This method cleanses the intestines and liver well, freeing them of toxins. It normalizes the metabolism and gives an opportunityto bring the figure in order by eating in a certain way  The advantages of this method include its availability and the absence of strong exacerbations. For prophylactic cleansing of the body,  such a simple product as rice was first used  in Asia, namely, by Tibetan monks. They have been using this practice up to this day. It is well-known that the lifespan of many of Asian people exceed the age of 100 years old.

Rice cleansing begins with the preparation of cereals, because without this stage there will not be the desired effect. Why is it so important? It’s all about the grain. In rice there is starch and when it is completely washed away, only the hard part of the grain remains (fiber). Thus, the rice grain acquires porosity and becomes like a sponge. Passing through the stomach and intestines, it is not digested, but absorbs all the debris into the free cells.

Having begun cleansing the body of rice, you need to understand that the results cannot be seen immediately the next day, especially if this procedure was not carried out before. The first results will be visible after two weeks and, of course, for this to happen for sure, rice treatment should be carried out exactly with the instruction.

Tibetan cleansing of the body with rice begins with the preparation of the cereals, while simultaneously preparing the body itself. To do this, you need five small jars or glasses. Follow the instructions:

  • Day number 1. In a glass, numbered with the first number, 2-3 tablespoons are poured. cereals and pour ordinary cold water.
  • Day number 2. Groats from the first container are well washed and poured into a container No. 2. Then in the tank number 2, sprinkle the same amount of rice as the first tank.
  • Day number 3. Already soaked rice is washed again and put it back according to the number, the bay with water. Pour fresh rice in the container with the third number. Fill it with water.
  • Day number 4. In the tank № 4 pour rice, pour water and wash the soaked rice.
  • Day number 5. The fresh rice is poured into the tank № 5, with the rest of the rice is repeated already familiar manipulations.
  • Day number 6. By this time, rice in the container number 1 is ready for use. A fresh portion is poured into the empty container and filled with water.
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The next day, go to the second container and then in the same order. You can cook porridge from rice. It cannot be salted. You can’t add butter or sugar. If there are no problems with the stomach, rice can be eaten raw, especially in this case the effectiveness rises. In extreme cases, it can be poured with steep boiling water and set aside to steam for 15 minutes. Cleaning with rice lasts for 40 days. The whole period you need to take the soaked rice, but only on an empty stomach and somewhere half an hour before the reception you need to drink a glass of tea or at least water.

Important: After having eaten the soaked rice, you shouldn’t drink and eat within 4 hours. The best confirmation of the fact that rice acts is the feeling of hunger, but the ban should be clearly adhered to.


Method number 3: Cleanse the body with activated charcoal

Everyone has long known the excellent adsorbing properties of activated carbon. Both the pure form and preparations made on its basis are widely used to eliminate all kinds of intoxication. It perfectly binds and removes poisons and toxins from the body. There is a system of cleansing the body with activated charcoal. It is simple, does not require much time and money.

This method of cleansing the body has come down to our days since the days of Ancient Egypt. Already from those ancient times, activated carbon was used for both external and internal use. In the writings of the physicians of ancient Greece, as well as Hippocrates, there are references to it. In the twentieth century, a large number of different antibacterial drugs appeared, and the use of activated carbon became not so popular.

  • Enterosorption includes regular use of activated carbon tablets or sorbents based on it. The principle of action is this: the sorbent binds harmful and toxic substances, after that they are removed from the digestive tract.
  • In addition, enterosorption cleanses the blood, as the liquid part of the gastrointestinal juices, absorbed back into the blood.
  • Also enterosorbent exerts its influence on the metabolism of fats in the body.
  • It helps to reduce the content of harmful lipid compounds in the blood, so the exchange of fats in the body improves.

Enterosorption can be easily carried out at home. One course consists of taking activated carbon tablets, taking 2 to 4 weeks one tablet per 10 kilograms of weight twice a day. During the reception of activated charcoal, do not take other medications, or take, but not earlier than two hours after taking the sorbent. You should also follow a diet: food should be light, balanced, with low fat content. As soon as the course of purification with activated charcoal is completed, then for two weeks you should drink preparations containing live bacteria.

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Activated carbon is a fairly harmless drug. But still do not abuse or use them in large doses. Do not take activated charcoal even in moderate doses for a long time, since it reduces the absorption of fat from the gastrointestinal tract, proteins, vitamins, hormones and nutrients, which leads to hypovitaminosis and to general impoverishment of the body. Also, excessive use of activated carbon can cause an adverse reaction, in the form of diarrhea or constipation, even erosions of the gastrointestinal tract occur. When the activated charcoal is absorbed, the patient’s stool becomes black. Also, it is not recommended to take other medications, since their effect will be weakened.

Important: It is contraindicated to take activated charcoal in case of hypersensitivity of the patient, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and gastric bleeding.


Method nunber 4: Keeping to a detox-diet

There are a number of recommendations, observing which, you can just properly eat to keep your body in the relative purity. Why relative? Yes, because even the right food by 100% will not save you from toxins. In any case, the problems will be significantly reduced, and cleaning the body by other methods will be more effective.

One of the most effective and most common diets for cleansing the body is called the detox diet. This diet will not only help to get rid of a few extra pounds in a relatively short period of time, but also cleanse the body of accumulated slag. The essence of detox diet: clean orgasm quickly and reliably. Diet for cleaning the body is based on a complete change in diet and is designed for ten days. With its help, you can not only cleanse the body of harmful slags, but also accelerate metabolism, improve the skin condition, and restore normal cellular nutrition.

Thanks to this miraculous influence, this cleansing program is often recommended to patients for rejuvenation. So, the sense of the biogenic cleansing of the body consists in dividing all foods that are eaten, which in one way or another have a negative effect on the human body, into four main groups:

  • Nutrients – they include cereals, plant seeds, as well as juices of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Bioactive – this group includes sour-milk products, raw vegetables and fruits and nuts;
  • Biostatic – fish, cereals, vegetables, meat, shellfish. All these products necessarily undergo culinary processing before consumption, but at the same time have no effect on the human body;
  • Biocidal – this group includes refined and concentrated products, as well as products containing preservatives, dyes and other synthetic additives.

Nutrition for cleansing the body on the basis of this program should exclude completely all products from the fourth group and limit the use of products from the third. It is very important to follow a strict diet, using various products distributed on days:

  • 1-2 days: in the morning you need to drink a glass of clean water on an empty stomach with 1 tsp. honey and juice halves of lemon, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner, use fresh juices from vegetables and fruits and herbal tea with honey;
  • 3-8 days: in the morning it is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon juice, and during the day to consume foods from groups 1 and 2, including in the diet fresh juices, fruits, salads from raw vegetables, seasoned with pumpkin seeds, sunflower or sesame seeds. In addition, herbal tea is allowed, which, like all products for these days, can be consumed in unlimited quantities;
  • 9-10 days: for nutrition in this period, it is necessary to add to the already existing list of products baked or boiled fish, veal or chicken, baked potatoes, soy or goat cheese, whole grain bread, as well as products from the third group.
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Follow 8 rules for the effective body purification:

It is very important not only to use the right products to cleanse the body, but also observe a few simple rules:

  1. Drink a day at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water;
  2. Eat only when you are hungry;
  3. Give preference to raw plant products;
  4. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day;
  5. Include dairy products into your daily diet;
  6. Restrict the consumption of sugar and saturated fats;
  7. Eat at least one servings of sea kale per day;
  8. Exclude from your daily diet products with synthetic substances in the composition.


Method number 5: Having the right drinking regimen

Purification of the body with water is natural and effective. This is one of the key ways of natural cleansing of the body of all harmful things accumulated throughout life. If you get used to drink properly, namely the necessary quantity of not just liquid, but pure, fresh, water, the body will cleanse itself constantly on the regular basis. Take a closer look at this method first.

It has long been known that cleansing the body of toxins with mineral water is an effective way for general improvement of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, as well as improving the condition and appearance of the skin. And it practically does not require any effort and can be successfully carried out at home – for this purpose it is not necessary to go to sanatoriums and resorts. Purification of the body with water at home does not require special preparation, but it must be carried out in compliance with certain important rules:

  • Start with the so-called unloading day. On this day you need to starve, refuse to accept any food, replacing food with frequent and plentiful drink.
  • Drink water the right way: in the morning for one reception, you should drink not less than 250-300 ml of pure mineral water, further within day, distribute 2 more liters approximately on ten receptions. With such a drinking regime, fasting is easily tolerated.
  • The next day the volume of drinking remains the same – at least 2 liters per day. Food on this day should be as follows: in the morning porridge without butter (oatmeal or buckwheat), during the day – vegetable salads, boiled or steam vegetable dishes, low-fat cheese. Nutrition should be fractional: 4-6 meals a day in small portions, before each reception for 15-20 minutes, a glass of mineral water is drunk.
  • Starting from the third day, you can gradually return to the usual diet, but the amount of water remains the same and you should drink it before each meal, and also two hours after it. Approximate time for purification of the body with mineral water is 2-3 weeks.

In order to cleanse the body of toxins effectively, you need to know what is better to drink. Choose a mineral water without gas, give preference to water from natural sources. The optimal option is thawed glacial water, which has unique properties and allows to improve and cleanse the body in a short time.

Important: It is not recommended to choose medicinal water, since it is usually used for certain indications, it is better to drink slightly mineralized medicinal water.




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