Top-8 Breakfasts You Should Avoid Eating in the Morning

233[1]Breakfast is the most important meal, which we start our day from. However, many people do not attach any importance to this. Everyone knows the proverb: “Breakfast – eat yourself, lunch – share with a friend, and give supper to the enemy”. However, completely rely on folk wisdom is imprudent. In addition to proverbs, there is a lot of conflicting information about what should be a healthy breakfast. For example, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, breakfast should be minimal, very light and not early. It is best to limit yourself to green tea with honey. And if you are hungry, you can add nuts here.

However, recent studies have shown that those who, after awakening, do not eat anything for a long time, metabolism slows down, blood sugar levels drop and, consequently, attention decreases, and memory worsens. Well, the ideal time for breakfast, according to unanimous medics and specialists in biorhythms, is from 7 to 9 am.


Breakfast number 1: A glass of juice

orangejuice[1]There are many people who prefer not having breakfast in the morning just drinking a glass of juice and that’s it. However, breakfast stimulates our immune system which protects us from all kinds of infections. This is due to the fact that our body engaged in digesting food activates forces that display attacks directed from the side of viruses.

The process of digestion of food is very energy intensive and therefore the work of blood flow to the stomach is intensified and gradually accelerated in all organs. And this is the reason that we warm up, and our muscles are mobilized and therefore the nutrition of all organs is improved.

In spite of the fact that the juice should not include sugar additives, most often the so-called “reconstituted juices” contain a lot of other simple carbohydrates. Many of the consumers blindly trust the advertisements and inscriptions on the packages, but the consumption of “wrong” juices adversely affects the body:

  • The insulin shock, which gets our body right from the morning because of a harmful breakfast, leads to increased hunger and the appearance of a “brutal” appetite.
  • A little more useful can be the purchased juices containing the pulp – this substance (most often – pectin) prevents carbohydrates from being absorbed instantly.

Important: In most cases, what we consider to be pulp is not fruit, but sugar beet or pectin.

Breakfast number 2: Muesli

Puffed-Buckwheat-Toasted-Muesli-2[1]Breakfast stimulates our immune system which protects us from all kinds of infections. This is due to the fact that our body engaged in digesting food activates forces that display attacks directed from the side of viruses. And the process of digestion of food is very energy intensive and therefore the work of blood flow to the stomach is intensified and gradually accelerated in all organs. And this is the reason that we warm up, and our muscles are mobilized and therefore the nutrition of all organs is improved.

There is an opinion that rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and useful acids, muesli is the best option for a full and balanced breakfast at the beginning of the day.

Harm of muesli is usually associated with the composition:

  • Thus, high-calorie components in the form of chocolate, honey, coconut chips can hardly be called dietary, so if you regularly use such a product, you can gain extra pounds.
  • In addition, the harm of muesli often consists in the fact that they contain exotic fruits that can be treated with preservatives from sulfur.
  • The use of this product can lead to health problems – such muesli is especially dangerous for people with allergies, kidney and stomach pathologies.
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Therefore, it is important to abandon the products that contain ingredients of bright colors – it is better to add fruits and berries to the ready-made dish. Before using muesli, you need to carefully study the composition indicated on the package.

Particular attention should be paid to the presence of vegetable fats, which can include saturated fatty acids, which adversely affect the state of the cardiovascular system. A serious disadvantage of this product is the low content of ascorbic acid, which is very important for maintaining normal vital activity of the body.

Therefore, muesli should be consumed with fresh fruit juices. Do not choose fried muesli – this is especially true for people with various liver diseases. This is an overly heavy product, which contains a lot of fat. Regular use of such cereals will exacerbate the disease.

Also, it is necessary to avoid products that contain many stabilizers and preservatives in their composition – the influence of many of them has not been fully studied yet. People suffering from diabetes, will have to abandon the usual muesli with the addition of dried fruits – they have a high glycemic index.

When primary processing of cereal crops, useful carbohydrates (“slow” or “complex”), turn into simple sugars, much less useful for health. But the matter is not only in processing, but also in the fact that from the very beginning these colorful bags contain a lot of sugar (a source of “extra” calorie content).

As a result, we get an obvious surplus of calories and a little nutritious and necessary for the vivacity of the spirit and tone of the body of substances.

Important: This is a typical bad breakfast containing the composition of a lot of pure sugar and other sources of empty calories.

Breakfast number 3: Cakes and pastries from the store

cupcakes-2[1]Everyone knows that cakes and pastry with butter cream are champions of caloric content. But when you go into a coffee shop with the sincere intention of drinking just a cup of coffee, it is absolutely impossible to resist the temptation. And here is another temptation on the plate: a piece of a cake, or tiramisu… The only useful ingredient in sweet baking is eggs. Refined flour and sugar is not recommended for breakfast, besides, muffins and croissants often contain additional ingredients: chocolate, jam, dried fruits. The bottom line is an “explosion” of a high-calorie bomb and sudden jumps of glucose.

If you know yourself, let’s proceed to shock therapy:

  • For the production of cakes and pastries high grade flour and a lot of sugar is used.
  • This provides them with the highest caloric value, and even a high glycemic index. It is strictly forbidden to eat them for breakfast.
  • Sugared cream and dough made from higher grades of flour are not nutritious, although they represent a real high-calorie “bomb” (not in the best sense of the word).

Important: Such delicious food will provide you with a harmful breakfast, and not energy for the day.

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Breakfast number 4: Sandwich with sausage

Toasty_Sausage_Egg_Sandwich[1]Sandwiches are the simplest thing that comes to mind, right? Let’s consider its composition: white bread, spread, smoked sausage. White bread and sausage are quite fatty foods for the first half of the day, a very harmful breakfast. Such a pleasure (especially if you indulge in it regularly) is guaranteed to negatively affect your weight.

  • White bread, which has a high glycemic index (70) paired with butter and oily sausage will send all these fats directly to you on the thighs.
  • Caloric value of a sandwich count. Even if you take only 2-3 pieces of semi-smoked sausage, it’s more than 200 kcal. High fat content.

Important: Try to replace the sausage with natural meat, spread – butter, white bread – rye bread with bran, and complement the sandwich with lettuce leaf, tomato or any other vegetables. Thus, you reduce the fat content, normalize the glycemic index, add protein, and eliminate harmfulness.

Breakfast number 5: Chocolate

chocolate-zucchini-spelt-cakes-95628-1[1]Advertisements for decades have been telling everyone that a chocolate bar will quickly satiate a hungry person in general and you in particular with the right amount of calories and satisfy hunger.

Believing in such slogans is a great misconception. Chocolate, as you know, only beats the appetite – because of the rapid entry of glucose into the blood. But also, it does this for a short period of time. Over time, you want to eat again.

  • The caloric content of a small chocolate product varies around 500 calories, which is quite an impressive figure.
  • But the nutritional properties in chocolate are minimal (there are no “slow” carbohydrates, fiber, but there are up to 20% fat). Another bad breakfast.

Important: If you really want a sweet in the morning – replace it with marshmallow, marmalade or black chocolate. But to precede such delicacies should a full breakfast, after which you can pamper yourself with a small portion of sweet.

Breakfast number 6: Curd cheese dessert

31231497304_a120c204c4_b[1]At the heart of cheese cakes is not cottage cheese, but sugar. In addition, most often vegetable fats, preservatives and artificial flavors are added to the product. Again, this is more a dessert, which needs to be consumed in limited quantities.

  • In fact, the content of cottage cheese in it is very small.
  • The basis of such products is vegetable fats and sugar in large quantities and it is good if they do not appear to contain harmful to the health “tastes” and “colors”.
  • A glass of plain Greek yogurt with berries is an excellent example of a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, low-fat sweet yogurt with pieces of fruit has nothing to do with it.

Important: Some yoghurts that can be bought contain more sugar than similar portions of ice cream, and the removal of fat from dairy products reduces their nutritional value, creating only the illusion of saturation.

Breakfast number 7: Fast food

Cheeseburger and french fries

The reason for the popularity of fast food today is our speed century. People are always hurrying somewhere because of the lack of time, many, instead of having a full meal, snack with fast food, without even thinking that fast food is harmful. Fast food is the most obvious harmful product that it is even embarrassing to include it in the list. In fast food there are no advantages at all, except for the speed and cheapness. It is not necessary to satisfy your acute sense of hunger with a burger, if you do not have time to cook something else.

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Nuggets with a delicious crispy crust, French fries, a fragrant hot dog with mustard and ketchup – just from these words there is a desire to have a snack. But behind all the tastes and visual advantages there is much harm to health. First of all, the digestive system suffers, because fast food is an unhealthy food that can lead to the development of diseases such as:

  • gastritis,
  • indigestion
  • and even stomach ulcers.

If you eat a hamburger once a month, it will not do much harm, but most people do not stop there, and fast food replaces them with the main meal and all the healthy foods. If you regularly eat hamburgers and hot dogs, the harm to fast food will become evident in a few months: you risk having an obesity-a very unpleasant disease, to overcome and get rid of excess weight is not easy. There are practically no proteins there as well as no vitamins.

Crackers and chips are a popular snack as well, but in the process of their preparation, hydrogenated vegetable oil is used – a source of trans fats. In combination with a large amount of salt, they become a favorable factor for the development of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Important: Fast food has a high calorie content and contains a huge amount of harmful fats and carbohydrates.

Harmful breakfast number 8: Soft processed cheese

shutterstock_111294353[1]A slice of bread and soft processed cheese – that’s the breakfast of many of us. How delicious it is to eat such a sandwich in the morning and take a sip of fragrant coffee or tea! But not everyone knows that there is nothing good in a slice of flavored processed cheese.

Processed cheese belongs to a group of dairy products. It includes cheese, butter and a little cottage cheese and milk powder, components for melting and a bouquet of seasonings. All this is thoroughly mixed and melted. After thorough mixing, the finished product is obtained.

  • In the melted cheese there is a significant amount of salts that adversely affect the kidneys, retain moisture, slow down the metabolism.
  • Phosphates contained in this product neutralize the benefits of calcium and phosphorus.
  • In addition, these substances can cause an allergic reaction, which is expressed by rashes on the skin.
  • One more thing – phosphates can wash calcium out of bones. As a result, they break more easily, develop bone diseases that are very difficult to treat

It is not recommended to eat melted cheese if you suffer from ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. This cheese contains a lot of citric acid, which irritates the mucous surface and makes digestion difficult.

Important: A high sodium content makes the processed cheese contraindicated to those who suffer from increased pressure. Sodium is able to raise the level of blood pressure, which makes the human condition worse.



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